Shoplifters shoes – unlucky date

Author – Unlucky lad

I had read in a newspaper about thieves having their shoes confiscated by a shop owner. The thought of having to give up your shoes and forced to walk home shoeless excited me. I wanted to check the store out but it was on the other side of town and I don’t drive. One day after college I decided to take a bus and visit the shop. I wandered around the store, the thought of leaving shoeless was overwhelming but I was no thief and the shame of stealing would be unbearable. As I bought a drink I noticed all the confiscated footwear, there was school shoes, work boots but mostly trainers. I got excited again, I wished I could watch a shoplifter take off their shoes and hand them over.
On the bus home I thought again about getting my shoes confiscated and having to ride this bus home in socked feet. The thrill and fear excited and scared me at the same time but I really wanted the experience, so I decided to become a thief, for one day only.
I wore my red Adidas Originals with white stripes, wearing black socks would be less noticeable when I lose my shoes. My red trainers would stand out against all the other confiscated footwear on the shelf. I took enough money for my bus fares and the cost of a drink to purchase. I was getting nervous as I sat on the bus but I kept looking at my red trainers, the thought of getting them taken kept me going. I arrived at the shop, I looked for something to steal, too big would be stupidly obvious and too small and I may not be noticed. I looked at magazines big enough to see but also easy to conceal inside my jacket. I grabbed two computer magazines and put them inside my jacket and zipped it up. I took a canned drink to the till. I was nervous and shaking crazily, ‘You OK’ said the shopkeeper as I paid for my drink. I headed quickly to the exit, I was regretting what I had done, the shame of stealing was unbearable, I now didn’t want to be caught. A hand grabbed my shoulder, I felt light headed and trembled as I turned around. ‘You forgot your drink’ said the shopkeeper. I grabbed my drink, thanked him and quickly left. My adrenaline was still high as I got on the bus. By the time I reached home I was disappointed but relieved that I had not been caught.
A few weeks later I had a date, a new girl at college. She was gorgeous and she had a car. I was broke so it was really a drive out in her car more than a date. She looked great in her pink Adidas trainers and jeans, I was wearing my new black Nike Air Max trainers with jeans. We’d been to an out of town retail park, window shopping. On the way back she wanted a drink and pulled up outside a shop, not just any shop but the shop I had stolen from. We went inside and the guilt came back as if I had just done it. We queued at the till and I had started shaking. The shopkeeper noticed my nervous behaviour and remembered me from my previous visit. As we walked to the door I was stopped by another guy who accused me of theft. My face went white then red through fear and embarrassment. My date said we haven’t stolen anything but the shopkeeper said it was on a previous visit and showed us both a photograph image from the cctv showing me putting the magazines in my jacket. ‘You didn’t tell me you’re a thief’ my date shouted as she stormed out of the shop. I tried to follow but was stopped and taken back to the till. The shopkeeper pointed to a sign about taking shoes and looked down at my feet. ‘Can I just pay for the magazines’ I pleaded even though I had no money. ‘Return tomorrow and pay double, then we’ll return your shoes, so take them off’. My face was red with embarrasment as several customers watched me remove my shoes, I remembered wanting to be one of them. The guy took my shoes and placed them on the counter, I could tell he was admiring my new Nikes.
I told them I was a student and couldn’t afford to pay double, I couldn’t even afford to pay single as they where expensive mags that I’d stolen. I explained that I was no thief and the reason why. ‘Are you excited now your stood in your socks whilst I have your shoes’ he said with a smirk on his face. I wasn’t as I was squirming with embarrassment stood there as one of their typical shoeless thieves.
‘I’ll cut you some slack’ he said. ‘You can pay single price and get your shoes back tomorrow but you have to return as you are now, shoeless. But fail to return tomorrow and I will own your trainers’ he said as he put my shoes on the shelf. People where staring at my shoeless feet as I was staring at my now confiscated Nikes. I wasn’t feeling excited like I’d thought when I imagined it weeks earlier.
I promised I’d be back and left the shop in my thin white Nike socks. It had been a while since my date left me but I was hoping she would be in her car waiting, especially as my only money was spent on the drinks which I’d left in the shop. Unfortunately she wasn’t and I had a long journey home in socked feet. After my initial embarrassment and adrenaline had calmed I was getting a thrill being forced to walk shoeless through the streets.
How was I going to pay, do I return shoeless to save money or do I say goodbye to my Nikes forever? A lot of questions to answer as I walked in my thin white socks which where becoming thinner by the minute.
Losing my date and shoes was not how I had planned ending my evening.

Accidental detention

Author – Unlucky lad

When I was 16 years old I was at a senior school for boys. The school was old and very strict. If you said or done anything wrong two hours of detention was given at the end of that day. Generally it was the same boys who got detention most days and really didn’t care for the rules. If the detention teacher had to leave the classroom most of the boys would just sneak out as they could not be locked in the room. The rules where changed so that anyone given detention had to remove their shoes and jackets/outdoor coats and place them in the stationary cupboard along with their school bags. The cupboard door was then locked and only unlocked for any further latecomers or at the end of the detention session. This really frustrated the boys as they couldn’t leave if they where left unattended. 

I would always follow the rules as I could not bear  the thought of letting myself down and being in detention amongst bad boys. 

I often stayed behind for a few minutes assisting the teacher at school so regularly walked past the detention classroom with a smug look on my face looking through the large windows at all those boys sat there in their socks knowing they would be sat there for a long time whilst I was off home.

One day as I was walking along the empty corridor, I was stopped by the Headmaster. He asked me to go find Mr Lancaster and ask him to go to the Headmasters Office, it was an old school and not all classrooms had telephone extensions.. He told me that Mr Lancaster was hosting the detention class. ‘Yes Sir’ I said and continued walking along the corridor. I knocked on the classroom door as this was a school Rule. ‘Enter’ shouted Mr Lancaster. I walked to his desk whilst glancing smugly at the shoeless boys. ‘The headmaster sent me Sir to…..’, ‘SILENCE BOY’ he bellowed. ‘Take off your shoes’ he said. ‘But Sir’ I tried to tell him. He shouted ‘silence’ again and said ‘detention again tomorrow for answering back to a teacher’. He unlocked the cupboard door and told me to put my coat and bag on a shelf and my shoes on the floor next to all the other confiscated footwear. He locked the door and told me to go sit at a desk. I could feel the cold floor beneath my socked feet and sense the smugness on all the other boys faces as I walked past them. I wanted to again try and tell the teacher that I was sent to get him and not sent to get detention but feared I would be breaking the silence rule and be given another detention. After a short while the Headmaster stormed in and said to Mr Lancaster why he had not gone to his office. 

The headmaster seen me sat there in my socks, I expected him to realise the teachers mistake and release me from detention, unfortunately he didn’t and told me that I would get another detention for failing to pass on the message. The teacher and Headmaster left the room, the other boys started laughing at me. To make matters worse some of my class mates walked past in the corridor and seen me with all the bad boys in our socks. The embarrassment was unbearable and to think I had to do it again for two more days too.