Lost and never found

Author – Oliver

I was at a movie theater when group of boys about my age, early college, came in. At first I didn’t give them much attention, but they got in line behind me to see Spider-Man and I peaked down at their shoes, because I always like to check out the shoes guys wear. I saw a pair of blue Vans and a pair of white Converse, and a pair of Adidas ultra-boosts, and I got a glimpse of a red Nike Janoski in between the crowd of legs. I couldn’t get a better view, so I looked away and promptly forgot about everything thinking about the movie. A few seconds later, I was surprised to hear one of the boys say “but my foot is so cold!” As discreetly as I could, I glanced again and shuffled my way into a better view. Then I saw it. There was no pair of red Janoski’s; there was only one! One of the boys was wearing only one shoe on his right foot, and his left foot sported only a thin black ankle sock with dark gray heel and toes, and red lettering. Obviously not wanting it to touch the ground much, he’d kept it tucked behind his shod foot and just his very tip-toes.

I started to eavesdrop on their conversation and it sounded like the boys had stolen his shoe at home as a prank and thrown it somewhere in the yard, outside in the dark. The poor guy had spent every moment since looking for it, eventually running out of time before they had to leave for the movie. Rather than miss out, he’d decided just to tag along without his left shoe!

Feeling brave, I came up with a plan. I looked down at my own gray Nike SB’s, and I discreetly bent down to “tie” my left shoe, but really I was loosening it quite a bit, but still tying it off so it wasn’t obviously untied. Then I waited. When it was time to go into the theater and get a seat, I hurried just enough to end up in the middle of the crowd: dangerous, but exactly where I wanted to be. Pretty soon I felt it: someone stepped on the back of my left Nike SB, and after I had loosened it, it didn’t have a chance! My left foot slid right out and I felt my foot touch the cold hard ground, protected only by a dark gray ankle sock with blue detail and lettering. I turned around to see my shoe and sure enough, it was already being kicked back too far to retrieve. Then I looked for the one-shod boy behind me and found him easily, staring at my fallen shoe. I thought for sure he would pick it up, but to my amazement he just laughed and walked by it! I heard him say to his friend, “Check it out; someone else is in the same boat I am.”

I decided not to scramble backwards for my shoe; truthfully, I’d assumed my shoeless “friend” would pick it up since I had abandoned my left shoe, the one he was missing, but my plan was foiled when he walked right by it. Instead, I watched my one-shod friend tip-toe to a seat and then I followed quickly and took the seat next to him, knowing the theater would be packed and every seat would be taken. I looked over and he was sitting on his shoeless foot to hide it with his right shoed-foot resting on the railing in front of him (behind the next row of seats). I did the same so as not to draw attention to my own now-only-socked foot, and also to keep it warm since the other boy was right: a foot without a shoe was cold inside this theater! I tried to make a plan to show the boy next to me that I, too, had lost my shoe, but I wasn’t sure how.

About an hour into the film, I got a chance! The boy must have been so engrossed in the movie that he forgot about his one-shod state and put his exposed socked foot up on the railing in front of us! Not wanting to lose my chance, I discreetly copied and also put both of my feet up on the railing, one Nike SB and one socked foot, obviously missing the safe confines of its shoe. I debated getting his attention, but while I tried to think of a way, I watched his black and colored sock slide over and gently tap my equally-exposed foot! Almost frozen, and a little embarrassed I’d been caught, I looked over and he was chuckling quietly at me. “You too?” he whispered.

I nodded nervously, desperately not wanting to give away that I had sacrificed my Nike SB on purpose because of him. “I lost it in the crowd coming in and didn’t want to go back for it and miss out on a good seat,” I whispered back during a louder scene.

He nodded empathetically. “Friend’s house; mine never even made it here,” he said with a grimace, looking sadly at his current footwear situation. “I’m a little worried I might not find it after the show. I have to go home tonight and if it’s gone for good, I don’t have another pair…” He looked genuinely stressed.

Wanting to comfort him a little, and secretly enjoying the current situation, I gestured to my lap. “I can’t help you find your shoe, but I can keep your foot warm?” I offered.

He looked nervous, but after a moment he nodded slowly. “It is…like, really cold in here, and my toes are sore and freezing!” he admitted. I pulled his foot into my lap, I hoped not too eagerly, and rubbed his foot for the rest of the movie. He cute little athletic sock was tight but so flexible that I could mostly get between his toes and everything! It was so cute to feel them wiggle a little whenever he had a ticklish moment. Sometimes I put my own socked-foot on my lap too and we would play a little private game of footsie. After the movie, he reluctantly pulled his foot back and stood up, keeping his shoe flat and his poor sock on tip-toe again. “Snapchat?” he asked quietly and we quickly added each other. I headed out first and he, Logan I now knew, and his friends (who had hopefully remained oblivious to our shenanigans) followed behind me a bit. When I got to the front I asked about my shoe, not worried at all as I had only lost it a moment before the movie and I was sure I could get it back.

The worker grimaced and I immediately tensed up. He shrugged apologetically. “We put it in the lost and found, but that gets locked when the manager leaves at midnight.”

I frantically pulled my phone to check the time and my heart sank as I saw the 12:02am. I looked down at my suddenly much more forlorn looking single shoe and back at the worker, speaking up a little so the boy behind me could hear. “ So there’s no way I can get my shoe back?” I glanced back and he looked at me in horror, and I felt his socked foot touch the back of my leg discreetly and comfortingly.

The guard shook his head solemnly. “Sorry man, not tonight.” I looked back at Logan and he mouthed “SORRY!” and with that I had no choice but to march myself back out to my car wearing only one Nike SB, knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to come back another day to retrieve its errant partner.

When I got home, I had a snap from Logan, a video of him looking for his shoe outside at his friend’s house, in the dark. I wished him luck but after another hour of looking, I opened a snap of his sad face, almost in tears, captionless, and I knew it was too late, and he was going to have to head home minus one left red Janoski sneaker.

Cinema shoes

Author – Bush123

The Cinema I used to go to had a gap under the seat in front which got smaller the further back the row was. We got there late to see a film and had to sit near the back. I still played around with my converse but thought I would not touch the girl in front. Wrong! I took my right shoe off and left it under the seat in front to remove a bit of popcorn from my sock but when i felt for it again it was gone. I panicked a while then thought it maybe just out of reach so I tried to fish around with my left shoe half on my foot. I then felt something firm pushing my foot and a second later I was shoeless! She was then messing about nearher own feet and I was sure she was putting my shoes on! (I have quite small feet) I spent the movie shoeless and nervous but excited. When the lights came up I waited to see what happened but they just sat there for ages. My girlfriend wanted to go so I had to ask if she had seen my shoes. She said oh yes I thought I felt something! And then grabbed both my shoes from her bag and handed them to me. I wish they had just got up and gone straight after the movie and took my shoes. Maybe another time. 😊

Dream lost

Author – Shoelossfan

For starters this happened in a recent dream I had last night so not everything is remembered to the best of my ability.

So in the dream I was walking into a movie theater to meet up with two friends i have made on my new autism group (I recently joined on RL), as we were meeting up to go to the movies and just enjoy ourselves with a good film. After greeting one another and getting our tickets along with refreshments we head into the theater and start to settle in.

The opening trailers started to play and I was getting relaxed in my seat although a little bored by some of the ads so I start to slip off on my right blue Nike sneaker and start to dangle my shoe in the air while resting my right leg on the right knee, completely exposing my black socked sole with a blue heel. After a minute or two a better ad came on and during it my shoe slipped free from my blue socked toes and fell to the floor, though I didn’t hear it hit the ground because it was a loud scene.

Knowing my right socked foot was completely exposed and a little nervous I brought my foot down and started to hide it behind my left foot, though the girl who was sitting on my left side must had seen the shoe by her foot or something as when I looked over to her feet just as the movie was about the start I saw that she had trapped my shoe under her chair with her sneaker clad feet between me and it. I was a little embarrassed but tried to keep my cool and rubbed my socked foot against my still shod one in a bit of nervousness.


As the film continued to slowly started to play with my left sneaker since for whatever reason my left foot is looser in my shoes than my right, and I think the girl saw me doing this as she looked down and giggled since my left blue socked heel was a little exposed.

But around the midway point when there was some boring scene, I felt something start to tug on my left sneaker which I had slipped my foot back into though the heel was crushed down. and what I saw was the girls black right sneaker clad foot was pulling my foot towards her, thinking she just wanted to be playful I played along and let her pull my foot, though while she did I felt my left shoe slip off.

At this point I was really nervous since I didn’t know wat to do, but with one good tug she pulled my left sneaker off completely and set it beside my other sneaker, leaving me in my black sock feet’s with blue toes and heels and incredibly embarrassed as I rubbed my feet together.


Later as the credits rolled and the lights came the guy of the group Nate said he had to get up to use the bathroom and left me and the girl alone to wait for the end of credits scene. While I sat there ignoring all the names that worked on the feature I turned to the girl and whispered to her. “Say can I have my shoes back?”

“I don’t know do you want them back?” The girl whispered back with a little tease in her tone as I was completely red hearing that, But I soon said to her in a worried tone. “Please my mom will get really upset if I don’t have them.”

At which point he girl just smiled and slipped the left shoe back towards me using her feet, but not before taking out a not from her bag and putting it inside the sole of the shoe, which I only noticed when I started to put the shoe back on and find her number inside, I blushed but then my heart sank as I saw her pick up my right shoe by the laces and hear her say to me. “by the way I’m Emily and you really have some cute socks, I think you should show them off more.”

“Ah well thanks.” I blushed feeling completely crushed on as I watched the girl zip up her tote bag before she got up to leave leaving me one shod as my dream ended and I woke up.

At the cinema

Author – Emil

Last Sunday, I was with my friend at a movie theater at the Avengers. Endgame”. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of comics and movies based on them, but Marek won those tickets in a radio contest and his girlfriend couldn’t (or didn’t want to) go with him. Although I must admit that special effects are impressive. There were a lot of people in the cinema that day and there was a huge crowd in front of the box office. As we squeezed through the crowd to pick up our tickets, I stepped on something. It turned out that there was a green low-top converse on the floor, on the left foot, with the shoelace untied. It looked like someone had lost that shoe in a crowd of people, I was just wondering why he didn’t try to come back for it. I picked up the shoe from the floor and gave it to the cashier when he was giving us tickets. We had already moved towards the projection rooms when I saw a boy, maybe 13 years old, trying to go to the box office when two colleagues grabbed his hands, laughing and teasing him. Then I noticed that this boy was wearing only one green low-top converse. The right one. On his left foot he wore only an orange sock with black toes and heel. Probably his friends didn’t let him look for his shoe right after he lost it.

Crowded cinema

Author – AndrewF

It was a sold out cinema showing terminator 2 in 3D. I took my shoes off as I always do in the cinema. As the movie ended everyone gets up and walks past me. I stayed sat down waiting for the crowd to die down forgetting my shoes were in the way. I looked down and saw they were no longer there. I looked and saw people kicking one down the steps and the other was under the chair next to me. Managed to get my shoe back. Was kicked towards the fire exit!

Stormy Weather

Author – Leon

I had been at the cinema and had had some fun with my shoes. I always take them off in the dark and hope that they will be kicked away and I will have to look for them. One was moved some rows of seats in front and took a little while to find. One of the staff saw me looking and asked if I had lost something. I felt embarrassed telling him that I’d lost my shoe! Anyway I found it and left the building. It was raining heavily and I had to cross a busy road to get to the bus stop. Dodging the traffic I ran across the road and as I got nearly to the other side I made a leap for the footpath and my left shoe came off and rolled. I landed on the footpath and looked round for my trainer but couldn’t see it in the road. Just a few feet away was the opening of a storm drain and I guess thats where my shoe went. I could hear the water pouring into it and it seemed to be deep so there was no hope of finding my shoe. I walked to the bus stop and got the next bus home. By this time my white sock was sopping wet and dirty and as I got on the bus several young guys made comments. When I got off the bus the young guys got off too and one of them said, very loudly “Youve lost your shoe” for all the people waiting to get on the bus to hear. I said it was embarrassing and he said that it wasn’t bad to lose a shoe; he said that one night he had been out with friends and on the train home they had stripped him and thrown his clothes out of the train window. He got off the train and walked home in his briefs and socks! So I guess losing a shoe isn’t so bad after all.

At the movies

This is a fantasy story, but loosely based on true events. 😜

A friend and I went to the movies. We got there pretty early so we’re waiting for the trailers to start and there weren’t many people in the screen we were in. He was wearing some lo top converse and I was wearing some lo DC’s.

We were just messing around and I realised that his converse would fit through the gap between the seats on the floor. He wore them pretty loose so I managed to surprise him by hooking my foot round his heel and getting his converse off. Before he could react I had pushed it through the gap in the seats. It fell down the step into the row infront which was currently empty.

I started laughing and, as I was laughing, he reached down and grabbed my foot, pulling off my DC. I tried to grab ur but the threw it over the seats so it was now also in the row infront.

Whilst we were messing about seeing who was gonna go get our shoes, we noticed 2 guys heading up the row infront of us. The trailers had started by now so the screen was semi dark. They sat right in front of us.

We looked at each other. There was no way we were getting our shoes before the end of the movie. I was hoping they wouldn’t see them in the semi darkness but we couldn’t be sure. My friends converse was under the seat but my DC would be right in the middle of the row.

The movie started and we were sat there in one shoe each. To get more comfy, I put my leg up so it was resting on my other leg. After a few minutes, my friend grabbed my DC off my foot and kept it next to him. 

I was now sat in my white socks and couldn’t doll anything to get my DC back as the movie was on. Then my friend said he needed the toilet. As I saw him leave I realised he had my DC on one foot and his converse in the other.

Whilst he was gone I realised the rather large drink I had bought was making me need to pee as well so I waited till he got back and asked him for my shoe as I needed to pee. He replied by saying, ” you get my converse, I’ll give you your shoe”. There was no way I was getting his converse during the movie and I really needed to pee so I had to go in my socks. 

I picked the wrong timing as when I got to the toilet, I realised another movie had just finished and there were loads of people. I managed to get into a stall without too many people noticing my shoeless dilemma. I could feel the slightly damp floor seeping into the material of my socks and quickly left keeping my head down and got back to my seat.

The rest of the movie happened and it finally finished. My feet were getting cold and I couldn’t wait to get back into my dcs. I’d kept an eye on the guys in front and they didn’t seem to have noticed the shoes in their row.

The film ended. We sat and waited for the guys infront to leave, and most of the other people so we didn’t get too many weird looks. They left.

I asked my friend for my shoe and he just smiled at me. ” where’s my shoe” I asked. He just smiled and said, “while you were in the toilet, I pushed it through the gap in the seats to the row infront.” he started laughing. I smiled and stood up.

I climbed over the row to find my dcs. They weren’t there. I searched under the seats but they weren’t there. I found a converse, but it wash my friends. It was lo but white, my friends was black. I laughed and threw it at him, “there you go” I said. He looked really annoyed but put started to put on the mismatched converse.

I was still screwed, but I thought I’d check the row infront. I spotted something. I jumped over the row and found a pair of shoes, but they weren’t mine. They were a beaten up pair of DC court graffix. They were once white but weren’t now. The guys must have been skaters because the laces had been tied together and the sides were all scuffed. I had nothing else to do so I slid my foot into one. It was slightly damp, felt pretty loose and I could feel the guys foot indent in the sole. My dcs were pretty new but the ones I now had on my feet really weren’t. 

My friend and I left the theatre but didn’t see the guys, or our shoes again.