Trying on my sister’s friends shoes

Author – lovetoshoeswap

One day my sister had two of her friends staying over for the weekend and when they came in they were wearing a pair of converse hi rise and a pair of Nike court royals, when I saw their shoes I just knew I had to find a way to try them on. As the weekend went on they never really left the house so I knew my chances were getting slim until they decided to go outside wandering about the local forest. I thought to myself this is my chance as they would have to wear Wellington boots as the forest was very muddy. They left the house and I was on my own to try their shoes, I started with the converses which were a size 5 which was too small for me. I then moved on too the nikes which were size 8 and they fitted perfectly to my delight so I wore them about the house for a while then put them back to where I found them as not to raise any suspicion to having worn them. When they got back they were none the wiser which meant I was successful in my sneaky wearing of their shoes which I was delighted with

Unlucky woman in Starbucks

Author – Jay

I was at a Starbucks getting my coffee yesterday morning and I decided to take a seat while I waited. I noticed a younger women in her mid to late 20s on her phone seated not to far away. I took notice of her exposed stocking foot hanging off the tall chair she was sitting in. Cute reinforced toes on her stockings and she was wearing jeans and very comfy attire which I found even more cute considering she was wearing stockings and clogs 🙂 anyways I noticed that she had only slipped out of one of her clogs and she still had the other on. I guess maybe her foot was hurting or she was letting her sweaty foot air out for everyone to see. Her other shoe was on the floor under the table a bit out of her sight and reach. I’m guessing someone else was watching her show as well because a man in a leather black jacket literally walked by, crouched down very discreetly, reached under her chair and slid her errant shoe right out from under her with out her even noticing. The man picked it up and walked out the store just like that. She had NO CLUE her clog just got nicked. Other people around had kind of saw what had happened but wasn’t sure what to make of it. People thought it was a prank or something because there was giggling from people and more people took notice of her shoeless state lol. I was getting super excited waiting for her to notice. Finally a few minutes went by and she went to slide her precious stocking foot back in to her clog when she realized it was GONE! lol. The look of panic set in so hard on her face. She scanned the floor thinking it got kicked around. She looked around EVERYWHERE and people were just staring at her patting around the Starbucks in one shoe lol. It was the greatest moment I had ever seen. Someone finally stopped her and asked if she was ok when she said she was missing her shoe. Someone told her they saw a man reach under her table and take it and thought it was supposed to be joke. She lost it and basically couldn’t do anything about the situation. Standing there awkwardly all dressed up but missing one of her precious clogs 🙂 it was the cutest sight. She ended up leaving the Starbucks one shod.

Gym teacher Miss Carey

Author – Debbie Keds

Miss Carey was the girl’s gym teacher at my middle school.  She almost always wore canvas Tretorn Nylite tennis sneakers with short socks not unlike many of us girls.  Miss Carey did not always have a pleasant disposition and could be pretty hateful to the students.  Her office was beside the basketball gym.

Usually once a year, the school refinishes the gym floor, and no one could walk on the floor for a few days.  I asked Miss Carey why we could not walk on the floor.  She chuckled and said that the floor was so sticky that it would suck our socks and sneakers right off of our feet if we stepped on it.  Miss Carey also bounced her Tretorn clad foot and crossed leg around as she gave her explanation.  

Later that day, I was at after-school cheerleading practice when Miss Carey left school wearing high heels.  I snuck into her office found her Tretorns under her desk and put them on.  Then I stepped onto the sticky gym floor.  Sure enough, Miss Carey was correct as her Tretorns would not budge from the floor.  

I had to put my hands over my mouth so that no one would hear my laughing as I stepped out of her Tretorns and threw her short socks onto the sticky floor.  

Miss Carey was furious when she found her sneakers stuck to the gym floor and questioned everyone in the school about the prank.  The maintenance man had to cut them off of the floor.  

Years later, I ran into Miss Carey in a parking and told her that I was the culprit.  At first, she flew mad.  Then Miss Carey calmly put her arm around me and asked me if my cute little Camaro was very fast.  I proudly stated that she was really fast, especially since it was a stick shift car.  Miss Carey said with a devilish smile, “it’s not very fast without four flat tires.”  

Debbie Keds

Frozen sneakers

Author – Debbie

My roommate Cindy filled a couple of pairs of my fav canvas Keds sneakers with water and froze them last April Fools.  It literally stretched them about a half of a shoe size.  Ahhh!!

Joining my sorority

Author – Debbie

When I first joined my sorority in college, the older sisters would teach you how to play poker.  The only catch was that the pledges had to take a shot each time they lost.  Of course this lead to all of the pledges usually losing all of their money to begin with.  Then we were required to bet clothes, shoes, and whatever our sisters wanted from us.  

I remember betting and losing my new white canvas Keds.  The other pledges also lost their sneakers.  We left barefooted and broke.  Nikki was particularly unlucky and lost ALL of her shoes and clothes.  After the game, the winning sisters emptied Nikki’s closet!  But Nikki had the last laugh as her sneakers spread athlete’s foot throughout the sisters.  lol.