Trying on my sister’s friends shoes

Author – lovetoshoeswap

One day my sister had two of her friends staying over for the weekend and when they came in they were wearing a pair of converse hi rise and a pair of Nike court royals, when I saw their shoes I just knew I had to find a way to try them on. As the weekend went on they never really left the house so I knew my chances were getting slim until they decided to go outside wandering about the local forest. I thought to myself this is my chance as they would have to wear Wellington boots as the forest was very muddy. They left the house and I was on my own to try their shoes, I started with the converses which were a size 5 which was too small for me. I then moved on too the nikes which were size 8 and they fitted perfectly to my delight so I wore them about the house for a while then put them back to where I found them as not to raise any suspicion to having worn them. When they got back they were none the wiser which meant I was successful in my sneaky wearing of their shoes which I was delighted with

A bets a bet

Author – the girl with one shoe

Me and my friends Caroline and Rachel are going to Tilt today. We are all in 10th grade. I got up, got dressed, got in my car and drove to Tilt. My friends were there waiting for me. I was a few minutes late and said sorry for being late. They said it’s fine and we walked in. We got are cards and started playing some games. That day I was wearing a red hoodie. Blue skinny jeans and high top grey converses. After a few games we then decided to play laser tag. As we walked in my friend Rachel says whoever loses has to give up their shoe for the whole week. We all said ok and started playing. After a few rounds I ended up losing. After we walked out of laser tag Rachel looked at me and said well, give us your shoe. I said no, please it’s a stupid bet but Rachel said a bets a bet. I said fine and bent down and untied my right converse and slipped it of revealing my purple ankle sock. I then handed my shoe to Rachel and she then put it in her bag from tilt and said you will see your shoe again in a week. Then she left along with Caroline leaving me in one shoe. I did not want to hop to cause to much attention to myself so I just walked like normal even though my was missing my right shoe. When I got to my car I looked at the bottom of my sock and it was already dirty. I then got in my car and drove home. The next day I had school and realized I have to go to school missing a shoe. After I got dressed I put on my left converse and looked down at my socked foot. Then I drove to school. When I got there everyone took notice as soon as I walked in the building. And to make matters worse my sock was bright yellow. I found Caroline and Rachel and said can I please have my shoe back. They said no, you agreed to the bet so you will get it back this Friday. I said fine and walked to class. In my first few classes everyone was asking me where my shoe was. I just told them I lost it in a bet. Halfway through the day my sock was really dirty with even a few hairs on the bottom. As the day went on my sock kept on getting dirty. Then finally the end of the day rolled around and I went home. When I got home my sock was almost back from dirt and full of hairs. I don’t know how I am going to survive this week at this rate.

Shoes stolen while shopping

Author – lovetoshoeswap

It was that time of year when all the shops were having a big sale so I decided I would treat myself to a new pair of shoes. I headed into town wondering what shoes I wanted but my mind started to wander and I got to thinking about this website where people posted stories of losing their shoes and I got to thinking “what if someone were to take my shoes”. My heart started to race just thinking of the idea so I thought “let’s see if someone will take my shoes”. I get to the shoe shop and decide to sit down near some people in the hope that they might take my shoes (my shoes are a pair of black low top converse). As I slipped off my converses I kicked them nearer to the other people that were sat near me and I went browsing the aisles in my socks. After a few minutes of looking I notice this guy looking at my shoes. He then pops off his shoes which were a pair of trashed Nike air max and slip his feet into my converses, I thought to myself “finally someone else is wearing my shoes” but then reality sinks in and I see him making off towards the exit in my shoes with his own shoes in hand so I run after him and say “excuse me but your wearing my shoes”. He turned to me and said “I think you’ll find these are my shoes now and they’re really comfortable so I’m keeping them “. He left with my shoes leaving me to continue my journey back home shoeless which was embarrassing but I was also full of glee as I knew someone out there was wearing my shoes.

New to the bench

Author – Jman

Andrew started giggling in class and the teacher summoned him to the bench in the front of the classroom. (When students break the rules, they have to give up their shoes and forfeit them over to the school. Offenders are summoned to a bench in the front of the classroom where they have to sit down and take off their shoes and put their shoes in a black box marked “shoe jail.” When the “shoe jail” is full, the forfeited shoes are auctioned off and the proceeds go for school supplies.) Andrew took his seat on the bench and took of his white converse all stars revealing plain white socks. He then held what were about to be his former shoes within nose range of the teacher and placed them in the black box. The teacher said to him, “How many pairs is this?” “Four,” Andrew replied. The sock-footed student then made his way back to his seat.

When class was over Caleb came up to Andrew and said, “You seem to lose your shoes allot.” “It’s fun,” Andrew replied, “the first time I lost my shoes I was somewhat upset but once I lost them, I liked spending the rest of the day in my socks and I wanted to repeat that experience. Besides I can always afford to buy new shoes. You should try losing your shoes sometime.” Caleb was not sure about this. Andrew said to him, “Why don’t we both come to class late together tomorrow.” Caleb was still not sure about this but Andrew convinced him to go along with losing his shoes.

The next morning Andrew came to school with white low top tennis shoes with a green stripe. These shoes were somewhat worn but still in good condition. Caleb came to school wearing brown deck shoes. When the bell rang Andrew and Caleb stayed behind. Two minutes after the bell Andrew and Caleb proceeded to class. Caleb looked down at his shoes and sighed knowing the fate that awaited his shoes once he walked into the classroom. As Andrew and Caleb walked into the classroom, the teacher said, “Nice that you could join us boys, have a seat on the bench. Andrew, you show Caleb what to do.” Andrew sat down and took off his tennis shoes revealing white socks with a green line across the toes. Caleb took of his shoes, revealing blackish-brown socks. Both of them put their shoes in the “shoe jail” and headed to their seats. Andrew was content to lose his shoes once again and Caleb actually liked the experience of losing his shoes and wanted to do it again.

It was a couple days later in class and Caleb and Andrew where throwing a history book at each other. Eventually, their friend Daniel got involved in the action. Daniel was someone that was easily swayed by others. Caleb, Andrew and Daniel were summoned to the bench. All three took of their shoes and placed them in the box. Caleb and Andrew then welcomed Daniel into the “shoe losing” club. All three looked forward to losing their shoes again.

Converse camping capers

Author – Jonathan

So, I do not like cocky guys. Nothing like a guy being a jerk in everything he does. This past weekend I decided to go camping. It is a campground far from civilization but had a few amenities such as porty potties and 3 showers. I brought with me a nice large tent and a few pairs of kicks, Nikes, Osiris, and a pair of DCs. Not too many people around me and nice peace and quiet. That was until this jackass in one of those big pickups came roaring in, reving up his engine. I exited my tent to see what all the ruckus was. My initial anger left when he got out of his truck, a young guy with dirty blond hair exited wearing from top to bottom, an AC/DC shirt, blue jeans, and teal Converse. Out of the passenger side his girlfriend and a mean looking dog exited. They decided to set up camp not too far from me. Here is where things got worse. Not only would the dog bark at everything but this guy had the nerve to tell people it was his dogs vacation too. Day 2 arrived and 2 of the 3 showers went down for maintenance. The notice said that from 8 am until 5 Pm only one shower would be operational and to conserve the hot water appropriately. I saw no line so I gathered my things up for a shower and started walking there. While I was walking this guy sped around me and reached the shower ahead of me. (Strike 1). He proceeded to jump in the shower, leaving his clothes behind including the converse. Did he take five minutes, ten? No he took 15 minutes. He got out and when I went in the water was freezing. I was like what the hell and get this, he then said as he finished getting dressed, oh yeah I used all the hot water. (Strike 2). Later on that evening he decided he would get into a big yelling match with his girlfriend over the dog eating the last piece of steak. Apparently the girlfriend was suppose to be watching the dog while the food was being cooked. That did not happen and as some meat was done including the last steak and placed on the prep table, that dog managed to get a hold of it. Later that night he was in a drunken stuper still comp!aining about his lost steak. The final straw was when he took the last roll of toilet paper out of the porty potties to clean up a spill. I did not know at the time and well I had to use the restroom. I’ll let you figure out what happened but needless to say that was (strike 3). Ever since he got out of his car, I noticed how sweet his Converse looked and in my favorite color. Ever since stike 3 I decided I am going to pay him back by taking them. Day 3 All 3 showers we’re back up and running and I took my shower early. I kept my eye on when he was going to go. He went at noon and I was not too far behind him with my shower bag. 2 showers we’re in use including the one this guy was in. On the changing bench was a ladies bra, flip flops, shorts, pink and orange towel, a changing bag, and sunglasses. So obviously the one shower was being used by a woman. Also on the changing bench was a black shower bag, undershirt, jeans, and that is all I saw at the time. I was like dam, where the heck did his shoes go. I realized quickly that it was hidden underneath his jeans and bag. So while that guy was taking his hot shower, I put my new kicks into my bag and booked it. I had time before he got out to head back to my tent and carefully check out my new Converse. They were a little small compared to what I normally wear and it was obvious that he wore them sockless. I also saw doodling on them and his name “Tony”. These look so sweet. So here I am waiting to see what would happen, out of nervousness and excitement. He came out pissed to high hell. Yelling to everyone who took my shoes?!!! Most people camping nearby just shrugged or ignored him completely. Tony went back to his camp and asked his girlfriend if she knew anything. Apparently this was all he had and after cursing for half an hour he decided he had enough and started packing. An hour later they all got back in their truck and left….. If I had known that is all it would have taken I would have done it sooner. So there I was relaxing in my tent, peace and quiet again with my new sexy Converse for another few days. Thanks “Tony” I’ll take good care of “MY” new shoes. 🙂

Taking my friends converse

Author – Lovetoshoeswap

One day I was over at my friends house chilling and playing some Xbox with him. After a few hours of gaming my friend said he needed to go to the toilet, at this point I noticed the pair of converse high tops lying in the corner. They looked as though they were well worn but still in reasonably good condition so I decided to see if they would fit me. To my delight they fit me perfectly and I thought well I’m having these. My friend came back to see me wearing his shoes and proceeds to ask me why. I told him that I really liked the look of them and wanted to wear them. He then said that because I took his shoes he should get to wear my shoes which were a pair of Adidas gazelles. I said that was a fair trade and gave him my shoes and he slipped into them. A while later I get ready to leave and ask him if he wants his shoes back and he tells me to keep them for a while as he took a liking to my shoes and wanted to wear them. I asked him if I could have more of his shoes sometime and he said only if he could wear some of mine. I agreed to that and headed off for home wondering what shoes of his I would go for next.

Cinema shoes

Author – Bush123

The Cinema I used to go to had a gap under the seat in front which got smaller the further back the row was. We got there late to see a film and had to sit near the back. I still played around with my converse but thought I would not touch the girl in front. Wrong! I took my right shoe off and left it under the seat in front to remove a bit of popcorn from my sock but when i felt for it again it was gone. I panicked a while then thought it maybe just out of reach so I tried to fish around with my left shoe half on my foot. I then felt something firm pushing my foot and a second later I was shoeless! She was then messing about nearher own feet and I was sure she was putting my shoes on! (I have quite small feet) I spent the movie shoeless and nervous but excited. When the lights came up I waited to see what happened but they just sat there for ages. My girlfriend wanted to go so I had to ask if she had seen my shoes. She said oh yes I thought I felt something! And then grabbed both my shoes from her bag and handed them to me. I wish they had just got up and gone straight after the movie and took my shoes. Maybe another time. 😊