My teacher

Author – A student

So today started off like a normal school day. I got up, got a shower, got dressed and then got on the bus. Today I was wearing a white sweatshirt, ripped jeans, and white high top Air Force Ones. When I got to my locker I got my binder and then went to talk with my friends in the hallway. Then at the last minute we all went to class. When I got to first period which was math I realized I did not have a pencil. I then asked the teacher if I could borrow a pencil and she said yes if I give a collateral. I asked what collateral. She then said I can borrow a pencil if I give her one of my shoes. I said fine and bent down and started to untie my right shoe. After that I then slipped off my right shoe revealing my white nike sock. I then could start to smell my shoe. I then handed her my shoe and she then placed it in her desk. I then sat down in my seat and started to work on my assignment. When class was over I asked my teacher if I could borrow her pencil for the rest of the day since none of my other teachers would let me borrow pencils. She said sure but your shoe stays here. I then walked out of the class room with one shoe and a sock. When I got to my next class the teacher asked me where my shoe was. I told him that my math teacher took it. He then just shook his head and then started to teach. Then after that class I went to my next class. After I walked in and sat down I took a glance at the bottom of my sock. It was slightly dirty but I did not really care. After class was over I went to lunch. All my friends asked where my shoe was and I told them that my math teacher took it for a pencil. They all laughed. After lunch I finished my last 4 classes and walked back into my math teachers room to get my shoe back. When I walked in I handed her the pencil and she then pulled out a shoe. But it was someone else’s shoe. Then she pulled out another and she said is this your shoe? I told her no it is a white high top. She said no there are no white high tops. I said well you better find my shoe. She said I don’t know where it went and she then said sorry. I then walked out of the classroom and got on the bus. I then looked at the bottom of my sock and it was full of dirt and hairs. Thanks to my teacher I have nothing to wear but socks on my right foot. Comment if this has happened to you guys.

First time in one shoe

Author – Takemyshoes65

So, this is the story of the first time I lost my shoes. The library at my university has no cameras so you really need to be careful with your stuff. One day, I was tucked in to one of the pods and writing my assignment. As usual, I kicked off my shoes and tucked them under the desk. Being a shoe swiper myself, I’m pretty aware of my surroundings but these desks are slightly different than what I’m used to as they’re completely blocked off and the divider is a lot taller. However, underneath there is a gap on either side of the divider that people can reach through. I was wearing Size 8 Vans at the time, low cut.After an hour or so of studying, I had a class so I reached for my shoes, with my feet, and I couldn’t feel one of them. Instant panic went through my nerves and I pushed my chair back to confirm my horror. One shoe. I was angry at myself because I thought I was untouchable but low and behold, someone managed to swipe my shoe. I have to be honest, I was also very excited and turned on but I was sweating with panic. I packed up my stuff and headed to the door, trying desperately to avoid being seen. Yes I got a few funny looks but it wasn’t too bad. The worst part came when I went to the toilet, because I was really needing to go. I walked in and immediately stood in a puddle of what I assume was pee. I felt sick to be honest.I didn’t bother telling the staff because that would be a tad hypocritical of myself. As I mentioned earlier, I had a class. I really had to go because we had reading Quizzes that counted as coursework. I slipped in a few minutes late to avoid people and sit near the back. I think a few people saw me but no one has mentioned it so far.Afterwards I headed home. Luckily I got a lift from my girlfriend. Thankfully no one I know saw me but I nevertheless was utterly embarrassed. As I said, this isn’t the only time this has happened, although it’s the only time someone has stolen a shoe, and quite frankly I love it. The photos below are real. I took them because, despite my panic, It was a dream come true.

My amazing boyfriend

Author – a girlfriend

This all starts off with my amazing boyfriend. He puts up with me everyday l. Today in school he was wearing a red sweatshirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. In first block he sets diagonal from me. When the teacher wasn’t looking I reached back and grabbed his right foot. I then pulled of his right boot revealing his white Hanes sock with grey toes and heel. I then shoved it in my desk and thats how it stayed for the rest of class. When class was over he asked can I have my boot back. I said no I’m going to keep it. He said ok it’s fine and walked to his next class. I then walked to my locker and locked his boot inside it. I really did not want to give his boot back because I liked to see him in one shoe. Halfway through the day he told me that his sock was getting very dirty. I told him to let me see and he lifted up his right foot. His sock was really dirty with a few hairs on it. I laughed and went to my next class. After a few more classes it was the end of the day. When he came up to me to walk me out he asked for his boot back. I then asked if can I can keep your boot. He the said well my boots are my only shoes so if I let you keep it I would be in one shoe. I then said that’s why I want to keep it, I like you in one shoe. He then said really? I said yea, can I please keep it. He said ok you can have my boot. He then said Well Looks like now I someone who wears one shoe and a sock. I said you look better that way. He smiled and I then put his boot in my backpack and we walked out of the school. From that point on he only wears a left boot and a sock. My dream has come true. It’s been 3 weeks since that has happened and it has been great. He lives on a farm and hates it when he walked in hay because it gets all over the bottom of his sock. I can’t say he loves being in one shoe but he likes that it makes me happy. I hope he never needs his boot back because I threw it in the trash lol.

The skydive

Author – Skydiver

Last October I went to one of the beautiful islands here in the Netherlands to work in a paracenter and do a few sky dives. It is a great thrill and release to jump out of an aeroplane and I love the feeling of free fall you get for a few seconds. I own some black Nike Janoskis, size EU43, which I had had for more than 2 years. They were a little too big for me and felt really comfortable.

There was a time slot available to jump this Tuesday, so I put on my diving equipment and got on the plane. When we were above the dropping zone, I knew what to do and got ready to jump. When we got permission, I jumped out the door and immediately felt my left shoe slide off my foot. I could see it fly below me and tried to dive after it, but it was gone. I could not see it at the landing site, but I suspect it landed somewhere in the dunes.

When we landed, I was really disappointed. The Nikes were the only pair I had brought to the island and they were my favorite shoes. I had to spend the rest of the day in one shoe, but I was able to borrow a pair of shoes from a friend that night.

The next time I should definitely tie my shoelaces, because they were not very tight this time. I kept the other shoe as a souvenir 🙂

First time

Author – Benj

So, I just found this site. I was searching for the things that led me here because it looks like I’m kind of stuck missing a shoe for a while and I’m not really sure how to handle it.

I was taking the train to work this morning, but it was the first time I’d ever tried to use the subway during morning rush hour and I didn’t realize how busy it would be. Someone stepped on the back of my shoe, just a Nike Flex-Contour sneaker, and it fell off. I got off the train to get it back but I couldn’t see it anywhere; I thought it had fallen all the way down onto the track. I decided to wait and try to get it back somehow after the train left, but when it did my shoe was still nowhere to be found. I couldn’t be late to work, so I just bit the bullet and took a cab.

Work was humiliating all day. A few customers even asked what happened, but most just gave me a pity look. Thankfully my coworker gave me a lift home so I wouldn’t have to take the subway wearing one shoe, but it’s only now that I’m home that I realized how much trouble I’m in.

I just recently moved to a big city (I won’t say which, but a really big city) to start my first semester at a new university. I have no family here and they don’t have a lot of money, but this school offered me a scholarship for tuition and housing in the dorms so I pretty much had to come. I only brought what I could easily pack, so I only brought one casual pair of everyday shoes. So now I only have this one shoe in my dorm. I have no flip flops or slippers or dress shoes yet. I do have a job at a (insert brand here) coffee shop, but since I just started it will be a few weeks before I get my first paycheck, which I need because that stupid cab I took to work depleted me. I could tell my family, but I just moved here and I don’t want to tell them I screwed up already.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it right now, so I better get ready to go back to work tomorrow with only one shoe. I hate that my shoe is black with a white sole, so no matter what color sock I wear it will be obvious.

Not so fancy dress

Author – Leon

When I was 14 My brother and I entered a ‘fancy dress’ competition which was organised as part of our towns celebrations of getting it’s charter in the middle ages. I was dressing as a safari white hunter. I had borrowed a wide brimmed hat and had painted a band of cloth to look like leopard skin and put it around the hat. I had a sand coloured safari jacket and shorts and knee length white socks, but I was stumped for shoes. I only had sandals and my old scruffy school shoes. After asking around I borrowed a pair of heavy dark brown brogues. The snag was that they were much too big. I put paper in the toes, but they were still difficult to walk in.
The day of the parade of entrants came and we all assembled. There were about forty entrants and we all had to parade round the local sports field. As most of the entrants were youngsters we were very well controlled by the stewards. As we were walking round the field I was having difficulty keeping the shoes on and when a girl behind me stepped on mt heel I just walked out of my shoe. In panic I tried to stop and retrieve it but a steward told me to get back in line and carry on! I wasn’t happy but I did walk on when the steward said he would get my shoe for me. I didn’t see him again! We were lined up and the judges examined us and asked us questions about our choice of costume. When they got to me one asked what was the significance of the one shoe, and I had to tell him that I had lost it. I went bright red and I felt something moving down below. I was awarded second prize and had to go up onto the improvised stage to collect my prize. I felt so embarrassed walking up onto the stage with one shoe missing in front of hundreds of people. When I came down I realised that I had a significant bulge in my shorts, which my brother found very amusing!!
After that I just wanted to lose a shoe again; it felt so exciting. And that is what started me on my shoe losing career, which is on-going.

Shoe locked up

Author – A middle schooler

Today started off like any other school day. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, and got on the bus. On the bus I sent my streaks on Snapchat and texted my girlfriend. When I got to school I walked into the auditorium and waited with everyone else to be dismissed to go to there locker. When we got dismissed I went to my locker, got my binder and went to my girlfriends locker. We hugged and I waited for her to get her things so we could go to class. We both have first block with each other. When we got there we sat down and started class we were working on our essays and trying to get them finished. My girlfriend sits in ground of me so I tapped her chair a little bit with my foot. At first she looked back at me and smiled. Then after a little while longer she looked down at my foot. I was wearing grey high top champion shoes that day. She then grabbed my ankle and pulled my my shoe revealing my white nike sock. She then looked back at me and then shoved my shoe in her desk. I really did not care because for one it’s just my shoe and secondly it’s my girlfriend. I crossed my socked foot on top of my shoed foot so my sock would not get dirty. At the end of class I got my things together got up and asked my girlfriend for my shoe back. She said no I’m gonna keep it for the whole day. I said ok. I walked out of the class with a shoe and a white sock on. I walked my girlfriend to her locker and she opened it and put my shoe in it. She then locked it and I walked her to her next class and then I went to my next class. I got there, sat down and looked at the bottom of my sock. It was already a little dirty with a few hairs on it. I then put my foot back down and then listened to the teacher. I did my work and then class was over. After a few more classes I went to lunch. I lunch while I sat to my girlfriend I told her my sock was getting very dirty. She laughed and said you will get it back at the end of the day. It will be fine. I said ok and went to my next class and the class after that. By that time my sock was really dirty and then I had to go to gym. In gym we played football and I just played it in one shoe. Then then end of the day rolled around and my girlfriend was nowhere to be found. Then I realized she had a early dismissal. I did not know her combination for her locker. And to make matters worse it was a Friday so I am stuck in one shoe for the whole weekend. I’ll write another story if something else happens.