Ted and the prefects

Author – Ted

My name is Ted, 16 years old, 6ft with blond hair. My looks make me more suited to the beach than school. I liked being casual, shorts, t-shirt, vans with white socks but at school I dressed correctly and smartly, trousers, blazer, white shirt with school tie and black brogues which where always polished.
My family circumstances changed and I had to move from a private school to the local school. It was a culture shock but I still kept my standards which reflected in my work and behaviour. It didn’t take long to get the respect of the teachers as my grades where good.
One lunchtime I spotted a boy getting picked on by an older pupil. I intervened as I don’t like bullying. The younger pupil ran away but caused me to have an altercation with the bully. We ended up fighting on the grass only to be stopped by a Prefect. His name was Steve, older than me but smartly dressed unlike most of the pupils here. I told him I had been defending a boy from this bully but as he had ran off I had no proof to defend my actions.
Both me and the bully called Henry where photographed by the Prefect who then ordered us to follow him inside the building. We entered an old gym hall. Inside was another Prefect named Ben, he was sitting on a desk with an empty box beside him. “Two newbies” he said. I asked why I was here. “You’re here to be punished for fighting” said the prefect called Steve. I again tried to explain but was told that there was no excuse for fighting. “All pupils brought here lose their lunchtime liberty” said Ben. Any disobedience means automatic detention.
“Take off your shoes” said Steve. “Why” said Henry. He didn’t like the explanation and said “You want to control us by taking our shoes, no fucking way”. He stormed out of the gym leaving me alone with the two Prefects. “He’ll regret what he’s done” said Ben who stared down at my feet. He again demanded my shoes, I wanted to follow Henry out the door, I was innocent but couldn’t prove it. I decided to just accept my punishment, losing my shoes and my freedom for an hour wasn’t too much of an hardship, was it? “Shoes, take them off” demanded Steve. The floor looked dirty so I stood on one leg like a Flamingo, unlaced my shiny black Brogue and removed it and handed it to Ben. I put my dark blue socked foot on the cold dirty floor and raised my other foot repeating my actions and handed over my right shoe. Holding both my shoes, Ben admired them and complimented my choice of footwear as they where the same as his and the other prefects shoes, smart polished black Brogues. The only difference was they still had theirs on their feet. Ben placed my shoes in the box on the desk and told me to sit down. I looked around the empty hall, there where no chairs. “Sit on the floor” said Ben. I told him I had not sat on a floor since I was a small kid and most certainly not sitting on this cold floor getting my trousers dirty. “They’ll match your muddy blazer” said Ben. My left arm was covered in mud and I had grass stains on my white shirt also, my pristine uniform was no more but I still refused the indignity of sitting on the dirty floor. “Obey the rules and sit” said Ben “Or you don’t get your shoes back”. Henry had been right, my shoes where now being held to ransom and I had allowed it to happen. I should of left with him, they have my shoes and there was nothing I could. I sat on the cold floor like a shoeless beggar. Steve left the room, I tried talking to Ben again pathetically begging him to give me back my shoes and letting me leave but he just kept telling me to shut up. Steve returned with two more boys, I watched as their shoes got confiscated, their black socks turning grey from the dusty floor. I felt even more humiliated, no difference between me ‘innocent’ and them ‘guilty’ we where all shoeless, which made us the same, like prisoners in a jail cell. After watching several more pupils arrive and have their shoes taken. I realised all the confiscated shoes had been placed in the box on top of my clean polished shoes. The bell rung and I watched everyone retrieve their shoes and leave, Ben refused to give me my shoes. Apparently I had been disobedient by not remaining silent and refusing to sit on the floor. “You can collect your shoes in detention” he said rather smugly. I felt colour drain from my face “I’ve never had detention before” I said. Then I realised not only was I getting detention but I was going to spend the afternoon shoeless “I can’t go to lessons without my shoes” I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. “I’ve done nothing wrong” I pleaded. He just smiled and took away my shoes.
I walked along the corridor, students staring at my socked feet. In my few weeks at the school I had seen students walking shoeless in socks and thought ‘losers’ now here I was ‘the loser’ walking to class with shoeless feet. I arrived at my first lesson of the afternoon, I could see the look of disappointment on the teachers face. I quickly sat down wishing a hole would appear and swallow me. At 4pm I walked to the detention room my dark blue socks looked worn and dirty. I reached the door it was locked, I had to wait in the busy corridor shoeless, might aswell of had a sign above my head saying ‘bad boy’ as it was obvious why I was stood there in my socked feet. Other boys appeared and waited, all shoeless. The creator of my humiliation, Henry, was walking along the corridor. It pleased me to see he had no shoes on his feet. He stood next to me, he told me he wasn’t a bully and he was trying to stop the boy from bullying his younger brother. I had come along and intervened and he’d got angry. I was actually the instigator and not him I had been guilty all along. He felt as aggrieved as me in the Sin Bin and that’s why he left, unfortunately he was identified by his photo in an email. His teacher immediately confiscated his shoes in front of the whole class. I felt bad for the guy. I looked at my reflection in the window, muddy blazer, grassed stained shirt, dirty trousers and socks and my blond hair had been messed up since the lunchtime fight. From a smart well groomed pupil in the morning to scuffy shoeless tramp in the afternoon, my humility was complete. Henry and me became good friends getting up to mischief and spent many lunchtimes sitting on the sin bin floor shoeless.

The prefect PT 8 – New Teachers

Author – Shoeless Guy

The school had two new teachers, both 25 and fresh out of University. A class of 15 year olds where taking advantage of one of them, Mr Johnson. He wasn’t going to allow their disruptive behaviour to continue and ordered Noah and Ryan, the ringleaders, to stand in separate corners with hands on their heads, the rest of the class had to write lines of ‘I must respect teachers at all times’ for the whole lesson. The new teacher kept reminding both boys “In here you obey the rules” much to their humiliation especially as their arms were aching with their hands constantly on their heads. Before leaving everyone got extra homework. The two ringleaders where told to spend lunchtime writing out the same lines and bring them to him after lunch. Mr Johnson let both boys know he took great pleasure in disciplining them, much to their dismay. He’d now gained great confidence asserting his authority over pupils. Leaving the classroom Noah told Ricky of his dislike to the new teacher and would rather spend lunchtime in the Sin Bin than writing out lines.
Each lunchtime period, Mr Johnson and Mr Steel, the other new teacher, had been visiting activities to help them integrate quicker. Today they spotted Noah and Ricky waiting outside the old gym with three others, Shane, Ryan and Steve the Prefect. Unaware of the Sin Bin, Mr Johnson wanted to know why Noah and Ricky were not doing their punishment. The Prefect told them they’d been disruptive and would be spending lunchtime in the Sin Bin as punishment. Out of curiosity and to also ensure both boys weren’t evading his punishment, MrJohnson demanded to see inside the Sin Bin. Steve refused as it would undermine the Prefects authority having teachers present. The refusal made Mr Johnson more insistant telling Steve as a teacher he could do as he wanted. Disliking the teachers arrogance he told him “The Headteacher created the rules, go speak with him, until then prefects and pupils only”. Ben arrived and unlocked the door, Steve explained the situation to him. “You should know the importance of rules” said Ben “No teachers in the Sin Bin”.
Johnson wasn’t backing down, determined to make sure Noah and Ricky weren’t getting one over on him, “We’ll enter with the pupils, you won’t notice us” he said. “But your still teachers” said Ben. “Forget that we’re teachers” insisted Mr Steel. “You will have to follow the Sin Bin rules, are you really sure?” said Ben. Both teachers unaware of the rules, agreed. Mr Johnson told everyone “We’ll just be students once we’re inside”. Without hesitation Steve snapped a photo of both naive teachers. Mr Steel’s phone rang, “Sorry I need to take this” he said as he wandered off down the corridor. Everyone including Mr Johnson followed the prefects inside. “You know the rules” said Ben. Mr Johnson watched as the pupils removed their shoes. Ryan protested being there. Steve told him he had been argumentative about Shane attending again. Eventually all the pupils where sat on the floor in their socked feet except the teacher. Ben informed the teacher of the shoe confiscation rule. Mr Johnson insisted he wasn’t here for punishment just observation, therefore he wasn’t taking his shoes off and decided to leave. “You cannot leave” said Ben.
“As a teacher I think I can do as I please” he replied arrogantly.
Shane shouted “Everyone has to follow the rules even though your supposedly not teachers but students whilst in here”.
Steve reiterated “Yes you insisted that you’re not a teacher in here”. Noah shouted “What did you say in class earlier Sir, In here you obey the rules”. Steve reminded him that disobedient students details and photos would be emailed to all teachers. ‘That would be more embarrassing than giving up his shoes’ he thought as he stared at the Prefects.
“Are you going to obey and give me your shoes?” asked Ben. Mr Johnson sat on the floor, he could feel everyone staring at him as he unlaced and removed his shoes. He stood up and couldn’t help feeling like a naughty schoolboy as he handed his shoes to Ben. The prefect looked at the still warm shoes, black Kickers, not smart dress shoes. “Trainers must be sent to the Headteachers office for confiscation”. Mr Johnson was confident that his threat was empty, he followed an order to go sit at the back of the gym, Noah and Ricky grinned as he walked past them in his black socked feet. He sat as far out of sight as he could.
Mr Steel eventually entered the Sin Bin. “Sorry about that, I am here now. Where is my colleague?”
“Sat at the back” said Ben. He proceeded to walk towards his colleague. “Stop” shouted Ben, “Get back here”. Mr Steel turned and glared at Ben. “How dare you speak to a teacher like that” he said.
“Remember you’re not a teacher in here” said Ben. Mr Steel looked at his colleague sitting on the floor in socked feet, “We agreed to follow the rules” said Mr Johnson rather sheepishly.
“Get back here Steel and take off your shoes”
The teacher looked down at his feet and without hesitation removed his black shoes and handed them to Ben. As with his colleague, he was told his shoes looked like trainers and should be sent to the headteacher. Although embarrassed having his shoes confiscated it excited him, reminding him of his school years. He thought his days of being in his socks were over but here he was liking his shoeless state. Ben placed the teachers shoes next to Johnson’s confiscated footwear on the desk. He walked to the back of the gym and sat next to his shoeless colleague as the pupils stared with delight. Mr Johnson told him how embarrassed he was. “Bloody students taking our shoes” he said. Mr Steel told him that he shouldn’t of been so persistent in entering the Sin Bin. “Rules are rules” he said as he secretly enjoyed his shoe punishment and that of his colleagues shoeless embarrassment. Ben reminded everyone of the rules of silence.
The Headteacher entered, both teachers hid behind some gym equipment to avoid further embarrassment. The Head picked up the box of shoes, noticing the trainers on the desk he said “Those for my office?, they will never learn!” He picked up the teacher’s shoes and placed them in the box, he left as quick as he came. The two teachers sat at the back of the Sin Bin in their socked feet unaware that their boss had just taken way their shoes.
To be continued.

The Prefects pt.7 – The Visitors

Author – Shoeless Guy

Gavin, Milo and I had to attend the local school to continue our engineering course due to equipment failure in our college workshop. It was an opportunity for our college to create a link with the school for sharing facilities. We had to be on our best behaviour, ambassadors for the college, anything less would be frowned upon. Upon arrival we signed in at reception and then went to the school’s workshop where we had to put on our PPE, personal protection equipment, basically overalls, high visibility jackets, hard hat and steel toe capped boots.
At lunchtime me and Gavin decided to have a cigarette, Milo didn’t smoke but would meet up afterwards. The college has a designated smoking area for adult aged students and staff but not here so we found a quiet area of the school grounds to go and have a smoke. A prefect called Steve appeared and told us smoking was prohibited. He took a photo of both of us. “What’s with the camera?” I asked. “We photograph anyone who breaks school rules, come with me” he said. “And if we don’t? ” said Gavin. “That’s what the photos are for, you can be traced” he replied. We expected to be shown off the premises to continue smoking but he took us inside the school building. We followed him into an old gym hall where several school kids and an older lad where sat on the floor shoeless. Ben explained we where in the Sin Bin where rulebreakers are punished. I told them we are just visitors to the school and unaware of the rules. “By signing the visitors book you agreed to the rules, also in reception is a large sign ‘No Smoking anywhere on the school premises” said the prefect. On a desk was a box of shoes, I guessed they belonged to those sat on the floor, I knew what was coming but I was determined not end up in my socks. “Take off your boots” said the prefect. “No f***ing way” I said and told them that I was nearly 20 and I’m not being treat like them kids. Steve said “Accept the punishment now and no further action would be taken”. Gavin reminded me of not bringing the college into disrepute. I felt frustrated at being punished for something that is acceptable at our college. I reluctantly took off my boots as the younger pupils watched, my warm black socked feet immediately felt the cold floor. I watched Gavin take off his boots, at 19 I was totally embarrassing surrendering my boots to school kids. They where put in the box with the other confiscated shoes. We where ordered to sit at the back of the gym. We walked in our socks passing the school kids nearly half our age, they laughed when the prefect shouted “Even the big boys have their shoes taken too”.
We sat on the floor “This is f***ing embarrassing” said Gavin. He was interrupted by Ben who warned us about using bad language and told us to be quiet or we’d get detention. I laughed at our situation, punished by school kids who where now threatening us with detention, I told the prefect how draconian this punishment was much to the amusement of the older boy sat on the floor. Gavin advised that I should be quiet and not to ignore their threats as they had succeeded so far in punishing us. So I sat quietly staring at my socked feet. The bell rung, we stood up and walked to the desk. The young pupils where given a stern warning and then handed their shoes back. The guy called Shane didn’t get his shoes, Ben took great pleasure denying the lad his footwear. He looked very unhappy walking out in his black socks. Me and Gavin demanded our boots but where denied them and told to collect them in detention. “I’m not 10 years old and most certainly not doing detention” I said. Regardless of my age I was told I won’t be getting them back until I had and was reminded of what our college expected of us. Gavin looked at me with shrugged shoulders, we reluctantly agreed to attend but we needed our boots for the workshop. We had our Nike trainers in our bags but had to hand them over in exchange for our boots. We quickly put on our boots and rushed to the workshop. Milo asked where we went at lunchtime, he laughed loudly when told that our boots had been confiscated and where made to sit on a cold floor in our socks. I struggled to concentrate throughout the afternoon as I was anxious about losing my expensive trainers and unhappy at having to attend detention to get them back. Gavin said at least we had something on our feet unlike the 18 year old who had to spend the afternoon in his socks.
We hoped to blag our way out of detention, just get our trainers and leave. Milo waited outside while me and Gavin entered the room. “We’ve come to collect our trainers” said Gavin. “Really!” said the teacher. He told us to sit at some desks. “Boots!” shouted the teacher. “What about them” I said. “Take them off, you deserve further detention for thinking I’m stupid to just give you your shoes and let you leave”. Me and Gavin just smiled at each other knowing we won’t be here tomorrow. “You already have our trainers” I said. “Now I want your boots too, take them off” he demanded. As we removed our boots we could see Milo laughing through the door window, we placed them on the desk, for the second time today we where in our socks. As the teacher took our work boots he too spotted Milo laughing. The teacher opened the door and stared at him “I’m just waiting for my mates” said Milo. Wearing his overalls, high viz jacket and hard hat the teacher knew he was with us. “Would you like to come in” asked the teacher. Milo declined saying he preferred to stand in the corridor but the teacher insisted. He walked in and stood by the teachers desk. Aged 20 and 6ft 6 inches tall sporting a beard he looked more like a worker coming to fix a pipe than a student. The teacher demanded he take off his boots. “Why I’ve done nothing wrong” said Milo. “I don’t take kindly to students laughing at others’ misfortune, now take off your boots” said the teacher. Milo’s face went red with embarrassment as we all watched him take off his size 11 work boots, he handed them to the teacher who placed them with our boots inside a cupboard, he removed our trainers, locking the cupboard again. Milo went to sit down next to us when the teacher said “I thought you preferred the corridor” His face went red again as the teacher sent him out to the corridor to stand in his socked feet. Everyone laughed including me.
“Are these your trainers” asked the teacher. “Yes” I replied. He told us we can collect them after detention tomorrow. I told him we wouldn’t be here to which he replied we’d have to make the effort as uncollected footwear would be donated to the school raffle, our expensive trainers would make great prizes.
The teacher said that Ben the Prefect would be supervising detention as he had to attend a meeting but would be back later to return our confiscated footwear. He walked out carrying both mine and Gavins trainers. “Your blagging sucks Gavin” I said “Not only are we doing detention but we have neither our trainers or boots” as we sat again with the school kids in our socks.

The prefects – PT 6

Author – Shoeless Guy

It was raining when Ben caught up with Shane outside the school gates. “Give me my shoes back” said Ben. Shane looked down at his feet “Nope, I quite like your shoes, ask me again at lunchtime” he said. Ben replied “OK Shane, I’ve asked nicely for my shoes. You keep them til lunchtime, but I guarantee you’ll give them back”.
“I bet I don’t”
“You want to make a bet?” said Ben “If you don’t give them back at lunchtime then you can keep them, but If they are back on my feet then you will come with me to the ‘Sin bin’ not just today but everyday for the next week, am I clear” said Ben.
“Crystal clear, but I’ll be keeping your shoes so it won’t come to that” said Shane confidently.
They shook hands on the deal and Ben reminded Shane that he could of just given him his shoes back and it would all be over. For now Ben had to wear Shane’s black loafers.
At lunchtime Ben and Steve left the dining hall “I’ll meet you in the Sin Bin in 10 minutes” said Ben as he headed for the school gates. Five minutes later he was back and found Shane. “Are you going to give me my shoes?” asked Ben. Shane looked down at Ben’s feet. “Not now that you have mud all over my shoes” said Shane with a big smirk on his face. “Looks like I’ll be keeping your expensive leather shoes”.
“The entrance is quite muddy from the rain earlier” said Ben who got out his phone and showed a photo to Shane.”Recognise these?” The image displayed two pairs of footwear, Shane’s now muddy school shoes and his confiscated New Balance trainers. Ben said “Your nice new trainers didn’t get to the Head Teachers office. You like wearing my shoes, I like wearing your trainers, your school shoes will clean up but your New Balance trainers will be ruined if covered in mud”. Shane lost the grin from his face as he looked down at Ben’s muddy feet. “You had no right to take my trainers home” said Shane. “You where happy to take my shoes home” replied Ben “Give me my shoes now or tomorrow I’ll walk to school through the mud in your nice new trainers” Shane reluctantly took off the leather brogues and handed them to Ben who gave Shane his muddy shoes and said “You might want to clean them before class” Ben reminded Shane about the bet he had just lost. Shane walked in his socked feet carrying his muddy shoes and followed Ben to the sin bin. Steve had brought in three 16 year olds. They watched as Steve told them to take off their shoes and hand them over. The three boys stood silent in their socked feet. They had been in the Sin Bin before but with the former prefects. Ben told them to sit down and be quiet. Steve asked Ben why Shane was here.
“Muddy shoes”
“You can’t detain anyone for having dirty shoes”
“He volunteered”
Shane put his muddy shoes on top of the other confiscated footwear in the box. Steve returned with a 14 year old boy he had caught kicking another pupil. Ben told him it was an instant shoe ban and told him hand over his shoes. Regardless of his conduct in the Sin Bin they would be confiscated for the rest of the day meaning instant detention also. He removed his shoes revealing white socks on his feet “black or grey socks only” said Ben “You should expect to receive further punishment when your teacher notices your white socked feet this afternoon”. The boy sat down near Shane and stared at his feet.
The bell rang and every got up, the 14 year old was told to collect his shoes in detention, the older boys where given their shoes back but where unhappy to discover them covered in mud from Shane’s shoes which he had placed on top of theirs in the box. The boys took Shane’s shoes and and refused to give them back until he cleaned their shoes. They marched Shane out of the sin bin carrying their footwear, all still in their socked feet to get their shoes cleaned. Ben still smiling shouted to Shane “See you tomorrow “. He was enjoying Shane’s shoeless state and was determined to have him constantly in socked feet.

The Prefects – PT.4

Author – shoeless guy

At lunchtime the new Prefects where issued with a camera and started patrolling the school grounds. Ben decided he would walk along with Steve unless they needed to take anyone to the Sin Bin. With the pupils unaware of the new prefects, Steve and Ben walked around unnoticed observing which pupils where most likely to create problems. Being their first day they just made a mental note of any troublemakers. They passed Dave and Jimmy who where with their mates, Ryan and Shane. Dave said “That’s the two arseholes who lost us our badges”. Ben stopped and said they only had themselves to blame. “Just forget it and so shall we” said Steve. Ben looked down at Shane’s feet, he was wearing a pair of blue New Balance trainers with a white ‘N’. “You need to change into your school shoes” said Ben. “Make me” replied Shane. Ben and Steve let it ride and walked away from the four 18 year olds, making a mental note of troublemakers. “Don’t think we’re going to have any problems with them two useless idiots” said Shane.
Lunchtime the next day, the two new Prefects wandered the grounds. They caught two 15 year olds fighting and where taking them to the ‘Sin bin’ when they passed the four 18 year olds. Shane shouted “Pick on someone your own size”. Ben stared at Shane then looked down at his feet. He got out the camera and photographed Shane. “You where warned about wearing those trainers yesterday, follow me” he said. Ryan told Shane to ignore him. Ben stared at Shane “You may be my age and height but don’t think I am afraid of you, choose to ignore me as your mate suggests and I shall ensure you’re in detention all week”. Shane went quiet as Ben moved his attention to Ryan. Another photo was taken “You can come too” said Ben, Ryan looked at the former prefects, Dave said “Just leave him alone, he’s done nothing wrong”
“He interfered just like you are now” said Ben who took a photograph of Dave then another of Jimmy. “I’ve done nothing” said Jimmy. “No but you can come along for the experience” replied Ben with a big smile on his face. The six detainees where soon to be parted from their shoes as they followed the new Prefects to the ‘sin bin’.
Inside the old gym hall, everyone was told to stand in a line. “Right everyone, take off your shoes” said Steve. One of the young boys said “Do we have to”. “Yes” said Steve as he explained the rules of the sin bin. The lad reluctantly removed his shoes revealing a big hole in his grey socks. They stood in their socked feet on the cold floor holding their shoes. Ben told the two fifteen year old’s to place their shoes in the confiscation box and go sit in opposite corners of the gym. He then said to Dave and Jimmy “You need to polish those scruffy shoes” as they placed them in the box. “If we see you wearing them again tomorrow unpolished you’ll be here again, now go and sit in the middle of the floor”. Ryan put his shoes in the box and was made to sit in another corner. Shane put his New Balance trainers in the box “Did I tell you to put them in there? That box is for confiscated shoes whilst in the Sin bin” said Steve “These however” holding up Shanes trainers “Will be confiscated all week and taken to the Head Teachers office, remember the rules Shane, no trainers to be worn with school uniform”. The 18 year old was made to go and sit in the remaining empty corner.
Steve left Ben in charge and went back outside. Ben walked up to Dave and Jimmy sitting quietly on the floor. “How are you enjoying your experience of the ‘Sin bin’? Must feel strange to be without shoes and being told what to do” He walked away smiling. Ben sat at the desk with the box containing the confiscated shoes and told Shane to come over. Shane ignored him. Ryan shouted “Go to him, he’s not your lapdog” Ben reminded Ryan of the sin bin rules and was told to be quiet and mind his own business. Ben didn’t like being ignored by Shane and Shane didn’t like being told what to do by Ben, there was a personality clash between them which wasn’t helped by Shane having his trainers confiscated all week. He was feeling humiliated sitting on the floor in his socks having his shoes taken away, he was 18 for crying out loud. Ben walked over to him “Don’t ignore me” he said “Do you have your school shoes”
“Yes” said Shane “Why?”
“I need to see them, ensure you have shoes to walk home in after school”
Shane opened his bag and pulled out a pair of black leather loafers. “Good” said Ben “I’ll take them for now” snatching them out of Shane’s hands. “No shoes allowed in the in Sin bin” Shane stood up and shouted “Give me back my f***ing shoes” Ben squared up to him and pointed at him. “Don’t swear or tell me what to do, I am in charge so sit down like a good boy”. Shane’s face went purple with anger, but he sat down and watched the Prefect take his shoes and place them in the box with the other confiscated footwear.
As the bell rung all the students stood up and padded in their socked feet over to Ben. He gave the two 15 year old pupils their shoes, they quickly put them on and left. Ben told the four 18 year old lads they where not getting their shoes and can retrieve them in detention after school. “Why? We’ve done nothing” said Jimmy. Ben told them “Everytime you and Dave enter the Sin bin you will always leave shoeless, detention everytime, as for you Ryan and Shane, besides talking and swearing which is a breach of the rules in here, you both need to understand I am in charge and you’ll do as I say” Ben could see Shane getting angry again “Remember also that any physical altercation means instant suspension from school and we don’t want that in our final year with important exams coming up, do we?” He smiled as the four frustrated friends walked out of the gym in their socked feet. Ben didn’t really like acting like a bully but he needed to assert his authority especially to Shane who he knew had taken an instant dislike to him. As he waited for the teacher to collect the box of confiscated shoes he looked at Shane’s trainers, he never wore New Balance before, always a Nike fan. They where his size, he unlaced his own shoes, took them off and put on the trainers. He walked around the gym thinking they where quite comfortable and they looked good too. As he got to the far end of the gym the teacher entered. He froze, ‘no trainers with school uniform’ he was worried he might get detention so hid behind some equipment. The teacher left with the box of shoes. Ben walked towards the empty desk. Not only was the box gone but his shoes where gone too. He’d left his shoes on the desk and the teacher must of placed them in the box with the 18 year old’s confiscated shoes.
‘What am I going to do’ he thought. ‘I can’t wear these trainers as I will get detention but if I take them off I’ll look like I have got detention and the only way to get my shoes back is to attend detention. It was a no win situation which ever way he looked at it. ‘Great way to start my first day as a Prefect’ he thought ‘Accidentally giving myself detention’. He had to get to his class, so he removed Shane’s trainers and put them in his bag. He also removed his Prefect badge, nobody would realise he was a new prefect and assume he was another student having his shoes confiscated and awaiting detention. He walked along the corridor in his socked feet feeling rather embarrassed.
At 4pm Ben headed for detention, the teacher and the four 18 year friends where already inside. If he was embarrassed being shoeless all afternoon it was nothing compared to entering a room and joining the guys he’d put in detention. He took a deep breath, knocked at the door and entered. The four guys where amazed as they stared at the shoeless prefect. The teacher told him to sit down, he walked to a desk and looked at the other guys grinning with amusement at his shoeless feet, Shane’s face was beaming with delight. The teacher temporarily left the room, Shane shouted “Does the teacher know your a Prefect? The big guy who took our shoes is now sat here without his, like a fallen Dictator!”. They all laughed at him, he was feeling rather embarrassed at the situation. Ben explained how he accidentally gave himself detention which made the other guys laugh even louder. He didn’t tell Shane he was wearing his trainers at the time. “We won’t tell the teacher you’re a prefect as long as we don’t end up in the Sin Bin again” said Jimmy. “Then behave yourselves and Steve won’t take you to the sin bin” said Ben.
Dave said “If we do end up in there and we give up our shoes, you will also put your shoes in the box too, if our shoes don’t come out at the end of lunchtime then neither do yours, otherwords no more detention”. Ben felt any authority he had was gone as he reluctantly agreed to their demands. ‘His only bit of comfort was he had Shane’s trainers in his bag and decided he was going to keep them and wear them every night until he had to give them back. They all sat in their socked feet until detention ended, they put on their shoes and went home.

The Prefects part 3 – Detention

Author – Shoeless Guy

After school and waiting near the detention room where Jimmy and Dave.
“Come to watch us in detention in our socks” said Steve
“No” replied David. “We’ve deleted your photos and you can have your shoes back, after you retrieve ours in detention”
“There is no reason why you can’t give us our shoes back now and collect your own shoes in detention”
“But we can’t as we’re Prefects, we’ll lose our badges”
“You’ve humiliated us enough today, duping us into the Sin Bin, taking our shoes and the embarrassment of walking around school all afternoon in our sock, I don’t care about being a Prefect anymore, just give us our f***ing shoes” shouted Ben as he leaned his tall athletic frame over David. The two prefects took off the shoes and kicked them over to their real owners. Ben and Steve put them on but didn’t have time to fasten the laces when the detention teacher interrupted them.
“What’s going on here?” asked the teacher. “They’re stealing our shoes” said David. Before Ben and Steve had chance to reply the teacher demanded all four follow her to the detention room. “Take off the shoes and hand them over” she said. She placed the two pairs of shiny leather shoes on her desk and told the four teenagers to sit and place their feet on the desk in front of them. She inspected their socked feet and said to Ben and Steve, “your socks are very dirty compared to the Prefects therefore I agree that you stole these shoes”.
Andy and Billy walked shoeless in to the detention room and where not only puzzled by the fact that students had their socked feet on the desks but that two of them where their nemisis, the Prefects.
“Go sit down” said the teacher to the two newcomers. As Billy walked past Ben he couldn’t resist tickling his raised foot. “Can we put our feet down” asked Jimmy. The teacher said no. Andy laughed accidentally as he found it highly amusing seeing the two Prefects being subject to the same embarrassment he suffers from them.
“If you find it amusing, you can put your feet up on the your desk too” she told Andy.
The others all looked over to Andy as he lifted his black socked feet off the floor and placed them on desk. “She must have a foot fetish” whispered Billy to Andy.
“Quiet, put your feet up too” she shouted at Billy.
As the teacher got out the box of confiscated shoes there was a knock at the door and Jason walked in, he too looked puzzled by all six teenagers sat displaying the soles of their socked feet. How embarrassing he thought, glad I’m not in detention. “I have money belonging to Andy and Billy” he explained to the teacher. She told him to leave it on her desk, he pulled the money out of his pocket and Billy’s cigarettes fell out onto the floor. “What are those, you know smoking is banned anywhere on school premises” she screamed at him”. Warning him of the dangers of smoking she told Jason to pick them up and put them on her desk aswell as his shoes. He said “But ……. ” She interrupted “No buts, you can stop for the remainder of detention, now take off your shoes” He removed his shoes and put them next to the black leather brogues. His warm moist socks could feel the cold floor beneath as he walked to a desk and sat down. “Feet up” she told him, he lifted his feet onto the desk just like the others. ‘A moment ago I pitied everyone sat in this embarrassing position and now I am too’ he thought.
She proceeded to place the box of confiscated shoes on her desk. “When I lift up a pair of shoes, shout if they belong to you”. Andy and Billy accounted for two pairs, leaving a pair of black lace up shoes and a pair of black loafers. “These must be yours” she said to Ben and Steve, the suspected shoe thieves. Like a scene from Cinderella she tried putting them on their feet, totally embarrassing the two 19 year old students. “They’re too small, those shoes you confiscated off our feet earlier are not stolen and are actually ours. Those scruffy shoes you tried forcing on to our feet belong to those Prefects” said Steve angrily. She took the two pairs of brogues off her desk and put them on the Prefects feet. They where clearly too large.
“She put all seven pairs of shoes in the box and said nobody gets their shoes back until the truth comes out. It did and the Prefects where told to be at the Headteachers office first thing in the morning along with Ben and Steve, the two wannabe’s. Everyone put on their shoes and left.
The next morning in the Headteachers office, Jimmy and David admitted to falsely detaining Ben and Steve in the Sin Bin, they where stripped off their Prefect badges. Ben and Steve where given their Prefect badges and became the school cops.

Footnote: Please feel free to continue the story as you wish, it would be nice to see other interpretations of this story.
Shoeless Guy

The Prefects part 2 – The Wannabe’s

Author – shoeless guy

Jimmy and David underhandedly prevented anyone else from becoming Prefects, they don’t want anyone else muscling in on their ‘cash for shoes’ extortion racket. Prefects had to be of good character which meant no records of detention.
Two 18 year old students had asked about becoming prefects. Ben and Steve where 6ft tall and athletic, two ideal qualities for being a prefect.
At lunchtime, the usual easy prey of Jason, Andy and Billy where in Jimmy’s sight. He jokingly said “Anyone for the Sin Bin today” Withou thinking Billy shouted back “F*** Off Jimmy”. “Swearing and being disrespectful, you’re definitely going to the Sin Bin” said Jimmy as he photographed Billy. “Leave him alone” shouted Andy. “You can join him too” Jimmy proceeded to photograph Andy. Jason kept quiet he didn’t want to spend a third day in the Sin Bin. Andy gave Jason all his money, so did Billy and his cigarettes too. Jimmy asked why they’d given everything to Jason, “We’ll have nothing for you to extort in the Sin Bin” replied Billy as Jason ran away.
In the Sin Bin, Andy and Billy handed over their shoes and sat on the empty floor, there was still time for others to join them. David said to Jimmy “Go find the wannabes” referring to Ben and Steve the ‘Prefect want to be’s’
It didn’t take long to spot Ben and Steve, there wasn’t many athletic 6ft students in the playground. Jimmy introduced himself “You both applying to be Prefects?” he asked.
“Yes” replied Ben “We quite like the idea of being school cops” said Steve.
“Come and experience the ‘Sin Bin’ from a students perspective, it’s a good way of seeing how a Prefect performs his duties” Jimmy was convincing as they agreed. “We photograph everyone who attends the Sin Bin” He said “It’s a tool used to maintain discipline” he explained as he photographed the two unwitting wannabe’s. They followed Jimmy to the Sin Bin. Sitting on a desk was David, sat on the floor where two shoeless teenagers. Next to David was a plastic box with the teenagers shoes inside.
“We have two more guests” said Jimmy as he winked at David. “Take off your shoes” said David. The 18 year old’s stared at each other and one of them said “Is this really necessary”
“Give up your shoes, you both agreed to the experience” said Jimmy.
“Do as your told and remove your shoes” demanded David.
The two guys looked at each other again, shrugged their shoulder then sat on the floor to unlace and remove their shoes revealling dark grey ribbed socks. They stood up and handed over their shoes, both pairs where highly polished, size 10, quality leather black brogues, “Nice shoes” said David as he threw them in the plastic box with the other confiscated footwear. Go sit down on the floor and be quiet.
“Really!” said Ben “Yes” said David “You’re here to be punished so do as you’re told and sit down”
“No we’re not here to be punished” said Steve as he looked at Jimmy “You asked us along for the experience”
“You’re experiencing it now” said David “Comply or you won’t see your shoes again until detention. The tall students took back their shoes from the box and squared up to David and Jimmy, “We’re leaving” said Ben agressively. ” If you leave, your photographs will trace you, your shoes will be taken and detention will await you” said David. “Follow the three simple rules of the Sin Bin and avoid detention. Rule One, Surrender your shoes. Rule Two, Sit on the floor. Rule Three, Be quiet, very quiet”.
The 18 year old wannabe’s felt cornered, the photographs where a threat not a tool for disciplne, to avoid detention they had no choice but to return their shiny shoes to the box. They walked defeated across the floor in their socks and sat down, crossed their legs and stared at the floor and remained quiet.
Andy and Billy sat bemused watching the older guys being subdued by the prefects. The bell rung and everyone stood up and walked over to the desk.
“Give us our shoes” demanded Ben. You both failed to follow the rules, regardless of why you’re here. If you can’t follow the rules how can you enforce them as Prefects” said David. ” Therefore your shoes are further confiscated and can be retrieved in detention.
“We have done nothing wrong, we volunteered to be here, not forced to spend lunchtime on that dirty floor shoeless” said Steve.
“Ah I get it, we’ve been set up” said Ben. “If we get detention there is no way of becoming Prefects” Billy said “They will extort money or other things or force you into detention” Andy agreed “You’ll leave here with no money or no shoes”.
Jimmy told Billy and Andy that they weren’t getting their shoes back for their outrageous comments, they had to leave for class in their socked feet.
David’s greed got the better of him saying to Ben they could come to some arrangement.
“Those lads where right, you are gonna force us to exchange something for our shoes” said Ben
“No! We literally want your shoes”
“What” said Steve
“You both have nice expensive shoes, we want them, you can have ours”
“I’m not putting your scruffy dirty shoes on my feet” said Ben.
“Your shoes or detention, otherwords, our shoes or walking around in your socks all afternoon, not a good look on senior students”
“Wearing your scruffy shoes won’t be a good look either” said Steve
“I will delete your photos from the camera too” said Jimmy.
They reluctantly agreed if only to get the photos deleted. The prefects removed their shoes and kicked them over to the wannabe’s with their black socked feet. Ben tried on Jimmy’s black loafers. They where tight and uncomfortable “I can’t wear these they’re too small” he said.
Steve had similar issues with David’s scruffy black lace up shoes. He then tried on the black loafers but his feet where too big.
Jimmy had already placed Steve’s black Brogues on his feet, they are a bit loose but an extra pair of socks should make them fit and jokingly asked Steve if he wanted to give up his socks too. Steve unamused picked up both prefects shoes and threw them at him, they missed but three out of the four shoes landed in the box with Andy and Billy’s confiscated shoes. “Good shot” said Jimmy as he picked up the rogue shoe and placed it with the others.
Ben’s shoes where too big on David’s feet, he was about to remove them when the door opened. It was a teacher coming to collect the box of confiscated shoes. She looked at the four teenagers, two wearing shoes and prefect badges and two stood in their socks. “Get to class” she told the sock footed pair, “you can collect your shoes in detention, hope you learn your lesson spending the rest of the day in your socks”.
The ‘wannabe’s’ walked out, fuming, “We’ve been conned big time” said Ben “Duped into being detained, losing our shoes, detention and getting unwearable shoes afterwards. They walked to their afternoon lessons in their socks.
David and Jimmy walked the corridor in the oversized brogues, they where falling off their feet. “Think we need to get our own shoes back” said Jimmy. “How when the teacher has them” said David. “I’ll think of something” said Jimmy.