The Gym

Author – Micky

I worked evenings at a local gym whilst at University. Another student about my age used the gym most evenings, his name is Jay, he was about 6ft with blond hair and quite athletic in build. The reason for noticing him was his very distinctive blue Asics running shoes with orange soles which he always left on the locker room floor when he used the wet rooms after his workout. Everytime I seen him in the jacuzzi I would check the locker room and his shoes would be on a bench. It was if he wanted them to be taken.
One particular night it was busier than normal and I was on reception when Jay approached and asked if anyone had handed in any trainers. His face was red with embarrassment as he stood in his size 11 white socked feet. I asked if his locker had been robbed, he told me he had accidentally forgot to put them in his locker. My suspicions where correct, he secretly wanted them to be taken as there was nothing accidental about leaving them on a bench every night. Tonight he got what he wanted but now he was embarrassed by his shoeless predicament of his own making. I checked ‘lost property’ to no avail. My only other suggestion was that someone may of put them in another locker as a prank, I told him I do a locker sweep at closing time if he wanted to wait, which he did. He sat in his socked feet for over an hour in reception until the gym closed. I gave him the bad news that all the lockers where empty.
We left the gym together and got the same bus, his embarrassment continued as more students on the bus laughed at his now very dirty white socks. He actually lived in the same student accommodation block as me. I watched him climb the stairs in his dirty socks as I went to my room and removed a pair of size 11 blue Asics trainers with orange soles from my bag.

Cross country run

Author – Emil

I took part in a school cross-country race. The route ran in a forest near my school, circling the lake, the finish line was on the school school sports field. In my classification group (younger) sixty-four students ran, and the top five were promoted to regional competitions. I really wanted to get this promotion. The day was warm, so I thought it would be fun to run. I only forgot about the fact that it was raining almost all night…
The first part of the route was dry and quite easy. The trouble started at about two-thirds of the distance. Here the route was marked out along a quite wide road and there was a lot of mud. And some puddles turned out to be quite deep. And in one of those ankle deep puddles of mud my right shoe got stuck. For a moment I hesitated what I should do now. But if I came back for that lost shoe, I’d lose a lot of time and I could just forget about the promotion. So I kept running, in one shoe and only a sock on another foot. Just before the finish line there were a lot of kids cheering on the runners and I saw them laughing when they saw me running without a shoe. When I crossed the finish line it turned out that I was in my group…. on the sixth place! Sixth one! What a bad luck. Not only was I the first of the losers, but what’s worse I lost one shoe. What was even worse was that I couldn’t find my lost shoe anymore, alhought after the end of the run I went to look for it.

Shoplifters Shoes – Father and Son

Author – Unlucky Lad

Theft had been reduced significantly since taking shoes from the shoplifters but some still tried. A 17 year old failed to steal vodka. He was made to remove his Asics trainers leaving him stood in his white socks, being underage for alcohol he was told an adult was needed to resolve the issue before he could retrieve his shoes. The lad was embarrassed as he passed several customers in his socked feet as he left the store.
Moments later the lad returned with his dad, “Nobody steals my son’s shoes” shouted his father demanding their return. The teenager always looked up to his dad, his hero, always sorting out his problems, here he was getting his shoes back. Bart told the irate father that his son stole from them. “You lost no vodka so why should my son lose his shoes” said the dad. Bart informed him that stolen items must be paid for before giving back the shoes. “No” said the dad. “Then we keep his shoes” said Bart. The dad looked at his disappointed son standing in his socks. “I’ll pay for the bloody vodka” he said. His son looked pleased to be getting his shoes back. “You can pay but you can’t have it as it is for your underage son” said Bart. Rather than pay for nothing the dad claimed his son doesn’t drink and he was getting it for him. “So your responsible for the theft” asked Bart. The dad was stuck for an answer, saying ‘no’ and he’d be paying only for his sons shoes to be returned, but saying ‘yes’ then he’d also get the vodka which he didn’t really want but he had to pay either way. “Yes” said the father . Bart said he’d have to call the police. “No police” said the dad.
“Then hand over your shoes or we will call the police” said Bart as he pointed to the sign “Steal from us and we’ll take your shoes”
The father felt embarrassed, his strategy for retrieving his sons shoes had backfired and he was now surrendering his own shoes in front of his son and other customers. He took off his Nike trainer’s giving them to the shopkeeper who placed them next to the son’s confiscated footwear. The dad demanded to pay immediately to get their shoes back. “No” said Bart “You have to do the ‘shoeless walk of shame’ out of our shop, that’s just one of the reasons why we take your shoes, you can pay and collect your shoes tomorrow when you pay £100 for the vodka”
“£100” shouted the dad “I don’t have that much money to pay”
“Well he shouldn’t of stolen expensive vodka. If you don’t pay then you don’t get the vodka and we get to keep your shoes.
Father and son did the ‘shoeless walk of shame’. The son embarrassed to be leaving again without his trainers and the father embarrassed leaving in socked feet in their own neighbourhood and not having enough money to pay and retrieve their confiscated shoes and the vodka that he really didn’t want.