The skydive

Author – Skydiver

Last October I went to one of the beautiful islands here in the Netherlands to work in a paracenter and do a few sky dives. It is a great thrill and release to jump out of an aeroplane and I love the feeling of free fall you get for a few seconds. I own some black Nike Janoskis, size EU43, which I had had for more than 2 years. They were a little too big for me and felt really comfortable.

There was a time slot available to jump this Tuesday, so I put on my diving equipment and got on the plane. When we were above the dropping zone, I knew what to do and got ready to jump. When we got permission, I jumped out the door and immediately felt my left shoe slide off my foot. I could see it fly below me and tried to dive after it, but it was gone. I could not see it at the landing site, but I suspect it landed somewhere in the dunes.

When we landed, I was really disappointed. The Nikes were the only pair I had brought to the island and they were my favorite shoes. I had to spend the rest of the day in one shoe, but I was able to borrow a pair of shoes from a friend that night.

The next time I should definitely tie my shoelaces, because they were not very tight this time. I kept the other shoe as a souvenir 🙂

Embarrassing bonfire night

Author – Wunshu

This years bonfire night was, to start with, a good one. I went to a bonfire some way away as it was always a good firework display. I got a bus to the location and arrived early to get a good position near the bonfire. All went well, the fire was lit and some people started to throw fireworks into the fire, which was not really allowed because it could be dangerous. The marshals had their work cut out warning people not to do it. After a while a banger landed just in front of me, the fuse fizzing. I kicked it into the fire. Brilliant! my right loafer went with it! Right into the flames! There was no hope of rescue, so I faced a journey home with one shoe. Fortunately the weather was dry, although pretty chilly. Also it was dark and I hoped no one would notice my shoeless right foot. But of course when I got to the road there was good lighting and my light grey socked foot was pretty obvious! I also had to get on the bus, which was also well lit. A number of people noticed my lack of footwear, but of course, being English, didn’t say anything; they just looked and smiled.
When I got off the bus in town I had to walk for about twenty minutes to get home, with people noticing my socked foot. It was extremely embarrassing, but strangely exciting. Don’t know whether to throw the left loafer away or keep it as a reminder of an embarrassing evening!

He should hate me

Author – Bailey

This is based off a true story. I moved to a new town and I met this guy. We started texting and then, Mason, ask me to come over for the first time. We played Apex Legends for a while.
Mason: want to walk to Red Bluff.
Me: What’s that
Mason: It’s a place we hang out.
Me: Think I will get to meet some of your friends.
Mason: Maybe
Me: can I take my camera
Mason: it’s your camera
(I love to take pictures. We arrived at Red Bluff there was a swing in a big tree Mason pushed me for a while Then we went to the old well. Mason said legend says if everyone closes their eyes and you throw a coin in you will have good luck.)
(Mason sit down on the edge of the well.)
Me: let’s go look over the cliff
Mason: wait I have sand spurs in my sock
Me: give me your foot (I took his shoe off, then I picked the sand spurs out)
I started teasing him by holding his shoe over the well. Mason just ignored me. Mason was on my left side so I dropped his shoe on my right side outside of the well so he couldn’t see it.
Me: Can I drop your shoe in the well instead of a coin
Mason: Sure who needs two
I stood up to get a coin out of my pocket to toss in the well (why not) when I dropped Mason shoe by the well there was a hole in the ground where the ground had washed away that led into the well and his shoe had really fell in the well. I didn’t see the hole when I dropped his shoe
Mason: We could go look off the cliff if I had a shoe.
Me: (I just looked at him I didn’t know what to say) you said I could drop it in the well.
(He thought I was still kidding)
Mason: “O” guess I’ll hop come on
(there were sand spurs everywhere. He got up and hopped to the cliff)
Mason: see, who needs two shoes (He stopped standing on one foot and kissed me)
Me: I’m sorry I was just messing around
Mason: sorry for what?
Me: your shoe
Mason: I just got them today.
Me: You told me your new shoes were blue.
Mason: They were but my dog chewed one of them up I never got to wear them. gram took me to get . these this morning she was not happy
Mason: can I have my shoe yet?
Me: (almost crying) I dropped it in the well when I was teasing you, I swear I did not mean to.
Mason: you’re kidding.
Me: No, I swear I didn’t mean to.
Mason: I can’t ask Gram for new shoes again. she will think I lost them on purpose
(I started crying I felt so bad)
Me: please don’t be mad, I will figure something out just don’t tell your Gram, when you get home just . take your shoe off and walk around in your socks.
Mason: don’t cry
Me: I’m so-so sorry please don’t hate me
Mason: I don’t but I can’t wear socks everywhere.
(We headed back to his house the sand burs were so bad Mason had to hop most of the way, He acted like he wasn’t mad, but he had to be)
(That afternoon, Mason texts me to come over. We were sitting in his room and his Gram walked in)
Gram: What did you do today.
Mason: went to Red Bluff.
Gram: guess you’re bored just sitting around I can find something for you to do. (I think she didn’t like us being in his room alone)
Mason: let’s go hang out on the porch, she means it.
Me: the park is better. (it’s a block away)
Mason: I don’t have shoes someone threw them in the well
Me: wear, mismatched shoes this one and the one the dog didn’t chew up. Until I think of something
(Mason grabbed the shoe the dog did not chew up)
Mason: there both for the same foot. I can’t go in my socks. The ground hurts.
Me: just wear one shoe. (He looked so cute he kept trying to hide his sock.)
Me: You can wear like a cover sock in place of a shoe.
Mason: what?
Me: an extra sock
Mason: one shoe and two socks on my other foot
Me: it’s better than nothing (I liked seeing him missing his shoe it is kind of crazy, I mean I didn’t lose it on purpose. I didn’t know he would look so cute without his shoe. I do feel bad.) (We walked to the park. We came up with all kinds of ideas, but nothing that would keep Mason out of trouble if his Gram found out she would not let us see each other plus he has lost two right shoes in three days neither his fault.)
(Mason’s house about noon the next day.)
Me: Did you tell your Gram?
Mason: No If I can think of a reason, I’m going to wear one shoe it’s better than being in trouble.
Me: (trying to make him feel better but with a lot of truth) That’s gucci.
Mason: if you say so.
(Gram finally saw Mason wearing one shoe)
Gram: Mason why are you wearing one shoe?
Mason: just am.
Gram: somehow, there is more to it.
Mason: I just didn’t wear it.
Gram: Does your foot hurt?
Mason: No, it’s a new thing guys do
Gram: you better hope it is some teenage boy thing, Mason the whole point of life is learning to live . with the consequences of the bad decisions you’ve made. (she walked out.)
Mason: it’s never good when Gram uses quotes.
Me: I thought you were in trouble
Mason: me too
Me: did the cover sock work
Mason: a shoe would be better
(I had to spend the weekend with my dad and couldn’t talk to or text Mason, so I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know
if he was mad at me after he thought about what I did. I got home late Sunday night. I text Mason he never answered. Monday was the first day of school. I couldn’t wait to see Mason and just hoped he was not mad and in trouble)
(Mason was already at school when I got there, He was sitting on the retainer wall, I walked up behind Mason he leaned back and said you did this to me the bell rang, he got up I looked down, Mason was wearing one shoe and a cover sock)
Me: I’m so-so sorry. Don’t hate me?
Mason: I get to come to school the first day wearing one shoe and sit in class with just a sock on my . foot all day why I would hate you and now pictures really
Me: I didn’t mean to I’m so-so, sorry.
Mason: I think you did this on purpose.
(Mason walked past me and just looked at me)
Me: I know you’re embarrassed
Mason: For now, but it is kind of funny I have two brand new left shoes and no right ones. Come on . you may as well be embarrassed right along with me. (He took my hand then kissed me)
Me: I can’t believe you don’t hate me
Mason: Maybe
(He walked into his first block)
I have to say I’m so lucky I met Mason most guys would be so mad.

Careful what you wish for

Author – Shoelossfan

It was the first Monday of February 2019 and it had been raining for the last two days here with no real sign of the rain appearing to let up. I was currently making myself some lunch in the pizza oven and figured it would take care of some of the pets around the house, since that’s my job for just about every morning. (woke up late) anyway I went to take care of my sister’s pet bunny since I promised I would while she was away in England, however I notice the bunny was out of hay. So sighing a bit I slipped on a coat and my new black sneakers with red laces and head out to the barn to get some hay.

Now if you guys remember my last story the barn is barely a building, it’s more a suspended roof over some pens. And when I gout around front of it I saw that between me and the hay was just completely swamped, though the area by the back steps looked shallower. So making by wat around the hillside the barn was built into I headed down the steps, it was indeed shallower and with some careful walking I was about to get across, but noticed the ground was soft as I walked over it. Once on the small island of loose hay in the center of the barn I sighed and figured I would continue on my mission. So I go to the pallet and take out a sleeve of hay before I start to make my way back.

Though when I reached the water between myself and the stairs I noticed that the path I took wasn’t there , most likely sunk under by me stepping on it. Though I did my best to follow the path I took and as I stepped up onto the step with my left sneaker clad foot I noticed that my right foot was stuck and partly underwater, so I tugged slightly and thanks to the sneakers looseness I stepped right out of my right sneaker exposing my black sock with red toes and heel to the elements. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this since I wrote about a month ago as a joke about losing my shoe in a situation like this and now it happens.

Sighing a bit as I saw that my shoe was going to be a hassle, and I had a sleeve of hay that I didn’t want to drop in the water along with there not really being anywhere dry to set it down thanks to the downpour, I just made my way back to the house quickly. with one black sneaker on my left foot and my black and red sock on my right. I don’t think anyone went back for it before nightfall and sine it’s a pair I got from Walmart that was already falling apart I doubt it will last the next few days of rain ahead. So looks like I’m stuck with two left shoes and nothing but socks to wear on my right foot.

Tony’s shoe

Author – Grant

Not sure this story fits I have this friend well the story tells that I was just looking around on the internet to see if I could find anybody like him some of your stories are close to being like him so I thought I would write about him.

My story starts in 6th grade. It’s weird but true.

My best friends name is Tony, we have been best friends since 1st grade. He would always have one shoe with a really lose lace are no shoe lace. when I ask, he always said the lace is either broke are going to break, if he tied it. He would always sit in class and take his shoe off. Tony would all ways have to either throw paper away are sharpen his pencil and would leave his shoe under his desk. when he walked his shoe almost fell off. When we played outside his shoe would fly off, he would just keep going without it. I ask him one time why he did that? He said he hoped someone would steal it because he only had one pair.
Tony always tried to get his shoe stolen when we would horse around.
Are school was one big building with all the class divided by lines on the floor so no walls inside. We were watching a movie and the teacher said we could come sit in the floor so we could hear because of the other classes. Tony came up and sit in the floor, we watch the movie and we went back to are chairs the bell rang.
We headed to lunch as we walked out, I said you forgot your shoe. He said it was gone. I told him I would help him look for it, Tony said I already looked so we just went to lunch. Tony spent the rest of the day missing his shoe.
I got to school before Tony I seen him coming on his bike. He was wearing his left DC and a black sock on his other foot. I said you didn’t find your other shoe. He said nope. We headed to class. He came to school all week missing his shoe even one day when it rained, I ask him don’t you miss your shoe. Tony said nope not at all. He got off his bike and hopped to the school, so his sock didn’t get wet.
After about a week he came wearing new shoes but the right one didn’t have a shoe lace.
Tony went back to just always having a loose shoe with it flying off all the time and a lot of shoe play but wearing it.
Skip forward to the 8th grade. Tony got to the house we always rode are bikes to school and my house is between Tony’s house and the school. He knocked on the door and came in I wasn’t ready yet. I looked down and Tony was wearing a black high top and just a white ankle sock on his right foot. I ask him were his other shoe was. He said I couldn’t find it and ran out of time to look for it. After school we went to his house to play video games. Then we decided to go to the park and Tony put his left shoe on. I ask him if he wanted help looking for his shoe. He said no I’ll look later.
On the way to the park I ask him don’t it bother you not having your shoe. He said nope. I kind of hope I can’t find it. I said what? He said you heard me.
The next morning Tony got to the house and had his shoe I said I see you found it. He said the dog had got it. I laughed, He was sitting on his bike I walked over and bent down and took his shoe off him and tossed it on the roof of my house and said now you lost it. He just rode off.
After that it became fun to take his shoe.
Move to 9th grade now. Most of the guys have got on board with having a one shoe Tony in the group it’s became a game of who can end up with his shoe, and who can keep it the longest, it’s became so normal to see One shoe Tony the teachers don’t even say anything anymore. Today I seen Tony at wally world with his mom and no shoe. I ask him who had his shoe this time, he said Jake never gave it back Friday.

Ripped at the toe

Author – Shoelossfan

(warning story ahead features horse dung)

It was the Thursday after Christmas day for me at my family ranch on the outskirts of Springville California, or rather the early morning as I was up and about since I’m the only one of my family to really wake up during AM hours, and one duty I have is to clear out the barns horse pens of well crap. You see my family owns about eleven horses at the time and the pens had really been let go thanks to a combination of bad weather, myself being sick and other reasons.

Anyway, I’m out there working hard on one of the pens, and something you should know is that the barn is one of those that is really just a roof over an area, no real outside walls what so ever, and the pens are what can be called jail cell for lack of a better word. Since they had a rocket dirt floor, strong slightly rusted steel pipe walls, and on the inside of the walls there is a layer of heavy duty chicken wire which I think is to keep wild animals from attacking the animals inside. Now the pen I am working on had had it’s chicken wire pretty much wrecked on one side thanks to having horse’s that don’t get along in both this and the adjoining pen.

Granted I don’t think much of it as I just continue to shovel the crap into a nearby wheelbarrow when I shift my right foot a little and suddenly, I feel it get caught on something. So dumping what I had into the wheelbarrow I look down to see a half buried piece of this heavy duty chicken wire snagged to the top of my sneaker. Now something you should know is that I only have one pair of sneakers and their black with some red outlines and laces, though a good pair of the front half of the sneaker is this weird wed like mesh.

So I pull back on my foot trying to get it free with little give, making me pull back harder, to the point where I am pushing back on the side of the pen to pull away when all of a sudden I hear a very loud rip. Looking down at my foot I see that my foot is free but I can see to red toe of my black socks with red toes and heels (yes I own those in RL) peaking out from the large hole at the toe of my sneaker, what also didn’t help was that the shoelace snapped in two places as well. As I looked over the damage my heart sank a little since these were the only shoes I have at the time. Though looking at the jagged piece of wire I figure I should take care of that first before someone else gets caught, So I dug it up and dumped it into the dumpster with the rest of the crap, after I took off the ruined right sneaker and dumped in it ahead. Before I head up to the house with just one shoe and one socked foot.

For the next few days I make an effort to hide my one sneaker status by keeping my still good left shoe hidden in my bedroom while the others are up, and going out one shod during the earlier morning when it isn’t wet out. I keep my one shod status hidden all the way through new years only revealing what happened the Monday after since I get a disability check from the government on the first weekday of the month (I have autism in RL) and pretty much soon after my parents took me shopping for new shoes soon after. Still being stuck one shod for a while was a bit fun and I do hope maybe it could happen again.

Late night walk in the park

Author – JayAlex

I went for a walk on a wet night during the fall to a nearby park that was having some construction done. That night I decided to wear some cheaper hiking shoes I haven’t really worn before. They were decently comfortable, but I’ve also gone through multiple pairs of these decently quick due to them being cheap. My walk was pretty normal until I got to the park. The park had lots of exposed mud due to machine movement and new areas being paved. Being the curious person I am, I walked along some of the muddy areas beside the trail, at best it kept the shape of the tread on my shoes and at worst it didn’t react at all to being stepped on. I continued on like this until I saw a larger mound of dirt and an area that would be made a paved trail soon. Right at the edge of the soon to be new trail was another muddy area. I tested it with my right foot and it was much softer than the other areas. I pressed down and my foot kept going down, soon the top of my shoe was covered in mud. After realizing that I may have went a little too deep, it was too late. I pulled my right foot back up, my shoe trapped in sticky muck, revealing my white socked foot. I tried to get my foot back into my stuck hiker, but I only made it worse by getting mud on the inside… I just accepted that it was a lost cause and stepped down on it to bury it deeper into the mud. Looking down at the dirty shoe on my left foot and muddy white sock on my right foot, I turned around and went home. I felt excited by my loss. I still have that left shoe as a bit of a reminder of that fun night.