Stitch Failure

Author – Leon

Last autumn I had to go to London for an interview so I dressed smartly and wore my favourite  loafers. They were far from new but still good looking. I went for the interview, which was over very quickly, then went to an art gallery for an hour or so then decided to go to Dulwich gallery which was a train ride away, Walking to the station I could feel that my right shoe seemed to be a bit loose. On the train I took it off and looked at it and found that the stitching of the part that goes over the instep had started to come undone. When I got to Dulwich I looked for a shoe repair shop, but the owner didn’t have any machine to do stitching. I was already imagining it coming undone and the loafer falling off, and as I walked to the art gallery it did come more undone. I got to the gallery and started to look around and I was already having difficulty keeping my shoe on. Afterwards I went to have something to eat and by this time the whole of the side of my loafer was coming undone. On the way to get the train back to the centre of London I lost my shoe a couple of times and had to pick it up and carry it. When I got to the centre I didn’t think it a good idea to walk around with one shoe missing so I put it on again and had a few more ‘losings’. I was so fed up with this that when it came off and fell between the train and the platform I decided to abandon it. I got an instant thrill as I got on the train with only one shoe and realized that this was what I really wanted all along. I spent the rest of the evening walking around London with only a left black shoe and a light grey sock and a bulge in my pants!