Stole my boot

Author – John

I’m in class last week and I’m wearing timberlands . I don’t usually like to wear boots to school but I didn’t care today and because it was a lazy day and my boots are ragged and used for work. There dirty Inside and out and make my socks really dirty and smelly. the laces are barely tied on one boot because my buddy’s dog tore my boot off my foot and chewed on the lace on another occasion. That’s whole other story in itself. I sit in the back row and there’s a boy in the front who i think likes feet just as much as I do. I didn’t have much of a clue of that then but I was relaxing and stretching my feet out . He always teases me and jokes that someday I’ll lose my boot if it’s not tied on tight. I didn’t really think much of it and I knew he wouldn’t try anything during class. Well on this day I had forgot I had owed him some money from the day before and he felt obligated when the teacher wasnt looking; to reach back and grip my boot heal while still acting like he was working on his assignment. I knew he got a kick out of this and some of the other classmates just giggled and stared at his antics . I was completely caught off guard and it was getting more embarrassing by the moment. If I told the teacher we would probably both get in trouble for disrupting the class . He knew I owed him but I couldn’t believe he was really trying to pay him self with my boot .. I didn’t find this amusing. Lucky for him he was tugging on the heal of the boot with the torn lace. My foot was practically wet from sweat because of how thin my socks were, my boot felt like it was sliding off like butter. It was a fight to keep it on. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t giving it up . He had a smile on his face and I was just embarrassed. People were giggling still and the teacher looked around the room and was curious about the small commotion she heard. After not seeing anything of interest it got quiet and she went back to her work. He was still tugging on my boot and I was resisting but all the while my foot was coming out of the boot more and more . I finally pushed up on the boot and got my foot wedged in there a bit better and he saw that and reached around quietly and began to fully unlace my boot . At that point he tugged very lightly and the boot slid off into his hand. I immediately retracted my socked foot and hid it behind my other booted foot. My boots were ragged and worn so the smell from the other boot coming off was in the air . I knew he was getting a kick out of this. I could tell the other students were eyeing my feet up and it was embarrassing showing off my white socked sole. I noticed he kept the boot in his desk and acted like not much happened. He knew we had to present this day and he wanted to see me up at the class room in one boot and a socked foot. I had no choice but go up and present in my shoeless state. It was humiliating and the teacher didn’t know what to say . Not to mention they could probably smell my foot funk. When I got back to my desk I noticed my boot was wedged in his desk anymore. My heart dropped because I had a feeling I wasn’t going to get my boot back now . He told me at the end of class he was keeping it as a souviner untill I payed him his money and even then he still might keep it at interest. I Could not believe this . 


Socks in a French class

Author – Sheetle

“This happened in summer holiday when I was having a one-to-one French class. One day I put on my tight adidas zx flux and went to school. The way to school was not so long but the temperature was very high. It was so hot and the sneakers were so tight that I could feel my feet were sweating. As soon as I stepped in the school floor, I looked around and found nobody. Even no teachers in the teachers’ room. I decided to give my feet a rest. I sat down and tried to take off my sneakers. It was not so easy but I finally made it. It smelled so bad when the moment I pulled my feet out of my sneakers. At that time I clearly knowed that I should put my sneakers to another place so that we can have a normal class. I stood up, picked up my sneakers and went out. I found a classroom that with two chairs. I moved another chair to the front and lay my both feet on it. It was really the best way to have a rest. But suddenly I knew that I should go to the toilet first because it was a two-hour class and had no breaks. At first I wanted to wear my shoes on but it was too tight and loosing them was a waste of time. So I just went there in my socks and luckily the toilet was covered by carpets and not to dirty. I went back, picked out my note and lay down to have a rest. I waited for not very long time and saw my teacher coming. He said hello to me and asked me if I was sleeping here during the whole night. I laughed embarrassingly and had a smell of my sneakers. They really sucked so I just grabbed my bags and went in, leaving them in the other classroom. I asked him if it was safe to put them there and he answered yes. He said that there were not so much classes during the sommer holiday and he even said that he had done this before with his students when his feet also smelled and never lost one shoelace. Then we began our classes. During the class, I feeled that he took off his air max too cause I could touch his sneakers a little and some time later he went to the blackboard just with socks on proved it. I tried them secretly on when he didn’t notice. His air max really felt comfortable and soft. After about 30 minutes, I heard some noise, but he said first that no one would steal your shoes or at least you can wear my shoes home today. Then I said nothing. When the class ended, we both walked out of the door and saw nothing. He said that let’s find them but at that time i I knew that we couldn’t find them. We were both standing there and had no idea. Then he took off his shoes and said that I wear them. But as a student, I refused. He apologised to me and said I could go home with him and chose one pair as apology. I also refused and turned around to the gate waling fast out of the school in my socks. At first it was very embarrassing because it was at noon. And lots of workers were having their lunch beside the streets. But fortunately my home is not in the main road. So there were not so many people. It was really hot on the ground but frankly saying it felt so good.

I don’t know how he knows my size but maybe his size are the same as mine. At the next class he just brought me a pair of nike air max and so I took it.”