College osiris

Author – Jonathan

Being the Brainiac type I was normally the first one people would seek out for homework or test help. In college this was normally appreciated because most of the kids would party on the weekends and some weeknights, but I would be in my dorm room studying, tutoring, or just watching TV. Underneath my bunkbed I had a chest and inside this chest was my sneaker collection. I never had any new kicks because ever since high school the kicks I owned used to belong to fellow students. Some I would buy off of them, others I would grab when I can. Always calculating the perfect opportunity to grab some kicks that would fit me. This was the end of the semester and Jacob my dorm mate asked if I wanted to go to a F the finals party. Names these kids come up with, ha.  Anyway, I said no because I was having difficulties understanding matrices and I needed to study. He said if I change my mind, he is going with another student he met with in motorcycle club. My roommate was always tinkering with cars and bikes and always coming back dirty as hell. I would have taken his kicks, but he wore size 9 New Balance and it always reminded me of my dad’s kicks and I am a SZ 12. So, there I was studying math when a knock came at the door. Jacob answered it and there stood the hottest guy I’ve seen in a long time. So, here is Benjamin I thought, I almost went back to my work when I looked down and saw him wearing a trashed pair of Osiris NYC in a grungy style. It piqued my interest and I told Jacob to hold up and that I would go to this party. Benjamin was a nice guy and actually owned his own motorcycle. Since there were three of us, we had to take my car to this party as I promised I would be the DD. We got there and the party was already underway. Benjamin headed straight to the kitchen to grab a drink and Jacob went outside to the back because he saw this girl he knew and wanted to talk to. It was a house with a backyard pool. Ah, living in Florida. The host was some drunk guy by the name of Tim. He placed a beer in my hand and told me he would show me around. I said sure cause I wanted to see where people could possibly leave their shoes. Tim told me that the third bedroom was for clothes and shoes for all the people swimming, bedroom two was a necktie room meaning if you see a necktie around the door. Do not enter as some fun is going on. The first bedroom was a pass out room, so Tim put it. If you are too drunk, you can pass out there. I thanked Tim and mingled my way around. I saw some guys wearing Nikes and a few wearing some Adidas Boost. I saw Jordan’s and a pair of Yeezys. Most looked too small and the ones that I did want I could not find a way to grab them. I kept thinking oh why oh why couldn’t these people go swimming. I went into bedroom three and I saw mostly girl shoes and 2 small pairs of Asics. Nothing to go gaga about. Jacob approached me at 3 am and asked if I’ve seen Benjamin. I told him that the last time I saw him was half an hour ago talking to some girl. Tim overheard and told Jacob and I that he was in the second bedroom with Marissa. I was like dam she was lucky. Jacob said that he was ready to go and if he could just sit in the car to wait. I was like okay sure. Twenty minutes passed and the living room was quiet, even the pool had only one person in it. People were either passed out or had left. I could hear through that bedroom door that more fun was still going on. So, I sat down on the couch. In the corner of the room I saw something familiar. A pair of Osiris NYC that I had eyed earlier. I was like hot dam here’s my chance. I found a bag and put them in. I went back to my car and Jacob was already passed out. I put the shoes in the trunk and went back to the house. I waited five minutes more when the bedroom door opened, and I saw Benjamin tiptoeing out of there. I was like hey let’s go we are leaving.He said yeah lets go fast cause I just slept with Tim’s girlfriend Traci.  I thought that was Marissa. I inquired.Yeah it was 2 hours ago. Anyway, let’s go.While he was talking to me, he searched around for his shoes.Hey buddy have you seen my shoes anywhere? At this point I was thrilled, and I wanted it to keep going so I said what were your shoes?It’s a pair of Osiris SZ 12 black and grey. I lied and said oh those were yours? I saw a guy wearing them when he left an hour ago.Are you F@#$%ing kidding me dude!! That’s the only pair I have with me at the dorms. After cursing for a minute, we left because we didn’t want to wake up anyone and I drove us back to the dorms.Jacob woke up from his sleep and we all got out of the car. Benjamin, did you forget something at the party? Asked Jacob.No dam it shut up Jacob some jackass stole my shoes. Benjamin was so pissed when he got on his bike to go to his dorm, he said f$%^ it and ripped his socks off his feet and threw them to the pavement. Why do I need socks if I don’t have any shoes to wear…. I am gonna live the life of a rebel!!!!   As he kicked the bike into motion, he screamed YIPPIE I KAY YEA!!!!  Shish, alcohol and kids don’t match. Luckily his stupid ass made it back safely to his dorm and I escorted Jacob back to the room. Ten minutes later I went out to retrieve my new pair of black socks. Two days later the semester ended, and I went on my merry way back home. Not only did I pass that math final but as a reward I got myself a new pair of preworn Osiris and socks. I never did see Benjamin again and Jacob graduated that year. But I will always have that memory. 
P.S. if anyone is interested in my stories please let me know, you can contact me through RJ.

Tonight’s theatre target

Author – Jonathan

Ahh, a story to tell. parts are true and parts are fantasy. ill let you figure out what is what. enjoy!!!

I saved up to buy a shiny pair of Osiris skate shoes because I knew these were rare and I wanted to be the one rocking them in my neighborhood. After spending 200 bucks on these I decided to spend the day traversing a neighboring city. I booked tickets to see a few plays and made my day revolve around them. I decided to wear a blue T-shirt with a design on them, my skinny jeans, and my new Osiris skate shoes.

My first play was in a nice part of town in the early afternoon and everything went smoothly and was enjoyable. I grabbed a bite to eat and decided to travel to my next play. This one started at 730 and it was only 630 by the time I got to the parking garage. It was already almost dark with drizzle in the air. This theater was located near downtown and let’s just say the outside crowd didn’t look so presentable. I went to a local pub and decided to drink cheaply and quickly since by that time I only had 45 minutes until the start of the next play. Down the hatches three tall ones went and I was feeling good. I went outside and was heading to the theater when these two guys who I think were homeless started arguing with one another and it was quite noticeable as other people stopped to stare. I also stopped for a moment and that is when one of them pointed towards me to the other guy. Well I got scared and quickly walked to the theater.

I reached the entrance, picked up my ticket and headed to the lounge to grab another cold one. This play was funny but to be honest I was pretty drunk at the time. During intermission I grabbed my last drink of the night and went to the restroom. Finally, the play was finished, and it was now 1015 at night. Being unfamiliar with the area, I didn’t remember which building contained the parking garage. I was nervous and tired and wanted to get home. After 20 minutes of walking around I finally saw the garage door that I had exited earlier. This door was located between railroad tracks and the actual wall of the garage with a narrow dark passageway between them. Ten feet away from the door stood a rough looking guy with a dog. He started speaking to me and with nowhere to turn and not wanting to be rude I spoke back to him. He seemed nice at first, he started talking about his dog and how he ended up on the streets. This guy was in his 30s and I started to feel bad for him. He had on a filthy white long-sleeved shirt with a logo, a pair of frayed and stained blue jeans, and a pair of Nikes that were frayed, stained, and one was missing a shoelace. The problem when I drink is that I start yapping my mouth and that is where things usually run amuck. He then saw my desire to leave the area and at that time he asked me if I had any spare change. I said not on me, but I actually have some in my car and oh yes, I had some dog food in my trunk. I would be happy to give it for his dog.

We continued to chat while we walked up the stairs of the garage to my car. Little stuff like how hot it always seems to be. He asked me about my night, and I told him about the play. He then said that he liked my shoes and that they looked expensive. I bluntly blurted out that yes it took a week’s paycheck from me and that was the best 200 bucks I’ve spent. He then asked is that what they are worth? To me they are, I said. I got to the car and opened my trunk and gave him the bag of dog food. I then started looking for change in my storage area at the front of my car. While I was hunched over looking for change, he asked me what size my shoes were. A twelve I said. Good he said. I’m actually glad I saw you again this evening. Again? I asked. Yeah, my friend and I saw you this afternoon and we were arguing about which target we should go after to make money. You were my first choice, but you quickly ran off. So, this is what is going to happen now. First, I saw a pair of Nikes in your back seat and I want them. Second, I’ve been in these clothes for weeks now and I want yours. If you can afford 200-dollar shoes you can afford to give them to me. By then I was shaking and crying as I’ve never been robbed before and I couldn’t move. I begged and pleaded just to let me leave. That is when he popped out one of those small switchblades and ordered me again to give him my clothes. He said open up my back door so his dog could go back there. He then ordered me to let him into the driver’s seat and me into the passenger seat. As he got into the car the smell quickly turned putrid like a combination of dirt, sweat, sun, and not bathing for weeks. Now since you didn’t listen this is what is going to happen, he snapped. Everything that you are wearing will now be mine and you will put on what I am wearing. He kicked off his trashed Nikes and putrid socks, his torn pants, and his nasty shirt. I am not into that guy stuff so you may keep your underwear. He brandished his knife again and at that time I realized I had no choice. I started off with my shirt and gave it to him, which he quickly put on. I kicked off my Osiris and took my pants off, then I passed him the pants. He proceeded to put them on. He put his hand into the pants pocket and pulled out my wallet. I had only twenty bucks in there. He said that he doesn’t mess with credit cards and other personal stuff, just quick cash. so he took the twenty and gave me my wallet back. I was hoping he didn’t notice when I put my Osiris back on but as soon as I did, he loudly demanded my socks and shoes. It was so loud his dog in the back growled at me. I pleaded again through tears, but he seemed more threatening, so I took them off and my socks, he placed my clean black socks onto his dirty feet and picked up one of my Osiris’s. Wow, these are nice looking shoes he said. I’ll put them on for now, but I still want those Nikes in your back seat. I knew those Osiris were going to stink up real fast with this guy’s nasty foot in them.

Now! He demanded. Put on my old clothes. So, on went his shirt and I gagged, then his pants which at that point had no functioning zipper just a button. I told him I don’t want to put his socks on. This time he slammed his fist onto my dashboard and out of fright I complied. His socks were so rank and old that they were almost solid when I placed them on. I put on his Nikes which I found out were actually an 11 so they were tight. Now that our transaction has been completed, I will leave you. But first you will count to 100 and I’m tossing your keys over the side and onto the sidewalk so you can’t just drive away. Thanks again for my new clothes and don’t worry I have a perfect plan for those new expensive kicks. He left my car and took his dog out of the back seat. With my Osiris on his feet, a leash in one hand and my Nikes leaving with him in the other he proceeded to toss my keys and told me to start counting and if I cheated, he would know. I followed orders and when I counted to 100, he was gone. I retrieved my key and found a pair of shorts and flip-flops in my trunk to wear but no shirt. I was scared but livid at that point. A more logical person would have called the cops or race the heck out of there, but I was determined not to let this guy get away with this. I mean how hard could it be to find a homeless guy with a dog wearing bright green new Osiris shoes.

I went back to the main drag and outside a closed restaurant I found this guy with no dog and chatting with the guy I saw him arguing with earlier. This time he was still wearing my shirt and my pants, but he was also wearing my Nikes. I said that I would call the cops if I don’t get my clothes back and my Osiris. This was his statement to me. Ha-ha, no one will believe you that my clothes that I’m wearing is actually yours. you are drunk and I am sober. Oh, and by the way if you want those nice shoes back. You see that sports bar over there? And those three drunk college guys? Well when I offered one of them those shoes for 60 bucks, he bought them. If you look a little further down, you can see them on his feet right now. Hahahaha now I have new clothes from you, a pair of Nikes, twenty I took from your wallet, and sixty for the shoes. Now get the f@#$ out of here cause next time I see you things won’t go so friendly. As I walked away, he turned the corner and that was the last I saw of him. I figured I would give it a shot before going back to my car and I walked over to the sports bar. Hey guys I said, I was curious where did you get those Osiris shoes? The guys must have known they were stolen, or something cause the guy with the shoes on said he bought them a few weeks back from eBay. By that point I was done and as I was walking away, I stated that those shoes were stolen from me that very night by that guy he bought them from. Drunk college guy yelled back, that’s too f@#$ bad, possession is 9/10ths of the law they are on my feet and they are mine now. They are comfortable as hell and I sent a picture to my girl and she likes them. Cheering to his buddies and high fiving them, yeah you know im gonna get some tonight. Since I knew there was nothing that I could do I responded sarcastically, for him to enjoy them, take good care of them, and to go f#@$ himself. Don’t think he heard that last part. So, there, I went back to my car all depressed and shit. Knowing that I’ll never see those kicks again. I threw that guys socks, pants, and shirt into the trash, but I kept the Nike’s to remind me to be more cautious in the future and to never travel down the bad side of any town otherwise I’ll end up with another pair of trashed shoes on my feet.

Delivered, given and taken

Author – Irsocks

The boss sent me on a run to pick up a package from a business partner at the courtyard near the mall. I had on my black and white Adidas Cloud Foam City sneakers with Adidas ankle socks. As I waited, a young guy wearing some black and white Nike Tanjuns came up and sat at the bench across from me. As I read a story on, I glanced up to see him playing with his sneakers slipping them on and off showing his white Nike socks with black heels. Eventually he slipped his whole foot out of one of them revealing the black toe of his sock. I smiled and looked back at my phone. I eventually looked back up to find that he had laid down on the bench and was now swinging his legs back and forth. His sneakers didn’t have a chance of staying on. The left one slid off followed by the right one. Both of his sneakers were now on the ground, one turned on its side. He didn’t bother to put them back on. He just let his sock feet be free for all to see.
After a few minutes, I looked back at my phone because someone was coming. A guy walked by and kicked one of the Tanjuns with his red and black New Balance foot sending it far off. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I looked back at the guy then at his sock feet then down at the one remaining sneaker. The guy on the bench never even looked up. After a few minutes the guy came back through again this time kicking the other sneaker as he went by until it too was out of sight. Now there were two socked feet and no sneakers. I thought for sure the guy would notice, but he did not. What I noticed after a few minutes was the same guy that had stolen the sneakers coming back. This time he sat down on the bench next to mine. He was no longer wearing his red and black New Balance sneakers. He was wearing the young guy’s Tanjuns. He started playing with the sneakers slipping them on and off.
Finally after what seemed like hours, the young guy sat up and stretched his legs revealing his sock soles. He looked around for his sneakers which was now on the other guy’s feet. The other guy must have been brave or stupid because he did not leave. The young guy panicked when he couldn’t find his sneakers. An officer happened to walk by, and the young guy told him someone had stolen his sneakers. He pointed our way. The officer approached us and asked us if we had seen what happened. The other guy was not going to tell the truth, and I thought I was safe being that my sneakers were Adidas instead of Nikes. The young guy told the officer that our shoes looked like his, and that he didn’t know which one had did it. I could have told the officer what happened, but I wanted to see how it would play out. The officer rounded us up and took us to the security building. He told me and the other guy to remove our sneakers. Once again I could have told him what happened, but again I thought I was safe seeing as my sneakers were Adidas. We took off our sneakers and handed them to the officer who took them in the back with the young guy. I was now embarrassed being in just my socks. The other guy didn’t seem to mind because he stretched out. Eventually the young guy came out still in his socks and sat down. He gave us a mean look.
After a while, another officer came through the front door. He asked us why we were in the building shoeless. The young guy explained the situation. The officer went in the back and came back laughing. He told us we had been robbed because no one was in the back room and there was no other officer in the area. Sure enough the back room was empty. I couldn’t believe I was shoeless and that I would have to go home in my socks. I regretted not saying anything before. The officer took our statements and sent us on our way. Not only was I shoeless in public in my socks, I had to tell my boss that I did not get his package.
The next morning my boss called me into his office. I didn’t tell him the whole story, but I had to tell him there was no package. I knew I was fired. He got on the phone and made a call. I couldn’t believe I had delivered my sneakers and given them away so that they could be taken. Well after the boss got off the phone, he said that the business partner had an emergency and could not make it. He said it was okay. I was relieved. As I turned to walk out of the office, my boss told me that I had nice sneakers. I turned and looked down at my black, blue and white Vans. I was about to say thanks when I looked up to see my Adidas sneakers on his feet which he had put upon the desk. I know they were mine because there was a part of the sole missing. I didn’t know if he was talking about my Vans on my feet or my Adidas on his feet.

The beginning…

Hey everyone. I’ve been thinking and had an idea. Thought it could be cool to start off a story, with some characters, and sneaks, and you guys can continue it. I’d love to see what you think happens to these guys 🙂 you can finish the story or leave it for someone else to continue. Should be fun. ☺️

Author – RjRobins

It was 8am and Will was running late. If he wasn’t careful he was going to miss the bus. He threw on a tee from the pile of clothes on the chair in his room and grabbed his new pair of red and white Nike airmaxes. He couldn’t wait to show them off to his friends on the trip.

He ran out the door and headed for the corner of the street where he was meeting Cody. He couldn’t see him waiting but just as he got there he heard the sound of a skateboard behind him.

“Hey man” Will said as Cody skidded to a stop next to him.

“Yo. How’s it going? Woah nice shoes bud” Cody said, looking at Wills feet. Wills shoes were in a lot better shape than Cody’s.

Cody was wearing some black DC high tops. They were pretty trashed from his skating though and you could see a small bit of white through a hole in the front.

“I hope they’ll be ok. I dunno what it’s gonna be like” Cody said, mounting his board again.

“I think they’ll be alright. I’ve been saving them for this week.” Will said as they started walking down the street.

Mike and Jake were waiting for them at the bus stop.

“Hurry up guys, It’ll be here in a bit” Mike called as they rushed to the bus stop.

“Dude, check those out” Jake said, pointing at Wills feet. “They’re awesome.”

“Thanks man.” Will looked at his friends feet. Jake was wearing his Adidas high tops. He hadn’t had them long so they still looked pretty new. Mike had never worried about looking after his shoes so all of his pairs looked trashed. He was wearing his favourite pair of black and white Jordans. The white wasn’t very white anymore though and Will could see the laces were getting really thin, he’d had to tie them together in one spot. Will liked to take care of his shoes but always liked seeing someone wearing some beat up, expensive shoes.

“So… Do we know what’s happening when we get there” Mike asked.

“Not really” replied Cody, “I think they’re gonna tell us when we get there.”

“Should be fun though” Jake said, looking at the other people waiting for the same trip.

The bus came round the corner and everyone gathered their bags. It stopped and the doors opened. Will went to get on but one of the other guys at the bus stop pushed him out the way, stepping on his air maxes as he went.

“Hey!! Watch it man!” Will said, getting his balance. “Mind the shoes!”

The guy turned and glanced at Wills feet.

“Oops. Sorry.” He sneered. “I mean, they’re just shoes.”

Will watched the guys blue TNs head up the steps as the guy got on the bus. He was followed by his friends who were all laughing at Will.

“We better watch out for them…” Cody said.

“Hmm…” Mike replied.

“Come on, we won’t let them ruin it for us” Jake said. “Let’s get on the bus.”

Will grabbed his bag and followed his friends onto the bus.

To be continued….

Trading wellies for trainers

Author – lovetoshoeswap

I was off out on a walk the other day and happened to pass this couple heading in the other direction, I looked down at their feet and seen that the bloke was wearing a pair of Nike airmax trainers and that’s when my mind started to think about swaping with him.(the next part of the story is fantasy) as we passed by the couple asked for directions to the woods, I showed them where it was but it was very muddy as it had been raining earlier but the bloke wasn’t keen on going through for fear of wrecking his new airmax trainers so I said “I’ve got my wellies on if you want to borrow them “he looked at them and asked what size they were, I said” they were a bit big for me and I’m a size 9″ he was happy as he was a size 10. So as I gave him my boots for his trainers I felt very excited as this was something I had dreamed about doing for ages, as my feet slipped into his trainers I started to get the biggest erection of my life. As we started to part he turned to me and asked where we would meet up to swap back so I suggested to meet him at his car as I knew where it was parked. After a while of wandering around the couple came back and the guy asked for his trainers back, I asked him if I could wear them for a while longer as they were extremely comfy and I quite liked the idea of someone else wearing my boots and me wearing someone else’s shoes, he said yes to me keeping them for a few days, I wore the trainers for the next few days until he came back to return my boots and get his trainers back. Best few days of my life, I asked if he wanted to swap shoes again and he said he would be happy to do so again sometime so as he left with his Nike trainers I went back into the house with a smile on my face knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the next swap.

The Prefects

Author – Shoeless Guy

During lunch breaks, the school grounds are monitored by Prefects rather than teachers. Prefects are senior students with good attendance, behaviour and grades. They are there to police the school grounds and take unruly students to the Sin Bin, basically this is the old disused gym. This works well as it allows discipline in the school grounds without interaction from teachers.
Prefects carry a digital camera and any disobedient students are photographed, if they refuse to go to the Sin Bin then their mugshot would be emailed to all teachers, students would be easily identified and given detention automatically.
In order to maintain control in the ‘Sin Bin’ the prefects have authority to confiscate shoes and students must sit on the floor quietly for the duration of confinement. When lunchbreak ends their shoes are returned and no further punishment is undertaken. This quick lunchtime punishment works with most students as failure to comply with Prefects or ‘Sin Bin’ rules results in students not given their shoes back and have to go to class in their socked feet. This also means automatic detention as retrieval of confiscated shoes can only be done in detention after school which is supervised by teachers. The whole procedure is well organised and lends authority to the Prefects to maintain discipline in the school grounds.
This works providing the Prefects can to be trusted.
There are two 18 year old Prefects called Jimmy and David who use their positions to their advantage. Jimmy would patrol the grounds and pick his prey. Then escort them to the Sin Bin and Dave would take their shoes and hold them to ransom.
One particular day Jimmy overheard a 16 year old student named Jason mention he had £100 and after school he was off into town to buy new trainers. Jimmy approached Jason and accused him of threatening another student, Jason obviously denied it but once his photo had been taken he had no choice but to follow the rules and go with Jimmy to the Sin Bin where he was handed over to David.
“Take off your shoes and give them to me” said David
“I’ve done nothing wrong ” said Jason.
“SHOES OFF NOW ” shouted David. Jason reluctantly crouched down, undid his laces and removed his black shoes and handed them to the Prefect.
“Go sit in the middle of the floor and remain silent” said David. Jason walked in his grey socked feet past three other younger shoeless students already seated cross legged on the floor. He sat silently as he watched another two students enter the Sin Bin and stripped of their shoes. Eventually the school bell rung and everyone stood up and went over to David to collect their shoes. A 14 year old was denied his shoes, David claimed he had been unruly upon arrival at the sin bin, he left in his socks upset that he now had detention after school. Jason was the last to collect his shoes, David refused to hand them over also claiming he had been unruly.
“We can come to some arrangement for you to get your shoes back” said David
“What do you mean” said Jason
“How much money to get your shoes back?”
“You blackmailing me?”
“Give me £10 now, you can have your shoes, no money means no shoes and detention tonight”
Jason really wanted to go buy new trainers after school and didn’t want detention or the embarrassment of walking around school in his socks all afternoon. He handed over £10 and David gave Jason his shoes. “Nice doing business” said David.
The next day in the school grounds Jason got into an argument with his best pal Andy, they’d fallen out over an online game they had played the night before. Fists where about to fly when Jimmy the Prefect appeared, “now guys” he said. “Fighting is not allowed” He got out his camera and started to take photos of the two pals. Andy ran off, Jimmy told Jason he had to go with him to the ‘Sin bin’. “Not again” said Jason
At the sin bin David had just confiscated a 17 year old students shoes when Jimmy walked in with Jason. “You again!” said David, smiling with hope that more money could be gained. Jason handed over his shoes for the second time in two days and sat on the floor.
The bell went and everyone retrieved their shoes except Jason and the 17 year old named Billy, who where told to wait until everyone else had left. David was about to ask the same question as yesterday when Jason said “Look I have no money today so just give me my shoes” David was disappointed.
“No money! No shoes!”
“I’ve told you, you idiot I’ve got no money ”
“Then off to class you go in your socks” said David “Enjoy detention”
Jason stormed off walking along the corridor in his stocking feet, he entered the classroom and Andy was at his desk and laughed at his pal.
“Haha wheres your shoes” he said loudly so the whole class stared at his shoeless feet. “No online gaming tonight seeing as you’ll be in detention” he said.
Andy told Jason that he should of ran away like him when the Prefect appeared.
During the lesson Andy was still laughing at his pals dilemma when the teacher beckoned him to his desk at the front of the classroom. The teacher turned his computer monitor towards Andy and asked “Is that you?” Andy said it was him. “The email says you absconded from a prefect after fighting”. He hadn’t realised that Jimmy managed to photograph him before he ran off. The teacher said “You know the rules, hand over your shoes. You can get them back in detention”. Andy took off his shoes and handed them to the teacher. The teacher placed his confiscated footwear on the shelf behind his desk. A red faced Andy did the walk of shame in his socks back to his desk, the class where sniggering and Jason had a huge smug grin on his face.
With their shared embarrassment the two pals rekindled their friendship as they walked shoeless together to detention.
In detention with Jason and Andy was Billy the 17 year old from the sin bin. Still in his socks he told the two pals he was refused his shoes because he wouldn’t give David his cigarettes. After leaving detention the three students vowed to get revenge on the two Prefects.

Shoeless Salesman part 2

Author – Shoeless guy

A few weeks into my new job working for the local Council Tax Office I was required to visit homes who’d failed to return their yearly declaration form. I had been dropped off in a certain area of town with a list of houses to visit, I had to get the forms completed or leave a card if nobody was at home. I would be collected later by my colleague. After several visits, leaving mostly cards, a door was opened by a casually dressed man. I explained who I was, he invited me in to complete the form. He asked me to remove my shoes and follow him to the kitchen where he was making coffee. I undid the laces of my black brogue shoes, removed them and padded in my grey socks to his kitchen. It seemed strange but thrilling walking around a strangers house in my socks. As we completed the form I felt like we had met before, he left me to finish my coffee. He returned wearing a suit, black socks but no shoes. “Need to leave for work” he said with a big grin. I followed him to the front door and he proceeded to put his feet into my shoes.
“Excuse me, but they are my shoes your putting on” I said.
“No, they are most definitely mine” he said with an even bigger grin on his face. “I recognised you when I opened the front door and seen your shoes.. er.. my shoes”
The penny dropped as I remembered him, the fair haired salesman who’s shoes I’d stolen and now he was stealing them back.
He pushed me out the door in my socks. “I can’t return to the office shoeless” I said. “Am I bothered” he shouted, “You made me and my colleague walk a mile in our socks after stealing our shoes, it was embarrassing, see how you like it”. He demanded I return that evening with the stolen loafers or he’d report me to my employer.
I was too embarrassed to visit any more houses in my stocking feet so I waited for my ride back to the office, the salesman walked past wearing the shoes I’d arrived in. “Have a nice day” he said staring at my shoeless feet.
My colleague arrived and couldn’t stop laughing at my predicament “Wheres your shoes dude” he kept saying as he drove me home to replace my missing footwear. I told him some guy mugged me for my shoes. He promised to keep quiet and spare my embarrassment if I bought him a pint on pay day. I had no choice but to wear the stolen loafers, I put my Nike trainer’s in my back pack knowing I’d be returning home without the black slip on shoes.
After work I walked to the salesman’s house as I had just enough money for the bus ride home afterwards. I hoped nobody would answer the door and I’d just leave the shoes on the doorstep but the door opened, both the salesmen where stood there. “He’s returning my shoes but has the cheek to still be wearing them” said the rightful owner. “I needed to wear them for work” I said with a red face. “In here now and get them off your feet” said the dark haired salesman. I stepped inside and took the shoes off and handed them over and said I was sorry. As I attempted to leave the door was closed and locked. They insisted that I let them practice their new product sales techniques on me. I was marched reluctantly to the sitting room in my suit and socks, two hours later they decided to let me leave. I stood on the doorstep and removed my Nike trainer’s from my back pack and put them on. I was about to leave when the dark haired salesman asked for a donation for charity. “Sorry I only have enough for the bus home” I said naively. He smiled and said “The charity will appreciate your donation” as he looked down at my feet and said “Nice trainers”
It was a long walk to the bus stop, my feet where cold, everyone stared at me as I quickly got on the bus. I felt less uneasy as I hid my grey socked feet from view. I reflected on the day, Karma had well and truly bit me on the arse. Not once but twice in one day I had been left shoeless. Now I had no trainers but worse I had no shoes for work tomorrow.