Stuck in the mud

Author – Evan

This happened about a few years ago. I was hanging out with some friends at a nearby park. We were just hangin out and throwing a foot ball around and stuff. I was running after the ball when I stepped into a deep mud puddle. I got my right foot out and on the ground, but my left foot was still stuck in the mud. One of my friends came and grabbed my arm and eventually pulled me out, but my left shoe came off and was slowly starting to sink in the mud. I was about to reach for my shoe, but my friend grabbed me by my socked foot, and dragged me away from the puddle. My friend still held onto my foot and my shoe just sunk into the mud. Had to walk around the rest of the day in one shoe and my white nike crew socks


Personal fantasy

Author – shoelossfan

Some silly little fantasy I have gotten over the past few months is for some reason or another I have lost one of my red and black sneakers and never got it black forcing to me to be one shod for a good while with ether my red sock with black on the toes and heel or the color’s flipped exposed to the world as I walked around town, granted I have been cause one shod for a time in the past after getting picked on by a group of girls (who to be fair I stole their shoes first since they had them off while they were on the swing and they were older than me) Sadly dreams like that are nearly impossible for me now since the closest decent town for me is a little over 20 miles away from me (a little over 32 kilometers for everyone who isn’t in the states.)

So all I am left with is my dream and this little hobby I picked up where at evening or during the afternoon if it’s cool enough (as I’m in southern California) and while my parents are busy with work I would go walking around in the front lawn without one of my sneakers, most likely my right one, just enjoying the feeling of walking across the grass covered lawn in my socked foot and just enjoying myself for a short time, some times taking pictures since I like how it looks as well. I’m not certain what sparked my hobby but I think it was soon after I started to chat with Evan off site on skype, and I’m glad I did spark it, though I mostly do it in the evening because at that time I won’t be found out by my parents most likely. (I’m a bit shy about being found out about it.)

Something else that sparked my fantasy of losing my shoe or shoes for good was storys like “my shoes crossed the line”, “Final for our shoes” And of course the “accidental detention” series helped to spark my love of in school shoe loss since really rules where a student lose’s their shoes for breaking the rules is a better punishment then deletion in my eyes, and I would have gotten off better in my school days if my shoes got taken from me when I broke the rules or got in trouble. (I was a very troublesome kid since I have autism)

When I was in middle school around the 7th grade I would spend weekends just playing in the nearby park with my shoes untied and very loss hoping they would come off while I played, and after they came off I would just continue to enjoy myself for a few minutes without the, but I would always quickly get them and slip them back on if I saw people coming towards where I was. And sadly because I moved away from big citys (because my parents thought this was the early 20th century and get horse’s) and started to live in the countryside mostly went one shod ether inside my bedroom and just recently in my front yard since the back yard is full of dog crap and our driveways are mostly gravel. (and most of the ground is too)

Anyway sorry if this isn’t much a story and more of an explanation but to be honest theres not much to talk about as it is a little hobby I just started to take up for myself since I came to this site.

Left on the train

Author – Joop

I live in a small town in Holland. For entertainment I have to take a bus to the nearby town then a train to the nearest big town. It is only twenty minutes away so it isn’t to bad. Last week I went there to the cinema. I was wearing dark blue jeans with white socks and my new vans. But after I got to the cinema my left shoe was hurting my heel so when in my seat I took the left shoe off. The first thing was some guys came into the row and I had to stand up to let them pass. After they had gone I couldnt find my shoe. It had been kicked away. It gave me a strange feeling thinking I had lost my shoe. After the film I found it some way away so I was OK after worrying about not finding it and having to go home without it. I found the idea a bit sexy though! I went to the station and got the train back. The left shoe was hurting so much that on the train I took it off again. I must have dozed off to sleep and I woke up with a jump and saw that i was at my stop. I jumped up and got off the train just as the doors closed. As my feet hit the concrete platform I suddenly noticed that I had left my shoe on the train! There was nothing I could do. I went to the bus station which is outside the rail station and waited for the bus home. I tried to hide my foot, but with white socks it was hopeless and a few people noticed my foot without a shoe. This very strangely made me feel a bit aroused and I had to pull my sweater down a bit to hide the bump in my jeans.

More people noticed on the bus and I was feeling very uncomfortable by the time I got home. I couldn’t stop thinking about doing something about the bump that wouldn’t go away!

Public Transport

Author – NikeAirMax

The stories about the train tracks who take shoes made me think of a bus ride i took years ago. Back then all shoes i had were Nike air max’s, and i had a lot of them. The newer ones i kept really clean and in good shape, the older they got, the less i took care of them. Somewhere in their lifetime, i no longer tie the laces and just step in and out of the shoes without touching the laces ever again.

With very old Nike’s this meant they’re loose-fitting. Well, this day i was wearing my oldest pair and went to a friend who lives a couple of hours away. It would only be an hour and a half by car, but by public transport it would take at least double that, but after a weekend there, i went home and at the very first transit from one bus to the next, i step out the first one, my backpack snags something. This caught me off guard so i stumble and the stupid thing gives way so i almost fly out of the bus and during my flight i somehow lost my shoe. Now before i regain my balance i had to make two steps and i realize i’m outside the bus but my shoe is not!

I turn around to grab it but the doors close to my face. One of the passengers inside now sees me through the doors, looks at my shoe inside, looks back to me, but does nothing!!! Not one word to the driver!

So the bus drives off, and i’m banging the door by now but somehow the driver didn’t hear, of didn’t care and took off. With my shoe inside and i stood at a highway bus station wearing only one shoe.

It took ten minutes for my next bus to arrive and i asked him if he could reach the other bus to ask them about my shoe but there was nothing he could do. The only thing he gave me was a phone number for the lost and found. At first i was in one shoe but when i got to the train station i didn’t want stay in one shoe so the only choice i had was to take it off as well and walk along without it.

Shoeplay and loss

Author – Andrew

I recently had to take a standardized written exam that was being held at a university. Given that it was a high-stakes exam, I dressed up a little and wore black loafers with black dress socks. I love wearing these loafers since they are pretty loose fitting and so easy to dangle and play with. 

The test was held in a lecture style classroom where each row went up a step. So directly in front of your table was a step drop off of about 6 inches or so. I was seated in the first row, which still had a drop off in front of the table. 

While we waited for the test to begin I crossed my right leg over my left and bobbed my foot up and down. It didn’t take long for the back of my shoe to slip off my heel. I jiggled my foot side to side, slowly allowing the loafer to slip further down my foot until it dangled off my toes. 

I dangled my loafer while we received our tests and filled out all the forms. After the test began I got a little careless while concentrating and I shook my foot a little too hard and my loafer fell off and hit the floor with a thud on the carpet. I glanced around, embarrassed, but it looks like no one had noticed. 

The girl that was giving the test was directly in front of me, about 7 feet away and when I had glanced around I couldn’t help but notice her shoeplay too. She wore black pants and black heels with a thick square heel and she had both feet out and playing around with them. Her socks were bright blue, so I was surprised she was openly playing like that. 

I uncrossed my leg and retrieved my shoe and slipped it back on. After awhile, my shoeplay habit struck again as I extended both legs out in front of me. Having long legs, my feet went past the drop off and I was able to catch my heels on the edge of the drop. I used the edge to slip my heels out of both loafers. The heels of my feet rested on the carpeted floor, just before the drop-off while I dangled both loafers off my toes.

I really didn’t think much of this as I was working on the test. But again, I got carried away and my right loafer fell off and down to the floor below. I slipped my left shoe back on and reached out with my right foot to retrieve the shoe. It was in an awkward position, so it was a little difficult. I managed to scoop up the heel cup with my toes. This meant that the loafer was hanging backwards off my foot, but I planned to pull it back up and twist it around. However, as I started to pull it up, the toe of the shoe hit the ledge and it sent the loafer tumbling back down, and as it rolled once it landed about a good foot away from the edge. 

My heart skipped a beat and panic set it. I looked up and saw the girl in front of me just looking at my shoe! She must have saw my entire struggle and shoe loss. She then looked up and we caught eyes. She just smiled at me like she thought my predicament was humorous to her. She still had her shoes half off, so I’m sure as a shoeplayer herself she understood!

I had to sit for the next hour in one shoe until a break came up. The rows of tables were very long and I was in the middle, so at break, I had to get up and walk all the way around in one shoe to get to my other shoe and slip it back on. 

I have to say, I usually get turned on when I know someone is watching my shoeplay and I love watching others lose their shoe, but it was very embarrassing to have it happen to me in that environment. I kept my loafers on the rest of the test! 


Author – Adroo

We’ll… I work as a chef and we have a changing room to get into uniform. My fellow chefs thought it would be funny to hide my shoe in the dirty laundry bin. Later that day the dirty laundry was taken away to be cleaned. Never saw my shoe again. They just laughed as I had to go home in my chef shoes. Threw the other shoe in the trash