Risking our shoes

Author – Alan

We were – to be fair – bored and being brothers were allowed to hang out together in these crazy new times as we lived in the same house. I was 15 and Stuart 17, we were hanging round in a park a couple of miles from home and there were not many people about. Stu said we should spice the day up a bit and add a bit of risk to it and suggested a dare we should both do together. I agreed without hesitation. Stu said we should find a place in the park – leave our shoes there and spend the rest of the day just hanging out in our socks going back for our shoes at 6pm no earlier and no excuses, anyone chickening out forfeits his socks jeans and shirt going home in just his boxer shorts, no way I would chicken out so I was good with the challenge. We shook on it and looked for a cool place to leave our shoes. In the park we knew of a bandstand, hardly used now and a bit run down so it was ideal, we went there both carrying our shoes, me my size 9 uk Vans and Stu his size 10 Air Max, we were both wearing white sports socks both clean on that morning, thinking nothing of it we put our shoes under the steps of the bandstand and ran off in our socked feet to just mess about for the few hours till 6 pm. No one was chickening out that was for sure. About  4 o clock it started raining but not hard just a shower we stayed under some trees to stay dry, the shower became pretty sold rain and eventually a thunderstorm, we were going to get soaked going back for our shoes at 6. At half past 5 we decided to head back for our shoes, by the time we got there we were both pretty well soaked through and our once clean socks were pretty muddy. The bandstand was in sight now so we would soon know if we had risked anything, our shoes were there, well sort of, our right shoes were there both our left shoes had gone. We searched all around in case someone was just playing a joke on us, without success we were both stranded without our left shoes. We put our right shoes on and set off for the long walk home both in one shoe and a, by now, rather dirty white sock. Hopefully there would not be many people about. The earlier storm had ensured it would be a soggy walk and a rather lop sided one .Stu took off his remaining Air Max and threw it saying as he would never get his missing shoe back there was little point to keeping it, not liking the lop sided look either my shoe came off too and we both carried on home in our ruined white socks. We got home about 7 and as we arrived home, on the doorsteps were two odd shoes both left and both ours, we both fell about laughing.

The charity shop

Author – Unlucky Lad

With very little money I needed a suit for a job interview, my mum suggested I visit a charity shop. So I went alone not wanting my mates knowing I was buying second hand clothes.
A bell above the door rung as I entered the small shop with just an old lady behind a counter. In my white tee, grey Superdry joggers and white Nike Air Max 90 trainers I wasn’t your average charity shop customer. I found a dark grey suit and tried on the jacket, as it fitted well I wanted to try on the trousers too. An empty room upstairs was used as a fitting room, inside was a chair and full length mirror. I kicked of my Nikes and replaced my joggers with the suit trousers. They fitted well, but the length looked wrong whilst wearing my trainers, so i went back downstairs wearing the suit and asked about shoes. ‘Don’t you look smart’ said the old lady as she pointed to a small selection of mens shoes by the the window. Nothing in my size but I found a pair of black loafers in a size 8, I kicked off my size 9 trainers and squeezed my feet into the loafers. Without a mirror in the shop I quickly went back upstairs to recheck the trousers with shoes. As I climbed the stairs I heard the bell above the door ring, I felt relieved to be upstairs away from any other customers as I didn’t want anyone to see me. The trousers fitted well wearing the loafers. As I got changed I could hear a voice ask ‘How much for the shoes?’ and the old lady replied ‘All shoes are £5 a pair’. ‘Bargain’ replied the customer. My new suit was a bargain too I thought. I put on my joggers and suddenly realised my Nikes where still downstairs. I got a big thrill knowing my unguarded trainers where in the shop below. When the customer left i hurried downstairs in my socked feet carrying the suit and loafers. ‘Any good?’ asked the old lady. ‘Shoes are too small’ I replied as I put the loafers back. I got a cold sweat as I discovered my Nikes where not where I had left them. I scrambled on the floor in my socked feet searching for them. I asked the old lady if she had moved them, she hadn’t but said she had just sold some white sports shoes. ‘You sold my trainers, you sold my fucking shoes for £5’ I said in despair realising I was now without any footwear in the centre of town. She was embarrassed by her mistake and offered me any pair from the shop to replace them. I told her none of them would fit. Her only advice was for me to go find the guy who bought them as he had left carrying my trainers in his hands as he no bag to put them in.
I apologised for swearing as I ran out of the shop into the busy street shoeless. As I searched for him my face was beaming red with embarrassment as people stared and my white socks where getting very dirty. I didn’t have enough money to buy a new suit, never mind replacing my trainers. If I could not find him I would have to get the bus home in my socked feet.

The great shoe robbery

Author – Mickey

The bar was crowded, full of football supporters, their team had just got through to the semi finals of the Competition. Brian sat next to two young guys who where not celebrating. “Guess it’s not your team then” he said. “No, our team got knocked out in the early stages” said one of them. Brian introduced himself, Archie and Franky where two 20 year old locals. “United always win, these supporters like to show off thinking they’re the best in their smart trainers and gold chains, where they all get their money from I don’t know” said Archie. Franky agreed as he looked down at his worn Adidas Sambas. “Guess you dislike them” said Brian. “Hate them all with a passion, United scum, couple of our mates got robbed a few months back by some of them, even took their trainers they walked for miles in their socks.” said Archie. Brian smiled and said “Good job I don’t support them, you might take revenge and steal my Nikes”. The guys laughed looking at his black footwear “Nice trainers. Revenge on them would be sweet” said Franky.
The beer flowed and Brian mentioned the stolen trainers again. Archie said “I really want to knock the smug smiles of their faces by stealing their fucking shoes”. Brian said he had a great plan and took their phone numbers and said he would contact them in a few weeks, nearer to the semi final.
Brian had got a minibus and advertised spare seats to the football ground, all seats had been sold and all Archie and Franky had to do was to meet Brian beforehand “Make sure you fit in, wear smart gear and decent trainers” he told them.
On the day Brian met the two guys, as they got inside the minibus Brian said “nice trainers” as he looked at Archies new black/grey AirMax Plus trainers. “Thanks, I borrowed a lot of money to buy them”. Brian again said “nice trainers, take them off” he was now waving a hand gun at both guys. “You can take off yours too” he said to Franky who was wearing a pair of blue Adidas Classics. Both guys took off their shoes, giving Brian a look of disgust and anger at being betrayed. “Now get out” he shouted. Both guys stepped out of the minibus onto the pavement in their white crew socks.
Brian drove off as the stranded shoeless pair shouted “Fucking United scum”.

Gym Jordans

Author – Jonathan

Ever been to the gym and saw a nice pair of sneakers that you wanted to snatch. Or wish you could. Well that happened to me. I was in one of those crappy gyms that over charges and doesn’t offer much. It just happened to be my last week there when I saw this guy in the corner bench pressing. On his feet were a shiny pair of Jordans and I knew I had to somehow have them. I decided to use an elliptical near him, hoping to find a way to approach him about his Jordans. This never came to be. After almost two hours at the gym I was tired. I guess so was he as he picked up his towel and went into the bathroom which also is a changing area with lockers and three showers. I waited almost 10 minutes but he never came out so I decided to go Inside lo and behold his kicks were starting at me on the bench with his socks sticking out the side. This guy was in the shower. I didn’t have long so I grabbed them, wrapped them in a towel and stuffed it into my knapsack. I booked it the heck out of there and I haven’t been back. I mean it was my last week there anyway. BTW did I mention this place has zip, zero cameras or security, just an entrance key fob. Anyway, I immediately put them on when I got home and to this day I wear them when I can. Here is a sweet picture of them.

Took soles from a girl wearing Nike’s

Author – Derek

I remember when my pants ripped during the middle of class and i need to change them. so I asked for permission from my teacher and was escorted by a dean to the merit school store where they had spare pants. When I was privately switching out my pants with the ones i was borrowing, I noticed a pair of sneakers on the floor and remembered that they belonged to a girl that i know, I knew that she takes off her shoes and switches out to her slides and leaves the sneakers she takes off in the merit store, so when I realized this i knew I had an opportunity to snatch them but the problem was I didn’t have a bag on me and if i took them out a teacher waiting for me outside would’ve been suspicious so what i did was grab the shoes and ripped the soles from both of them and to my surprise they were dirty with her footprint visibly showing so i stuffed them in the pants i was about to put in my locker and after i was able to get them home.

( the funny thing about of this is when i was waiting for my school bus to come I saw the girl that left her shoes in the store with her friends and just so happening to be wearing the shoes that were missing the soles and when i saw her face after walking out of the school she was upset and i was hearing her complain about how her soles were missing.)

Target Theif

Author – shoelover

This happened awhile back but the walmart story gave me a flashback.  I was in the shoe/sneaker aisle and that day I wore my silver nikes, white socks, jeans, and a hoodie. I saw a pair of sneakers that I liked so I kicked off my silver nikes and tried on the sneakers.  I walked around in them leaving my nikes in the aisle and I abandoned them for a  few minutes thinking no one would want them hehehe. I kicked off the sneakers and decided to be daring and I walked around Target in just white socks hehehe. As I was leaving the area I noticed a middle aged woman grab my nikes and slip them on her feet.  I got a panic and I ran over to her and said “Um miss those are my sneakers”, she looked at me puzzled and said “No these are mine now, but you should invest in some shoes” and she ran off with them and the ones she walked in with.  I was left in my socks in the store never to see my nikes again.

Library theif 

Author – Shoelover

One day I was in the library and I noticed this blonde girl stretched out on the couch in the library and she was completely passed out. She took off her black and purple Nikes and left them on the floor for someone like me to take. I waited to make a move but she kept tossing and turning. Then suddenly she got up and I thought my luck ran out. Thinking that she was going to put her sneakers back on and head to the bathroom, she didn’t! She walked in her white socks across the library floor and left her shoes behind. I was back in luck and I scored myself some purple and black Nikes.

My shoes crossed the line

Author – Jman

Our school had just redone the gym floor and they wanted to keep it in good condition.  The school came up with a policy that any shoes worn on the gym floor would become property of the school and would have to be forfeited.  There was a black line that showed the boarder of the gym floor.  If your street shoes crossed that line then you would have to give them up.

One day I was standing against the gym wall and a friend was on the floor shooting baskets and I was rebounding his shots and throwing the ball back to him.  As time went on I crossed the line onto the gym floor and started shooting hops without realizing it.

Eventually the teacher came in and pointed at my shoes and motioned me to come towards him.  I thought he was just telling me to get off the floor with my street shoes.  “”Your shoes,”” he said.  I explained that I was done playing and got off the floor.  The teacher reminded me of the school policy that street shoes on the gym floor had to be forfeited.  He then said to me, “”Take off your shoes.””  I asked him to give me another chance and let me keep my shoes but once again he said “”Take off your shoes and give them to me.”

I realized that my shoes were gone.  Slowly and reluctantly I untied my right shoe and took it off.  Then I slowly and reluctantly took my left shoe off.  I picked my shoe off the ground and handed them to the teacher who then walked away with them, my eyes alternating between my shoes being carried off into the distance and my socked feet in which I would have to spend the rest of the day.

While it was a bummer to lose my shoes it was fun to be in socks for the rest of the day.  A while later I was caught again wearing street shoes on the gym floor.  This time I handed my shoes over with no resistance.  I asked where my shoes were going.  The shoes were to be recycled to make rubber grind for athletic surfaces around the school.