Shoeless at the mall

Author – Evan

About a week ago, a friend and I were hanging out at the mall. While we were sitting by one of the stores, he grabbed my foot and pulled off my right shoe. I lost sight of him through the crowd. It took me around 30 minutes before I found him and when I did, he said that he hid my shoe and I’ll get it back later. Had to spend most of that day walking around with one shoe and my white sock


The shoe Museum PT 2

Author – Jman

Will, Cody, Mike and Jake along with others in their class went to visit the shoe museum. The shoe museum requires all visitors to donate their own shoes to the museum to be put on display. The shoe museum was started by a sneaker head who had a well known sneaker collection. Everyone wanted to see his sneaker collection because it was so cool. One day a few other sneaker heads went to see his collection. One of them said, “This is a real cool collection. You should charge people to see it.” “Good idea,” the sneaker head said and he charged the visitors two dollars to view his collection. The visitors did not have any money on them so one of them said jokingly, “We can give you our sneakers to add to your collection.” “Good idea,” the sneaker head said, “give me your shoes and I will put them on display along with mine.” Once they realized he was being serious, they removed their shoes and put them on the shelf. The sneaker head the decided that everyone who wanted to see his sneaker collection would have to donate their own shoes to his collection. Eventually other types of shoes were added as these were what people were wearing when they came to see the sneaker collection and so the shoe museum was born and has kept of the tradition of requiring visitors to add their own shoes to the collection on display.

The museum guide began to collect the shoes of the visitors to the museum to be put on display. Cody, Mike and Jake handed over their shoes willingly. They were really looking forward to see Will lose his shoes since he made a big deal about them and showed them off to the others. Cody and Mike had been to the shoe museum before and knew what would be happening and were sure to wear old shoes that day. Will was horrified at the fact that he would be losing these shoes he loved so much.
Will pleaded with the museum guide to let him keep his shoes but the museum guide refused. Eventually Will’s shoes came off and were put on display with all the others. The museum guide locked the case with the shoes in it and the Jake, Will, Cody, Mike and all the others left the display room in stocking feet.

As they were leaving for college age boys came into the museum and were signing the guest book. Eric was wearing tan leather shoes. John was wearing blue and gold high top tennis shoes. Caleb was wearing black skate shoes. Derek was wearing white tennis shoes. Eric looked at the sock footed students and said, “Nice socks.” Cody replied, “Nice shoes” and he and his friends left the building. Eric, John, Caleb and Derek started laughing at the shoeless lads and said, “What losers. They really need to get some shoes.” Then the four walked into the display room.

to be continued.

Tony’s shoe

Author – Grant

Not sure this story fits I have this friend well the story tells that I was just looking around on the internet to see if I could find anybody like him some of your stories are close to being like him so I thought I would write about him.

My story starts in 6th grade. It’s weird but true.

My best friends name is Tony, we have been best friends since 1st grade. He would always have one shoe with a really lose lace are no shoe lace. when I ask, he always said the lace is either broke are going to break, if he tied it. He would always sit in class and take his shoe off. Tony would all ways have to either throw paper away are sharpen his pencil and would leave his shoe under his desk. when he walked his shoe almost fell off. When we played outside his shoe would fly off, he would just keep going without it. I ask him one time why he did that? He said he hoped someone would steal it because he only had one pair.
Tony always tried to get his shoe stolen when we would horse around.
Are school was one big building with all the class divided by lines on the floor so no walls inside. We were watching a movie and the teacher said we could come sit in the floor so we could hear because of the other classes. Tony came up and sit in the floor, we watch the movie and we went back to are chairs the bell rang.
We headed to lunch as we walked out, I said you forgot your shoe. He said it was gone. I told him I would help him look for it, Tony said I already looked so we just went to lunch. Tony spent the rest of the day missing his shoe.
I got to school before Tony I seen him coming on his bike. He was wearing his left DC and a black sock on his other foot. I said you didn’t find your other shoe. He said nope. We headed to class. He came to school all week missing his shoe even one day when it rained, I ask him don’t you miss your shoe. Tony said nope not at all. He got off his bike and hopped to the school, so his sock didn’t get wet.
After about a week he came wearing new shoes but the right one didn’t have a shoe lace.
Tony went back to just always having a loose shoe with it flying off all the time and a lot of shoe play but wearing it.
Skip forward to the 8th grade. Tony got to the house we always rode are bikes to school and my house is between Tony’s house and the school. He knocked on the door and came in I wasn’t ready yet. I looked down and Tony was wearing a black high top and just a white ankle sock on his right foot. I ask him were his other shoe was. He said I couldn’t find it and ran out of time to look for it. After school we went to his house to play video games. Then we decided to go to the park and Tony put his left shoe on. I ask him if he wanted help looking for his shoe. He said no I’ll look later.
On the way to the park I ask him don’t it bother you not having your shoe. He said nope. I kind of hope I can’t find it. I said what? He said you heard me.
The next morning Tony got to the house and had his shoe I said I see you found it. He said the dog had got it. I laughed, He was sitting on his bike I walked over and bent down and took his shoe off him and tossed it on the roof of my house and said now you lost it. He just rode off.
After that it became fun to take his shoe.
Move to 9th grade now. Most of the guys have got on board with having a one shoe Tony in the group it’s became a game of who can end up with his shoe, and who can keep it the longest, it’s became so normal to see One shoe Tony the teachers don’t even say anything anymore. Today I seen Tony at wally world with his mom and no shoe. I ask him who had his shoe this time, he said Jake never gave it back Friday.

The beginning…

Hey everyone. I’ve been thinking and had an idea. Thought it could be cool to start off a story, with some characters, and sneaks, and you guys can continue it. I’d love to see what you think happens to these guys 🙂 you can finish the story or leave it for someone else to continue. Should be fun. ☺️

Author – RjRobins

It was 8am and Will was running late. If he wasn’t careful he was going to miss the bus. He threw on a tee from the pile of clothes on the chair in his room and grabbed his new pair of red and white Nike airmaxes. He couldn’t wait to show them off to his friends on the trip.

He ran out the door and headed for the corner of the street where he was meeting Cody. He couldn’t see him waiting but just as he got there he heard the sound of a skateboard behind him.

“Hey man” Will said as Cody skidded to a stop next to him.

“Yo. How’s it going? Woah nice shoes bud” Cody said, looking at Wills feet. Wills shoes were in a lot better shape than Cody’s.

Cody was wearing some black DC high tops. They were pretty trashed from his skating though and you could see a small bit of white through a hole in the front.

“I hope they’ll be ok. I dunno what it’s gonna be like” Cody said, mounting his board again.

“I think they’ll be alright. I’ve been saving them for this week.” Will said as they started walking down the street.

Mike and Jake were waiting for them at the bus stop.

“Hurry up guys, It’ll be here in a bit” Mike called as they rushed to the bus stop.

“Dude, check those out” Jake said, pointing at Wills feet. “They’re awesome.”

“Thanks man.” Will looked at his friends feet. Jake was wearing his Adidas high tops. He hadn’t had them long so they still looked pretty new. Mike had never worried about looking after his shoes so all of his pairs looked trashed. He was wearing his favourite pair of black and white Jordans. The white wasn’t very white anymore though and Will could see the laces were getting really thin, he’d had to tie them together in one spot. Will liked to take care of his shoes but always liked seeing someone wearing some beat up, expensive shoes.

“So… Do we know what’s happening when we get there” Mike asked.

“Not really” replied Cody, “I think they’re gonna tell us when we get there.”

“Should be fun though” Jake said, looking at the other people waiting for the same trip.

The bus came round the corner and everyone gathered their bags. It stopped and the doors opened. Will went to get on but one of the other guys at the bus stop pushed him out the way, stepping on his air maxes as he went.

“Hey!! Watch it man!” Will said, getting his balance. “Mind the shoes!”

The guy turned and glanced at Wills feet.

“Oops. Sorry.” He sneered. “I mean, they’re just shoes.”

Will watched the guys blue TNs head up the steps as the guy got on the bus. He was followed by his friends who were all laughing at Will.

“We better watch out for them…” Cody said.

“Hmm…” Mike replied.

“Come on, we won’t let them ruin it for us” Jake said. “Let’s get on the bus.”

Will grabbed his bag and followed his friends onto the bus.

To be continued….

Eight pairs in one class – part 2

Author – Jman

Class was now over and the eight sock-footed students took one last look at their former shoes before leaving the room. George and Christ were very upset. George was looking forward to showing off his brand new expensive Converse and now they are being displayed on the wall in the classroom to be viewed by potential bidders at the shoe auction. Christ was upset because no one would give him a pencil to keep him from losing his shoes. Dan and Pamela were okay with losing their shoes. They knew they broke the rules and accepted the consequences even though they were not thrilled about their shoes being gone. It was the first time they had lost shoes.
Larry and Jeff were indifferent to the whole situation. Barry and John showed a mixture of frustration and shame.

It was no lunch time and some of the classrooms were so far away from the lunch room that students would often run in the halls to get to the lunchroom before the “good” food ran out. Bill, Rodney and Aaron were running in the halls and as they turned the corner they were caught by a teacher. “Halt, gentlemen, those who run in shoes get to walk in socks. Shoes please.” Aaron pleaded with the teacher to give him another chance. The students were reminded that they were warned that anybody running in the halls would have to give up their shoes so no second chances. “These are the only pair of shoes that I have.” The teacher replied, “I guess you will have to run to the store and buy a new pair.” Aaron then took of his somewhat beat up white sneakers. Rodney took off his deck shoes and Bill took off his brownish orange tennis shoes. The shoes were then carried to the shelf to be joined with the other lost shoes for the day.

Aaron, Rodney and Bill proceeded to the lunch room in their socks. Also in their socks in the lunchroom wiping the tables were Todd and Rick. Todd had white socks and Rick had grey socks. They had lost their shoes for throwing food in the cafeteria. Todd was a sockie (someone who liked being in socks) and lost shoes all the time. In fact one of about every ten pairs of shoes in the auction belonged to him. Todd came from a wealthy family so losing shoes and having to buy new ones was no big deal. Deep down inside Todd actually liked losing his shoes and would sometimes break the rules on purpose. Rick was a combination of a bully and a clown. When his shoes were demanded from him he took of his old beat up sneakers and said to the teacher, “Are you sure that you really want these. You will be lucky to get a dollar for these at the auction.” Rick was basically a good guy who allot of times just did not think about his words and actions.

As the students were leaving the lunch room Scott decided to spit on the floor. He was caught and his cowboy boots were demanded from him. Scott tended to bully other students and now the big tough guy was in his socks and did not look so tough anymore. At the auction his boots were purchased by someone whom he bullied. One of the things that make shoes go for a good price at the auction is the former owner. People always wanted to get the former shoes of someone they did not like.

The warning bell to get back to class has rung. So far there are 14 pairs of shoes for the auction. How many more will be added to that during the rest of the day?

Christmas party

Author – TWG 

 This happened a few weeks’ back and was kinda fun. I was at a friends’ Christmas get-together in the Midlands, with about thirty people. My friend’s flat is essentially one open-plan room above a shop, so the chairs and tables were moved so we could all sit in a vague circle and mingle. Despite the large number of people there was a lot of space to move about. 

Quite late in the evening, one of my friends who was sat on an office chair suddenly grabbed the black and white DC’s of another guy who was sat on an office chair, and started spinning him round the floor by his feet. We all moved out of the way and laughed as he was catapulted about, but his shoes were quite loose so it wasn’t long before they came off in my friend’s hands. As soon as this happened the other guy went crashing into people and chairs and was thrown off his seat, while my friend leapt to his feet with one of the shoes in his hand and ran to the door, throwing it down the stairs. The other guy was getting quite annoyed by now, so rescued his other shoe and stormed off wearing just the one. He eventually found it and sheepishly came back upstairs, and the party carried on like nothing had happened…

Crowded cinema

Author – AndrewF

It was a sold out cinema showing terminator 2 in 3D. I took my shoes off as I always do in the cinema. As the movie ended everyone gets up and walks past me. I stayed sat down waiting for the crowd to die down forgetting my shoes were in the way. I looked down and saw they were no longer there. I looked and saw people kicking one down the steps and the other was under the chair next to me. Managed to get my shoe back. Was kicked towards the fire exit!