Christmas party

Author – TWG 

 This happened a few weeks’ back and was kinda fun. I was at a friends’ Christmas get-together in the Midlands, with about thirty people. My friend’s flat is essentially one open-plan room above a shop, so the chairs and tables were moved so we could all sit in a vague circle and mingle. Despite the large number of people there was a lot of space to move about. 

Quite late in the evening, one of my friends who was sat on an office chair suddenly grabbed the black and white DC’s of another guy who was sat on an office chair, and started spinning him round the floor by his feet. We all moved out of the way and laughed as he was catapulted about, but his shoes were quite loose so it wasn’t long before they came off in my friend’s hands. As soon as this happened the other guy went crashing into people and chairs and was thrown off his seat, while my friend leapt to his feet with one of the shoes in his hand and ran to the door, throwing it down the stairs. The other guy was getting quite annoyed by now, so rescued his other shoe and stormed off wearing just the one. He eventually found it and sheepishly came back upstairs, and the party carried on like nothing had happened…

Skaters who stole my shoe

Author – Evan

I was walking near a park by myself, just enjoying some time by myself. I was just kicking some rocks along the sidewalk. I kicked one of the rocks too hard and my left shoe wound up flying off of my foot and into the grass near some skateboarders. I was hopping on the grass towards my shoe. One of the skaters saw my shoe, picked it up, and started throwing my shoe around with his friends. By the time I got there, they were kicking my shoe around. One of them noticed that it was my shoe and said, “Looks like its our shoe now.” I tried to get my shoe back, but they tripped me up and I fell onto the grass. One of the skaters tried to grab my other shoe, but I managed to shake him off. As I was getting up, one of them grabbed my socked foot and tried to pull my sock off. They only got it halfway off before they let go and ran. off with my left shoe

Later in the day, I saw the same group of skaters with my shoe as I was leaving the park. I tried asking for my shoe again, to which they shoved me to the ground again and just ran off. I pretty much had to spend the rest of the day getting back home and walking around in one shoe and my white crew sock.