The day of the shoe auction

Author – jman

It was the afternoon of the shoe auction. On a table sat 50 pairs of shoes. There were sneakers, cowboy boots, work boots, deck shoes, skate shoes and flats in all sizes that had been forfeited to the school for such things as being late or unprepared for class, running in the halls, being disruptive or wearing street shoes on the gym floor.

The students filed into the gym. Some, in sock feet, came to see their shoes going to new owners. Others came in hoping to get a good deal on a pair of shoes. The first pair to be auctioned off were Scott’s cowboy boots that he lost for spitting on another student. Ryan finally got them for $65.00. As he took them from the table he held them in his hands and raised them up high as he walked past Scott. Unfortunately, the next week, Ryan got mouthy with a teacher and lost them.

The next pair to be auctioned off were Alex’s red and black sneakers. Matt was the firs to bid on them. Matt really wanted those sneakers bad. In fact he taunted Alex in class to get Alex in trouble so Alex would lose his sneakers. Yes, Matt lost his own shoes in the process but it was worth it because now Alex’s shoes were up for auction. (Students often tried to get other people in trouble so they would lose their shoes, especially if it was a pair they really liked.) Yet, Matt was told that because his shoes were also in the auction that he could not bid, Matt was furious because his plan to get Alex’s shoes backfired and now his shoes were gone. Alex’s shoes went for $110. Next Matt’s sneakers were auctioned off and went for $80. As was the practice. The new owner of the shoes raised the shoes in his hands as we walked past the former owner.

Next to be sold were Rick’s old beat-up white sneakers that were almost falling apart. Rick sat there in his grey socked feet and said to the person next to him, “They should actually pay someone to take those shoes.” But someone did take them for $10.

The auction went on and the rest of the forfeited shoes were sold to the highest bidder. The shoe auction brought in $3200.
And now the week was over. Will the students follow the rules next week or will more shoes be lost?


The next day

Author – Jman

It was the next day. In the school office they were taking pictures of the 32 pairs of shoes that students had to hand over to the school for breaking the rules. The pictures would be posted on line so students could see the shoes that were going to be auctioned off at the end of the week.

Students were heading to class and Jordan and Leah, who had lockers next to each other, were talking. Jordan reached into his school bag and realized he did not have his first hour book and a look of frustration came on his face. Leah noticed this and said “I can loan you mine since I don’t have this same class until later today.” Jordan said, “No, that’s okay, I’ll just give up my shoes [which were white and orange tennis shoes].” As Jordan walked to class he kept staring at his tennis shoes and then with a sigh entered the classroom knowing the fate that awaited him and his shoes. He decided not to make a fuss but sat down on the bench and took off his sneakers, “I forgot my book, here are my shoes,” he said. The teacher was impressed with his honesty and cooperation in this situation. “Thank you for being honest,” she said, “I really feel bad about taking your shoes from you.” Jordan chuckled, “Then don’t.” The teacher replied, “But I have to take them because rules are rules.” Jordan then signed his sneakers and put them on the shelf.

Kurt was walking into class just as the bell started ringing. “Kurt, before you go to your seat, go to the bench and take off your shoes.” Kurt replied, “But I was in the room when the bell rang,” The teacher replied, “You are to be in your seat when the bell rings. Shoes off now!” Kurt removed his white basketball shoes with the red stripes, signed them and placed them on the bench.

Then it was time to start class. The teacher did a pencil check to make sure that everyone had a pencil. Josh did not have his pencil that day and so the teacher demanded his shoes. He took of his white low top Addidas and gave them to the teacher. Josh decided to make the most out of losing his shoes and put his white socked feet on top of his desk which the teacher did not like.

The teacher went to Andy’s desk. Andy did not have a pencil. He took off his black skate shoes and said, “Here, take my shoes.” Devon, wearing red sneakers, also did not have a pencil, took off his shoes and said, “Here are mine as well.” They figured it was pointless to fight a losing battle.

Lance, Kyle and Austin also did not have a pencil. The teacher asked them to hold up their pencils or take off their shoes. They put up a fight but eventually their shoes came off as well.

Finally the lecture started yet Adam and Taylor felt the need to talk. The teacher told them that they could continues their conversation at the bench as they took off their shoes. Each of them were wearing work boots. Jokingly they said, “Are you really sure that you want our shoes.” The teacher replied, “No, I want you to follow the rules but since you don’t then I have to take your boots. Put them on the shelf.”

So far that is 41 pairs of shoes that have been handed over to the school. Will anyone have shoes left when this all done?

Still more shoes for the auction

Author -jman

David and Jake were playing basketball on the gym floor wearing cowboy boots. If they were caught they would have to give up their boots. Against the advice of their classmates they would not take off their boots. David ‘s boots were tan and Jake’s boots were black. Afternoon break was over and David and Jake still had their boots because they had not yet been caught. Once they were seated in class, they were called to the principal’s office.

When they got there the principal said, “I would like to show you a video.” He showed them a video taken by a security camera in the gym showing the two boys wearing cowboy boots on the gym floor. The cameras were paid for from the proceeds from previous shoe auctions. The principal asked David why he did not take off his boots. David said that he did not want to. The principal then said, “Well. you are going to be taking them off now.” He then said to Jake, “You had your boots off and then you put them back on and went on the floor, why?” Jake replied, “David has his on so I put mine on also.” The principal replied, “Well, this time, when you take off your boots you won’t be putting them back on. Let have the boots, boys.” Both boys took off their boots, signed them and placed them next to the four pair of deck shoes that were forfeited in the gym earlier this day.

The boys returned back to class in their socks. Also in socks were Bob and Lori. They lost their shoes for mouthing off to the teacher. Bob had skate shoes and Lori had black and purple low top sneakers.

When the day was over there were 32 pairs of shoes to be auctioned off which is high for one day. That is common at the start of the school year. Later on shoe forfeitures drop as students start to obey the rules after getting tired of always having to buy new shoes. Most pairs sell for $15 to $25. The highest a pair went for was $110. They were lost by a popular student for being late to class. Even the old worn-our shoes still go for a small price. Students buy them in the event they lose their shoes. This way they don’t have to pay way more for new shoes. This shoe auction should bring in about $900 to be used for major repairs and new technology.

Now 32 students are going home in socks, having to explain where there shoes are.

More shoes for the auction

Author – Jman

At our school, when students break the rules the school takes possession of their shoes. Every Friday the forfeited shoes from the past week are auctioned off. So far today 14 students have forfeited their shoes to the school. Six of those were during lunch hour. During lunch hour many students go to the gym to play basketball. David, Steve, Terry and Jared were in the gym shooting hoops. Instead of the proper gym shoes David and Steve were wearing tan deck shoes on the gym floor and Terry and Jared were wearing brown deck shoes. The coach walked into the gym and spotted the four boys in street shoes. He came up to them and asked them, “What happens when you wear deck shoes on the gym floor?” “You spend the rest of the day in your socks.” The coach took the shoes from the boys and yet they took it in stride and continued playing their game in their stocking feet. Jared had already lost two pairs of shoes for wearing them on the gym floor.

The bell rang and the afternoon class session started. Sally, Leanne, Michelle, Julie and Sabrina all came to class late. They apologized to the teacher for being late. They had gone off campus to lunch and did not get back on time. The teacher said to them, “I hope it was a good lunch because it is going to cost you your shoes.” The five girls took off their shoes. Leanne had flats. The other four were wearing sneakers. Sally, Michelle, Leanne, Julie and Sabrina were all sockies so they did not mind losing their shoes. This was the second pair of shoes that Michelle lost. She already lost a pair for not being prepared for class and dreaded having to explain to her mother why she was coming home with no shoes on.

A few minutes later Eric walked into class. He was wearing brown cowboy boots with black heels. Normally he wore high top tennis shoes but he lost his shoes for talking in class. Eric tried to sneak into class but his boots made too much noise. “Nice you could join us,” the teacher said to Eric. “Cowboy boots do make allot of noise, but lucky for you socks don’t so you might have better luck sneaking into your next class. Let’s have the boots.” Eric sighed with frustration, took of his cowboy boots, signed them, (Those who forfeit their shoes have to write their names on them in magic marker to identify themselves as the shoes former owner because anyone who lost shoes during the week cannot bid in that weeks shoe auction.), and placed them on the shelf next to the other pairs, the boots being the most noticeable pair on the shelf.

The bell rang and it was now time for afternoon break. Jason, Jake, David and Eric decided to go the gym and play basketball. Jason, David and Jake were wearing cowboy boots. Eric was in his socks since he lost his cowboy boots. When the four arrived at the gym Jake and Jason took off their boots before going onto the gym floor. David did not. Jason and Eric suggested that David remove his boots. David would not. Jason reminded them that so far 24 people have already lost their shoes. David did not care. He was not going to take off his boots. Later on Jake put his boots back on. Eric asked him if he was leaving, “No,” Jake said, “I am just putting my boots back on.” Following Jim’s lead, he then continue to play basketball in his black cowboy boots. The bell rang for the next class. No cowboy boots were lost. Then an announcement was made for David and Jim to come to the principal’s office.

Eight pairs in one class – part 2

Author – Jman

Class was now over and the eight sock-footed students took one last look at their former shoes before leaving the room. George and Christ were very upset. George was looking forward to showing off his brand new expensive Converse and now they are being displayed on the wall in the classroom to be viewed by potential bidders at the shoe auction. Christ was upset because no one would give him a pencil to keep him from losing his shoes. Dan and Pamela were okay with losing their shoes. They knew they broke the rules and accepted the consequences even though they were not thrilled about their shoes being gone. It was the first time they had lost shoes.
Larry and Jeff were indifferent to the whole situation. Barry and John showed a mixture of frustration and shame.

It was no lunch time and some of the classrooms were so far away from the lunch room that students would often run in the halls to get to the lunchroom before the “good” food ran out. Bill, Rodney and Aaron were running in the halls and as they turned the corner they were caught by a teacher. “Halt, gentlemen, those who run in shoes get to walk in socks. Shoes please.” Aaron pleaded with the teacher to give him another chance. The students were reminded that they were warned that anybody running in the halls would have to give up their shoes so no second chances. “These are the only pair of shoes that I have.” The teacher replied, “I guess you will have to run to the store and buy a new pair.” Aaron then took of his somewhat beat up white sneakers. Rodney took off his deck shoes and Bill took off his brownish orange tennis shoes. The shoes were then carried to the shelf to be joined with the other lost shoes for the day.

Aaron, Rodney and Bill proceeded to the lunch room in their socks. Also in their socks in the lunchroom wiping the tables were Todd and Rick. Todd had white socks and Rick had grey socks. They had lost their shoes for throwing food in the cafeteria. Todd was a sockie (someone who liked being in socks) and lost shoes all the time. In fact one of about every ten pairs of shoes in the auction belonged to him. Todd came from a wealthy family so losing shoes and having to buy new ones was no big deal. Deep down inside Todd actually liked losing his shoes and would sometimes break the rules on purpose. Rick was a combination of a bully and a clown. When his shoes were demanded from him he took of his old beat up sneakers and said to the teacher, “Are you sure that you really want these. You will be lucky to get a dollar for these at the auction.” Rick was basically a good guy who allot of times just did not think about his words and actions.

As the students were leaving the lunch room Scott decided to spit on the floor. He was caught and his cowboy boots were demanded from him. Scott tended to bully other students and now the big tough guy was in his socks and did not look so tough anymore. At the auction his boots were purchased by someone whom he bullied. One of the things that make shoes go for a good price at the auction is the former owner. People always wanted to get the former shoes of someone they did not like.

The warning bell to get back to class has rung. So far there are 14 pairs of shoes for the auction. How many more will be added to that during the rest of the day?

Eight pairs in one class

Author – Jman

Our school takes the shoes of those who break the rules and auctions them off. One teacher in the school is very strict and takes more shoes than any other teacher. At the front of the class there sits a bench with a shelf above it. It is at this bench that offenders take off their shoes to forfeit them.

The bell rang and the teacher entered the room. The rules are that all talking ceases when the bell rings but Barry and Jeff were still talking as the teacher wanted to begin the class. The teacher told them to stop talking and come up to the bench. They were told to sit down and then they heard the dreaded words, “Shoes please.” As was the procedure Barry unlaced and took off his red sneakers and Jeff unlaced and took off his white sneakers both expressing frustration. They were given magic markers to write their names on their shoes so everyone would know who lost their shoes. Then they had to hold them up high for all to see and then place them on the shelf above the bench joining the other confiscated shoes waiting to be auctioned off once the shelf was full.

Barry and Jeff then returned to their desks in their white socked feet. Larry and George starting laughing at the sock-footed lads. The teacher heard this and said to them, “Since you think it is funny when someone loses there shoes you can give yours up as well. Come up to the bench.” Larry, frustrated, took off his white Addidas and placed them on the bench. George was wearing a brand new expensive pair of converse that he was showing off to everybody. He saved up for these shoes all summer and was very upset that he had to forfeit them and that they would now be auctioned off. As he placed his shoes on the shelf, the teacher said, “These will go for allot at the auction.”

The teacher then told everyone to get out their English books. Dan, John and Pamela did not have theirs. They had left their books in their lockers since the teacher had not used the books for quite a while. They explained that this was the reason they did not have their books. The teacher replied, “This is English class, bring your English book.” The teacher then told them to go to their locker to get their books but first stop at the bench to hand over their shoes. The three sat down on the bench. Dan took of his tan deck shoes. John took off his skate shoes and Pam took of some pink sneakers. The three added their pairs to the four that were already on the shelf.

Then it was time to start taking notes for the class. Chris thought that he had his pencil but did not have it. The teacher announced that Chris’ pencil has disappeared. He he two choices: Either borrow one from a classmate or get one from the teacher and lose his shoes for not being prepared. He begged the whole class for a pencil but no one would give him one. Finally, conceding defeat, he went up to the bench and took of his shoes. The teacher handed him the pencil and said the first thing you can do with this is to write your name on your blue sneakers and put them on the shelf.

There were now eight pairs of white socked feet in the class. Everyone else manged to keep their shoes but for how long.

Shoe auction 2

Author – Jman

When rules are broken at our school they take our shoes. When enough shoes have been taken the shoes are auctioned off. Here is the latest group of shoes.

  • one pair brown cowboy boots – spitting
  • one pair brown leather shoes – walking on gym floor
  • one pair blue sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair white sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair orange sneakers – running in the hall
  • one pair of purple sneakers – late for class
  • one pair of mary janes – late for class
  • one pair of ugg boots – disrupting class
  • one pair of white sneakers – disrupting class
  • one pair of work boots – in the hall without a pass
  • one pair of tan cowboy boots – disrupting class
  • one pair of brown cowboy boots – disrupting class
  • one pair brown leather shoes – unprepared for class