Eight pairs in one class – part 2

Author – Jman

Class was now over and the eight sock-footed students took one last look at their former shoes before leaving the room. George and Christ were very upset. George was looking forward to showing off his brand new expensive Converse and now they are being displayed on the wall in the classroom to be viewed by potential bidders at the shoe auction. Christ was upset because no one would give him a pencil to keep him from losing his shoes. Dan and Pamela were okay with losing their shoes. They knew they broke the rules and accepted the consequences even though they were not thrilled about their shoes being gone. It was the first time they had lost shoes.
Larry and Jeff were indifferent to the whole situation. Barry and John showed a mixture of frustration and shame.

It was no lunch time and some of the classrooms were so far away from the lunch room that students would often run in the halls to get to the lunchroom before the “good” food ran out. Bill, Rodney and Aaron were running in the halls and as they turned the corner they were caught by a teacher. “Halt, gentlemen, those who run in shoes get to walk in socks. Shoes please.” Aaron pleaded with the teacher to give him another chance. The students were reminded that they were warned that anybody running in the halls would have to give up their shoes so no second chances. “These are the only pair of shoes that I have.” The teacher replied, “I guess you will have to run to the store and buy a new pair.” Aaron then took of his somewhat beat up white sneakers. Rodney took off his deck shoes and Bill took off his brownish orange tennis shoes. The shoes were then carried to the shelf to be joined with the other lost shoes for the day.

Aaron, Rodney and Bill proceeded to the lunch room in their socks. Also in their socks in the lunchroom wiping the tables were Todd and Rick. Todd had white socks and Rick had grey socks. They had lost their shoes for throwing food in the cafeteria. Todd was a sockie (someone who liked being in socks) and lost shoes all the time. In fact one of about every ten pairs of shoes in the auction belonged to him. Todd came from a wealthy family so losing shoes and having to buy new ones was no big deal. Deep down inside Todd actually liked losing his shoes and would sometimes break the rules on purpose. Rick was a combination of a bully and a clown. When his shoes were demanded from him he took of his old beat up sneakers and said to the teacher, “Are you sure that you really want these. You will be lucky to get a dollar for these at the auction.” Rick was basically a good guy who allot of times just did not think about his words and actions.

As the students were leaving the lunch room Scott decided to spit on the floor. He was caught and his cowboy boots were demanded from him. Scott tended to bully other students and now the big tough guy was in his socks and did not look so tough anymore. At the auction his boots were purchased by someone whom he bullied. One of the things that make shoes go for a good price at the auction is the former owner. People always wanted to get the former shoes of someone they did not like.

The warning bell to get back to class has rung. So far there are 14 pairs of shoes for the auction. How many more will be added to that during the rest of the day?


Christmas party

Author – TWG 

 This happened a few weeks’ back and was kinda fun. I was at a friends’ Christmas get-together in the Midlands, with about thirty people. My friend’s flat is essentially one open-plan room above a shop, so the chairs and tables were moved so we could all sit in a vague circle and mingle. Despite the large number of people there was a lot of space to move about. 

Quite late in the evening, one of my friends who was sat on an office chair suddenly grabbed the black and white DC’s of another guy who was sat on an office chair, and started spinning him round the floor by his feet. We all moved out of the way and laughed as he was catapulted about, but his shoes were quite loose so it wasn’t long before they came off in my friend’s hands. As soon as this happened the other guy went crashing into people and chairs and was thrown off his seat, while my friend leapt to his feet with one of the shoes in his hand and ran to the door, throwing it down the stairs. The other guy was getting quite annoyed by now, so rescued his other shoe and stormed off wearing just the one. He eventually found it and sheepishly came back upstairs, and the party carried on like nothing had happened…

Crowded cinema

Author – AndrewF

It was a sold out cinema showing terminator 2 in 3D. I took my shoes off as I always do in the cinema. As the movie ended everyone gets up and walks past me. I stayed sat down waiting for the crowd to die down forgetting my shoes were in the way. I looked down and saw they were no longer there. I looked and saw people kicking one down the steps and the other was under the chair next to me. Managed to get my shoe back. Was kicked towards the fire exit!

My best friend

Author – Zet

The town next to ours opened a new indoor skate park so Logan and I decided to go on Sunday to try  it out.

We were dropped off as the park opened there was around 60 skaters in line to go in.We finally got in and began to skate Logan First thing to do was a Hospital Flip and his right shoe flew off and went out of sight as he hit the ground. Logan got up and went to find his shoe and it was gone some other skater thought it would be funny to take it. Logan looked and looked for his shoe and finally walked over to me wearing a black DC on his left foot and a white no shoe, sock on his right foot Logan was so mad He said someone stole my $#@&*$$ shoe. I told him nobody would do that we would go look we headed back to the area he was in and sure enough, it was no where to be found We then went to the lost and found and checked all the trash cans. After about an hour Logan was so mad he just wanted to go home but are ride was still 4 hours away. After about an hour Logan started to skate again, but was in such a bad mood it wasn’t much fun. Our ride finally came and we got home Logan just got out of the car and walked home never saying a word.

  The next morning when I walked into first period and set down at my desk  Logan was already in class in the front of the room behind a podium getting ready for us to present our project I thought.The teacher called role and told use we were first to do are presentation. I walked up front and we started as I looked behind the podium and Logan was standing there Missing his right shoe with just his sock after class was over I ask Logan why he was still wearing one shoe Logan said he got in so much trouble when he got home his step mom said he could find his shoe or do without till his dad got home in two weeks He only had the one pair.I ask him what he was going to do He just looked at me and said I don’t know guess wear one. Logan went everywhere wearing one shoe for the two weeks.

I think by the time his dad got home he had began to like missing his shoe. Logan said he kind of did not want it back.

At the movies

This is a fantasy story, but loosely based on true events. 😜

A friend and I went to the movies. We got there pretty early so we’re waiting for the trailers to start and there weren’t many people in the screen we were in. He was wearing some lo top converse and I was wearing some lo DC’s.

We were just messing around and I realised that his converse would fit through the gap between the seats on the floor. He wore them pretty loose so I managed to surprise him by hooking my foot round his heel and getting his converse off. Before he could react I had pushed it through the gap in the seats. It fell down the step into the row infront which was currently empty.

I started laughing and, as I was laughing, he reached down and grabbed my foot, pulling off my DC. I tried to grab ur but the threw it over the seats so it was now also in the row infront.

Whilst we were messing about seeing who was gonna go get our shoes, we noticed 2 guys heading up the row infront of us. The trailers had started by now so the screen was semi dark. They sat right in front of us.

We looked at each other. There was no way we were getting our shoes before the end of the movie. I was hoping they wouldn’t see them in the semi darkness but we couldn’t be sure. My friends converse was under the seat but my DC would be right in the middle of the row.

The movie started and we were sat there in one shoe each. To get more comfy, I put my leg up so it was resting on my other leg. After a few minutes, my friend grabbed my DC off my foot and kept it next to him. 

I was now sat in my white socks and couldn’t doll anything to get my DC back as the movie was on. Then my friend said he needed the toilet. As I saw him leave I realised he had my DC on one foot and his converse in the other.

Whilst he was gone I realised the rather large drink I had bought was making me need to pee as well so I waited till he got back and asked him for my shoe as I needed to pee. He replied by saying, ” you get my converse, I’ll give you your shoe”. There was no way I was getting his converse during the movie and I really needed to pee so I had to go in my socks. 

I picked the wrong timing as when I got to the toilet, I realised another movie had just finished and there were loads of people. I managed to get into a stall without too many people noticing my shoeless dilemma. I could feel the slightly damp floor seeping into the material of my socks and quickly left keeping my head down and got back to my seat.

The rest of the movie happened and it finally finished. My feet were getting cold and I couldn’t wait to get back into my dcs. I’d kept an eye on the guys in front and they didn’t seem to have noticed the shoes in their row.

The film ended. We sat and waited for the guys infront to leave, and most of the other people so we didn’t get too many weird looks. They left.

I asked my friend for my shoe and he just smiled at me. ” where’s my shoe” I asked. He just smiled and said, “while you were in the toilet, I pushed it through the gap in the seats to the row infront.” he started laughing. I smiled and stood up.

I climbed over the row to find my dcs. They weren’t there. I searched under the seats but they weren’t there. I found a converse, but it wash my friends. It was lo but white, my friends was black. I laughed and threw it at him, “there you go” I said. He looked really annoyed but put started to put on the mismatched converse.

I was still screwed, but I thought I’d check the row infront. I spotted something. I jumped over the row and found a pair of shoes, but they weren’t mine. They were a beaten up pair of DC court graffix. They were once white but weren’t now. The guys must have been skaters because the laces had been tied together and the sides were all scuffed. I had nothing else to do so I slid my foot into one. It was slightly damp, felt pretty loose and I could feel the guys foot indent in the sole. My dcs were pretty new but the ones I now had on my feet really weren’t. 

My friend and I left the theatre but didn’t see the guys, or our shoes again.


Author – Ade

Back in 2013 I worked as a pizza delivery driver. One evening I had to go to this area named brookside. I parked up and got out my car. I then leaned into my car to get something, suddenly 2 guys walked past and took my shoe off and threw it into someone’s garden. It was around 8pm in November so it was dark. I had to knock on door to get my shoe back.

Lost shoes during gym class

Author – Tim

When I was in high-school, gym class was the one thing I could never stand. Most of the other students were ignorant and the teachers weren’t better. 

One day as gym was beginning I was running late and was one of the last few students to enter the locker room to change into our gym attire. Before I was ready to go out on the floor I ran to where the water fountain was at to get a quick drink, leaving my dc sneakers behind where my locker was at. 

When I came back my sneakers were gone and I frantically searched for them but to no avail. As I was going out of the locker room to tell the teachers of my shoes being stolen, the door was locked (which was a policy that they had to prevent people from coming in and stealing students books and other belongings). So there I was, shoeless and having to wait until the class came back in so the door could be opened. When they came back I made my way to the teacher to explain my situation, but he wasn’t having any of it. 

“You skip my class, well you’ll miss you next class. Today we ran out on the soccer field so you’ll do the same.

“But my shoes are missing” I said. He said that’s not his problem and escorted me outside. As we stepped outside it began to rain heavily and I looked at him and said 

“Cant I just make it up tomorrow? I’m going to get soaked out here.” He pointed to the field and said to run/walk around until I complete 5 laps. And so I did, completing 5 laps in my once bright no show socks. 

Luckily the next class I would have had was a “free class” and then after that school was done for the day.

 I went home on the bus that day without my sneakers and got some weird stairs, thankfully those sneakers were not my only pair