Shoes sucked off

Author – Lucylex

I went to a concert the other night and needless to say it was packed because of the holidays. I had to travel into the city and I rode the metro in. I was playing with my loose loafers the whole ride there. They slip on and off so easily and it’s tempting just to rest my feet out of my shoes sometimes. I made it into the city and made it to the venue where the show was and the place was filled from back to front. I made my way in and realized I was going to be struggling to move around in such a place and I was getting afraid someone might step on the back off my shoes or I would do that to someone else. I slowly fit myself into a nice area semi up front and watched as the show started. It was a rock show and people were starting to get roudy. People were bumping me and I was losing my balance and getting pushed around, not to mention the floors were sooo sticky every step I took it felt like I was stepping out of my shoes. It got so uncomfortable I was just going to make my way back to the bar when I got pushed and fully lost my balance stepping into a couple other people. I felt someone step on my left heel and my socked foot popped out of my shoe. I caught my balance but the flow of people pushed me towards the back of the venue and I slowly made it toward the bar. I realized I had lost my loafer in the scuffle and didn’t see it anywhere!! I scanned the floor as best I could but it was pitch black practically and I had been pushed to the back. My exposed white sock was getting Dirty and damp from the sticky venue floor and i was freaking out now that I couldn’t find my other shoe. I didn’t want to look anyone in the face but I could feel some stares coming from people walking by. I gave up trying to find my loafer and made my way to the bathroom area. Some girls made remarks about my Cinderella state and I could tel they were wondering what happened to my shoe saying things like “uh oh looks like someone got there shoe snagged” and laughing. I was ready to leave but I had taken the metro and it was going to be a long ride home with an exposed stocking foot.


Author – Lucylex

I love going to Walmart’s and leaving my shoes around places to see if anyone takes notice and picks them up but on this day I was feeling a bit more adventurous and wanted to pretend like I was rushing through the store and passing people and as I would I would lose one of my shoes and keep on going! Lol the only women I did it to, I was running through an aisle and my shoe came off right as I passed her and she quickly looked up and saw that I had I abandoned my shoe as I kept on walking. I kept rushing in one shoe and didn’t look back. I hid out close by in another aisle and waited to see if she would pick my shoe up or try and find me. I ended up going back to the aisle and the women who had saw me was still in it and noticed I had only one shoe on. She asked me what had happened and didn’t wanna leave the aisle until I came back for my shoe. I told her I had been rushing and didn’t noticed my shoe loss lol. She giggled as I was slipping my stocking foot back into my shoe and she ended up walking away. Sadly she didn’t take my shoe but I thought it was nice of her to baby sit my shoe for me until I came back hehe. That same day I decided to go to the shoe aisle and try that same trick on another women with a cart. As we passed each other in the aisle, I acted as if I had lost my shoe and it caught under her cart lol. She couldn’t stop laughing and said she needed a good laugh. She also told me I was blushing as she stared at my exposed sock. I quickly slid my foot into my shoe and left Walmart. It was a bit embarrassing.

Convention centre mishap

Author – Lucylex

This past weekend I was working at a convention center for a dance competition and there were a few other girls beside my self working. It was a 3 day job and it called for us to be on our feet for most of the day and considering everyone was wearing dress shoes you can imagine how bad everyone’s feet were hurting. This story takes place backstage and this is where all the dancers lined up before going out to the main stage. There was two was one entrance and then a separate exit. I was working the entrance and my co worker was working the exit and kind of directing traffic. I could tell her shoes were very uncomfortable and she eventually slipped out of them and into her sheer black socks. You could see her toenails peeking through her socks and she kept kinda reserved by the exit. Her shoes were off to the side and there was a lot of traffic coming and going. She even left her post in her socks and walked elsewhere to run an errand all the while leaving her precious shoes behind. I made it a point to get over to where she was and see if I could snag her shoes while she was away. Finally during some busy traffic of people coming and going I managed to kick them out the exit and pick them up and hide them near by. It took her a very long time to realize her shoes were gone but it wasn’t until she had to go out on to the dance floor to make an announcement that she looked for them. I saw her panicking looking under the table and around the exit. Patting around in her thin socks lol. She never found them and looked shocked she now had to go out infront a crowd of hundreds of People being the only one missing her shoes and showing off those cute little sheer black socks. She ended up going out there and doing her announcement. I could tell people were a little surprised to see her in her stocking feet as she was trying to look professional. It was the cutest thing. She finally came backstage and told me someone had snagged her shoes. I just stared at her stocking feet:) she never got her shoes back and I picked them up on my way out when I left the job. They are still in my car! Again, don’t leave your shoes unnatended in public unless you like going home in your socks 🙂

Party shoe stealer

Author – lucylex

This is a pretty brief story from this past weekend. I went to a party with some friends that turned out to be pretty packed! It was a good time and people were getting very drunk and wild. One of the boys that was at the party had a tinder date show up as the party went on. The girl walked in with loose boots on and something was telling me those boots of hers were not going to be staying on her feet for very long. Mind you this apartment where the party was taking place was kinda run down and there weren’t any rugs in the main room where everyone was. The floor was filthy. Despite that, this girl ended up slipping out of her shoes and playing beer bong in her thin blue socks. She literally kicked her shoes off toward the bathroom for some reason and not by the front door where there was a blatant shoe mat if you wanted to take your shoes off. No one had taken there shoes off the whole time so automatically she looked a bit out of place. Other people noticed her shoes and people joked about hiding them because they were literally in the middle of the floor and people were tripping over them. She didn’t seem to care though. So anyways, seeing all of this happen I decided to take it upon myself and hide just one of her boots in the cabinet in the bathroom. I didn’t want to steal it all together but just have her hunt for her shoe lol. So I did.. and she ended up coming looking for her shoes shortly later and to her dismay she only found 1 😂. I sat back at the party sipping my drink watching her frantically look around and ask people for her other boot as she wore one boot and continued to give everyone a sock show 😍. As the night went on she basically gave up and by the end of the night she called an Uber and left in her socks. It was the cutest thing. I didn’t take the boot with me and I left it in a pretty visible place so hopefully the host of the party finds it and knows who to call to give it to 😂. Moral of the story, don’t leave your shoes places where you don’t know to many people or you might just end up going home in your socks 😍☺️

Please feel free to check out the picture from that night and check out more pics from my deviant art 😊

Lost loafer in walmart

Author – lucy lex

I may have posted a story similar to this one in the past but it happens quite often when I go out to department stores. I went to Walmart to try on some shoes and play in my socks. I love slipping out of my shoes in the most embarrassing socks and leaving my loafers behind in a very visible place and coming back to them after walking the store to see if they are still where I left them. That particular day I was wearing very thin pink stocking socks. You could visibly see my sweet toes through them and it was a huge adrenaline rush just wandering around away from my shoes in just my shiny thin sheer pink socks. After a while of walking around away from the shoe section and getting all types of stares and comments, I decided to go back to my shoes. Luckily for me they were still in the same place. I wasn’t satisfied and decided to get a bit more daring. This time I put my shoes on and walked to a more busier part of the shoe section and slipped my loafers off in the busiest isle I could find. There was so much foot traffic my shoes were practically getting stepped on and ran over by carts from people coming and going. It was so thrilling seeing others just tear up my shoes because they were in the way. I stayed pretty close to my shoes for a few minutes and here 2 girls and there mother not to far from me just watching me. I’m pretty sure they saw me take my shoes off and I made a point to leave the isle with out my shoes to see what would happen. I went to the next isle over and listened carefully. They giggled and laughed about me just leaving my shoes behind in the middle of the isle and browsing in my stocking feet. I stopped listening and kept browsing a little while longer. I saw one of the girls and her mother leave the isle but the other stayed behind sitting on a bench where you would typically try on shoes. I went back to the isle where I left my shoes and realized only one of my loafers were still there!? I went over to it quickly and also realized the one that was there had been stripped of its laces. I frantically panicked and looked around the isle for my other shoe and laces. There was nothing to be found. Meanwhile the one girl who stayed behind was watching my frantic predicament and couldn’t help but giggling. I scoured that shoe section and never found my shoe. Walking around with my loose loafer making noise every time my socked heel popped out from taking steps. I finally asked the girl and she denied ever seeing my shoes. She said she had no idea what I was talking about and told me to ask customer service. I asked them and they said nothing was turned in… after searching for almost an hour and patting around in my thin socks, it was time for me to leave. At this point my socks had gotten filthy from the department store floors and I was just so shocked I had actually gotten my shoe stolen and had no leads on where it went. I waited in the parking lot after walking out and getting stared at by almost everyone who walked by me. A lot of girls who were employed by Walmart laughed at my socks to. I waited in the parking lot for the 2 girls and her mother to see if I could see any of them physically holding my shoe. When they finally came out I still didn’t see any of them with my shoe. They probably hid it in the store very well before they left. I went home shoe less than day..

Target Fun

Author – Lucylex 

 I went to target to pick up some Christmas gifts amongst other things. As I was there i gradually got sucked over to the shoe section. Im just a sucker for shopping and shoes. I browsed around and it was quite busy with the holidays. I slid my socked feet out of my shoes and left them to the side. I tried on a few different pairs of shoes and kept walking around in my socks. Shortly after being in my stocking feet, an older women who worked in the shoe section started scanning the floor for trash and shoes. she took note of my loafers that I left behind and strolled over to the aisle I was in to get a better look at my stocking feet. As soon as I looked up at her and we met eyes she was smiling at the sight of me walking around away from my shoes in my socks. My face turned bright red and I felt almost vulnerable. It was so embarrassing but so exciting. Anyways i kept on walking around and the place got busier. I went to put on my shoes and take them to another aisle to hide them and keep on in my socks. I kicked them off with a bunch of other shoes on the floor and kept browsing. Before I knew it, the women who worked in the shoe section was back and she was picking up loose shoes again. she eyed up my shoes and noticed me in the middle of the section just looking at a pair of shoes in my socks. She comes over to me and asks me if those are my loafers on the ground over there. Not expecting her to come up to me, Im super embarrassed and I just reply with a really timid ‘yes’. She smiles once more and continues on doing her job. I decided to get a bit more exciting when I moved my shoes once more out of sight and into a bin full of basketballs and volleyballs. Knowing this was a much higher risk of actually losing my shoes I kept on with it because I was just so excited. I went back over to the women in the shoe section and asked if she had moved my loafers anywhere. She looked at me in dismay and said they should be right where I left them. We both walked back over to the aisle of where she remembered seeing them and her mouth dropped. She was completely surprised to see them gone. She just stared at my socks and me and said she couldn’t believe that someone would walk out with them. She looked under everything in the shoe section and it was just exciting following her around in my socks as she tried to find my lost shoes. she finally took me upfront as I showcased my blackened White socks at this point, to the whole store. Other employees giggled as I waited for her to check the lost and found. She came back with the inevitable news of finding nothing as I knew she would hehe. Finally I go back to shopping and she smiles as usual as i walk away. I go back a few aisles away to get my shoes from the bin full of basketballs and they aren’t there anymore. My shoes went missing after all.. 

I literally left the store in my thin white socks ->

Library thief

Author – Lucylex

“i was at the library recently and I was doing some studying at a computer. I had on my loafers and creme colored trouser socks. I loved shoeplaying in public especially the library kus I always looked for other people’s shoe play so I always wondered if people looked for mine. Dangling my loafers and dipping in and out I was getting quite excited. I sat a desk with a computer that was seperated by a wall on the top half but the area for my legs was open and if you crawled through the space you would end up on the other side of the computer desk where there was another person directly sitting at a computer facing yours. This made it easy to shoe play and even snag a persons shoes if they left them unnatended. I saw another man feet and legs when i peered under the table. I let one of my shoes drop off my foot when it was dangling and some how got out of reach of my foot. When I looked under the table it was beyond the mans feet under his chair who was sitting across from me . I didn’t want to ask him for my shoe and get embarrassed even more. I had already dropped it out of reach and I was feeling very timid. I wanted to avoid the situation but apart of me wanted to take it to the next level so I slipped off my other loafer and scooted it forward with my tippy toes and practically Slid it right into this mans space. I wanted to see what he would do or if he would even see my loafers down by his feet . I waited in my socks to see if he was gonna get up and I could go get my shoes finally. But the situation took a turn and I got excited and horny. As he was zipping up his back pack on the floor he noticed my left loafer infront of his chair. He had to have seen my socked feet kus they were practically extended into his foot space. He also took notice of my other loafer that fell out of reach. I saw him grab both loafers and I thought he was going to put them together and slide them back over in to my foot space but to my surprise he slowly unzipped his pack again and slid them into the front pocket before re zipping it and standing up. He was taking my shoes ! Right infront of my eyes ! I was so excited but I couldnt let him go with out getting my shoes back . I got up quickly and ran to the man and tapped on his shoulder. He was a man with grey hair in his 40s and I asked politely for my loafers in his bag. He denied there ever being loafers that he picked up and refused to open his bag to show me . He finally jus pushed past me and left and said itd be a good idea to get shoes. I left the library and had to ride the bus home in my trouser socks. Embarrassing to say the least.

Here’s a pic of my socks after I got home.