Late night walk in the park

Author – JayAlex

I went for a walk on a wet night during the fall to a nearby park that was having some construction done. That night I decided to wear some cheaper hiking shoes I haven’t really worn before. They were decently comfortable, but I’ve also gone through multiple pairs of these decently quick due to them being cheap. My walk was pretty normal until I got to the park. The park had lots of exposed mud due to machine movement and new areas being paved. Being the curious person I am, I walked along some of the muddy areas beside the trail, at best it kept the shape of the tread on my shoes and at worst it didn’t react at all to being stepped on. I continued on like this until I saw a larger mound of dirt and an area that would be made a paved trail soon. Right at the edge of the soon to be new trail was another muddy area. I tested it with my right foot and it was much softer than the other areas. I pressed down and my foot kept going down, soon the top of my shoe was covered in mud. After realizing that I may have went a little too deep, it was too late. I pulled my right foot back up, my shoe trapped in sticky muck, revealing my white socked foot. I tried to get my foot back into my stuck hiker, but I only made it worse by getting mud on the inside… I just accepted that it was a lost cause and stepped down on it to bury it deeper into the mud. Looking down at the dirty shoe on my left foot and muddy white sock on my right foot, I turned around and went home. I felt excited by my loss. I still have that left shoe as a bit of a reminder of that fun night.