Embarrassing bonfire night

Author – Wunshu

This years bonfire night was, to start with, a good one. I went to a bonfire some way away as it was always a good firework display. I got a bus to the location and arrived early to get a good position near the bonfire. All went well, the fire was lit and some people started to throw fireworks into the fire, which was not really allowed because it could be dangerous. The marshals had their work cut out warning people not to do it. After a while a banger landed just in front of me, the fuse fizzing. I kicked it into the fire. Brilliant! my right loafer went with it! Right into the flames! There was no hope of rescue, so I faced a journey home with one shoe. Fortunately the weather was dry, although pretty chilly. Also it was dark and I hoped no one would notice my shoeless right foot. But of course when I got to the road there was good lighting and my light grey socked foot was pretty obvious! I also had to get on the bus, which was also well lit. A number of people noticed my lack of footwear, but of course, being English, didn’t say anything; they just looked and smiled.
When I got off the bus in town I had to walk for about twenty minutes to get home, with people noticing my socked foot. It was extremely embarrassing, but strangely exciting. Don’t know whether to throw the left loafer away or keep it as a reminder of an embarrassing evening!

Fun day at the temple

Author – Roy

I recently agreed to go to church with my girlfriend for the first time this past weekend. I loved the idea of getting to bond with my girlfriend in a different way we were used to. She goes with her family and I wasn’t sure the extent of what going to church meant lol. I showed up at the house early in the morning in some slacks, a button down shirt and a pair of penny loafers. I love wearing tight white dress socks with my loafers because it’s super comfy but my girlfriend always makes fun of me for it saying things like “you look so proper in your white socks and brown slacks babe.” Her parents even loved to tease me about my “lily white socks”. when I got to her house in the morning her mom told me I had to slip off my loafers in the garage so I didn’t get the carpets dirty making it known for everyone to see my bright white stocking feet on display. Embarrassed I made it into the house and stood around blushing and hiding my stocking feet as much as I could. My girlfriends mom always peaked down at my feet and then back up at me and would smile. I loved the attention but it was quite embarrassing as well. As we almost left for church finally, everyone was at the front door ready to leave in there own shoes and practically walking out the door when I realized my loafers were still in the garage. I don’t know if they got a kick out of this or not but My girlfriends dad noticed finally I was still in my socks and told me to just head out to the car and he would bring my loafers out as he locked up… so I pattered our to the driveway in my socked feet and got into the car with my girlfriend. She giggled and said “going to church with me in just your socks huh?”. I didn’t really have to much to say and before I knew it her dad was getting in the car. “Here’s your loafers Cinderella”, her dad said. Her mom and dad laughed. I took the worn leather shoes from his hands and slid my socked feet into them. We got to the church finally and I realized it was a temple. We had to leave our shoes at the front!? Just great. More time spent in my white socks and now in public. We got the front and I reluctantly slipped my socked feet out of my loafers and left them with the rest of the shoes. We walked in some of us barefoot and some of us in socks. I met a few friends of the family and it was just so embarrassing being what felt like the only person in white socks for all to see. My feet felt like magnets to onlookers! The service went on and we worshipped. I’m not to much a church guy but it was nice to experience it with my girlfriend. It was finally time to leave and when I got back out to the front I couldn’t locate my loafers! My girlfriend and her family found there shoes quite quickly and I was left there frantically looking for my shoes still in my bright white socks. “Looks like your not having a great day with your shoes there huh Cinderella?” Her dad says. He was making the situation so much more embarrassing. Everyone laughed at the situation but they didn’t know what happened. My girlfriend joked and said someone must of taken a liking to seeing me be the only person making my way around the church in my bright white socks. Everyone seemed to have darker socks and stockings on. Needless to say I left that day with out my loafers I came with. Not sure if someone hid them and watched me leave in my stocking feet that day or just liked my loafers in general.

Delivery boy fun

Author – Charlie

I work as a delivery boy for a pizza place in a pretty large city and I use my bike to deliver. For the most part it’s really fun and pretty easy going. There was one busy Friday night though that I’ll never forget. It was almost the end of my shift and I was working late that night. It was almost 2am and I had one last delivery to an apartment building in somewhat a seedy part of town. I deliver all over and I really wasn’t worried about it as I’m used to some of the more bad parts of the city from living here for so long. When I was pulling up to the building I noticed the front doors to the complex were closed and locked shut. I had to get buzzed in and I didn’t know the number of the person I was delivering to, only the apartment number inside on the 3rd floor. Usually I would call the store back and ask them for the number but since this was my last delivery for the night the store closed shortly after I left to take this pizza so I wouldn’t be able to get anyone on the phone even if I called. I looked around the side of the building walking my bike around and clacking in my loose loafers. I noticed a fire door someone was taking trash out of and after they went back in and before the door closed I caught it and started to walk in. I wasnt exactly sure if the main doors were locked for the night or if I could get in or out of those from the inside and I wasn’t sure if I let this fire door close I would be able to get out this way with out setting an alarm off so I tried to find something to prop the door open while I ran to the 3rd floor to drop this pizza off. Sadly there was nothing and I hated the fact of leaving my bike out in the open by a door that looked like it was somewhat frequently used. I really shouldn’t have worried so much but I did and I thought well since I’m already leaving my bike here and I’m only gonna be a few minutes, let me slip one of my loafers off and leave it propped in the door to keep it from closing all the way. I had a really bad feeling but the pizza was getting cold the more I stood there and thought about it. Finally my socked foot just slid out of my leather loafer and before I thought about it anymore my stocking foot was touching the cold concrete and I left my errant shoe in the door way. I walked inside the building and it was dead quiet and the sound of my other loafer clacking was making some noise so I slipped that one off to and left it a corner by the fire door for safe keeping. Now fully in my white stocking feet I patted around the hard floors looking for the elevator. I could not find one and came across the stair well that I took up. As I was walking up and got to the 3rd floor I heard a door below me open from the second floor and some girls voices. I was worried they were going down to the ground level and exiting the building by the fire door I just came into and left my shoes and bike at! I quickly rushed tip toeing in my stocking feet to the door of the person I was delivering the pizza to. I rang the door bell so quick and waited for them to come. Finally an older man answered and got a kick out of his delivery boy showing up in his socks! I was so embarrassed I really didn’t know what to say. He chuckled and gave me an extra tip because he thought I lost my shoes somewhere or got mugged for them. I didn’t explain much only because I needed to get back down stairs. After he closed the door I practically sprinted in my socks to the stair well almost slipping on the slippery concrete floor just to bolt down those stairs and get back to my shoes and bike. I finally reached the bottom floor only to find the 3 girls I heard in the stair well at the fire door looking at my bike and shoe in the door. My heart dropped and one of them saw me coming down the hall way approaching them. I’m not sure if they saw me in my socks or if they just weren’t sure who I was and knew they looked up to something but as soon as the others saw me they all started laughing. I started to power walk a bit faster down the hallway toward them when I heard one say, “hurry pick those shoes up and grab the bike”! I was really scared now and started to walk faster. One of the girls unwedged the loafer keeping the fire door open while the other picked up my loafer they had noticed in the corner by the door I left unattended. The 3rd one was already outside on my bike and before I could I get close enough to stop them they hurried out the door laughing and cracking up saying “looks like these are ours now” holding my shoes and “finders keepers loser!”. My heart dropped and I couldn’t believe I was really getting mugged for my bike and my shoes. I sprinted towards the door they just went through and when my socked feet touched the warm summer pavement the door behind me closed and locked shut and there was no sign of those girls. They must’ve sprinted somewhere with my shoes and bike! I never saw those girls or my belongings again and had a long walk home in my socks.

Train ride

Author – shoeplayer

Last week I was sitting on a train. I’m very shy to be shoeless in public, but on the train it was no big deal. Many travellers do this on trains, so I was sitting in my stocking feet, shoes under my seat. I imagined, that my shoes would be stolen from someone sitting behind me, leaving me stranded in my white socks. My firm had send me to a training and I had only a small suitcase with things for 2 days. And my only shoes were my loafers under the seat. I love to secretly sneak around in my socks, leaving my shoes behind at quiet areas and I thought about my past ‘adventures’, where I really was stranded in socks, because my shoes were found and taken. I was sitting in the last compartment, in the last row. The train was quite empty. Could I risk a little ‘sockwalk’. Even for me it wouldn’t be a big problem. No one would pay attention. People were looking at their mobiles, laptops and books. And of course no one would steal my shoes under the seat. So trying to look casual (I was very nervous) I wandered down the compartment in my socks. The train was very long and I just walked from wagon to wagon. My only fear was, that the train might stop at a station and more people would enter. I didn’t know when the next stop would come. Finally I reached the dining-car at the front of the train. I turned around, to get back to my seat (and my shoes), when I heard the loudspeaker announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, we reach the ….main-station in a few minutes”, and people stood up, to collect their suitcases! A man stood in front of me and a woman sitting beside me got up. To let her get her suitcase I had to move, but I couldn’t because the man in front of me blocked the way back! I stood there as if frozen and the woman now angrily asked me to move. I was jammed between the woman and the door to the dining-car and she still wasn’t satisfied, because she now loudly asked me to open the door and get in. before I realized it, I was standing in the dining-car! Only one table was occupied, and before the guests looked up and noticed my shoeless state, I took a quick seat at the next empty table beside me. My face must have been deep red! The train stopped at the station and when I looked out, I got a shock! The platform was crowded! Hundreds of people! OMG! Not again! My little ‘sockwalk’ got really out of hand again! Soon they all will be on the train. I would have to wait a long time, before they all found their seats! Then the steward came and I hid my feet deep under the bench. I ordered a beer. When he came I asked to pay immediately (so I quickly could get back, when all were sitting). Nervously I looked through the door! Hundreds of people surged in! Then I thought, this is maybe not so bad. I could just squeeze through the crowded aisle and go back. Nobody would notice my stocking feet. “C’mon waiter! Let me pay my beer”! But I couldn’t see him. Then something happened, I hadn’t thought about! New passengers entered the dining-car! Soon all the tables were occupied and the next people entering, three guys, asked me, to sit at my table! Quickly I moved over to the window and one of them took the seat beside me! I was trapped! Sweating and blushing I stared out of the window. Everytime the steward came, I asked him for the bill, but he was very busy now, with all the new guests! I just wanted to get out of here and back to my seat! My biggest fear was, that someone at the stop really stole my shoes, coat and suitcase and left the train! Suddenly the guys started a conversation with me. Where I’m from, where I go, if I’m traveling alone, etc. Even I was nervous like hell, I tried to act normal. But of course they surely had noticed my red face! If all this wasn’t enough, the guy sitting beside me lost his knife! Oh NO! he stood up, kneeled beside the bench to get the knife and, …”Hey dude! Where are your shoes???” OMG! They all looked under the table and had their fun! I stammered something about “left them at my seat”. I noticed even the other guests had fun! “That’s funny! You travel alone and you leave your shoes at your place?” one asked. “You can bet, if I’d noticed that, you would leave the train in your socks!” another grinned! I just wanted to leave! When the steward came, I just gave him a bank note! Before the guy could sit down again, I hurried out of the dining-car. The train was very crowded now. The aisle was blocked by people and I thought I never would make it back to my place. Then came the next announcement for another stop. People pushed me from the back to the exit and from the front a mass of people blocked the way. I was forced to flow with the mass of people to the exit! When I realized I would be pushed out of the train, I got panic and tried all, that this wouldn’t happen, but I had no chance! Suddenly I was pushed on the platform in my stocking feet and was dragged along with the crowd! Frantically I tried to get on the train, but a group of youngsters noticed what had happened, that I was in my stocking feet and had fun blocking my way, even dragging me with them! First when the train began to move, they quickly disappeared into the crowd of people! And I was left behind, in white socks, no coat, no luggage! How would I get out of this??? When I noticed a railway official I ran to him. He laughed when I told him, what had happened, but he immediately called the train driver. He asked me for my destination, so the driver could drop my things at the lost-and-found. Then I had to wait for the next train, to get there. While waiting on a bench, people were staring and grinning, I think some even took pics of me. Relieved I quickly entered the next train, and of course again got a lot of attention! Luckily my things incl. my shoes were found, so I finally got them back.

Office mishap

Author – Kaylee

I work in a office building and I have to dress up basically every day in like a button down, dress slacks and some loafers or flats. I choose to wear nylon socks a lot of the time so that people can see my toe nail colors and I usually wear white ones at that Just because I like the color more and no one really sees what’s under your slacks and shoes unless you take your shoes off. I don’t usually take my shoes off at work and I get embarrassed easily if people see me in my stocking feet in public. One work day we had an early meeting at a building I had never been to and it was raining and had a walk a couple blocks. I got to the meeting room and there was a lot of new faces I hadn’t recognized from other companies and this room was packed. I sat with a coworker and me and her are pretty good friends. We were in a part of the room where we didn’t have to many eyes on us and my stocking feet were soaked from walking in the rain. I took my loafers off to air my stocking feet out blatantly seeing the red toenail polish through my damp white nylon socks. my coworker made a remark about the smell of my feet lol. I can’t help how wet leather is going to make my stockings smell but anyways I didn’t worry about it to much because we were off to the side and our feet were under a table. My coworker kept telling me I should probably put my loafers back on but it was comfortable being in stockings and the meeting was still going on for a bit longer. I could tell my coworker was getting kind of agitated with me being the only one with her shoes off and knowing I probably shouldn’t be. I was just still trying to let my feet dry. I didn’t notice at first but I think my coworker got a bright idea to play a prank on me because I notice she bent down to reach for something in her purse and didnt think anything of it until she told me she was going to the bathroom quick. As she got up I thought I saw one of the heels from my leather penny loafers sticking out of the top of her hand bag. As the door closed to the room and she left I instantly looked down under the table and realized she had stuffed my loafers in her hand bag!! What the fuck.. I thought. I had no idea what she was thinking and she blatantly took them with out thinking I would see. So I’m sitting in this room of majority people i don’t know in my bright white nylon socks with bright red toe nail polish peaking through! I’m utterly terrified at this moment and so embarrassed because the meeting was coming to a close and I had to get up and leave the room in my socks! I wait for some people to leave and my coworker comes back from the bathroom and I’m relieved because I can finally get my shoes back. The situation got worse because when she got back her hand bag was significanlty smaller and my shoes weren’t in there. I was furious. My coworker asked what was wrong as she was packing up her stuff. I was speechless at this point. As I got up to pack up my stuff she asked where my shoes were and I acted kind of fake surprised as I looked around and was like “I don’t know. They were right here a minute ago.” She looked at me puzzled and said “ I told you you shouldn’t have taken your shoes off. See look now you’ve gone and lost them and are going to have to leave in your little socks”. At that point she kind of started laughing and threw her bag strap over her shoulder. I asked her if she really didn’t know where my shoes were and assured me she hadn’t seen them or knew what happened. She kept saying someone in the room probably took them from you to play a prank or maybe it was some guy who had been peeking over at you in the corner with your shoes off. I was so embarrassed and the fact I would have to leave in my socks was starting to kick in. My co worker left and I was alone to leave the room and building again. I had no clue what to do as I rolled up my dress pants so they wouldn’t drag further showing off my white socks. I left room looking professionally dressed except when you look down at my feet. I got some looks and some giggles in the hallway and I went to check the bathroom to see if my coworker had left them in there. As I was stepping around I could feel my socks getting damp from the bathroom floor and I knew these socks were going to be ruined by the end of this. To my surprise I actually found one of my shoes in the trash in the bathroom. I was relieved because I knew they both had to be in the trash but they WERENT. I was mad and I couldn’t accuse my co worker because there was no proof. She was so sly and that’s the worst part. Who hides someone shoes around a business building we have never been to before and in separate locations. This bitch was definitely not my friend or anyone I wanted to associate with. I put the one loafer I found in my bag and continued to the elevator as I managed to get to the ground floor with out anyone seeing me. I walked through the main lobby patting along in my socks and made it out front when I heard “miss! Miss!” Coming from behind me. A older man from reception was running my way and blatantly staring at my feet but he was holding an errant shoe which happend to be mine! He asked if I was missing my shoes and I said yes. He told me a younger women had come up to the desk a bit earlier and dropped off a wet shoe to him on her way out and said someone had taken there shoes off and walked off from them. He said he wasn’t sure where the other was and when she left she looked pretty mad. I couldn’t believe she hid my shoes in two different locations all because she probably smelled my feet and had to watch as I sat with my shoes off. The man from the lobby smiled as I took my loafer from his hand. I put on both my shoes and he tells me I really shouldn’t be leaving my shoes places. I honestly also couldn’t believe she told them I left my shoes places. The whole situation made me horribly angry and upset and there was not much I could do but finally leave and just forget about it now that I finally got my shoes back.

Unlucky lad in the library

Author – Omar

I was in the library scouting out people playing with their shoes and giving sock shows and happened to see a young boy in the corner sitting at one of the booths that had a connected foot space to the booth on the other side. As far as I knew no one was on the other side and this boy was playing with his shoes ALOT. They didn’t stay on his feet for more then a few seconds at a time lol. The more he played with them they would fall a bit father away and one of the times they fell out of reach of his feet. Showing his little thin white socks off to the whole library. I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one watching because someone came from the other side of the room out of the poor boys line of sight and sat on the other side of the booth. The poor boys loafers had fallen right in to the other sides foot space and the new guy who sat down practically kicked the errant loafers lingering under his side of the booth. The new guy who sat down didn’t waist any time and slowly slid the loafers completely over to him using his own feet and slowly picked them up and put them in a plastic bag he pulled out of his jacket pocket. He quickly got up and pushed his chair in walking away from the booth and leaving the poor boy on the other side in his stocking feet. I was getting excited just watching the situation transpire. I watched where the guy went after he walked off with his loafers. At the entrance of the library He met up with his friend and they were laughing over holding his loafers. They left and headed toward the buss stop. The poor boy sat there for atleast another half hour before realizing he was left there in his stocking feet. He had to go home in his little white socks to. His face was bright red when he realized someone nicked his shoes while he was sitting there. Panicking frantically looking under the table like they were there and he just wasn’t seeing them lol. It was exciting. He finally packed up his stuff and started walking out. One of the librarians asked why he was leaving in his socks and he asked if anyone had turned shoes in, obviously no one had and the Librarian couldn’t help but smile and giggle at his little white socks. He ended up leaving in them. I honestly couldn’t believe I had actually witnessed that.

Need your ideas…

Author – Steve Stone
In April a guy will come to cologne to steal my loafer shoes and film it. He already did it before – as shown in the two videos I posted here last year.

But this time he wants to do it more often.
Any ideas for him where and how he should steal my shoes, what socks I should wear and what should happen to the stolen shoes? I need suggestions by the forum members.