No noisy footwear allowed

Author – Jman

Bradley was was on his way to the library to do some studying. The library has a policy that no noisy footwear is allowed and must be removed upon entering the library. The library has hard wood floors and boots and shoes make too much noise.

Bradley walked past the circulation desk where Shelly was on duty. As he walked by Shelly said to him, “You have to take off your boots.” “Why?” asked Bradly. Shelly replied, “They make too much noise and library rules say noisy footwear must come off. Either you take off your boots or you have to leave.” Bradley did not want to take off his boots for fear something might happen to them. “Take off your boots or leave,” Shelly said once again. Bradley needed to do research and realized he had no choice but to remove his prize black cowboy boots. He took them off revealing white socks with grey heals and toes. “I can take those for you, ” Shelly said. Bradley handed her his boots and she placed them behind the desk.

Bradley then entered the reading area in his sock feet and did his research. Another student was in the library and she said, “I see you are in your socks too.” “Yea, the girl at the counter took my boots because they were making too much noise,” said Bradley. The girl replied, “Yes, I had to turn in my clogs also. But it’s okay because I like how my sock feet feel on the wooden floors.” Bradley did have to admit to himself that the wooden floors felt good on his shoeless feet.

Bradley had then finished his research and was ready to leave the library. He went to the desk to get his boots but Shelly was no longer working there but another gentleman. Bradley told the gentleman that he was leaving and wanted to pick up his cowboy boots. “What boots?” the gentleman asked. “The lady that was working here told me I had to my cowboy boots off because they made too much noise and to give them to her for safe keeping.” The man at the desk said, “I’m sorry but there are no boots back here and I don’t know who was working when you walked in. I don’t know what to tell you.” Bradley then left the library in his socks trying to figure out what happened to his boots.

The shoe auction

Author – Mickey

Andrew volunteered to assist in the shoe auction. He’d had his Nike AirMax trainers taken from him a week earlier so he wasn’t allowed to bid in the auction. His job was to prepare all the forfeited shoes in the school hall ready for bidding, he would also be holding each pair of shoes as they are auctioned. Whilst he was placing all the shoes on temporary tables he came across his confiscated Nikes so he hid them behind the stage curtain. The hall filled up with students hoping to bag a bargain. The teacher stood at the podium with gavel in hand and the auction commenced. Andrew held up the first pair of black lace up shoes, plain and ordinary, this was the same for the first 25 pairs. Each time Andrew would leave the stage and give the shoes to the winning bidder and collect the payment and return to the stage and give the money to the auctioneer. After all the school shoes had been auctioned it was time for the confiscated sport shoes. Most of the students had come along specifically for this part of the auction as most of the trainers where nearly new just like his Nikes that he had hidden. The most popular trainers went for high prices especially Nikes followed by New Balance. A few pairs of Adidas trainers went for next to nothing. Andrew said to the teacher it was the last pair as he held up yet another pair of black Nike AirMax trainers. Andrew took them to the successful bidder and returned to the stage. As he gave the money to the teacher he was told to get the trainers he’d hidden. “We have one last pair of trainers, size 9 Nike AirMax”. Andrew stood holding his own trainers up and with every bid he knew they where gonna be on someone else’s feet before the end of the day. Again he got off the stage and reluctantly handed his trainers to the winner. He got back on the stage and gave the money for his trainers to the teacher. As he was about to leave the teacher shouted out “We have one last pair of shoes that have just come up for auction, size 9, black leather brogues”. Andrew looked at the teacher and said “We have no more shoes to auction” The teacher looked down at Andrews feet. “Yes we have, take them off”. Andrew stared out into the hall, every pair of eyes where watching him as he unlaced his shoes and removed them. He picked them up and raised them in the air just like all the other pairs before. The teacher announced to the hall that Andrew had broken the school rules for hiding a pair of trainers, his deceit has cost him his shoes aswell. May this swift punishment of him losing his shoes and selling them whilst they are still warm from his feet act as a deterrent to you all. His shoes went under the hammer and he walked off stage like each time before, only this time he was in socked feet. He handed his shoes to a guy and took the money. The guy said “The teacher was right they are still warm”. Those around him laughed as he watched the guy take off his own shoes and put on his newly acquired leather brogues. Andrew walked back to the stage and gave the money to the teacher. He sat on the edge of the stage with his socked feet dangling. He watched everyone leave, all wearing shoes and some carrying shoes whilst he had none. He watched his Nikes being carried out and then watched his leather shoes walk out on somebody else’s feet. The teacher still wanted to see him the next day about trying to steal his own trainers.
He walked home in his black socks to explain to his parents why he had not only lost his expensive trainers but also his dads expensive leather brogues which he had borrowed that morning.

The dentist part 3 – real revenge

Author – Speedy’s friend

After the story with my dentist and my grand ma, on monday morning my brother and i were running late for school. I put on my sneakeers and amde a mad dahs for it, getting in just beofre the door closed at 9, and then once inside i quickly switched into my shoes, even as i heard the door locking.

My brother was in socks, and he didn’t make it, only arriving in time to meet miss MacAllan. i was in class but i asked the form master if i can be excused together with a couple of friends, and we watched from upstaris. When he arrived Miss MacAl;en opened and she made him take off his socks. he went beet beet red, bt he gave them to her. He ended up with an extra detention too, so he was left without hsoes or trainers till after tuseday, and spent a school day plus a sports seesion on tuesday barefoot. Cool Revenge. serves him right.

The dentist

Author – speedy’s friend

In our school the normal consequence for late coming is a detention, and depending on the teacher, often includes shoes being confiscated. Since detention only lasts forty five minutes, my friends and I often choose to sleep in in the mornings – after all it is worth a forty five minute detention if we can get an extra hour or two of sleep.
On the last day before our half term holiday – a Thursday – I had all the more reason to sleep in, since I had scheduled a dentist appointment towards the end of the day, so I anyway wouldn’t be able to stay for a detention. I turned up at school and rang the bell – confident that I had a foolproof plan, when Miss MacAllan came to the entrance. Miss MacAllan is an older Scottish single, a real real tough cookie. It always amazes me how at only five foot three she literally has every single pupil listening to her.
She looked at her watch, and then primly told me to follow her to her office. “shoes please” she demanded. I thought it better not to tell her straight away that I had an appointment – that would make it clear that I was relying on the appointment not to do detention, – so I started to remove my feet from my shoes.
“will you undo your laces when you take your shoes off” she demanded. With no choice I bent down and opened my laces. I wear very simple school shoes, no pattern, a bit clompy, and was wearing solid grey school socks.
“Very well.” She said. “off you go to your classroom, and you will get them back after your detention.”
I wondered off in my socks, a bit embarrassing, but doable, feeling the scratchy carpet tiles through my socks. Entering the classroom my face went a little red, but I could already see a pair of trainers on the floor near the teacher, so I obviously wasn’t alone.
During my lunchbreak I went back to Miss MacAllan’s office. I lied, and told her that my mom had just phoned the school to say that she had made me an appointment. She looked at me up and down, as if scrutinizing a piece of dirt, and then told me to follow her. Not sure what was happening I fell into line behind her while she went striding through the school corridors.
“you shouldn’t be wearing those things on your feet.” She accosted one boy who was wearing trainers. “take them off and follow me” soon there were three sock footed boys following her in a somewhat embarrassing parade.
We reached our form’s cloakroom. “Show me where you keep your sneakers.” She demanded. Had I realized what she was up to I would have lied, and told her that I hadn’t brought them, but foolishly I took out my sports kit. She told us to follow her again, and led us back to her office. “now will all put your shoes over in the corner” Every one else put their shoes there and she glared at me “yours too” she said. “No reason why a different set of rules should apply to you and a different set to everyone else”
“But I wasn’t wearing my sneakers” I protested
“neither was I” she said sarcastically. I tried to protest again but she cut me off. “unless you would like to give your socks you had better stop arguing. I had little choice but to leave her my trainers. Now I realized that none of my friends would lend me theirs either over the half term. Anyway we had sports at the end of the day, so everyone needed their trainers.
Miss macAllan informed me that I would receive my shoes after doing a detention, which she assumed would not be until Tuesday.

My mom came to school to take me to the dentist, I went out to the car, feeling the pavement through my socks. It was the first time in my life outdoor without shoes.I told her what had happened, expecting a least little sympathy, but all she said was “you made your bed, now lie in it.”
We arrived at the dentist, Mom parking a full block away, probably on purpose, and the receptionist asked me if I suffer from any allergies or conditions, and then continued “not taking any blood thinners, or diabetes medication? Just simple feet sores?”
Mom didn’t give her an opportunity to make a mistake. “he forfeited his shoes as aschool punishment” she said pointedly. The same story repeated itself as soon as we came in to the dentist, who asked what happened to my shoes, so mom happily explained.
“On, I thought you had a cavity on your feet,” he said, leaning close in with his drill and pressing the button to turn it on. He thought it was an absolute joke, and didn’t stop approaching my feet with any instrument.
Finally we were finished. I thought the jokes were over, and I suddenly felt a wet gloved finger reaching into my socks. “you will forfeit your socks for latecoming.” He was tittering with laughter at his joke, while I stood there, way too embarrassed to go outside, my grey socks in his wet gloved hands.
Eventually I walked on the ice cold tiles to the waiting area hoping no one would notice my bare feet – exactly what the dentist had wanted. A minute later he announced over the PA system “you left your socks in my office, causing everyone waiting to take a peek. I shuffled back to his room, my facr beet red, put on my socks, and now returned to the waiting area, where everyone peered again.

Search and seizure

Author – Irsocks

I volunteered for a research job not realizing that I had to go to the library to do the research. I thought I could do it all online. It was too late to get out of it, so there I was in my blue, black, and white striped socks and blue, black, and white Vans. I was at one of those desks with the divider working and reading away. When I am really concentrating, I tend to tap my foot really fast. I didn’t realize I was doing it on the chair leg and making a lot of noise until an employee tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to be quiet. I apologized, and as I turned back to my work, I notice this guy watching me and giggling about what just happened. I did notice that he was only wearing one white Nike shoe on his left foot while the other foot had only a white sock on it. I shrugged it off and went back to work.
Before I knew it, the guy was back tapping me on the shoulder again. This time he asked me to leave. I couldn’t go back without the research, so I begged and pleaded for him to let me stay. I didn’t realize what it would cost me. He sayed I could stay, but on one condition. I sayed fine. He bent down, took a hold of my right shoe heel and slipped my sneaker off. My striped sock foot was out for all to see. Before I could object, he told me that I would get it back when I was done. I was shocked and embarrassed, but I had to finish the research.
Being embarrassed thinking everyone was watching me, I couldn’t concentrate wearing only one shoe, so I stretched out under the desk to hide my now shoeless right foot. I thought my foot had hit the divider under the desk, but I had kicked the guy on the other side. I apologized and moved my feet back some thinking everything was okay. Before I knew it, the guy grab the heel of my remaining sneaker and slowly started slipping it off. I was helpless because I could not move up or I would fall out of the chair. I couldn’t move back or my foot would slip out even faster. The guy must have known this because he went ever so slowly removing my sneaker.
I couldn’t say anything because I would be kicked out. I sat helpless as my sneaker was slowly being stolen. It seemed like time had stood still as I felt my sock foot slip slowly out of my sneaker. Once my heel was free he took his time letting the back of my sneaker slide up the sole of my sock foot. I didn’t know what to do as the back of my sneaker slid up the ball of my foot, under my toes and then off my foot. My heel hit the carpet floor. I was now shoeless in the library.
I had to get my sneaker back. As I rounded the corner, I got a glimpse of the thief as he walked out the room door. He was wearing one white Nike sneaker and one blue, black, and white Vans sneaker. I had no choice but to go back to the desk. I knew who the thief was because the giggler was gone now. At the front desk the employee gave me back my sneaker. It was embarrassing to say the least putting on one sneaker while the employee laughed at my situation. I walked out of the library with my head down.
My mind could only go back to the story I read about another guy losing his white Nike sneakers and socks in the library. I looked down at my one sock foot and one Vans sneaker thinking at least they only got one sneaker. Suddenly in front of my feet appeared one Nike sneaker and my other Vans sneaker. Before I could look up, I heard the guy say ‘you won’t be needing that one’, and my sneakered foot was grabbed and my sneaker was ripped from my foot leaving me shoeless on the sidewalk. I could do nothing as I watched the thief run away with my Vans. It was a long walk home.

Delivered, given and taken

Author – Irsocks

The boss sent me on a run to pick up a package from a business partner at the courtyard near the mall. I had on my black and white Adidas Cloud Foam City sneakers with Adidas ankle socks. As I waited, a young guy wearing some black and white Nike Tanjuns came up and sat at the bench across from me. As I read a story on, I glanced up to see him playing with his sneakers slipping them on and off showing his white Nike socks with black heels. Eventually he slipped his whole foot out of one of them revealing the black toe of his sock. I smiled and looked back at my phone. I eventually looked back up to find that he had laid down on the bench and was now swinging his legs back and forth. His sneakers didn’t have a chance of staying on. The left one slid off followed by the right one. Both of his sneakers were now on the ground, one turned on its side. He didn’t bother to put them back on. He just let his sock feet be free for all to see.
After a few minutes, I looked back at my phone because someone was coming. A guy walked by and kicked one of the Tanjuns with his red and black New Balance foot sending it far off. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I looked back at the guy then at his sock feet then down at the one remaining sneaker. The guy on the bench never even looked up. After a few minutes the guy came back through again this time kicking the other sneaker as he went by until it too was out of sight. Now there were two socked feet and no sneakers. I thought for sure the guy would notice, but he did not. What I noticed after a few minutes was the same guy that had stolen the sneakers coming back. This time he sat down on the bench next to mine. He was no longer wearing his red and black New Balance sneakers. He was wearing the young guy’s Tanjuns. He started playing with the sneakers slipping them on and off.
Finally after what seemed like hours, the young guy sat up and stretched his legs revealing his sock soles. He looked around for his sneakers which was now on the other guy’s feet. The other guy must have been brave or stupid because he did not leave. The young guy panicked when he couldn’t find his sneakers. An officer happened to walk by, and the young guy told him someone had stolen his sneakers. He pointed our way. The officer approached us and asked us if we had seen what happened. The other guy was not going to tell the truth, and I thought I was safe being that my sneakers were Adidas instead of Nikes. The young guy told the officer that our shoes looked like his, and that he didn’t know which one had did it. I could have told the officer what happened, but I wanted to see how it would play out. The officer rounded us up and took us to the security building. He told me and the other guy to remove our sneakers. Once again I could have told him what happened, but again I thought I was safe seeing as my sneakers were Adidas. We took off our sneakers and handed them to the officer who took them in the back with the young guy. I was now embarrassed being in just my socks. The other guy didn’t seem to mind because he stretched out. Eventually the young guy came out still in his socks and sat down. He gave us a mean look.
After a while, another officer came through the front door. He asked us why we were in the building shoeless. The young guy explained the situation. The officer went in the back and came back laughing. He told us we had been robbed because no one was in the back room and there was no other officer in the area. Sure enough the back room was empty. I couldn’t believe I was shoeless and that I would have to go home in my socks. I regretted not saying anything before. The officer took our statements and sent us on our way. Not only was I shoeless in public in my socks, I had to tell my boss that I did not get his package.
The next morning my boss called me into his office. I didn’t tell him the whole story, but I had to tell him there was no package. I knew I was fired. He got on the phone and made a call. I couldn’t believe I had delivered my sneakers and given them away so that they could be taken. Well after the boss got off the phone, he said that the business partner had an emergency and could not make it. He said it was okay. I was relieved. As I turned to walk out of the office, my boss told me that I had nice sneakers. I turned and looked down at my black, blue and white Vans. I was about to say thanks when I looked up to see my Adidas sneakers on his feet which he had put upon the desk. I know they were mine because there was a part of the sole missing. I didn’t know if he was talking about my Vans on my feet or my Adidas on his feet.

Uncle Henry

Author – Speedy

Hi, I’m speedy, who James mentioned in his recent post about Joseph’s come-uppance.

Shoe confiscation is common in school. In reality I wouldn’t care so much, i actually prefer walking in my socks, but with everyone around me in shoes, plus the embarrassment, and using the bathrooms, and the cafeteria etc… it isn’t really the best idea. BTW James gave the wrong shoes for me, i wear the remi pace shoe. It is a very solid shoe. Here’s the link.

The school actually has a list of approved shoes, and they are all quite solid, unflexible style.
Recently my mom bought me a new pair, they really looked quite sturdy. Of course I manged to lose them on my first day wearing them, – my crime was failing to bring the proper writing supplies, and our form master, Mr. Slade was really excited. “What do we have here? New shoes?” he put them on his desk for all to see, so of course everyone who entered the classroom saw them. And who came in next but my uncle, Mr. Henry. Mr. Slade happily told him that they were mine. Quite embarrassing, but stay tuned for the next, far more embarassing sequel …