Dance your shoes off

Author – Jman

It was the night of the dance and Shelly was sitting at a table. She was wearing a blue outfit with striped light and dark blue socks. Shelly came to the dance in sock feet as she never wears shoes. As she was sitting there, Gerald came up to to her and asked her to dance. She said that she would but on on condition. “You have to take off your shoes first,” she said. Gerald agreed and removed his brown loafers revealing grey athletic socks. Gerald left his shoes at the table and he and Shelly preceded to the dance floor in their socks. After a while they had returned to the table and Gerald’s shoes were gone. Shelly said that she was sorry that happened and Gerald went around the room trying to find his shoes.

After a while Charles came up to Shelly and asked her to dance. Charles was wearing black cowboy boots. Shelly said that she would dance with him if he took off his cowboy boots. When he asked why, she explained that she did not like people stepping on her feet with shoes on. At first Charles was reluctant to take off his boots for fear that he might lose them. However, because he always liked Shelly deep down inside, he removed his boots revealing white crew socks and went on to the dance floor. After a while he came back to the table where he had taken off his boots and his boots were gone. Shelly said that she was sorry about that and Charles started going around the room to try to find his brand new cowboy boots.

Later on, Robert came up to Angela who was wearing white socks with a brown dress. She also was not wearing shoes. Robert asked her to dance and she said she would but he would have to take off his shoes first. Robert then removed his black dress shoes and went on the dance floor with Angela. When they returned Robert’s shoes were not there anymore.

The dance had come to and end and it was time for everyone to go home. Gerald, Charles and Robert still had not found their shoes and had to walk home in their socks. It seemed that everyone who danced with Shelly and Angela wound up with missing shoes.


Fun day at the temple

Author – Roy

I recently agreed to go to church with my girlfriend for the first time this past weekend. I loved the idea of getting to bond with my girlfriend in a different way we were used to. She goes with her family and I wasn’t sure the extent of what going to church meant lol. I showed up at the house early in the morning in some slacks, a button down shirt and a pair of penny loafers. I love wearing tight white dress socks with my loafers because it’s super comfy but my girlfriend always makes fun of me for it saying things like “you look so proper in your white socks and brown slacks babe.” Her parents even loved to tease me about my “lily white socks”. when I got to her house in the morning her mom told me I had to slip off my loafers in the garage so I didn’t get the carpets dirty making it known for everyone to see my bright white stocking feet on display. Embarrassed I made it into the house and stood around blushing and hiding my stocking feet as much as I could. My girlfriends mom always peaked down at my feet and then back up at me and would smile. I loved the attention but it was quite embarrassing as well. As we almost left for church finally, everyone was at the front door ready to leave in there own shoes and practically walking out the door when I realized my loafers were still in the garage. I don’t know if they got a kick out of this or not but My girlfriends dad noticed finally I was still in my socks and told me to just head out to the car and he would bring my loafers out as he locked up… so I pattered our to the driveway in my socked feet and got into the car with my girlfriend. She giggled and said “going to church with me in just your socks huh?”. I didn’t really have to much to say and before I knew it her dad was getting in the car. “Here’s your loafers Cinderella”, her dad said. Her mom and dad laughed. I took the worn leather shoes from his hands and slid my socked feet into them. We got to the church finally and I realized it was a temple. We had to leave our shoes at the front!? Just great. More time spent in my white socks and now in public. We got the front and I reluctantly slipped my socked feet out of my loafers and left them with the rest of the shoes. We walked in some of us barefoot and some of us in socks. I met a few friends of the family and it was just so embarrassing being what felt like the only person in white socks for all to see. My feet felt like magnets to onlookers! The service went on and we worshipped. I’m not to much a church guy but it was nice to experience it with my girlfriend. It was finally time to leave and when I got back out to the front I couldn’t locate my loafers! My girlfriend and her family found there shoes quite quickly and I was left there frantically looking for my shoes still in my bright white socks. “Looks like your not having a great day with your shoes there huh Cinderella?” Her dad says. He was making the situation so much more embarrassing. Everyone laughed at the situation but they didn’t know what happened. My girlfriend joked and said someone must of taken a liking to seeing me be the only person making my way around the church in my bright white socks. Everyone seemed to have darker socks and stockings on. Needless to say I left that day with out my loafers I came with. Not sure if someone hid them and watched me leave in my stocking feet that day or just liked my loafers in general.

Lost and never found

Author – Oliver

I was at a movie theater when group of boys about my age, early college, came in. At first I didn’t give them much attention, but they got in line behind me to see Spider-Man and I peaked down at their shoes, because I always like to check out the shoes guys wear. I saw a pair of blue Vans and a pair of white Converse, and a pair of Adidas ultra-boosts, and I got a glimpse of a red Nike Janoski in between the crowd of legs. I couldn’t get a better view, so I looked away and promptly forgot about everything thinking about the movie. A few seconds later, I was surprised to hear one of the boys say “but my foot is so cold!” As discreetly as I could, I glanced again and shuffled my way into a better view. Then I saw it. There was no pair of red Janoski’s; there was only one! One of the boys was wearing only one shoe on his right foot, and his left foot sported only a thin black ankle sock with dark gray heel and toes, and red lettering. Obviously not wanting it to touch the ground much, he’d kept it tucked behind his shod foot and just his very tip-toes.

I started to eavesdrop on their conversation and it sounded like the boys had stolen his shoe at home as a prank and thrown it somewhere in the yard, outside in the dark. The poor guy had spent every moment since looking for it, eventually running out of time before they had to leave for the movie. Rather than miss out, he’d decided just to tag along without his left shoe!

Feeling brave, I came up with a plan. I looked down at my own gray Nike SB’s, and I discreetly bent down to “tie” my left shoe, but really I was loosening it quite a bit, but still tying it off so it wasn’t obviously untied. Then I waited. When it was time to go into the theater and get a seat, I hurried just enough to end up in the middle of the crowd: dangerous, but exactly where I wanted to be. Pretty soon I felt it: someone stepped on the back of my left Nike SB, and after I had loosened it, it didn’t have a chance! My left foot slid right out and I felt my foot touch the cold hard ground, protected only by a dark gray ankle sock with blue detail and lettering. I turned around to see my shoe and sure enough, it was already being kicked back too far to retrieve. Then I looked for the one-shod boy behind me and found him easily, staring at my fallen shoe. I thought for sure he would pick it up, but to my amazement he just laughed and walked by it! I heard him say to his friend, “Check it out; someone else is in the same boat I am.”

I decided not to scramble backwards for my shoe; truthfully, I’d assumed my shoeless “friend” would pick it up since I had abandoned my left shoe, the one he was missing, but my plan was foiled when he walked right by it. Instead, I watched my one-shod friend tip-toe to a seat and then I followed quickly and took the seat next to him, knowing the theater would be packed and every seat would be taken. I looked over and he was sitting on his shoeless foot to hide it with his right shoed-foot resting on the railing in front of him (behind the next row of seats). I did the same so as not to draw attention to my own now-only-socked foot, and also to keep it warm since the other boy was right: a foot without a shoe was cold inside this theater! I tried to make a plan to show the boy next to me that I, too, had lost my shoe, but I wasn’t sure how.

About an hour into the film, I got a chance! The boy must have been so engrossed in the movie that he forgot about his one-shod state and put his exposed socked foot up on the railing in front of us! Not wanting to lose my chance, I discreetly copied and also put both of my feet up on the railing, one Nike SB and one socked foot, obviously missing the safe confines of its shoe. I debated getting his attention, but while I tried to think of a way, I watched his black and colored sock slide over and gently tap my equally-exposed foot! Almost frozen, and a little embarrassed I’d been caught, I looked over and he was chuckling quietly at me. “You too?” he whispered.

I nodded nervously, desperately not wanting to give away that I had sacrificed my Nike SB on purpose because of him. “I lost it in the crowd coming in and didn’t want to go back for it and miss out on a good seat,” I whispered back during a louder scene.

He nodded empathetically. “Friend’s house; mine never even made it here,” he said with a grimace, looking sadly at his current footwear situation. “I’m a little worried I might not find it after the show. I have to go home tonight and if it’s gone for good, I don’t have another pair…” He looked genuinely stressed.

Wanting to comfort him a little, and secretly enjoying the current situation, I gestured to my lap. “I can’t help you find your shoe, but I can keep your foot warm?” I offered.

He looked nervous, but after a moment he nodded slowly. “It is…like, really cold in here, and my toes are sore and freezing!” he admitted. I pulled his foot into my lap, I hoped not too eagerly, and rubbed his foot for the rest of the movie. He cute little athletic sock was tight but so flexible that I could mostly get between his toes and everything! It was so cute to feel them wiggle a little whenever he had a ticklish moment. Sometimes I put my own socked-foot on my lap too and we would play a little private game of footsie. After the movie, he reluctantly pulled his foot back and stood up, keeping his shoe flat and his poor sock on tip-toe again. “Snapchat?” he asked quietly and we quickly added each other. I headed out first and he, Logan I now knew, and his friends (who had hopefully remained oblivious to our shenanigans) followed behind me a bit. When I got to the front I asked about my shoe, not worried at all as I had only lost it a moment before the movie and I was sure I could get it back.

The worker grimaced and I immediately tensed up. He shrugged apologetically. “We put it in the lost and found, but that gets locked when the manager leaves at midnight.”

I frantically pulled my phone to check the time and my heart sank as I saw the 12:02am. I looked down at my suddenly much more forlorn looking single shoe and back at the worker, speaking up a little so the boy behind me could hear. “ So there’s no way I can get my shoe back?” I glanced back and he looked at me in horror, and I felt his socked foot touch the back of my leg discreetly and comfortingly.

The guard shook his head solemnly. “Sorry man, not tonight.” I looked back at Logan and he mouthed “SORRY!” and with that I had no choice but to march myself back out to my car wearing only one Nike SB, knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to come back another day to retrieve its errant partner.

When I got home, I had a snap from Logan, a video of him looking for his shoe outside at his friend’s house, in the dark. I wished him luck but after another hour of looking, I opened a snap of his sad face, almost in tears, captionless, and I knew it was too late, and he was going to have to head home minus one left red Janoski sneaker.

Video about a boy losing shoes

Author – Alex

Here is an european short film about a boy losing his shoes that I want to share. Hope you like it!

Plot: In a shoe shop, a young boy named Milan receives a new pair of fashionable trainers. Once at home, Milan can hardly wait to wear them, it is then the mother asks Milan to go buy some bread for dinner. The boy doesn’t miss the opportunity and immediately puts on his new gleaming trainers to show them off in front of other boys. On his way to the bakery, there are a lot of construction works, which are a real danger for his new flawless white shoes. Despite this, he manages not to get them dirty. For coming back home, Milan decides to take the bus but unfortunately, he gets the wrong route and he ends in a completely unknown zone. There, Milan meets a gang of wild boys, who will try to snatch his shoes, so Milan runs away in order to save and keep his shoes on. Will the boy be forced to walk back home in his socks

Shoe golf

Author – Shoegolfer

When i first heard of shoegolf, i knew this is the best game the world has ever seen. Many of you might agree.
The rules are really simple: The players agree on a goal, or a hole. This can be about anything, a lamppost, a wall, a busstop and so on, even one of your mates will do. Then the rules are similar to golf but instead of a ball, you use one of the shoes you’re wearing.
The shoe has to be kicked, not thrown and the one who hits the target in the least amount of kicks wins.
Sometimes it may be possible to make a hole in one, but a bigger distance to the target makes the game more fun. The shoe the furthest from the target is kicked first, the amount of kicks to the target decides who wins.
The game can be played about anywhere, at any time and with any number of people but it helps to be drunk or really bored before starting.
A perfect time to play shoe golf is when walking back from the bar at a saturday night. Most games i played were in a setting like this, walking home slightly drunk.
This game does claim a shoe every now and then, it’s not without any risk. But this makes the game even better.
The worst time was when we were in a group of 4, and only one of us had a complete pair of shoes when we came home.
One of my shoes, a white Nike shoe, ended up in a canal, next to my mate’s shoe who lost it just before 😛 Later his girlfriend managed to lose her shoe by landing it on a balcony, my girlfriend’s shoes survived. Only one other time i kicked my black Adidas Superstar over a fence i couldn’t climb and had to leave it behind. But i seen shoes get stuck in trees, kicked on rooftops or over bridges and some shoes were just gone as in never found again after kicking.

Friends mum steals my shoes

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

This happened to me back when I was in high school so it was a few years ago

I went to visit my friend dennis who lived a mile or so away on a small farm. I had decided to walk as the weather was pretty good and it wasn’t far too his house, since he lived on a farm I wore a pair of slightly worn out Adidas sambas as not to wreck any of my good shoes. After I got to Dennis’s house he suggested that we could go outside and wander around his family’s farm but noticed I only had a pair of trainers on. He thought it would be best if I got a pair of wellie boots as where we were planning on going was through a swampy part, I said I couldn’t be bothered going back to my house to get my wellies so dennis asked what shoe size I wore, I told him I wore size 4 which was a bit of a problem as he wore size 7. He then remembered that his mum wore size 4 and I could borrow her pair. We went to look for his mums pair but couldn’t find them then Dennis remembered that his mum was out working on the farm and probably had them on so we went and found his mum on her way back to the house and asked her if she would let me borrow her wellies. “if I give your friend my wellies what am I going to wear, I’ll need them to get back to the house”, I said she could wear my sambas to get back then when me and Dennis were done outside I could get them back when I go back home. She reluctantly agreed and we swapped footwear then me and Dennis went on our way. A while later we go back to the house to play some games on his PlayStation and I take off his mums wellies. After a little while it’s time for me to head back home and when I go to find my friends mum I notice she is still wearing my shoes so I ask for them back but she tells me that she likes them as they are very comfy on her feet, I ask her several times but she keeps telling me no so I have no choice but to walk back home with no shoes on which is rather embarrassing but I couldn’t help but feeling a little bit turned on by my friends mum wearing my shoes as she was quite good looking.

Train ride

Author – shoeplayer

Last week I was sitting on a train. I’m very shy to be shoeless in public, but on the train it was no big deal. Many travellers do this on trains, so I was sitting in my stocking feet, shoes under my seat. I imagined, that my shoes would be stolen from someone sitting behind me, leaving me stranded in my white socks. My firm had send me to a training and I had only a small suitcase with things for 2 days. And my only shoes were my loafers under the seat. I love to secretly sneak around in my socks, leaving my shoes behind at quiet areas and I thought about my past ‘adventures’, where I really was stranded in socks, because my shoes were found and taken. I was sitting in the last compartment, in the last row. The train was quite empty. Could I risk a little ‘sockwalk’. Even for me it wouldn’t be a big problem. No one would pay attention. People were looking at their mobiles, laptops and books. And of course no one would steal my shoes under the seat. So trying to look casual (I was very nervous) I wandered down the compartment in my socks. The train was very long and I just walked from wagon to wagon. My only fear was, that the train might stop at a station and more people would enter. I didn’t know when the next stop would come. Finally I reached the dining-car at the front of the train. I turned around, to get back to my seat (and my shoes), when I heard the loudspeaker announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, we reach the ….main-station in a few minutes”, and people stood up, to collect their suitcases! A man stood in front of me and a woman sitting beside me got up. To let her get her suitcase I had to move, but I couldn’t because the man in front of me blocked the way back! I stood there as if frozen and the woman now angrily asked me to move. I was jammed between the woman and the door to the dining-car and she still wasn’t satisfied, because she now loudly asked me to open the door and get in. before I realized it, I was standing in the dining-car! Only one table was occupied, and before the guests looked up and noticed my shoeless state, I took a quick seat at the next empty table beside me. My face must have been deep red! The train stopped at the station and when I looked out, I got a shock! The platform was crowded! Hundreds of people! OMG! Not again! My little ‘sockwalk’ got really out of hand again! Soon they all will be on the train. I would have to wait a long time, before they all found their seats! Then the steward came and I hid my feet deep under the bench. I ordered a beer. When he came I asked to pay immediately (so I quickly could get back, when all were sitting). Nervously I looked through the door! Hundreds of people surged in! Then I thought, this is maybe not so bad. I could just squeeze through the crowded aisle and go back. Nobody would notice my stocking feet. “C’mon waiter! Let me pay my beer”! But I couldn’t see him. Then something happened, I hadn’t thought about! New passengers entered the dining-car! Soon all the tables were occupied and the next people entering, three guys, asked me, to sit at my table! Quickly I moved over to the window and one of them took the seat beside me! I was trapped! Sweating and blushing I stared out of the window. Everytime the steward came, I asked him for the bill, but he was very busy now, with all the new guests! I just wanted to get out of here and back to my seat! My biggest fear was, that someone at the stop really stole my shoes, coat and suitcase and left the train! Suddenly the guys started a conversation with me. Where I’m from, where I go, if I’m traveling alone, etc. Even I was nervous like hell, I tried to act normal. But of course they surely had noticed my red face! If all this wasn’t enough, the guy sitting beside me lost his knife! Oh NO! he stood up, kneeled beside the bench to get the knife and, …”Hey dude! Where are your shoes???” OMG! They all looked under the table and had their fun! I stammered something about “left them at my seat”. I noticed even the other guests had fun! “That’s funny! You travel alone and you leave your shoes at your place?” one asked. “You can bet, if I’d noticed that, you would leave the train in your socks!” another grinned! I just wanted to leave! When the steward came, I just gave him a bank note! Before the guy could sit down again, I hurried out of the dining-car. The train was very crowded now. The aisle was blocked by people and I thought I never would make it back to my place. Then came the next announcement for another stop. People pushed me from the back to the exit and from the front a mass of people blocked the way. I was forced to flow with the mass of people to the exit! When I realized I would be pushed out of the train, I got panic and tried all, that this wouldn’t happen, but I had no chance! Suddenly I was pushed on the platform in my stocking feet and was dragged along with the crowd! Frantically I tried to get on the train, but a group of youngsters noticed what had happened, that I was in my stocking feet and had fun blocking my way, even dragging me with them! First when the train began to move, they quickly disappeared into the crowd of people! And I was left behind, in white socks, no coat, no luggage! How would I get out of this??? When I noticed a railway official I ran to him. He laughed when I told him, what had happened, but he immediately called the train driver. He asked me for my destination, so the driver could drop my things at the lost-and-found. Then I had to wait for the next train, to get there. While waiting on a bench, people were staring and grinning, I think some even took pics of me. Relieved I quickly entered the next train, and of course again got a lot of attention! Luckily my things incl. my shoes were found, so I finally got them back.