“I’m sure you understand that I would prefer not to have to do this”

Author – Derek

“Derek”, a boy from a younger class poked his head round the door into the third form’s classroom. “Derek, Mr. Hunter would like to see you”
It was Derek’s first year in this private school. His father had started a new job with a large company, and the company were corporate sponsors of a large private school, so Derek’s tuition had for the school had been a part of the renumeration package. And it was very different from his previous school. In his previous school the boys had worn whatever they wanted, normally wearing jeans and sneakers while this school had uniform black blazers and trousers – basically a suit – with a blue or white shirt and matching tie, with school shoes. Although Derek had found it a bit uncomfortable at first – especially the footwear – he was starting to enjoy walking around like a businessman.
Derek went along to Mr. Hunter’s office. This too was a far cry from his previous school experience. While his previous headmaster was a red faced surly fellow, full of sarcastic insults and rude monikers, Mr. Hunter was a soft spoken fellow.
“Derek,” Mr. Hunter asked “Please bring your sports kit.”
Derek wasn’t sure what was happening, but he went to fetch the kit nonetheless. Did Mr. hunter suspect that he was keeping something wrong in his kit?
He returned to the office, where he was told to put his kit in the corner. “Now bring a chair round here.” Instructed Mr. Hunter.
Derek did as told and sat down next to the headmaster – a far cry from his previous school where the headmaster had always screamed at them from over the desk.
Mr. Hunter opened a ledger, where he showed Derek the black marks against him, patiently telling showing him which teachers’ homework he had missed, when he had come late etc… Derek nodded. He knew the rules. Eight black marks and he would be given rubbish duty.
But he was surprised at what was coming. Mr. Hunter opened another ledger, pointed to a line and told Derek to read it out loud.
Derek read. “If a pupil is assigned rubbish duty a third time in one term, he shall do it without footwear. His footwear will be returned to him at the end of the following school day.” Derek felt his face go white. In his previous school he had lost his sneakers a couple of times, but for relatively short amounts of time. Now he was talking about a whole day, plus cleaning up the schoolyard.
Mr. Hunter asked Derek to lift his feet. To his amazement Mr. hunter undid his laces and then put Derek’s black socked feet on his lap. Derek felt himself grow hot and cold as the headmaster did this.
“I’m sure you understand that I would prefer not to have to do this” Mr. hunter said. “it is probably more difficult for me than it is for you” Derek doubted it but he was grateful for the sympathy. Then Mr. Hunter continued “thankfully it is already December so I assume this will be the only time I have to do it this term.” Derek blushed, realizing that the headmaster had politely told him that he was the only pupil to have received twenty four black marks since September.

Derek returned to the classroom shoeless. The corridors were tiled and were cold, if not uncomfortable. The classroom was carpeted with carpet tile, which were abrasive rather than comfortable, but above all Derek felt he would die from humiliation.
It was almost the end of the schoolday and after a short while the bell rang. Derek remained seated for a few minutes, hoping that less people would notice his socks. After a few minutes when he felt confident that there would be less pupils in the corridors, he rose and went to the janitor’s room.
The janitor, a jolly fellow known as Mike was expecting him. “Ooh, we’re in socks today,” he said playfully pressing his heavy boots onto Derek’s toes. “Such fun” He handed Derek a broom and followed him to the classroom.
Derek knew the procedure. First he lifted all the chairs onto the desk then he swept the floor, and then vacuumed. Then he swept the corridors, leaving them for Mike to mop. Finally time to do the schoolyard. With little choice he walked out onto the gravel, feeling every pebble through his black socks. Wearing gloves he collected all the wrappers and put them into garbage bags, then he fetched the raked and gathered the leaves. Finally finished he returned to Mike.
He then left the school grounds and walked to the nearby tube station, where he had to travel a couple of stops to get home. He felt embarrassed of the passengers, although there were only a few, and incongruous in his expensive suit without shoes. He alighted the train at his stop, secretly praying that he wouldn’t meet any boys from his previous school. They had anyway started acting a bit like bullies, and mike was scared of what might happe if they would meet him without shoes. Thankfully he met no one.
He wandered into his home, acting innocent. Thankfully his father wasn’t around, and his mother was in the kitchen, and she didn’t notice him until he came in to the kitchen, so she was sure that he had simply taken his shoes off when he came in.
His mother told him that she was going to visit an aunt of hers, but Derek excused himself as having too much homework. Since homework was very important to his mother – especially due to the massive gap between his previous school and his present one, – she didn’t press the issue, and Derek remained home by himself.

The following morning he made sure to arrive early in school, reckoning that that way he could get to his desk without anyone noticing his socks. He survived the first two periods and recess, and a short while into the third period he received a message to go to Mr. Hunter’s office again. He felt his heart thumping, although he knew that he had done nothing wrong since yesterday.
He came to the office where he found Mr. Hunter in his normal soft spoken mood. After telling Derek to bring a chiar round next to him, he said “Mike said that you did a mighty good job yesterday.” He asked for his feet. “I hope you feet survived their ordeal.” He said, before reaching for Derek’s shoes and putting them on. He told Derek to tie his laces, and then commented “Nice pair of shoes you have there.” He paused a minute and then added, “you are such a good boy, it’s a pity such things have to happen.” For everyone’s sake try to keep out of trouble.”

Derek’s shoes: https://www.clarks.co.uk/c/Tilden-Walk/p/26110310

Tit for tat

Author – Fred

I’m a thirty year old lad studying in a college. In school i once had to forfeit my shoes for a couple of hours. I was nine years old then, and the sports teacher blew a fuse during a lesson and made half the class take off our shoes, so we had to finish off the lesson and the rest of the day in socks. I was wearing grey socks then. At the time it hardly mattered – there were often a couple of kids walking around school in socks, and it hardly bothered me.

Later in life I became more itno it, and in high school I often found oppurtunities tot kae off other kids shoes – if i saw a freind who had wrestled to the ground or things like that. Occasionally people took revenge but it was normally indoors and always my shoes back afterwards.

Now that i’m in college i sometimes walk around in socks a bit, but i still have an attraction to other people’s shoes. In the last couple of hours in the afternoon we spend time together studying in the study hall, and there is a fella next to me, he’s at least ten years younger than me, and this really conscientious guy, comes on time, sits doing what he is supposed to be doing. anyway, i pay attention, i realize that he wears grey socks and solid shoes, https://www.clarks.co.uk/c/Tilden-Walk/p/26110310, and they really remind me os school – we had this grey school uniform, so virtually everyone wore grey socks – and i like them.
I ask him one day where there from, really hoping he’ll take them off, and he looks at me like i’m wierd and makes out he doesn’t know, maybe clarks.
Anyway, i like them, so next time i need new shoes i buy myself such a pair, and i am enjoying them, i also make a point of leaving them lying around on the floor next to us, but he takes little notice – in fact he gives an inferiority complex.

There’s this six footer Afro American guy who sits in front of us, and one day he makes a comment about my shoes on the floor, and i tell him that i’m really trying to get Benjamin to do the same, so he tells me that i should come with him that night after college and follow Benjamin onto his train.
We follow Benjamin onto his train, and Jason takes a table and calls us over. Benjamin is the kind of serious guy who always keeps to himself, but he comes over, and then starts taking out his textbook. After a fe minutes, Jason grabs Benjamin’s feet and pushes them onto my lap. He doesn’t really resist – it would have been useless anyway – and i pick open his double knotted shoelaces and take his shoes off his feet. I actually found it really enjoyable to have an adult’s feet on my lap and to take off their shoes. Benjamin looks as if he kind of amused, and he moves his grey socked feet onto the floor, while i passed the shoes to Jason.

After about twenty minutes which he spends looking at his textbooks
he asks for his shoes. Eventually telling us thta it is almost his stop. Jason keeps on telling him to froget, he won’t be getting them back tonight and when his stop comes, with no choice he gets off the train in socks.

After he goes we get off the next and take another train back, i have to pay for Jason’s ticket – but it was more than worth it. On the train back i try on benjamin’s shoes. they are in much better conditon than mine – he obviously looks after tehm much better than i do. they were also half a size too big, but they were still comfortable. Jason is probably three or four sizes bigger, but in the end he took the shoes.

The next morning i made a point of looking out for Benjamin, – we are studying different subjects and no where near each other – to my surprise he was wearing a pair of slip ons – probably also clarks, highly polished with thin soles, real dress shoes. It didn’t look like they were brand new. I told Jason and we were both disappointed.

That afternoon he was there when i came, and he acted really nonchalant later he asked me – as if discussing the weather – where his “other” shoes were. I told him to speak to jason.

This went on for a couple of days, until jason told him that he gives us his other shoes for 24 hours and walks around in his socks he’ll return both pairs. He then said that he is not going to risk giving us another pair unless he receives collateral. I told jason that we should just figure out hos to tke the next pair, but jason turned on me and told Benjamin that he’ll give my shoes. i flatly refused.
the next day i was walking through the lobby when Jason cornered me. It took him a second to grab my hands from behind and get me onto the floor, then he lifted my legs till my feet where probably four feet in the air, and i heard him tell Benjamin to help himself. Before i knew my shoes were off my feet, – i keep my laces loosely tied and slip my feet in and out so it is quite easy . Next thing i knew Jason pulled off my socks.
Eventually he let me go, and i had to walk on the freezing marble floor to fetch my socks, while Benjamin had disappeared with my shoes.
That afternoon Benjamin sat next – still acting nonchalant – and i realised he had made sure to wear black socks that day. less obvious. He acted nonchalant, but i realized that he didn’t leave his place, in fact at the end of the day he waited on his place until virtually everyone had gone.
Jason and I followed him to the station – me feeling remarkably conspicuous in my grey socks. As soon as he came to the station he slipped into the restrooms, and i realsied he had been too embarrassed to go all afternoon.
I came back to my parents home in socks, Dad didn’t seem to notice, and i found my sneakers. I made sure not to wear them in college the next day and at the end of the next day Benjamin returned me my shoes.
It wasn’t much fun, but i guessed it served me right.

Uncle Henry

Author – Speedy

Hi, I’m speedy, who James mentioned in his recent post about Joseph’s come-uppance.

Shoe confiscation is common in school. In reality I wouldn’t care so much, i actually prefer walking in my socks, but with everyone around me in shoes, plus the embarrassment, and using the bathrooms, and the cafeteria etc… it isn’t really the best idea. BTW James gave the wrong shoes for me, i wear the remi pace shoe. It is a very solid shoe. Here’s the link.


The school actually has a list of approved shoes, and they are all quite solid, unflexible style.
Recently my mom bought me a new pair, they really looked quite sturdy. Of course I manged to lose them on my first day wearing them, – my crime was failing to bring the proper writing supplies, and our form master, Mr. Slade was really excited. “What do we have here? New shoes?” he put them on his desk for all to see, so of course everyone who entered the classroom saw them. And who came in next but my uncle, Mr. Henry. Mr. Slade happily told him that they were mine. Quite embarrassing, but stay tuned for the next, far more embarassing sequel …

Joseph gets his come uppence

Author – James

In pur school, shoe confiscation is used for what we we refer to as the three cardinal sins, not doing homework, running in the corridor, and forgetting your school tie.
The uniform is a dark red jumper with a gray or white shirt, and grey trousers, and socks are supposed to be solid color, so most boys wear grey socks too. Our form master normally turns a blind eye about the uniform, but he expects homework to be done.

One day my friend Speedy – he is really called Stephen Paul, but we all call him Speedy – hadn’t followed the lesson,, we had been playing around passing notes etc.. That night we asked Joseph, the real class brain box if he would help us out, but he refused, condescendingly telling us that if we messed around in class we deserved to ahev to lose our shoes the next day.
The next morning speedy realised that he wasn’t wearing his tie. We approached Joseph duting the first break and asked him to help out, but again he refused. Immediately after break was maths, and of course speedy and i lost our shoes and were left in our grey socks. I didn’t care too much, i would spend recess in the library with enough other boys in socks, but for Speedy it was a different story. Since our form master Mr. slade now noticed his tie he was not to get his shoes back until the end of the following day, which would mean going home in socks, and doing P. E. in socks the next day. Also Speedy eats the school lunches, and with all the pushing and mess in the school cafeteria you cannot really go there in your socks.
At lunchtime i shared my sandwiches with speedy, and Joseph smugly came over to us. “Next time pay attention in class,” he said smugly.
Although he didn’t realise it Speedy’s uncle, Mr. Henry, who teaches A level math had noticed him, and he came over to us afterwards and asked us what was going on. Speedy told him the whole story.

We spent the remaning breaks in the library, and then i walked speedy home. Poor kid, he was really embarrased, and his Mom didn’t cut him any slack either.

The next day we had P.E. in the playing field and the boys who had lost their shoes had to participate barefoot. I had lost my shoes again, and there were three of us without shoes or socks.

Speedy phoned me that night and told me that his uncle is going to come to our class, and take care of Joseph. “listen,” he told me “When he asks you for your shoes, let him take them, he promised me it will work out in the end.”

A couple of days later Mr. Slade announced a math quiz, quiz, qith Mr. Henry, speedy’s uncle presiding. He went round asking questions, giving out points, and keeping track on a piece of paper. After a couple of rounds he started offering the boys a risk, either get double points if you know a harder question, or risk losing points. The cleverer boys went for it, with of course Joseph in the lead.
After a few more rounds he made a list on the white board of the boys with the most points, Joseph was getting more and more ahead, speedy was also there, and six or seven other boys. A couple of boys risked losing points and were off the list, while he kept on offering double and triple points with other boys moving forward with leaps and bounds. Mr. Henry made sure to announce that brain box Joseph hadn’t yet missed a question.

Abouf 45 minutes before the next break Mr. henry told everyone to take off their shoes and put their shoes on their desks. He then said that if we answer a quesion correctly we can put on a shoe, and whoever has two shoes can go out to break. Sounded good.

He continued the quiz, and a few boys had a shoe on, when he came to me. he pffered me a hard question, for which i could get two shoes, or risk having my shoes thrown out the window. as per instructions i chose the hard question. He asked me and i didn;t know. He turned round to look at the whiteboard, where joseph was clearly in the lead. “OK, Joseph, do you know the answer?” Joseph answered correctly, and he told Joseph to throw my shoes out the window. The same thing repeated itsefl with Speedy. He told Speedy and me to stand by the window in our socks, since we were playing any more. No one else took up his offer of hard questions.

Then it was Joseph’s turn. “So brainbox,” Mr. Henry said. “Here’s my offer for you. If you answer correctly you get your shoes and triple points, if you gat it wrong, you give me your shoes for 48 hours and you fetch the shoes you threw out the window. ” Joseph smugly agreed.
Mr. Henry turned round to the whiteboard and drew a picture of a traffic cone, complete with a square bottom, and an opening at the top. he proceeded to indicate all the various measurements. “Could you please tell me the complete volume?”

Of course Joseph had no way of answering. Mr. Henry walked over to his desk. To everyone’s surprise Joseph hald on to his shoes. Mr. Slade also went over to his desk but Joseph was holding his shoes tight. short of physical force the teachers would not be able to take his shoes. “It’s totally unfair” he said.
“You didn’t say that when i offered to double and triple your points” Mr. Henry countered. Joseph said a couple of toher things that he shouldn;t have said.

The teachers returned to the front of the room. “Joseph, pleae come here with your chair” Mr. slade said to him. To our surprise Joseph picked uo his shoes with one hand and his chair with the other and came to the teachers desk.
“Put your chair on the desk” Mr. Henry commanded. Joseph did as told, and when he was told to climb up and sit on the chair he did so, all the while holding his shoes. After a minute Mr. Henry grabbed the shoes from underneath and yanked. As the chair started mving, joseph ahd no choice but to leave go.
Then Mr. Henry called Speedy over. “Speedy come here, please.” Speedy came. “Would you like to remove Mr. Arrogant’s grey socks please.” With Mr. Slade holding the chair, and Mr. Henry Joseph’s feet, speedy pulled his socks off in seconds. Mr. Slade promptly said that he was taking the sheos and socks to the principal, and he told Joseph to come with him. they returned a few minutes later with our shoes.

Speedy and I walked behind Joseph on the way home, watching him in his toes. The next few days he was in socks in school, and he did P.E. in his toes – while Mr. Slade let everyone else wear their shoes.

A week later, when he received his shoes back, a few boys wrestled him to the floor and took them away again, so he spent quite a long time qithout them.

I have inserted links to our various shoes

mine: https://www.clarks.co.uk/c/Remi-Pace-Kid/p/26126828

Speedy’s : https://www.clarks.co.uk/c/Crown-Tate/p/26134892

Joseph”s goody goody lace ups: https://www.clarks.co.uk/c/Asher-Soar-Youth/p/26143665

School detention and my mom

Author – Neil

In our school – it seems like we are the only one, detentions are done without shoes. It doesn’t really matter too much, as a general rule detentions are done in the library, which is carpeted and has a good amount of chairs and beanbags etc.. Detention depends a bit on the teacher, it can be not bad, when the teacher lets read and turns a blind eye to talking, or it can be more strict, but it is far from the end of the world.
Problem is my mom. She’s a real toughy, and when i have detention she won’t let me wear my shoes at home either … so basically i am stuck for the evening …. no going out, playing ball etc …

On Wednesdays Mr. Parker takes detention. he is a really strict teacher, – in fact he is a bit of a beast – and he also teaches our class the last period.

One Wednesday recently my friends asked me if i want to join them in detention. A classmate called Jeremiah was in detention and Mr. Parker really had it in for him. The boys told me that last time Mr. parker had threatened to force him to wear a diaper ….

I was a bit embarrassed to tell my friends about my mom, so i went along with it, and we all stayed out after break for a quarter of an hour.
We entered the room together, and mr. parker was furious. “Go to your seats and put your feet on your desks now,” he yelled at us. [normally we don’t take our shoes till later]
He came over to my seat first, opened the velcro strap of each shoe and pulled off my shoe. I started swinging my feet down the side of the desk, so he walked back to my place and picked up my grey socked feet, banging them down on the wooden desk top. He put my shoes on his desk, and then proceeded to the other three boys and took off their shoes.
He went back to look at the register and saw that Jeremiah and a couple of other boys were also in detention. Jeremiah was first, with mr. parker opening his laces and pulling off his shoes. Then he picked up the poor kids socked foor and started yelling again, “I don’t believe it” and calling him all sorts of names. Poor kid. – He was wearing two pairs of socks. the teacher made him take them off, and then told him to keep his feet raised and not put them down directly on the desk. He confiscated another boys socks too – they were not solid black, grey blue or white – the school regualtions.
I couldn’t help not look around and giggle. David feet were really white, while Jeremiah’s where very very with pinky-red soles. a couple of boys laughed more openly only earning a shoe removal and detention. After he found another boy’s colorful socks he told everyone else to take off their shoes and stand at the back of the room in their socks – earning yet another two detentions.
Eventually one the barefoot boys asked if he can put his feet down. The teacher told him to take his chair to the back of the room, and then sit at his place as if he had a chair. Poor kid – i think that it was an even more painful position. Then he just told them to all stand at the back of the room.

when it came to detention, to my amazement i saw my step bro Ryan – his father is married to my mom, He is a really good kid, so i don’t know how he got there, But poor kid when he took off his shoes the toes and heel of his socks were green. I think anyone else would have ignored it, but Mr. parker told him to remove them and told him that he would have to go home without them.
Mr. Parker then announced that detention will be in gym, off we went to stand on the freezing cold floor with nothing to do.
Soon Mr. Parker told Jeremiah to bring him his schoolbag. Mr. Parker started rummaging inside, first he found a peanut butter sandwich, he started making fun of the poor kid, telling him that if he would eat his food he would behave better etc… then he found what he was looking for – jeremiah’s sneakers, which he promptly confiscated. I noticed poor Ryan’s face going white.

When detetnion was over we realised that the door from the gym to school was already locked. Great. Now we would have to go all the was round in our socks. Eventually we re entered the building and fetched our things from the library. Mr. parker told all the barefoot boys to leave thair footwear.

Ryen asked me about wearing his sneakers. i told him to walk down the block before he put them on.

Whenwe came homewe found my mum waiting in the car for us, she wanted us to go shopping with her. We got in the car, and dad was about to drive when mom stopped him, “one second” she said “i need your shoes, neil”
OMG, i couldn’t believe she would make me go shopping in socks.
With no choice i stretched out my feet to the front of the car, and she took off my shoes. Ryan followed suit – [told you that he’s a goody goody.]

Our first stop was the optician. I’m sure she noticed my grey socks but she didn;t say anything, Then we went to try on trousers. Here the sales lady started measuring us and poking around my feet, and she commented on our socks. Later we met a couple ofkids form school, and they snickered at us. all in all it was an embarassing and humiliating experience – And poor ryan still has another day ahead of him.

The rollercoaster indecent

Author – MC

I never thought I would be caught publicly shoeless. To be honest, it takes a statistically near-impossible series of events for that to happen to someone unless you are very careless or actually -wanted- to lose your shoes. Neither of those things applied to me when I got on that ride.

The day at the amusement park had gone very well to that point. It was early enough in the season that the crowds weren’t there and early enough in the day that lines for the roller coasters hadnt gotten long. My friend Alex and I are kind of big roller-coaster nuts so we try and get to all of them early in the day before the lines get long. I chose to wear a pair of light brown suede wallabee style boots to walk about in; they were a little roomy and easy to walk and stand a long time in and that worked well with what would be a busy morning with lots of standing.

The first suspended coaster (one where you sit in a hanging car and your feet dangle) we targeted was ‘The Jaguar.’ Jaguar is very fun; it has lots of sharp turns and corkscrews. I had ridden Jaguar before, and knew about the frequent powerful turns on the ride, so when we got in line, the shoes Alex had chosen to wear troubled me.

“You’re not going to wear your clogs on the ride, are you?”

Alex was wearing a pair of handsome leather clogs, with a wooden base. Alex wore them somewhat frequently, and boasted that they were very comfortable. But being in line I could not shake the thought that if someone wore clogs on the ride, they would slip off and hit some poor unsuspecting person’s head on the ground below.

“Of course not, they would slip off.”

“So you’re going to take them off and leave them in the bins?”

“Yeah, what else would I do?”

At this moment, a young man standing behind us knelt down and began adjusting the straps on his Adidas slides. I heard the telltale rrrip of velcro and watched out of the corner of my eye as he made them very snug on his socked feet. Had I just issued a dare?

“Well it’s just, I would be afraid someone would steal my nice shoes when they’re sitting there unguarded.”

“I don’t think so. Who wants to take someone else’s shoes?”

“Someone who wants to upgrade. Or someone who’s a klepto.”

Alex shrugged. “I guess that risk is better odds than risking your shoes on the ride.”

“I’m not risking them, I wore shoes with backs,” I teased.

Alex shrugged my comment off with an eyeroll. “You can lose a fully enclosed shoe.”

I then remembered that low cut Wallabee boots, like the ones I was wearing, have very soft, supple leather. Occasionally, my heel would slip out of the shoe when I walked. I wore similar ones when I was in school as well, and sometimes someone would accidentally step on my heel and if that happened my whole foot would slip out of the shoe and I’d leave it behind.

Taking a page from the book of the guy wearing Adidas slides, I knelt and re-tied my shoelaces a bit tighter, snugly on my foot. I then felt very secure about them, and as I rose, we were quickly ushered onto the ride platform for our turn.

Alex clomped over to the bins and put the clogs in one of the holes, and padded back to the seat next to me in only a pair of green, striped ankle socks.

“Nice socks, there.”

“Shut up.”

We positioned ourselves in the car, readying for the ride to start. I had already lowered the vest-like section that holds one’s upper body when I noticed the knot on my right shoe had slipped a bit and looked like it might come undone. Had I tied it too quickly? The seat was locked, however, and I couldn’t reach it to do anything about it.

The attendant came around to check the security of the seats. When he drew close to me, and waved him closer.

“Hey listen, my shoe’s come a little untied, would you mind straightening it out for me?”

I think I heard Alex chuckle beside me.

I’ll never know why, but at that moment something malicious took place in the mind of the attendant. He immediately looked down to my dangling feet, and without a word he pulled the ends of the shoelaces, opening the knots on both of my shoes.

Alex and I were too stunned to say anything. The attendant walked away and I began to feel the snugness of my shoes open up. My heel felt loose in the dangling boots. The attendant gave the operator a thumbs-up.

“Okay, everyone, geeeeeet reaaaadyyyyy!” The voice of the operator boomed.

“NO! WAIT! DON’T DO IT,” I yelled.

A few laughs came from the people waiting in line, and also the operator, who chuckled at the joke I wasn’t making. The car lurched forward.

I tried to move my feet inside the shoes to a position I felt was more secure, but all that seemed to do was make the untied boots fit more loosely. My heels were not secure in them, and if one of my heel slipped out, I would surely lose the shoe.

I gave a panicked look to Alex, who was sitting next to me, clogless, the green socks taunting me with what was about to happen.

“Just try to hang on…”

It wasn’t very useful advice. I can admit now though, the situation excited me.

As the ride finished the initial descent and began to move quickly, inertia and wind pinned my legs backward and I could feel that my heels were hanging freely, not touching the back of the shoes. For some moments, force of motion kept the shoes hanging from the tops of my feet.

I lost my left shoe in the first corkscrew. We spun to the right and the shoe immediately left the end of my toes. The cold, rushing wind chilled me through my gray dress sock. I never saw where the shoe went.

The right boot slipped off in the inverted loop. The downward force on the shoe was at its maximum and it felt like someone pulled the shoe from my foot. I saw it become tiny in the distance, spinning like a meteor flying to earth.

After they were lost, I accepted my fate and tried to enjoy the ride.

When the ride ended, Alex retrieved the clogs and we went to see the operator. Apparently the attendant’s shift had changed so we had nobody to accuse. The operator told us that shoe loss on the rides is more frequent than you might think and we’ll probably not find my shoes. The only consolation I got was that I did see the young man leave the ride with only one sandal and an empty, socked foot.

For a while, I walked the park in just my socks as our ride plans were put on hold as we tried to find some shoes for me to buy. We didn’t find any until we found the water park shop, which only had some flip flops… and they didnt have my size. Thankfully, Alex was very kind about the whole situation.

“Why don’t you take my clogs?”

“I appreciate that, but then you won’t have any shoes.”

“Buy me some flip flops. I’ll wear those and you’ll wear my clogs… You can’t wear flip flops that don’t fit.”

Of course, they didn’t have Alex’s size either, which was about one size larger than mine. But Alex found flip flops that were up a half size and said that they would be fine. I bought the sandals and went to try on the clogs as Alex removed the green socks.

“No, no. You’re not putting those filthy socks in my clogs,” cried Alex, drawing a few looks from passersby. I looked at my own gray dress socks, now blackened on the soles from walking the park. “Take them off. Here.” Alex handed me the green socks.

I wasn’t keen on wearing the socks which had just been removed, but I didn’t want to insist on wearing the clogs barefoot either. So as Alex stood there in too-large flip flops, I took off my own socks, pocketed them and put on the green socks and slipped into Alex’s clogs.

The rest of the day we both placed our shoes in the bins on the suspended coasters, and nobody lost a shoe. I was sore about losing a very nice and expensive pair of suede boots, but I didn’t want it to ruin the whole day.

I found the clogs tricky to walk in. They were a full size too large for me and the socks would slip on the wood so I frequently stepped out of one when walking up an incline or especially when climbing stairs. Then we would share a laugh. “Just can’t keep your shoes on today, huh?” Alex would say. By some sorcery, Alex never lost a flip flop once, despite their size.

When we got in the car to leave that day, I continued wearing the clogs for the drive back, wagging one around loosely with my foot. They were actually pretty comfortable.

True experience

Author – shoeless guy

The following story is a true account of how I realized my fondness to losing shoes.
After my experience it got me searching the Web and discovering this site about a year ago. I enjoy reading the stories posted and hope my contributions have been enjoyed by others. Although so far my stories have been fiction and wished It had actually happened to me, the following story is true and why I use ‘Shoeless Guy’ as my name.
A few years ago I worked as a Sales Rep in the north of England. With a company car I did a lot of driving and often seen abandoned shoes on the roadside but never really thought anymore about it. I always stop to eat lunch in lay-bys, my favourite being on a not too busy road with great views across the Pennines. A few miles before the lay-by I spotted a training shoe on the roadside and it looked fairly new. It got me thinking who lost their shoe? Why was it there? What happened to the other shoe? Would anyone retrieve it? All questions that would never be answered. Would anyone stop and pick up the shoe?, probably not unless it was the owner. Then I thought would anyone stop and pick up a pair of shoes? Again probably not, too hazardous to stop on a main road. I continued thinking about it as I finished eating lunch. What if a pair of shoes where left in a lay-by, anyone could stop and pick them up. I stared down at my shoes in the footwell, would anyone take them if I drove off leaving them behind? I was getting incredibly excited with just the thought of leaving them, never mind losing them. Being a sales rep I wore a suit and smart shoes, I took off my shoes and looked at them, they weren’t new but I looked after them and they where as good as new, size 10, plain black laced leather shoes. Would anyone want to take them? I placed them on the passenger seat and pondered.
The excitement of throwing my shoes out the passenger window and driving off shoeless in my suit was overwhelming. So I did, I looked in my rear view mirror and could see them laying on the tarmac, my right shoe laid on it’s side. My heart was pounding, I decided to drive to a roundabout about three miles ahead and turn around and go back and retrieve them. Just the thought of someone taking them got me more excited. As I approached the roundabout I could see a car had bumped another causing a queue. What if I had bumped into another car and had to get out…. in my socks! The reality of what I had done was kicking in. I navigated the roundabout and headed back. My heart still pounding, excited and cold flushes of fear at the same time I slowed as the lay-by approached on the opposite side of the road. A car was parked, a police car! I drove past, but relieved that my shoes where still there, I decided to do a U turn at a junction a mile up the road, hoping the police car would be gone on my return. It wasn’t, so I drove past my shoes again, the police car pulled out behind me. What if I have a brake light out and get pulled over by the police, they’ll see me shoeless, is it legal to drive in socks? All sorts of paranoid thoughts running wild in my head, heart pounding in my chest. He followed me to the roundabout, the two bumped cars gone, I drove straight on at the roundabout, it might look unusual doing a U turn with the police behind. He turned right but it took me another mile to U turn and head back. My shoes where still in the now empty lay-by, I passed and U turned where I’d done earlier and headed back to the lay by. A car ahead slowed me down, I indicated to pull into the lay-by, so did the car in front. He stopped ahead of where my shoes lay. I pretended to use my phone waiting for him to move off all the time staring at my shoes, I really needed to get them as I should of been with my next customer now. I didn’t have the courage to get out and retrieve them in my socks so I waited. Then he got out of his car and put some rubbish in the waste bin, he spotted my shoes, picked them up and went to put them in the bin. My heart pounded again, excited he’d picked them up, but happy he was going to bin my shoes allowing me to retrieve them. He stared at them then looked at his own shoes, he looked over to me, then carried them to his car, got in and drove off. The excitement of a stranger carrying away my shoes as I sat in my socks was incredible but as he drove off panic set in. I drove behind him, excited and nervous at the same time thinking how did I end up following my own shoes. I knew some traffic lights where ahead and I’d built up the courage to ask for my shoes back if the lights where on red. As we approached the lights, they went to red, ‘thank god’ I thought, but he jumped them and I lost him… and my shoes.
I was extremely late getting to my next call, a small retailer in a rural village. Nowhere to buy shoes, I pulled over and phoned him explaining I was late and could we discuss any issues and order stock on the phone. He wanted me there as I’d promised to remove old stock. Panic set in, I couldn’t visit a customer in my socks but I really had no choice. I entered his shop, trying to act normal in my dark grey suit and black socks. His two teenage sons where there. My face went red as they looked straight at my shoeless feet. “You lose something” said the shopkeeper as his sons laughed. “I stepped in some cow muck having a pee” I explained telling them they didn’t smell too good and be unhygienic walking in a shop wearing them. He offered to loan me a pair of his sons shoes, but my size 10 feet quickly dismissed that idea. Having finished at his store I headed to my next job, fortunately in a larger town that had a supermarket that sold shoes. My heart again pounding as I entered in my socked feet, feeling rather relieved when I reached the shoe aisle. I found a pair of loafers that fitted. Rather than walk in my socks to the checkouts I pulled the price tag off the shoes and wore them. After queueing at the till, I gave the checkout operator the tag and explained I was wearing the shoes.
“I’ll need to see the shoes” she said.
“Why?” I asked. She explained that anyone could switch labels and I could be wearing expensive trainers. I took the shoes off as the queue watched, to make matters worse she called for an assistant from clothing to come over and do a price check on my shoes. The clothes department was at the back of the store so had to wait for him to arrive then walked off again with the shoes. All the time the impatient queue staring at me in my suit and socks. Eventually he returned, I paid and put the shoes on and left.
If only I had got out of my car at the lay-by and picked up my shoes, nobody except the car driver would of seen my socked feet and then he would of forgotton me later.
I did the rest of my calls and got home late, my girlfriend wasn’t amused when she spotted a cheap pair of loafers on the bedroom floor rather than my quality leather shoes.
Although the afternoon was embarrassing I never forgot how excited I’d become leaving my shoes on the roadside, the thrill of being shoeless and embarrassed at the same time, watching someone take my shoes as I sat helpless in my socks was exhilarating.
Evertime I visited my village customer his sons always shouted ‘The Shoeless Guy’s here’