Hidden Shoes

Author – Kevin

Today at school some girls took off my shoes and ran off with them. They both went different direction and I wanted to follow them but some others held on to me so I couldn’t get away. After a few minutes the girls came back but without my shoes. I asked them where they were but they only said you have to find them yourself and they laughed. It was in the first break so I didn’t have that much time anymore and I started walking in one of the directions. The bell rang for the next lesson and I was still in my grey paterned socks. I walked to my class and these girls were laughing at me and I felt a little embarrassed. They made me spend the whole day in socks and at the end of last lesson they told me where to find my sneaks. I had to walk half the school but I finally got them back.



Author – Kevin

I was at a park a few days ago cycling around. There is a watchtower where people can go up. Every now and then I go up there and have a look around. This day I felt like going up once again. When I got on top I looked around a bit and I noticed I was alone there at the time. At some point I wondered if I kicked off my sneaker from the tower how far it would fly. I looked down to see where it could land. There was some sand and grass and a wide creek. I looked around again to see if I was still alone, and I was. I popped out my heel from my left sneaker and kicked it off my foot. It flew down and landed on the grass. That gave me a little thrill because what would happen if somebody suddenly showed up and saw my sneaker lying there… I waited a little and decided to kick my right sneaker off too. I watched it fly down but that one bounced on the edge of the grass and landed in the water. Now I panicked a little because I thought it would sink and had to go home in my white socks. I ran down the stairs to the waterside and tried to reach my sneaker but it was too far away. I searched for a stick but there wasn’t any. Then I found a few rocks, I picked a few up and threw them next to my sneaker, trying to make some waves so it would flow back. At first it seemed to work, but I didn’t pay attention if somebody was coming. I wanted to pick up some more stones and when I turned around there stood a guy. I was scared at first and I said I’m trying to get my sneaker back. He said let me help you, so we both grabbed a few stones and threw them to my sneaker but it didn’t work that good. He said let’s find a bigger stone maybe that works. We both started searching and he found one. He called me and said I found one let’s try. He threw the rock towards my sneaker but in stead of next to my sneaker it landed on top of it and it sunk together with my sneaker. I was like, o.m.g. The guy stood there laughing a little and saying he was sorry. My only thought at that moment was how to explain this at home. I walked towards my left sneaker to put it back on but this guy was already standing next to it saying you won’t be needing this one I guess? And he kicked it away. I said I wanted it to put on so I could wear at least one shoe. But he laughed again and ran after it and kicked it again. When he kicked it for the third time the sneaker fell into the water too. It was too far away now and I was not able to get it back, I could only watch it slowly sinking. This guy was only laughing and left again. I walked back to my bike and cycled home… I got a few strange looks and felt a little embarrassed. When I got home my parents didn’t notice I wasn’t wearing shoes. 

Sneaks Bet

Author – Kevin

I was at my friend’s house yesterday to play a racing game on his computer. After some time he said we can play a competition. I said okay are we going to play for something? Or just for the honor? He said no we can bet something and he looked at me and I looked around in his room. He asked me if I had some cash on me and I said no not a penny. He was like mmmmhhh… okay then we go for something else. He looked at me again and then he said we can bet our sneakers. I looked at his sneakers and said why, my feet are smaller than yours you won’t fit in my shoes? He said no but I could sell them or just keep them as a trophy. I laughed and said okay it’s a bet and at the same time I was hoping I would win. We went for two out of three. The first game  we played was victory for me but the second was his. Now we both had to play to win. After a few minutes I made a little mistake and he won the third game. He laughed at me and said okay take them off they’re mine now. I felt reluctant about it because I had to cycle home in my white socks. But a bet is a bet I thought and I started untying my sneakers. My friend was only laughing and said for fun come on hurry up. I finally took off my sneakers and handed them over. My friend looked at them and said those are a nice pair of sneakers and I said yes they are. I asked him for a revanche but he said no I don’t think so. We talked about the game for a little while untill it was time for me to go home. I reached for my sneaks but he grabbed them first and said laughing, no you lost them. I felt cold and warm at the same time because I had to cycle through two towns, his and mine. I grabbed myself together and went home. There were several people on my way that looked at me. I felt embarrassed first but after a few minutes I didn’t care that much anymore. Actually it felt nice to be in socks….