Friends mum steals my shoes

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

This happened to me back when I was in high school so it was a few years ago

I went to visit my friend dennis who lived a mile or so away on a small farm. I had decided to walk as the weather was pretty good and it wasn’t far too his house, since he lived on a farm I wore a pair of slightly worn out Adidas sambas as not to wreck any of my good shoes. After I got to Dennis’s house he suggested that we could go outside and wander around his family’s farm but noticed I only had a pair of trainers on. He thought it would be best if I got a pair of wellie boots as where we were planning on going was through a swampy part, I said I couldn’t be bothered going back to my house to get my wellies so dennis asked what shoe size I wore, I told him I wore size 4 which was a bit of a problem as he wore size 7. He then remembered that his mum wore size 4 and I could borrow her pair. We went to look for his mums pair but couldn’t find them then Dennis remembered that his mum was out working on the farm and probably had them on so we went and found his mum on her way back to the house and asked her if she would let me borrow her wellies. “if I give your friend my wellies what am I going to wear, I’ll need them to get back to the house”, I said she could wear my sambas to get back then when me and Dennis were done outside I could get them back when I go back home. She reluctantly agreed and we swapped footwear then me and Dennis went on our way. A while later we go back to the house to play some games on his PlayStation and I take off his mums wellies. After a little while it’s time for me to head back home and when I go to find my friends mum I notice she is still wearing my shoes so I ask for them back but she tells me that she likes them as they are very comfy on her feet, I ask her several times but she keeps telling me no so I have no choice but to walk back home with no shoes on which is rather embarrassing but I couldn’t help but feeling a little bit turned on by my friends mum wearing my shoes as she was quite good looking.


Train ride

Author – shoeplayer

Last week I was sitting on a train. I’m very shy to be shoeless in public, but on the train it was no big deal. Many travellers do this on trains, so I was sitting in my stocking feet, shoes under my seat. I imagined, that my shoes would be stolen from someone sitting behind me, leaving me stranded in my white socks. My firm had send me to a training and I had only a small suitcase with things for 2 days. And my only shoes were my loafers under the seat. I love to secretly sneak around in my socks, leaving my shoes behind at quiet areas and I thought about my past ‘adventures’, where I really was stranded in socks, because my shoes were found and taken. I was sitting in the last compartment, in the last row. The train was quite empty. Could I risk a little ‘sockwalk’. Even for me it wouldn’t be a big problem. No one would pay attention. People were looking at their mobiles, laptops and books. And of course no one would steal my shoes under the seat. So trying to look casual (I was very nervous) I wandered down the compartment in my socks. The train was very long and I just walked from wagon to wagon. My only fear was, that the train might stop at a station and more people would enter. I didn’t know when the next stop would come. Finally I reached the dining-car at the front of the train. I turned around, to get back to my seat (and my shoes), when I heard the loudspeaker announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, we reach the ….main-station in a few minutes”, and people stood up, to collect their suitcases! A man stood in front of me and a woman sitting beside me got up. To let her get her suitcase I had to move, but I couldn’t because the man in front of me blocked the way back! I stood there as if frozen and the woman now angrily asked me to move. I was jammed between the woman and the door to the dining-car and she still wasn’t satisfied, because she now loudly asked me to open the door and get in. before I realized it, I was standing in the dining-car! Only one table was occupied, and before the guests looked up and noticed my shoeless state, I took a quick seat at the next empty table beside me. My face must have been deep red! The train stopped at the station and when I looked out, I got a shock! The platform was crowded! Hundreds of people! OMG! Not again! My little ‘sockwalk’ got really out of hand again! Soon they all will be on the train. I would have to wait a long time, before they all found their seats! Then the steward came and I hid my feet deep under the bench. I ordered a beer. When he came I asked to pay immediately (so I quickly could get back, when all were sitting). Nervously I looked through the door! Hundreds of people surged in! Then I thought, this is maybe not so bad. I could just squeeze through the crowded aisle and go back. Nobody would notice my stocking feet. “C’mon waiter! Let me pay my beer”! But I couldn’t see him. Then something happened, I hadn’t thought about! New passengers entered the dining-car! Soon all the tables were occupied and the next people entering, three guys, asked me, to sit at my table! Quickly I moved over to the window and one of them took the seat beside me! I was trapped! Sweating and blushing I stared out of the window. Everytime the steward came, I asked him for the bill, but he was very busy now, with all the new guests! I just wanted to get out of here and back to my seat! My biggest fear was, that someone at the stop really stole my shoes, coat and suitcase and left the train! Suddenly the guys started a conversation with me. Where I’m from, where I go, if I’m traveling alone, etc. Even I was nervous like hell, I tried to act normal. But of course they surely had noticed my red face! If all this wasn’t enough, the guy sitting beside me lost his knife! Oh NO! he stood up, kneeled beside the bench to get the knife and, …”Hey dude! Where are your shoes???” OMG! They all looked under the table and had their fun! I stammered something about “left them at my seat”. I noticed even the other guests had fun! “That’s funny! You travel alone and you leave your shoes at your place?” one asked. “You can bet, if I’d noticed that, you would leave the train in your socks!” another grinned! I just wanted to leave! When the steward came, I just gave him a bank note! Before the guy could sit down again, I hurried out of the dining-car. The train was very crowded now. The aisle was blocked by people and I thought I never would make it back to my place. Then came the next announcement for another stop. People pushed me from the back to the exit and from the front a mass of people blocked the way. I was forced to flow with the mass of people to the exit! When I realized I would be pushed out of the train, I got panic and tried all, that this wouldn’t happen, but I had no chance! Suddenly I was pushed on the platform in my stocking feet and was dragged along with the crowd! Frantically I tried to get on the train, but a group of youngsters noticed what had happened, that I was in my stocking feet and had fun blocking my way, even dragging me with them! First when the train began to move, they quickly disappeared into the crowd of people! And I was left behind, in white socks, no coat, no luggage! How would I get out of this??? When I noticed a railway official I ran to him. He laughed when I told him, what had happened, but he immediately called the train driver. He asked me for my destination, so the driver could drop my things at the lost-and-found. Then I had to wait for the next train, to get there. While waiting on a bench, people were staring and grinning, I think some even took pics of me. Relieved I quickly entered the next train, and of course again got a lot of attention! Luckily my things incl. my shoes were found, so I finally got them back.

At the cinema

Author – Emil

Last Sunday, I was with my friend at a movie theater at the Avengers. Endgame”. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of comics and movies based on them, but Marek won those tickets in a radio contest and his girlfriend couldn’t (or didn’t want to) go with him. Although I must admit that special effects are impressive. There were a lot of people in the cinema that day and there was a huge crowd in front of the box office. As we squeezed through the crowd to pick up our tickets, I stepped on something. It turned out that there was a green low-top converse on the floor, on the left foot, with the shoelace untied. It looked like someone had lost that shoe in a crowd of people, I was just wondering why he didn’t try to come back for it. I picked up the shoe from the floor and gave it to the cashier when he was giving us tickets. We had already moved towards the projection rooms when I saw a boy, maybe 13 years old, trying to go to the box office when two colleagues grabbed his hands, laughing and teasing him. Then I noticed that this boy was wearing only one green low-top converse. The right one. On his left foot he wore only an orange sock with black toes and heel. Probably his friends didn’t let him look for his shoe right after he lost it.

Don’t drink and buy

Author – Jasper

A few months ago me and my mate Danny where in town we had some food and a few beers as it was a warm afternoon. Danny took a liking to a New Balance trainer on a stand outside a sports shop. He took it inside and asked for the other shoe, the assistant fetched a pair of trainers in a shoebox. He tried them on and decided to buy them. After paying he decided he wanted to wear them so he sat back down and put them back on, as he stood up he accidentally stood on the shoebox crushing it. He placed his old Adidas Gazelle green and yellow trainers in the now damaged shoebox and asked the assistant to bin them as he wanted to go for a few more drinks and couldn’t be bothered to carry them.
In the pub Danny looked down to admire his new trainers and realised they didn’t quite match. He took them off to inspect them closer and realised he had been sold the display shoe which had faded in the sunlight making it lighter than the other. He put them back on, we finished our drinks and went back to the sports shop that was now ready to close. He took off his new trainers and placed them on the counter. “I bought these earlier and the left shoe is faded” he said demanding they be replaced. The assistant said they where the last pair in his size and that is why he was sold the display. He was offered a discount which he refused as he didn’t want to wear odd looking shoes. He could see the damaged box still behind the counter that he had put his old trainers in so demanded a refund. After getting his money back he asked for his old Adidas trainers from the shoebox. The assistant apologetically said he didn’t have his old trainers as he’d given them away to a homeless guy earlier and the shoebox was empty. Danny shouted angrily at the assistant and said he had no right to give away his trainers. The annoyed assistant told Danny that he gave them away rather than bin a perfectly good pair of shoes as he had instructed. “Some unfortunate person now has a decent pair of shoes on his feet” said the assistant. Danny insisted on buying more shoes but his attitude towards the assistant had backfired as he was told the shop was now closed and we would have to leave. The assistant took great pleasure escorting Danny of the premises in his white socked feet and locked the door as we left. I could see Danny feeling uncomfortable stood in the high street shoeless, all the shops had closed for the day and we had an hour to wait for our bus. We decided to go back to the pub and have another drink until the bus arrived. At least Danny could hide his shoeless feet under a table. We got our drinks and sat near a window, that’s when Danny spotted a homeless man in a shop doorway opposite wearing his distinctive green Adidas trainers with yellow stripes. I couldn’t help but laugh, here was my mate shoeless as some homeless person was sat outside wearing his trainers. Danny went out and ran across the street in his socks and pleaded with the homeless guy to give him his trainers back. The guy obviously refused as Danny returned still shoeless but now with everyone else in the pub laughing at his predicament. By the time we got back home Danny’s socks where no longer white. I shouldn’t of laughed so much as Danny got his revenge on me but that’s another story.

Clumsy moment

Author – KahillLikeKale

Recently I went to visit my friend out of town and stay at his house, since it was a three-day holiday weekend. Once I got there, my friends and I decided to go hang out in the woods behind his house. It was cold, so we knew we wouldn’t be long, but the woods were scary in the dark and we thought it would be fun. Once we were deep enough in where it was almost pitch black, I tripped over a tree root and fell. I wasn’t hurt, but when I got up I realized to my horror that I had lost my shoe! My left favorite gray Vans sneaker! We searched until it was too cold to stay outside, and I had to walk back to the house with only one shoe!

Even worse, because we had only been wandering, we were never able to find the same spot again, so I never found it. On top of that, it was a long holiday weekend in a rural town, so there was nowhere to buy another pair. I was stuck wearing only one sneaker all weekend.

Stupidly, once I finally got home, I went straight to bed and didn’t realize until morning that I still didn’t have a complete pair of shoes to wear, so I had to go to class and work STILL missing a shoe. I tried to hide it and I hoped that wearing a sock at least somewhat similar in color would make it less obvious, but I’m sure people noticed based on the looks they gave me when they saw me.

Me in your stories

Author – Mickey

I’ve recently found this site and enjoyed reading the stories. Rather than writing something new I thought I could be someone within a previously written story. So here goes.

The elevator
I live on the sixth floor of an apartment building. I pressed the button to call the elevator, eventually it arrived and the doors opened and I noticed a pair of sneakers on the floor. I picked them up, they where still warm. I wondered who would take off their shoes and just leave them. I decided to take them back to my apartment, as I left the elevator a woman got in and took it to the ground floor. I put on the still warm sneakers, although slightly trashed they fitted and where quite comfortable. I decided to keep them on my feet and continue my visit to my friends home. As I waited again for the elevator two boys passed on the staircase. One was shoeless wearing grey socks. I got a thrill of excitement realising I was wearing his sneakers as he passed in his socked feet. He hadn’t recognised his shoes on my feet, I should of given him his shoes but I would of been embarrassed taking them off and of course I really liked them so decided to let him walk by shoeless.

I had gone into the local store on my way to school to buy a drink. As I picked up the bottle of cola I realised I had left home without any money. I didn’t have time to go home and get my money but I was needing a drink, I looked around and without anyone noticing I put the bottle in my pocket and went to leave the shop. The shopkeeper stopped me and took me to the cash register and demanded I pay double the price for the drink I had stolen. I have no money I told him, he said he’d have to call the police which scared me, what would my parents think. He said I could come back tomorrow and pay without calling the police but he wanted my shoes as a deposit. I need my shoes I said but he said he needed people to pay rather than steal. I had no choice but to obey him. I took off my shoes and gave them to him as the other school kids laughed at me. I walked to school in my socked feet feeling very embarrassed.
I entered my first lesson and the teacher asked me why I wasn’t wearing shoes, I explained that the shopkeeper took them, the teacher seemed annoyed and once the lesson began he left the classroom. I sat in my socked feet knowing the kids where laughing at me when the teacher returned, he was now shoeless. He was red faced and as embarrassed as me but he didn’t give any explanation as to why he no longer had shoes on his feet. At least the other kids attention had been taken away from my shoeless situation.

I’ll read more stories and try putting myself into them with or without my shoes being taken.


Author – Lucylex

I love going to Walmart’s and leaving my shoes around places to see if anyone takes notice and picks them up but on this day I was feeling a bit more adventurous and wanted to pretend like I was rushing through the store and passing people and as I would I would lose one of my shoes and keep on going! Lol the only women I did it to, I was running through an aisle and my shoe came off right as I passed her and she quickly looked up and saw that I had I abandoned my shoe as I kept on walking. I kept rushing in one shoe and didn’t look back. I hid out close by in another aisle and waited to see if she would pick my shoe up or try and find me. I ended up going back to the aisle and the women who had saw me was still in it and noticed I had only one shoe on. She asked me what had happened and didn’t wanna leave the aisle until I came back for my shoe. I told her I had been rushing and didn’t noticed my shoe loss lol. She giggled as I was slipping my stocking foot back into my shoe and she ended up walking away. Sadly she didn’t take my shoe but I thought it was nice of her to baby sit my shoe for me until I came back hehe. That same day I decided to go to the shoe aisle and try that same trick on another women with a cart. As we passed each other in the aisle, I acted as if I had lost my shoe and it caught under her cart lol. She couldn’t stop laughing and said she needed a good laugh. She also told me I was blushing as she stared at my exposed sock. I quickly slid my foot into my shoe and left Walmart. It was a bit embarrassing.