Shoeplay in a bar

Author – Mickey

It was early evening as I sat on a stool at the bar and ordered a drink, there was only one other guy in the place. I hadn’t realised that I was shoe playing until my dangling loafer fell to the floor. I noticed the guy sat at a table staring at my socked foot. I put my shoe back on and turned my back to him. A few minutes later my mate texted, he was gonna be late. I ordered another drink and put on my headphones and listened to music whilst looking at my phone. Again without realising I started to shoe play and let them come off completely. I only realised when my mate tapped me on the shoulder and I removed my headphones and he said “Where’s your shoes”. I looked down and used my socked feet to search the floor beneath the stool for my shoes. They weren’t there and neither was the guy who had been watching me earlier.

Zero tolerance

Author – Joshes mate

The new school year had started with a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to bad behaviour. Two boys in our class had their shoes confiscated for being disruptive. “You’ll get them back in detention” said the teacher. I stared at their socked feet as my best pal Josh said “What a nightmare, I would die if I had to walk around shoeless all day, the shame would be unbearable”.
Homework was being collected by the teacher, Josh panicked, after emptying his bag, he realised he’d left his at home. Being a good student the teacher realised it was a genuine mistake but with the new zero tolerance rules he had no choice but to give Josh automatic detention. He was upset he’d never been to detention, to him it felt like going to prison.
His nightmare was about to be realised as one of the sock footed boys reminded the teacher that he had not confiscated Josh’s shoes. Having already taken their footwear, the teacher had no choice but to take his shoes. Josh put his head in his hands.
“Give me your shoes Josh” said the teacher. Josh took off his black loafers and handed them over. He was mortified, watching the teacher walk off with his shoes knowing he was going to spend the day shoeless; I secretly took great pleasure watching my pal have his shoes confiscated and seeing him in his black socked feet.
The final bell rung; he had been shoeless all day and now he had detention. We walked to the toilets but the floor was wet, there was a leak inside “I need to pee before I go to detention, but I will get my socks wet” he said. I reluctantly kicked off my leather loafers and shuffled them over to Josh with my black socked foot. I was a size 8 and he was a 7 so they where rather loose on his feet. “Don’t pee on my shoes” I shouted as he disappeared inside the toilets. I was now shoeless in the corridor, everyone staring at my socked feet including a teacher who demanded I follow him to detention.
I shouted into the toilets for Josh to hurry up but the teacher again demanded that I follow him. I tried explaining but he just told me to be quiet. I kept looking back for Josh to come rescue me. I stood in socked feet outside the detention room with other shoeless students, I was no different to them without my shoes, I was going to be punished for lending my shoes to someone.
I hoped Josh would appear but he didn’t, so I endured his detention in my socked feet. At the end of detention everyone got their shoes returned. Josh’s where too small, so I carried them. ‘Put your shoes on’ said the teacher. I explained that they weren’t mine and didn’t fit my feet; he then accused me of doing Josh’s detention for him. ‘I want you and Josh in my office first thing tomorrow’, He took back Josh’s shoes.
I had to walk home in my socks as I couldn’t find Josh and it looked like we both where going to be spending the next day shoeless too.

Dress guys dilemma

Author – shoeplayer

David was on his way to an important meeting. Normally he liked to wear casual clothes, jeans and t-shirt, but today he wore his finest dress. He was not used to wear a tie and he felt uncomfortable. He took his tie off and pulled his shirt out of his trousers for the long drive. He started very early. It took about 2-3 hours to get to the city, where the meeting was held. So he had a lot of time, when he came near the hotel, where the meeting took place. He decided to stop at a rest area near the motorway. He sat a table by a window, drinking a coffee and immediately started to play with his loose loafers. He loved to play with his shoes, slipping them off, sometimes even leaving them completely abandoned and unattended at public places. He loved the thrill, that his shoes might get kicked around and away, maybe even get hidden or stolen, leaving him stranded at a public place, in his stocking feet. But he only loved the imagination and the risk, it really could happen. And now, of course, he couldn’t risk the loss of his shoes.

David didn’t notice the guy, sitting behind him, enjoying his little ‘shoeplay’. He loved the white socks, a nice contrast to the black dress. He even thought, if he could kick one of Davids shoes down the aisle, when he left them completely off some times. But he didn’t dare. After some time David payed and left the restaurant. The guy observed David, as he walked back to his car.

Dave enjoyed his loose loafers, his heels often slipped out, when he walked to fast. David passed an old phone booth, which he already had seen from his place at the restaurant. He needed to go to the restroom, before he continued his drive. The phone booth obviously didn’t work anymore. People had mobiles and they maybe forgot to dismantle it. He entered the phone booth and got a crazy idea. He could leave his shoes save in the booth and run to the restroom, which was nearby …. in his stocking feet! The restaurant was far away. People who looked at him would think, he wore some white sneakers to have a more comfortable trip. He looked at the feet from people entering the restaurant. He couldn’t see, what kind of shoes they had on, so they likewise wouldn’t notice his stocking feet! Could he risk that? Slowly he slipped of his loafers and left them in a corner of the booth. No one was nearby and he didn’t see anyone entering the restroom. The restaurant had his own toilet, so this small hut seemed abandoned. Slowly he left the phone booth and hurried to the restroom hut. He quickly entered a stall. OMG, he did it! He was in his stocking feet, shoes left behind, close to a meeting, far from home! He was trembling!

The guy in the restaurant always had his eyes on Dave. He noticed, when he left the phone booth. He immediately knew what happened! He just saw a shy ‘sockwalker’, who ran to the restroom in his stocking feet! He was fascinated! He wanted no more, than steal this guys shoes and waiting for him, to come back! But he was sure, the guy quickly would come back and he had not enough time, to get to the booth. It was to far away. Suddenly he saw a mother with her two boys coming to the restaurant. They passed the both and the boys were chasing each other around it! Then they stopped and looked into the booth. They opened the door, one went inside and came out …. with the black loafers!!! They ran to their mother, who already had entered the restaurant. Before the boys followed their mom, they threw the shoes onto the roof of the building! The guy couldn’t belief his luck! He soon would see a shoeless guy, hopping back to the phone booth, to find out …. he was stranded in his white socks!!! He got his camera out, which had a good zoom, placed it on the table and zoomed the phone booth in as good as possible …. and waited!

David got very nervous in the stall! He heard some voices outside and didn’t dare to get back to his shoes! But he couldn’t wait to long. He had to get to the meeting and the longer he stayed at the restroom, the higher was the risk, somebody maybe really would find his shoes! Finally he sneaked to the door of the hut and peeked outside. Nobody was around. He hurried back to the booth …. and got the shock of his life!!! Oh NO! His shoes were gone! Frantically he entered the booth and looked everywhere for his loafers! Gone!!! Terrified he looked around! OMG! Someone found his shoes and picked them up! Maybe him or her had already continued their tour with his shoes, not knowing they left him behind, in his stocking feet! David got panic! He couldn’t go the meeting like this! He couldn’t go anywhere!!! Trembling and sweating he remained in and near the booth for a long time! Shit!!! Why couldn’t he stop his crazy ‘shoeplay’? It was a chilly day and his feet got cold! Before some people from the restaurant might get notice of him – a strange guy – sneaking around an old phone booth, he hurried back to his car …. only to find out, his nightmare would continue!!! A group of bikers had just stopped beside his car! He quickly turned around and ran as fast as possible, in his thin socks, back to the restroom! He heard them laughing! Hiding in a stall again, he desperately was pleading and praying, that the bikers wouldn’t follow him ….

The guy in the restaurant stopped his camera, left the rest area and drove home …. with a big grin on his face!

Well, fiction …. or truth??? 😉 (pw: shoesloser)


Author – Lucylex

I love going to Walmart’s and leaving my shoes around places to see if anyone takes notice and picks them up but on this day I was feeling a bit more adventurous and wanted to pretend like I was rushing through the store and passing people and as I would I would lose one of my shoes and keep on going! Lol the only women I did it to, I was running through an aisle and my shoe came off right as I passed her and she quickly looked up and saw that I had I abandoned my shoe as I kept on walking. I kept rushing in one shoe and didn’t look back. I hid out close by in another aisle and waited to see if she would pick my shoe up or try and find me. I ended up going back to the aisle and the women who had saw me was still in it and noticed I had only one shoe on. She asked me what had happened and didn’t wanna leave the aisle until I came back for my shoe. I told her I had been rushing and didn’t noticed my shoe loss lol. She giggled as I was slipping my stocking foot back into my shoe and she ended up walking away. Sadly she didn’t take my shoe but I thought it was nice of her to baby sit my shoe for me until I came back hehe. That same day I decided to go to the shoe aisle and try that same trick on another women with a cart. As we passed each other in the aisle, I acted as if I had lost my shoe and it caught under her cart lol. She couldn’t stop laughing and said she needed a good laugh. She also told me I was blushing as she stared at my exposed sock. I quickly slid my foot into my shoe and left Walmart. It was a bit embarrassing.

Night out

Author – shoeplayer

one night i was out with some friends at the bars and dance-clubs. because we live outside of town, one of us was driving. it was about 2 am, when my friends wanted to go home. i didn’t, so they left without me and i would take the train home. only a few minutes after they left i noticed, that i had forgotten my coat in the trunk of my friends car. oh shit! it was a cold night and a look in my purse showed me, that i hadn’t enough money for a cab. i even left my cell phone in my coat. i ran out, hoping to catch them. i didn’t find them! now i just wanted to get home and i scampered as fast as possible to the train station. i had loose loafers on my feet, so running wasn’t easy. at the station i got the next shock. i had to wait more than 1 hour, before my train departs! it was cold and windy at the station, so i couldn’t wait there. i left the station and ran down a main road, to warm up a little. i was relieved, when i saw an open front door of a multi-story building. i sneaked inside and closed the door. it was about 3 o’clock and the house was deathly quiet. behind the stairs was a gap, where i crouched down. a perfect place to wait. it was warm and i couldn’t be seen unless someone would look behind the stairs. after a while i got boring and left my hiding place. i wanted to explore the house a little. my loafers were clacking, so i slipped them off. i sneaked back to the gap behind the stairs to drop them there, but feeling a little thrilling, i placed them directly at the front door. then i sneaked up the stairs in my stocking feet in the dark. the house had six floors and when i reached the top floor, the lights in the stairwell suddenly were switched on! i had quiet a shock and stopped breathing! i heard footsteps and then the front door was opened. someone was leaving the house. then it was silent again and i waited until the lights switched off. i hurried down to find my shoes … were gone!!! in panic i looked around … and found them. through the glass of the front door i saw them! the person who left the house just dropped them outside on the sidewalk. relieved i hurried to the door, to quickly collect my shoes. locked!!! oh no, the door was locked! desperately i tried the handle again and again. first then i realized, that not only my shoes were locked outside, but that i was locked in … with no way out! i was trapped! i couldn’t ring at any door for help. how would i explain that?! trembling and sweating i sneaked back under the stairs. i had to wait until someone else left the house, hoping he wouldn’t lock the door. from time to time i sneaked to the front door to see, if my shoes still were outside. after an eternity i heard that someone opened the front door with his key and the lights were switched on. i crouched in the furthest corner behind the stairs! i heard two guys joking about my shoes! i only partly understood what they said.
“… he he, … long night out”,
“… home in his stocking feet”,
laughingly, i heard them disappear in one of the apartments. first when the lights switched off again, i dared to leave my hiding place … and got the shock of my life! i couldn’t see my shoes through the glass door! panic-stricken i tried the handle. this time i could open the door. frantically i looked around for my shoes. they were gone! the guys had taken them! behind me i heard the front door closing. there was no way back into the house. i looked at my watch. it was past 5 o’clock. more people were on the streets. shivering from the cold night and my humiliation i tried to find a way out! i didn’t dare to look at the people i passed! i just hoped nobody would take a picture or film me with his cell phone! it happened! someone obviously had his fun, filming me … and putting it online!

Risky sharing of my location

Author – Shoelost

This is my view of the incident, where my shoes were stolen. I was taking a rest on a wall and posted the location on youtube – to see what will happen.

After a while a guy cames along and stares at my business shoes. I turned on my camera to film, whatever will happen.

The guy came back, checked if I was sleeping and used the opportunity and stole both of my shoes. He even filmed my feet in socks and walks away, sending me the film, which is already posted. I was humiliated and had to walk in socks. He later throws the shoes under a bench, where I found them after an hour. So I was lucky in the end…

Wonder if I should do this kind of location sharing again?

(write to for further questions)

Embarrassing “game”

Author – shoeplayer

I had a chat with a guy. I told him about my strange hobby, to sneak around public places in my socks, leaving my shoes behind, when no one is around. he wrote, that he would like to see my shoes disappear, seeing me stranded in my stocking feet! he asked me where I live and if I was in with a little ‘game’. I was thrilled and told him the city where I’m living. he told me to take the train to a bigger city nearby. I should find a big building, trying to get in and hide my shoes somewhere and sneak to the top floor in my socks. It was cold outside, so it would be an embarrassing situation, if my shoes would be found and taken! I wrote ‘OK’ and left my apartment. while sitting on the train, I got a message on my mobile. he told me, he would observe me (with a smiley). of course he couldn’t. he was living in another country. but the imagination got me excited! I pushed my shoes under my seat and wrote back; ‘then take my shoes! I have slipped them off! lol” “later, my friend! later!” he wrote back. when I arrived and left the train, I looked around, if someone was observing me! “stupid” I thought and was grinning. surely he was sitting somewhere in his apartment at his computer, far away. I walked around the area, looking for an open front door to a big building. finally I found an apartment building, at least 12-15 stories high. I wrote him, I’m ready to start and he asked me to send him my position! I was not sure, if I should risk that, but what could happen? he was not here! so I did. he told me to find a good place to hide my shoes and then take the lift to the top floor. I looked around. of course at a stairwell, there is no place to hide your shoes, without anyone would find them. I sneaked down to the basement. under the stairs was a small gap. perfect I thought. who would look under the stairs? I send him a picture of my shoes. he told me to leave my coat with my shoes! if I was cought I could tell, I lived in the house and just was running to the post box in my socks. he was right. so I dropped my coat on my shoes. he then told me to take the lift to the top floor and then to send the lift down. I was very nervous, when I left the lift at the top floor and send it down. now I was really far away from my shoes and coat, in a strange city, far from home! I wrote him, it happened! he wrote me, that the game begins now! I should stay at the top floor for at least 15 minutes. meanwhile he would confiscate my shoes and coat. I would have to get back to the train station like this! he would drop them in a locker at the station. he would give the key to the lost-and-found office at the station! OMG! the way he wrote it seemed, as if he really was here! I tried to relax. of course he just enjoyed, to tease me! after 15 minutes, which felt like an eternity I called the lift. when it opened at the basement I hurried to get my shoes and coat back! GONE!!! NOOOOO! oh shit! shocked I looked at the empty gap under the stairs! I just stood there and couldn’t believe it! panic set in! quickly I wrote him, that my shoes and coat really were gone! “of course!” he answered! “you know, where they are!” OMG! this couldn’t be real! he caught me! I stayed at the building for a long time, before I carefully sneaked out! my face must have been deep red, when I tiptoed to the train station, trying not to be seen in my socked feet! the real ‘walk-of-shame’ began, when I got to the station! it was very crowded and I got a lot of laughs, while scampering around, trying to find the lost-and-found office! finally I found it. trembling and shivering from the humiliation, I asked if they found a key to the lockers. grinning brightly a young woman came to the desk … with my shoes and coat!!! “yes! seems these are yours!” she laughed. they already hat opened the locker!!!