The shoeless wonder

Author – Evan

Me and a friend of mine were walking to a grocery store to pick up a few things a few mornings ago. When you get close to the store, you have to go down this incline. To the left of that incline was a car wash among other stores. While we were walking down the incline, my friend steps on the back of my right foot, making me fall out of my right shoe with me and my shoe rolling down the side of the incline. I stopped at the edge, but my shoe rolled of the edge and landed into the parking lot of the car wash, which was about maybe 5 feet down. “Way to lose your shoe again,” my friend said as he ran down the incline. I got up, and looked down off the edge to see that my friend was already in the parking lot, picking up my shoe. I immediately ran down the incline and met with my friend, who I noticed no longer had my shoe.
“What’d you do with my shoe dude?”
“Don’t worry about it now. Lets go get what we came for,” my friend said as we both walked towards the grocery store which was across from the parking lot. I decided to hop towards the store when I saw a friend of mine who worked there. He noticed my shoeless foot. “Bro where’s your shoe,” he tells me as we both walk into the store to buy like 3 things. After we left the store, I went and asked my friend “Dude seriously, wheres my shoe?”
“oh you’ll get it back later. Let’s keep walking.”
We were basically walking around town, passing nearby stores, neighborhoods, and whatnot. A couple of people would see me and give me odd stares at my white socked foot as I would alternate between walking and hopping. After about an hour, my friend says “I should head back.” Before he walks away, I grab him by the arm while standing on one foot with my socked foot in the air. “Not without my shoe you arent.” He pulls his arm away from me, and I lost my balance and fell to the ground, keeping my socked foot still in the air. “Nah its fun seeing you be the shoeless wonder. Its entertaining seeing you without your shoe all the time.” Before I could get up, my friend started walking away. “I got things to take care of today, we’ll hang out later. See ya you shoeless wonder.” He left me on the ground and I still didnt get my right shoe back. Wound up having to walk back home in one shoe…again

Me in your Stories – the Subway

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

original story subway by evan

One day me and a few friends decided to head into town so we had to take the subway in for a change. I was wearing my favorite pair of Reebok classics which happened to be a little too big for me as they kept sliding off my feet as I was walking. The subway was shaking quite a lot more that usual which caused one of my shoes to come off my feet, I hadn’t noticed it come off as I was too busy talking to my friends but I happened to notice my other shoe come off but didn’t know how it came off as the subway was rather crowded today.since I had no shoes I went looking through the other subway cars when a random guy happened to offer me his shoes which were a pair of Adidas superstars ,at first I wasn’t sure but decided to try them on, they were quite comfy but a little too big so I told him to keep his shoes . as me and my friends left they mocked me for having no shoes on I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to my shoes.

Shoeless at the mall

Author – Evan

About a week ago, a friend and I were hanging out at the mall. While we were sitting by one of the stores, he grabbed my foot and pulled off my right shoe. I lost sight of him through the crowd. It took me around 30 minutes before I found him and when I did, he said that he hid my shoe and I’ll get it back later. Had to spend most of that day walking around with one shoe and my white sock


Author – Evan

Was riding the subway yesterday wearing a worn pair of Adidas superstars. On comes this group of teenage boys and one of them was wearing really loose Reebok classics with black crew socks. His white shoes were sliding off his feet every time he took a step and as he was standing on the rather crowded train, he was slipping his sneakers on and off. At one point the train jerked and his right sneaker got kicked to where I was. I had been playing with my own shoes at that point and I accidentally put his shoe on instead of my own. His sneaker felt warm and soft and I didn’t want to take it off. I stepped out of my other shoe and put my sneakers into my backpack. As the guy was distracted I walked by him playing with his remaining sneaker and kicked it off his foot and out of his reach, before quickly slipping my foot into the loose sneaker. I quickly walked off into another train car with the shoes slipping off my feet. I sat down to examine my new shoes, they were size 8 which was a little small since I normally wore a 8.5 in Reeboks. Still they were pretty comfortable. I take the shoes off and put them in my bag, swapping them for my Adidas. The guy came into the train car looking for his sneakers in his black socks and I felt excited so I decided to offer him my worn sneakers, I slipped them off and said hey why not you have my shoes instead they’re pretty worn and I’m off to buy a new pair anyway, I took my shoes off and let him try them but he declined them in the end as they were big on him. I wore my shoes as I watched him exiting the train at the next stop with no shoes on his feet and friends laughing at how he managed to lose his favourite sneakers.

Getting new shoe Stolen

Author – Evan

My friends have made it a running joke at this point to always steal one of my shoes whenever I get a new pair. Well it happened once again. I was hanging out with two friends at the mall, pretty much window shopping. I was wearing some black and blue nike shoes. We sat down at a bench near one of the exits to chill out before we kept going. Then out of nowhere, one of them grabbed my left foot and tried to pull my left shoe off. Since its a hi top shoe, he couldnt pull it off right away. He pulled with such force that I fell off the bench and onto the floor, and he dragged me a few feet trying to take off my shoe. After like 5 minutes of him not being able to get it off, he wrapped his arms around my foot so I couldnt move it, and just untied my shoe and managed to yank it off my foot. He immediately ran out the nearest exit with my left shoe. ME and my other friend couldnt find him for a good 30 minutes. He met up with him at the food court, but he said he hid my shoe and wouldnt give it back to me. Had to spend the rest of our time without my left shoe in my white sock

Shoes in the backyard

Author – Evan

I was walking back from the store with a friend. I had missed kicking a rock and my left shoe flew off past two fences and landed in someone’s backyard.

While trying to hop over towards the neighborhood, my friend grabbed my shoeless foot. I fell onto the ground, which then my friend decided to steal my other shoe and threw it into a fenced backyard of another house. I had to walk to both houses in my mismatched white socks to get my shoes back

Stuck in the mud

Author – Evan

This happened about a few years ago. I was hanging out with some friends at a nearby park. We were just hangin out and throwing a foot ball around and stuff. I was running after the ball when I stepped into a deep mud puddle. I got my right foot out and on the ground, but my left foot was still stuck in the mud. One of my friends came and grabbed my arm and eventually pulled me out, but my left shoe came off and was slowly starting to sink in the mud. I was about to reach for my shoe, but my friend grabbed me by my socked foot, and dragged me away from the puddle. My friend still held onto my foot and my shoe just sunk into the mud. Had to walk around the rest of the day in one shoe and my white nike crew socks