My skate shoes stolen

Author – Jonathan

Well this story was supposed to have a happy ending, but unfortunately only the thief had a happy ending. It started with meeting another literal sneakerhead. You know the type that enjoys wearing other guys kicks. We met up and decided to hang out for the day. We met on the balcony of a local mall. I was wearing shorts and my Osiris NYC size 13 in trashed condition and he was wearing jeans and a pair of neon DCs sz 12 also in heavily used condition. Both of us were sockless. We decided to walk around the mall for a little bit, while checking out other guys in their kicks.

It was a nice hour or so before we decided to go eat at California kitchen. I had a Veggie pizza and soup while he ordered a pepperoni pizza and salad. We chatted for a while and got to really know each other.

We decided to leave out of Macys afterwards and took the escalator to the first floor and toward the exit. I inquired about us switching our kicks because I really wanted to put my feet in those DCs.

We switched kicks in my car, and while doing so the whole car stunk up that we had to open the windows.

afterwards we decided to drive over to an indoor mini golf course. You know the one that uses black light.

The DCs I had on were so radiant. It was awesome.

I saw this floor part that shined the same color of the kicks, so I took another picture there.

From that point on I knew I really wanted them. I had to find a way to be able to keep them.We decided to go out and grab a couple of drinks and after my 4th vodka and club soda I started to feel drowsy. He paid for my drinks and escorted me to my car. I am not sure what happened next because I must have passed out. I awoke to a note and barefoot.

Here is what the note said:
Hey John, I know you really wanted my DCs, however, I really wanted your Osiris. You passed out in your car and that was my chance to take both pairs. Don’t forget we did meet on a Steal my shoes story website. Ha-ha better luck next time.
Sincerely, the new owner of some sweet Osiris.
Well guess I learned my lesson and now I am an Osiris short…….

RJs new Janoskis

Author – Jonathan

So here is another story for my fans. You see, there is a great guy and this great guy helped create this very site that we all share and love. Without his dedication to the sites upkeep we wouldn’t have stories of people losing shoes, stealing them, or creating fantasy stories. So this story is dedicated to this guy that started it all, RJ.

Once upon a time, long, long ago in a galaxy not so distant from ours,…… Oh fudge I’ll just get to the story lol. I decided to ask my good buddy, if I was able to obtain a pair of kicks for him. Which ones would he want? He wanted a pair of Nikes Janoskies sz 12. Well I promised that if I found a pair it would be his. Well it so happens that I obtained a pair for him.
There are many guys who visit my gym and sometimes they change while they are there. I noticed this one guy entering the gym while I was on the crosstrainer wearing what appeared to be a pair of Nikes Janoskies. Now I had to look up that shoe when RJ told me he liked them since I’ve never seen one before. Well this guy had a bag with him and he sat on the bench and put his Janoskies in the bag and placed a white pair of Nikes on. I was like shit this is my opportunity for some fun. There was about 4 other people in the gym and I decided to take his bag. I went into the bathroom to make a quick video segment for my friend. I left the bathroom and managed to grab a shot of this guy’s legs and Nikes in my video and I walked around towards the bench. After a few seconds, I grabbed them and booked it. In the video I made, I rushed to the opposite end of the Street before I looked in the bag. Yep I was correct, a pair of Nikes Janoskies and what luck sz. 12 these definitely have been worn a little bit. Unfortunately my phone died before I was try them on. Aggghh cheap phones.

So he asked me tonight what was his surprise. He somewhat saw them in another picture I posted but here you go. A stolen pair of Janoskies for the coolest guy on the web. Send pictures once you put them on……

Now on to my next adventure 🙂

Tonight’s theatre target

Author – Jonathan

Ahh, a story to tell. parts are true and parts are fantasy. ill let you figure out what is what. enjoy!!!

I saved up to buy a shiny pair of Osiris skate shoes because I knew these were rare and I wanted to be the one rocking them in my neighborhood. After spending 200 bucks on these I decided to spend the day traversing a neighboring city. I booked tickets to see a few plays and made my day revolve around them. I decided to wear a blue T-shirt with a design on them, my skinny jeans, and my new Osiris skate shoes.

My first play was in a nice part of town in the early afternoon and everything went smoothly and was enjoyable. I grabbed a bite to eat and decided to travel to my next play. This one started at 730 and it was only 630 by the time I got to the parking garage. It was already almost dark with drizzle in the air. This theater was located near downtown and let’s just say the outside crowd didn’t look so presentable. I went to a local pub and decided to drink cheaply and quickly since by that time I only had 45 minutes until the start of the next play. Down the hatches three tall ones went and I was feeling good. I went outside and was heading to the theater when these two guys who I think were homeless started arguing with one another and it was quite noticeable as other people stopped to stare. I also stopped for a moment and that is when one of them pointed towards me to the other guy. Well I got scared and quickly walked to the theater.

I reached the entrance, picked up my ticket and headed to the lounge to grab another cold one. This play was funny but to be honest I was pretty drunk at the time. During intermission I grabbed my last drink of the night and went to the restroom. Finally, the play was finished, and it was now 1015 at night. Being unfamiliar with the area, I didn’t remember which building contained the parking garage. I was nervous and tired and wanted to get home. After 20 minutes of walking around I finally saw the garage door that I had exited earlier. This door was located between railroad tracks and the actual wall of the garage with a narrow dark passageway between them. Ten feet away from the door stood a rough looking guy with a dog. He started speaking to me and with nowhere to turn and not wanting to be rude I spoke back to him. He seemed nice at first, he started talking about his dog and how he ended up on the streets. This guy was in his 30s and I started to feel bad for him. He had on a filthy white long-sleeved shirt with a logo, a pair of frayed and stained blue jeans, and a pair of Nikes that were frayed, stained, and one was missing a shoelace. The problem when I drink is that I start yapping my mouth and that is where things usually run amuck. He then saw my desire to leave the area and at that time he asked me if I had any spare change. I said not on me, but I actually have some in my car and oh yes, I had some dog food in my trunk. I would be happy to give it for his dog.

We continued to chat while we walked up the stairs of the garage to my car. Little stuff like how hot it always seems to be. He asked me about my night, and I told him about the play. He then said that he liked my shoes and that they looked expensive. I bluntly blurted out that yes it took a week’s paycheck from me and that was the best 200 bucks I’ve spent. He then asked is that what they are worth? To me they are, I said. I got to the car and opened my trunk and gave him the bag of dog food. I then started looking for change in my storage area at the front of my car. While I was hunched over looking for change, he asked me what size my shoes were. A twelve I said. Good he said. I’m actually glad I saw you again this evening. Again? I asked. Yeah, my friend and I saw you this afternoon and we were arguing about which target we should go after to make money. You were my first choice, but you quickly ran off. So, this is what is going to happen now. First, I saw a pair of Nikes in your back seat and I want them. Second, I’ve been in these clothes for weeks now and I want yours. If you can afford 200-dollar shoes you can afford to give them to me. By then I was shaking and crying as I’ve never been robbed before and I couldn’t move. I begged and pleaded just to let me leave. That is when he popped out one of those small switchblades and ordered me again to give him my clothes. He said open up my back door so his dog could go back there. He then ordered me to let him into the driver’s seat and me into the passenger seat. As he got into the car the smell quickly turned putrid like a combination of dirt, sweat, sun, and not bathing for weeks. Now since you didn’t listen this is what is going to happen, he snapped. Everything that you are wearing will now be mine and you will put on what I am wearing. He kicked off his trashed Nikes and putrid socks, his torn pants, and his nasty shirt. I am not into that guy stuff so you may keep your underwear. He brandished his knife again and at that time I realized I had no choice. I started off with my shirt and gave it to him, which he quickly put on. I kicked off my Osiris and took my pants off, then I passed him the pants. He proceeded to put them on. He put his hand into the pants pocket and pulled out my wallet. I had only twenty bucks in there. He said that he doesn’t mess with credit cards and other personal stuff, just quick cash. so he took the twenty and gave me my wallet back. I was hoping he didn’t notice when I put my Osiris back on but as soon as I did, he loudly demanded my socks and shoes. It was so loud his dog in the back growled at me. I pleaded again through tears, but he seemed more threatening, so I took them off and my socks, he placed my clean black socks onto his dirty feet and picked up one of my Osiris’s. Wow, these are nice looking shoes he said. I’ll put them on for now, but I still want those Nikes in your back seat. I knew those Osiris were going to stink up real fast with this guy’s nasty foot in them.

Now! He demanded. Put on my old clothes. So, on went his shirt and I gagged, then his pants which at that point had no functioning zipper just a button. I told him I don’t want to put his socks on. This time he slammed his fist onto my dashboard and out of fright I complied. His socks were so rank and old that they were almost solid when I placed them on. I put on his Nikes which I found out were actually an 11 so they were tight. Now that our transaction has been completed, I will leave you. But first you will count to 100 and I’m tossing your keys over the side and onto the sidewalk so you can’t just drive away. Thanks again for my new clothes and don’t worry I have a perfect plan for those new expensive kicks. He left my car and took his dog out of the back seat. With my Osiris on his feet, a leash in one hand and my Nikes leaving with him in the other he proceeded to toss my keys and told me to start counting and if I cheated, he would know. I followed orders and when I counted to 100, he was gone. I retrieved my key and found a pair of shorts and flip-flops in my trunk to wear but no shirt. I was scared but livid at that point. A more logical person would have called the cops or race the heck out of there, but I was determined not to let this guy get away with this. I mean how hard could it be to find a homeless guy with a dog wearing bright green new Osiris shoes.

I went back to the main drag and outside a closed restaurant I found this guy with no dog and chatting with the guy I saw him arguing with earlier. This time he was still wearing my shirt and my pants, but he was also wearing my Nikes. I said that I would call the cops if I don’t get my clothes back and my Osiris. This was his statement to me. Ha-ha, no one will believe you that my clothes that I’m wearing is actually yours. you are drunk and I am sober. Oh, and by the way if you want those nice shoes back. You see that sports bar over there? And those three drunk college guys? Well when I offered one of them those shoes for 60 bucks, he bought them. If you look a little further down, you can see them on his feet right now. Hahahaha now I have new clothes from you, a pair of Nikes, twenty I took from your wallet, and sixty for the shoes. Now get the f@#$ out of here cause next time I see you things won’t go so friendly. As I walked away, he turned the corner and that was the last I saw of him. I figured I would give it a shot before going back to my car and I walked over to the sports bar. Hey guys I said, I was curious where did you get those Osiris shoes? The guys must have known they were stolen, or something cause the guy with the shoes on said he bought them a few weeks back from eBay. By that point I was done and as I was walking away, I stated that those shoes were stolen from me that very night by that guy he bought them from. Drunk college guy yelled back, that’s too f@#$ bad, possession is 9/10ths of the law they are on my feet and they are mine now. They are comfortable as hell and I sent a picture to my girl and she likes them. Cheering to his buddies and high fiving them, yeah you know im gonna get some tonight. Since I knew there was nothing that I could do I responded sarcastically, for him to enjoy them, take good care of them, and to go f#@$ himself. Don’t think he heard that last part. So, there, I went back to my car all depressed and shit. Knowing that I’ll never see those kicks again. I threw that guys socks, pants, and shirt into the trash, but I kept the Nike’s to remind me to be more cautious in the future and to never travel down the bad side of any town otherwise I’ll end up with another pair of trashed shoes on my feet.

Converse camping capers

Author – Jonathan

So, I do not like cocky guys. Nothing like a guy being a jerk in everything he does. This past weekend I decided to go camping. It is a campground far from civilization but had a few amenities such as porty potties and 3 showers. I brought with me a nice large tent and a few pairs of kicks, Nikes, Osiris, and a pair of DCs. Not too many people around me and nice peace and quiet. That was until this jackass in one of those big pickups came roaring in, reving up his engine. I exited my tent to see what all the ruckus was. My initial anger left when he got out of his truck, a young guy with dirty blond hair exited wearing from top to bottom, an AC/DC shirt, blue jeans, and teal Converse. Out of the passenger side his girlfriend and a mean looking dog exited. They decided to set up camp not too far from me. Here is where things got worse. Not only would the dog bark at everything but this guy had the nerve to tell people it was his dogs vacation too. Day 2 arrived and 2 of the 3 showers went down for maintenance. The notice said that from 8 am until 5 Pm only one shower would be operational and to conserve the hot water appropriately. I saw no line so I gathered my things up for a shower and started walking there. While I was walking this guy sped around me and reached the shower ahead of me. (Strike 1). He proceeded to jump in the shower, leaving his clothes behind including the converse. Did he take five minutes, ten? No he took 15 minutes. He got out and when I went in the water was freezing. I was like what the hell and get this, he then said as he finished getting dressed, oh yeah I used all the hot water. (Strike 2). Later on that evening he decided he would get into a big yelling match with his girlfriend over the dog eating the last piece of steak. Apparently the girlfriend was suppose to be watching the dog while the food was being cooked. That did not happen and as some meat was done including the last steak and placed on the prep table, that dog managed to get a hold of it. Later that night he was in a drunken stuper still comp!aining about his lost steak. The final straw was when he took the last roll of toilet paper out of the porty potties to clean up a spill. I did not know at the time and well I had to use the restroom. I’ll let you figure out what happened but needless to say that was (strike 3). Ever since he got out of his car, I noticed how sweet his Converse looked and in my favorite color. Ever since stike 3 I decided I am going to pay him back by taking them. Day 3 All 3 showers we’re back up and running and I took my shower early. I kept my eye on when he was going to go. He went at noon and I was not too far behind him with my shower bag. 2 showers we’re in use including the one this guy was in. On the changing bench was a ladies bra, flip flops, shorts, pink and orange towel, a changing bag, and sunglasses. So obviously the one shower was being used by a woman. Also on the changing bench was a black shower bag, undershirt, jeans, and that is all I saw at the time. I was like dam, where the heck did his shoes go. I realized quickly that it was hidden underneath his jeans and bag. So while that guy was taking his hot shower, I put my new kicks into my bag and booked it. I had time before he got out to head back to my tent and carefully check out my new Converse. They were a little small compared to what I normally wear and it was obvious that he wore them sockless. I also saw doodling on them and his name “Tony”. These look so sweet. So here I am waiting to see what would happen, out of nervousness and excitement. He came out pissed to high hell. Yelling to everyone who took my shoes?!!! Most people camping nearby just shrugged or ignored him completely. Tony went back to his camp and asked his girlfriend if she knew anything. Apparently this was all he had and after cursing for half an hour he decided he had enough and started packing. An hour later they all got back in their truck and left….. If I had known that is all it would have taken I would have done it sooner. So there I was relaxing in my tent, peace and quiet again with my new sexy Converse for another few days. Thanks “Tony” I’ll take good care of “MY” new shoes. 🙂

Pool Jordans

Author – Jonathan

So what is one of my favorite grabs? This is a question I was just asked. Was it my first pair? My first shoplifted pair? My most stressful pair? Well I will tell ya. It was the day I grabbed a pair of Jordans from an unsuspecting 20 year old by the pool at a job I worked at. Nothing beats working the pool deck and seeing guys in sneakers. Taking them off and going into the pool. Everyday I would try and find ways to make off with kicks. Of course without getting caught as I worked there. I was lucky twice. The first time it was two pairs of shoes, one Nike the other under armour. Socks were also inside them. Unfortunately I didn’t see who they belonged too and that may be a story for another time. There were days that guys would wear Nike shox, Jordans and I’ve even seen a few Yeezys laying around. One guy was sleeping in the lounge chair and I probably could have grabbed his yeezys but I decided not to risk it. Now for the Jordans….

So there I am working the pool deck in more ways than one when I spotted a shirt and a cell phone with a pair of shoes underneath the table. No one was around. It’s right smack in the middle of everyone so I could only admire from afar. It was also 4 in the afternoon and plenty of light. I went to take a break and at 630 pm I was back outside and the stuff was still there. Nightly pool activities were going on so I couldn’t do anything. I did however at this time see a guy come over, dry himself a little, look at the phone on the table. I knew that was all his stuff. This guy was in his early 20s, toned, light brown Hispanic guy. My heart sank cause I figured he was getting ready to leave… I was wrong because shortly later he went back into the pool. Now I know who it was so I could keep an eye on him. My shift ended at 8 and it was dark out at that time. I went back out to see if it was still there. He must of moved his shirt and phone closer to the edge of the pool but the shoes were still there. I eyed him throwing a football to two other guys in the water. It also started drizzling a little so the pool deck wasn’t too busy. I knew it was now or never so i grabbed a towel, quickly wrapped up the shoes and booked it to my car. As soon as I got in I opened up my prize, I was so stoked to find out it was a pair of Jordans in my size. Which is a sz 12. No socks included but I didn’t care. I ripped off my work kicks and placed his umm I meant to say my new Jordans onto my feet. You know once again especially if your staying in a hotel you should have flip-flops on not sneakers. This was a lesson for him. Lol

The next day my coworker asked me if I had heard what had happened the night before? I pretended to be clueless. he said that a guest had his shoes taken after the nightly activities. I questioned it and he said that when the guest got out of the pool at 11 which is closing time his Jordans were not where he had left them. Lost and found was checked and nothing. This guy was pissed. The hotel gave him a 20 dollar food vocher and one free night for the inconveniences. The next day I saw him again, this time eating at the pool bar. He had on no name brand shoes that looked like they were falling apart. He was talking with his friends at the table and I heard a few key words so I decided to listen in. Apparently the Jordans were the only pair he had brought with him and that he was actually wearing his friends shoes which was a half a size too small. He couldn’t understand why a guest would spend all this money to stay there only to steal his shoes. Lol guess I was in the clear since I wasn’t a guest. I finally decided to be really bold and approached him. Told him I overheard his conversation and sorry for his loss lol. What kind of shoes are they? So I can keep a lookout for them. He said Jordans. I then asked more about them such as condition etc. He said they are white and red and says Jordan on the tongue and that he had them for about 6 months. Ok if I see them I’ll get them to lost and found. Make sure to check on your last day on property.

.Do you think he ever got them back? Heck no lol they are on my feet as I’m writing this true story out. Here are the pics….. I hope you enjoyed 🙂 I know I sure did….

Gym Jordans

Author – Jonathan

Ever been to the gym and saw a nice pair of sneakers that you wanted to snatch. Or wish you could. Well that happened to me. I was in one of those crappy gyms that over charges and doesn’t offer much. It just happened to be my last week there when I saw this guy in the corner bench pressing. On his feet were a shiny pair of Jordans and I knew I had to somehow have them. I decided to use an elliptical near him, hoping to find a way to approach him about his Jordans. This never came to be. After almost two hours at the gym I was tired. I guess so was he as he picked up his towel and went into the bathroom which also is a changing area with lockers and three showers. I waited almost 10 minutes but he never came out so I decided to go Inside lo and behold his kicks were starting at me on the bench with his socks sticking out the side. This guy was in the shower. I didn’t have long so I grabbed them, wrapped them in a towel and stuffed it into my knapsack. I booked it the heck out of there and I haven’t been back. I mean it was my last week there anyway. BTW did I mention this place has zip, zero cameras or security, just an entrance key fob. Anyway, I immediately put them on when I got home and to this day I wear them when I can. Here is a sweet picture of them.

Adidas find

Author – Jonathan

So it’s been a little while since I found myself taking a pair of sneakers. I happened to be at a thrift store and wanted to check out their holiday stuff with no intention of stealing. Most of the times the shoes are junk or at a real low price and I would buy them if I liked them and the price was low. Today I saw a sweet pair that were my size but when I saw the price I was like screw that. Over forty bucks for used kicks at a thrift store was not going to happen. I had a plastic bag in my pocket and I was eager to snatch these. When no one was looking I quickly bagged these and booked out of there. Now I’m the proud owner of these Adidas Springblades. 🙂