No noisy footwear allowed

Author – Jman

Bradley was was on his way to the library to do some studying. The library has a policy that no noisy footwear is allowed and must be removed upon entering the library. The library has hard wood floors and boots and shoes make too much noise.

Bradley walked past the circulation desk where Shelly was on duty. As he walked by Shelly said to him, “You have to take off your boots.” “Why?” asked Bradly. Shelly replied, “They make too much noise and library rules say noisy footwear must come off. Either you take off your boots or you have to leave.” Bradley did not want to take off his boots for fear something might happen to them. “Take off your boots or leave,” Shelly said once again. Bradley needed to do research and realized he had no choice but to remove his prize black cowboy boots. He took them off revealing white socks with grey heals and toes. “I can take those for you, ” Shelly said. Bradley handed her his boots and she placed them behind the desk.

Bradley then entered the reading area in his sock feet and did his research. Another student was in the library and she said, “I see you are in your socks too.” “Yea, the girl at the counter took my boots because they were making too much noise,” said Bradley. The girl replied, “Yes, I had to turn in my clogs also. But it’s okay because I like how my sock feet feel on the wooden floors.” Bradley did have to admit to himself that the wooden floors felt good on his shoeless feet.

Bradley had then finished his research and was ready to leave the library. He went to the desk to get his boots but Shelly was no longer working there but another gentleman. Bradley told the gentleman that he was leaving and wanted to pick up his cowboy boots. “What boots?” the gentleman asked. “The lady that was working here told me I had to my cowboy boots off because they made too much noise and to give them to her for safe keeping.” The man at the desk said, “I’m sorry but there are no boots back here and I don’t know who was working when you walked in. I don’t know what to tell you.” Bradley then left the library in his socks trying to figure out what happened to his boots.

The food stand in the park

Author – Jman

Shelly and Angela were at the food stand at the park. As as usual they were in their socks. Shelly had blue and white patterned socks and Angela had blueish purple socks on. As they were sitting there Justin walked by wearing work boots as he had just gotten off work. Shelly and Angela invited him to sit down at the table with him. They mentioned that they had new socks that they were showing off that day. Justin said to them, “You’re in your socks.” Angela replied, “That’s right. We don’t wear shoes.” Angela looked at Justin’s boots and said, “Those boots must feel miserable. They look like they weigh a ton and your feet must be roasting in them.” The more Angela talked, the more Justin realized how uncomfortable his boots were. “Why don’t you take them off,” said Shelly. Justin was not sure about that but Angela and Shelly convinced him that the boots needed to come off.

Justin then began to unlace his boots. Angela then said, “Let me help you” and she unlaced his left boot and removed it from his foot while Justin removed his right boot revealing solid white socks. The three of them visited for a while. The food stand manager called Justin up to get his food order that was now ready. He reached for his boots but Angela grabbed them and said, “Just go up there in your socks.” Justin agreed and left the table. While he was gone Shelly put his boots into her bag.

“Let’s go.” Shelly said, “We got the boots.” But Angela wanted to stay and visit some more with Justin and so Shelly left with the boots but Angela remained. Justin returned to the table with his food. Angela explained that Shelly had to leave and then said, “Isn’t it fun to walk around in your socks?” Justin said that at first he was not sure but is glad that he took off his boots. After a while Justin was getting ready to leave and could not find his boots. “Where are my boots?” he asked. Angela replied, “What do you need them for?” You’re right,” Justin replied. Both of them left the park in their socks hoping they might see each other again.

Shoeless job interview

Author – Jman

James was on his way to interview for a job at one of the most prestigious computer firms in the city. There were several applicants that wanted the few positions that were being offered. James arrived at the CEO’s office and sat in the waiting room with the other applicants. One by one each was called in for his interview. As the interviews went on and James waited for his turn to go in, he noticed that the applicants went into the office wearing shoes but came out in their stocking feet. A few left the office wearing shoes and left the building but most were in their socks and sat back down in the waiting room in their shoeless feet.

It was finally James turn to be interviewed. As he walked into the room, he noticed two tables with pairs of shoes on them. James was told to sit down and take off his shoes and put them on the interviewer’s desk. James asked why he had to do this. The boss said that he liked to interview people with their shoes off because it makes them more relaxed and they speak more honestly and he gets a better picture of their true selves. James figured that made sense so he took off his black dress shoes and placed them on the desk.

The boss then said to James, “After you are finished with the interview, you will be asked to place your shoes on one of these two tables. On table contains the shoes of those who have been hired and the other table contains the shoes of those who will not be hired. Only I know which is which. After I have done all the interviews, the table containing the shoes of those who have not been hired will be cleared and the shoes on it will be thrown away. I will then call everyone in to the office and those who have been hired will come in and retrieve their shoes.” James replied, “So those who are not hired will lose their shoes?” “Correct,” the boss said, “We have so many applicants that are clearly not qualified or do not interview seriously because they really do not want a job but have to apply for one to meet requirements. Therefore anyone who is serious about working hear and confident in his qualifications and abilities is willing to risk losing his shoes If you want to withdraw your application, you can put your shoes on and leave. Otherwise we will begin the interview.”

James then did the interview in his solid black socks. He was then told to place his shoes on the appropriate table. James then returned to the waiting room and joined the other sock footed applicants. After everyone was interviewed, the boss called everyone into his office. One table still had shoes on it and the other had been cleared of shoes. The boss said to all the applicants, “If your shoes are on this table, you have been hired. You may pick up your shoes and show them to the personal manager and you will get your offices and assignments. Those of you who have not been hired. Your shoes have been thrown away and you will not get them back.” James shoes were among the shoes thrown away.

The new hires then started their jobs while those not hired left the building in their socks.

School interview

Author – Jman

This is an interview done at shoe loss middle school

Reporter: This school looks just like any other school. There are classrooms, cafeteria, gym and library. Yet, this school has something that many schools do not have: a shoe store. We asked the principal about this. I notice that your school has a shoe store in it. How did that come about?

Principal: It has to do with out discipline policy. When students break the rules instead of giving lines or detentions we take their shoes and sell them to raise money to get things not covered in the budget. It all started about 15 years ago. We had a problem with students wearing street shoes on the gym floor. Students were told again and again to take off their shoes before going into the gym and they kept going on the floor with shoes on so one day the coach told those on the gym floor to take off their shoes and give them to him. We then made the rule that those who walk on the gym floor with street shoes would have to forfeit them over to the school. We then needed to figure out what to do with the forfeited shoes. We decided to auction them off and use the proceeds to pay to repair the damage to the gym floor. Due to the success of the auction we started doing shoe confiscations for violations of other rules. We felt that having students having to lose something was an effective punishment and rather than paying a teacher to supervise detention we could actually make money by selling the forfeited shoes.

Reporter: What to the parents feel about this policy

Principal: There have been some who do not like it. Our hope is that students and parents will get tired of always having to buy new shoes and so the students will start to follow the rules.

Reporter: We also wanted to know what the students felt about having to lose their shoes.

(The reporter goes into the hallways and notices several students in their socks and goes up to talk to some of them. He comes up to a girl named Leanne. She is wearing solid pink socks.)

Reporter: I see you lost your shoes, what happened?

Leanne: I was late for class and had to give up my brown flats.

Reporter: Do you think that was fair?

Leanne: Yes, I deserved to lose my shoes. I should not have been late for class. In fact I even told the teacher to have a nice day as I gave her my shoes.

(Next the reporter comes to Andrew, Caleb and Daniel. Andrew has white socks and Caleb has black socks and Daniel has brown socks.)

Reporter: I see you also lost your shoes.

Andrew: Yes, we lost them for talking and giggling in class, my white tennis shoes and their brown deck shoes.

Reporter: How did it feel to lose your shoes?

Andrew: It was fun. I have lost five pairs of shoes so far this year and I plan on losing more. In fact I act up on purpose so I will lose my shoes. I think I have the record for most shoes lost in this school.

Caleb: That’s right. In fact Andrew convinced my to come to class late with him one day so we would lose our shoes together. At first I didn’t want to lose my shoes but once I lost them I wanted to do that again and now I lost a second pair.

Reporter: Doesn’t it bother you to have to keep spending money on shoes?

Andrew: Not really. I come from a family that can afford it.

Caleb: Losing shoes and having to go around in my socks makes buying shoes again and again worth it.

(Reporter sees Alex who is wearing black socks with red toe and heel.)

Reporter: How did you lose your shoes?

Alex: I left my homework at home and had to give up some red and black tennis shoes. I hated it because they were my favorite pair.

Reporter: Do you think that it is fair?

Alex: No. You do the slightest thing here and they take your shoes.

Reporter: One lesson that you learn at this school. If you break the rules make sure you have cheep shoes and clean socks with no holes.

New to the bench

Author – Jman

Andrew started giggling in class and the teacher summoned him to the bench in the front of the classroom. (When students break the rules, they have to give up their shoes and forfeit them over to the school. Offenders are summoned to a bench in the front of the classroom where they have to sit down and take off their shoes and put their shoes in a black box marked “shoe jail.” When the “shoe jail” is full, the forfeited shoes are auctioned off and the proceeds go for school supplies.) Andrew took his seat on the bench and took of his white converse all stars revealing plain white socks. He then held what were about to be his former shoes within nose range of the teacher and placed them in the black box. The teacher said to him, “How many pairs is this?” “Four,” Andrew replied. The sock-footed student then made his way back to his seat.

When class was over Caleb came up to Andrew and said, “You seem to lose your shoes allot.” “It’s fun,” Andrew replied, “the first time I lost my shoes I was somewhat upset but once I lost them, I liked spending the rest of the day in my socks and I wanted to repeat that experience. Besides I can always afford to buy new shoes. You should try losing your shoes sometime.” Caleb was not sure about this. Andrew said to him, “Why don’t we both come to class late together tomorrow.” Caleb was still not sure about this but Andrew convinced him to go along with losing his shoes.

The next morning Andrew came to school with white low top tennis shoes with a green stripe. These shoes were somewhat worn but still in good condition. Caleb came to school wearing brown deck shoes. When the bell rang Andrew and Caleb stayed behind. Two minutes after the bell Andrew and Caleb proceeded to class. Caleb looked down at his shoes and sighed knowing the fate that awaited his shoes once he walked into the classroom. As Andrew and Caleb walked into the classroom, the teacher said, “Nice that you could join us boys, have a seat on the bench. Andrew, you show Caleb what to do.” Andrew sat down and took off his tennis shoes revealing white socks with a green line across the toes. Caleb took of his shoes, revealing blackish-brown socks. Both of them put their shoes in the “shoe jail” and headed to their seats. Andrew was content to lose his shoes once again and Caleb actually liked the experience of losing his shoes and wanted to do it again.

It was a couple days later in class and Caleb and Andrew where throwing a history book at each other. Eventually, their friend Daniel got involved in the action. Daniel was someone that was easily swayed by others. Caleb, Andrew and Daniel were summoned to the bench. All three took of their shoes and placed them in the box. Caleb and Andrew then welcomed Daniel into the “shoe losing” club. All three looked forward to losing their shoes again.

Dance your shoes off – part 2

Author – Jman

Angela and Shelly came home from the dance. As one enters their apartment there are shelves filled with guys’ shoes. They took Gerald, Charles and Roberts shoes out of their bag and put them on the shelf to add to their collection and then took pictures of the shoes post on line in order to sell the shoes.

As they were placing the shoes on the shelf Shelly said, “When are these guys going to learn not to leave their shoes on the floor where everyone could trip over them?” Angela said, “Yes, we have to get those shoes off the floor to keep people safe.”

The next evening Shelly was standing outside of a bar shoeless. James came walking buy and Shelly stopped him. She said, “I need to talk to someone inside the bar but I can’t go in because they won;’t let me in without shoes on. Can I borrow yours to wear inside?” James said “Sure,” and took off his white Nikes revealing white low cut athletic socks. He gave his shoes to Shelly. She put them on and went into the bar and disappeared from James’ sight.

It was about an hour later and Shelly had not come back out with his tennis shoes. James wanted to go in to find Shelly and his shoes but he could not go in because he did not have shoes on. He realized he would have to wait for the bar to close and for Shelly to come out. Yet, when everybody left the building Shelly was no where to be found. It seems that she and his shoes had disappeared.

Dance your shoes off

Author – Jman

It was the night of the dance and Shelly was sitting at a table. She was wearing a blue outfit with striped light and dark blue socks. Shelly came to the dance in sock feet as she never wears shoes. As she was sitting there, Gerald came up to to her and asked her to dance. She said that she would but on on condition. “You have to take off your shoes first,” she said. Gerald agreed and removed his brown loafers revealing grey athletic socks. Gerald left his shoes at the table and he and Shelly preceded to the dance floor in their socks. After a while they had returned to the table and Gerald’s shoes were gone. Shelly said that she was sorry that happened and Gerald went around the room trying to find his shoes.

After a while Charles came up to Shelly and asked her to dance. Charles was wearing black cowboy boots. Shelly said that she would dance with him if he took off his cowboy boots. When he asked why, she explained that she did not like people stepping on her feet with shoes on. At first Charles was reluctant to take off his boots for fear that he might lose them. However, because he always liked Shelly deep down inside, he removed his boots revealing white crew socks and went on to the dance floor. After a while he came back to the table where he had taken off his boots and his boots were gone. Shelly said that she was sorry about that and Charles started going around the room to try to find his brand new cowboy boots.

Later on, Robert came up to Angela who was wearing white socks with a brown dress. She also was not wearing shoes. Robert asked her to dance and she said she would but he would have to take off his shoes first. Robert then removed his black dress shoes and went on the dance floor with Angela. When they returned Robert’s shoes were not there anymore.

The dance had come to and end and it was time for everyone to go home. Gerald, Charles and Robert still had not found their shoes and had to walk home in their socks. It seemed that everyone who danced with Shelly and Angela wound up with missing shoes.