Delayed revenge

Author – Lucas

Me and my mate Harry heard that our old school was getting demolished so we got a bus one evening to go take one last look at the old place. It was ten years since we attended the school and we wanted to go inside and look around. The place was derelict and protected by a high fence. We walked the fence perimeter looking for access when a security guard appeared. “Well if it isn’t Harry and Lucas” he said. We didn’t recognise him. “It’s me Nev, we where in year 10 together” he said. He was now a 6ft bearded giant far from his wirery schoolboy frame of years ago. We explained our presence, “Come back in an hour when everyone has gone, there’s a gate from the field at the rear” he said before walking off.
Over a beer in a nearby pub we reminisced about our school days and how we picked on Nev the ‘nerdy kid’ who was now a security guard built like a brick outhouse. A few beers later we walked across the field, the bottom of our trainers where getting muddy. Nev locked the gate after we entered. Inside the building we stumbled over some copper piping strewn across the floor, “Can you just stack that piping next to the door lads, it’s getting dark and we don’t want to fall over it on the way out” he asked. We gathered up all the copper and placed it by the door. As we explored we started to remember our teachers and their nicknames we gave them. In the sports hall, Harry laughed “Superman would of confiscated our shoes for just wearing them in here” referring to our old P.E. teacher who looked like Clark Kent as he pointed to our muddy shoe prints we had just put on the gym floor. Inside the main building we climbed the stairs and walked along the corridor, I recognised the classroom used for detention and said “We managed to avoid this place”. Nev replied “Yes, but at my expense, I spent too much time in socked feet in that room because of you two”. Harry laughed but Nev reminded us both that we bullied him into taking the blame for everything. As we walked inside Nev closed the door and said menacingly “Time you two experienced my humiliation” He took off his jacket revealling his rather muscular arms and chest. “You’re getting detention” he said flexing his muscles as he demanded we both sit on the empty classroom floor, we told him we where leaving. “Even if you both think you can take me on and get out the door I’ll just call the police” he said. “Trespassing isn’t a crime” I said. He replied “But burglary is, your fingerprints are all over that copper piping that you placed by the exit and your shoe prints are all over the sports hall, you’ll get caught” With a smug grin he again told us to sit on the floor. “Detention or a night in the police cells and a criminal record”. Harry looked at me, I said we where just kids back then. He leaned against the closed door and got out his phone “Police it is then”. I reluctantly sat on the dirty floor quickly followed by Harry. Nev put back on his jacket, his muscle flexing intimidation had worked, he said “Now you’ve accepted your detention I need to confiscate your property so empty your pockets”. Harry protested but Nev intimidated him by pretending to take off his jacket showing his chest. We took out our phones and wallets, Nev placed them in his pockets.
Then with a big smile on his face he said “Detention also means shoe confiscation” This time I protested “You’ve made your point, we’re all adults here, give us back our stuff, it’s not school, it’s not detention and I’m not taking off my shoes”. I stood up, Nev squared up to me, his huge frame was intimidating. “You are in a school, you wanted to be here, you are getting detention so take off your fucking shoes” he shouted. I sat back down and pulled off my new black/burgandy New Balance 500 trainers as Harry took off his grey Adidas Originals LA trainers. “Now cross your legs and put your hands on your head” he said as he picked up our shoes “Now you know how humiliated I felt all those years ago sat shoeless on that floor after being bullied into taking your punishment”. Harry attempted some empathy as he said “As a grown man having my shoes confiscated and sitting on this cold floor in socked feet with hands on my head like a naughty schoolboy is probably more embarrassing and humiliating”. Nev looked down at Harry’s black socked feet, pleased with his humiliation. Nev said he’d wanted his revenge on us both for years and couldn’t believe his luck when we both appeared earlier this evening.
Nev then said he needed to leave us to go do his job of security checking the building. He again warned us not to leave even in our socked feet as he’d still call the police. He left with our phones and wallets in his pockets and carrying our shoes. I must admit I got excited watching someone walk off with my trainers leaving me in my socks, perhaps I should of gotten detention at school afterall. It didn’t last long as reality kicked in realising I was now shoeless.
I stared at my white socks and told Harry “What if he doesn’t really work here and he’s just robbed us, how long do we wait to find out”
We are two shoeless men, stranded or trapped in a derelict school not knowing if we had been robbed or being punished.
It was now dark outside and inside the empty classroom, we had no phone, no money and no shoes!
Do we stay or leave?
What would happen?
What would you do?

A long walk home

Author – Sambas Lad

Me and a mate had been out with mates in town and the time sort of passed without us noticing, my mate, Steve, looked at his watch and nudged me, yelling “we will have to rush to catch that last bus I don’t fancy the 5 miles walk home if we miss it”. W raced through town Steve’s size 10 Dr Martens thudding on the pavement, as we rounded the last corner we were just in time to see our bus puling away into the distance. Oh hell that means we are walking and so we set off with little entheusiasm.
It was not long before we were out of the town and walking down country lanes, we were both rather nervous of hitch hiking and kept our hands in our pockets. After 10 or so minutes a car pulled up and three lads piled out, leaving one in the driver’s seat. They seemed quite friendly and asked where we were heading and we told them, “that’s a long walk “ one lad said and it seemed to set them all off giggling, anyway, the older lad said, he was about 17 and a bit scruffy, “what have you got that is worth having ? wallets phones come on hand them over”. The group were crowding round in a threatening manner so we did as we were told thinking it would get rid of them. One lad asked Steve what size his DMs were, 10s replied Steve, Hand them over now, said the lad gripping Steve’s arm forcing him to bend over. Steve bent down and slowly unlaced his boots, still reluctant to take them off. “NOW” yelled the lad right in Steve’s face, the other lads were laughing at Steve’s plight as he handed over the boots standing there at the side of the road in his white footie socks. I had scruffy size 7 Sambas on so I guessed I was safe.
Two lads turned to me yelling “come on idiot get those trainers off”, I handed over my Sambas quickly leaving me in red sports socks. We were both frightened that the lads would want to continue this game but were saved by the bell when the lad in the car’s mobile rang and he beeped the horn to hurry them along, they all piled in the car with the parting comment “enjoy your walk “
Steve and I looked at each other and set off walking the lane in the direction of home. Our socks soon became muddy as we walked along and the road was not the most comfortable surface to be walking without our shoes. It was over an hour before we got to the outskirts of our village and though we were now on smoother pavements there were more streetlights and the risk of being seen was much greater. There was not much traffic and for a while we were not seen as we headed to Steve’s house – the plan was to borrow a pair of his brother’s shoes to get me home in.
As we turned into Steve’s estate a small group of lads were hanging about all a couple of years younger than us. When they saw our muddy socked feet they asked what happened and we told them and they could not stop laughing. We ran off to Steve’s house and I borrowed a pair of his brother’s shoes to go home, first throwing my trashed socks in the rubbish bin.
A night we will both remember for all the wrong reasons.

Sneaking out of school

Author – AJ

A bar room brawl erupted, everyone got arrested including me, wrong time, wrong place. Taken to jail in handcuffs was scary having never been arrested before. All my stuff got confiscated and I was taken to a cell where they stripped me of my Adidas trainers leaving me standing in my socked feet as they locked me inside. I walked around the cell in my socked feet, having my shoes confiscated brought back memories of my teenage years at school when me and my best mate Glen regularly sneaked out of school after registration. We often went to the seafront arcades to have some fun. Our absence went unnoticed until one day a fire drill and register check caught us out, we got punished with detention. A few weeks later we where caught sneaking out again and given more detention. We where warned that preventative measures would be used if we absconded again. One warm sunny day we did sneak out again but we got caught at the school gates. In the Headteachers office we expected to get more detention until the headteacher said “Take off your shoes”. We couldn’t be trusted anymore, so to prevent us from leaving the building during school hours our shoes would be confiscated. With great reluctance and embarrassment we took off our shoes and handed them over. We walked to our first lesson in our socks, being late everyone noticed that we where missing our shoes, the class where laughing, my embarrassment was overwhelming, as if I was naked. This shoe confiscation punishment was new, so two 16 year old boys walking around in their socks became the talk of the school. Every day having to give up our shoes, every lesson in socked feet, every lunchtime avoiding our feet getting stood on as we queued for food. It was humiliating but we became quite infamous. At the end of each day we had to wait outside the Headteachers office to retrieve our shoes. Standing shoeless in the corridor became a pain as the younger kids deliberately walked by for their own amusement just to see us older students standing in our socks. As teenagers, trying to act cool was never going to happen being without shoes. Our punishment lasted til the end of that term. We didn’t sneak out again. After spending the night in the cells I was released without charge. My property and trainers where returned. As I put on my shoes I thought no matter what age you are, young or old, you can still get your shoes confiscated.

Shoeless soccer player PT.2

Author – Shoelessguy7

The game was maybe 60 seconds from starting. Coach Alan said with a raised voice “Dylan, there you are! Quick, get to your position.” Dylan didn’t want anything to prevent him from getting in the game, so in a spit second decision he decided not to say anything about his predicament and made his way over to his position. The Referee blew his whistle and the game began. After a few minutes of play, Dylan had been up and down the field several times. He could see the tape on his left Adidas cleat was starting to detach, but he knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it, so he did his best to ignore it. One of Dylan’s team mates passed the ball over to him, but immediately afterwards one of his opponents was right next to him. The opposing player stepped on Dylan’s right cleat tearing some of the tape from top it. As he did this, Dylan briefly lost his balance giving his opponent the chance to steal the ball. After regaining his balance he turned around to see his opponent was already 15 yards down the field. Just ahead however were 3 defenders ready to steal the ball back. Dylan knew his team mates abilities so he decided to take a chance and headed toward his opponents goal instead. His confidence in his team mates was rewarded as they were able to get it back and the ball was then passed to Cody who dribbled the ball up to mid-field. Dylan noticed a weak point in the opposing team’s defense and raised his hand to try and grab Cody’s attention. Right at that moment at almost the same time, the tape on Dylan’s left cleat came all the way off and the tape on his right cleat ripped completely. All the sudden Dylan felt his cleats become very loose again. He looked down at his cleats as a natural reaction, and then almost jumped when he looked up to see Cody passing the ball directly toward him. While moving up to receive the ball Dylan ran right out of his cleats. Even so he received the ball cleanly and pushed down the field in socks. He maneuvered around a defending opponent and kicked the ball aiming for the upper right corner of the goal. The ball hit the bottom of the cross bar and slammed down at the back of the goal. The crowd cheered and roared for 10 seconds straight. Cody ran up to Dylan and gave him a strong high five. “How did you do that” Cody questioned. “You just scored a shoeless goal!” With a big smile on his face Dylan said, “who needs cleats, right?” “Show off,” Cody responded and gave Dylan a friendly shove with his shoulder. Dylan ran back to pick up his cleats, one in each hand, then headed back to the sideline where his coach was motioning him to come over. “What goal Dylan,” Coach Alan praised, “but what happened to your cleats?” Dylan finally was able to explain what had happened. “It could have been one of those 3” Coach Alan agreed, “but the question is what to do now? I guess I’ll have to sit you out the rest of the game.” “Please don’t do that coach” Dylan begged while slipping on his cleats. “Not after I was made part of the first team. Maybe I can sub in at goalie instead. I’ve played there before and won’t have to run around as much.” “Well I know you earned your promotion; after all I gave it to you,” answered Coach Alan. “Hey Brandon, come over here.” The goalie Brandon jogged over and agreed to swap. “Sure,” he said. “It gives me the chance to play another position.” “Alright, then go,” Coach Alan instructed. “Yes,” Dylan said with a silent victory motion and jogged over to the goalie’s position with his cleats again flopping off his feet. The 2 teams once again began kicking the ball up and down the field. A few times his opponents got close, but his defenders pushed them back each time. As he moved around his cleats slid on and off feet. There’s no way I can keep these on he thought, and then glanced around to see if anyone was looking in his direction. With no one seemingly focused on him, Dylan turned to face his goal then flicked his cleats over to the side of the goal post. He turned back to refocus on the game now defending his goal in socks. The game continued with both teams struggling back and forth. Dylan saved a few goals here and there but finally the game concluded with a score of 1 – 0. He was proud that his shoeless goal was the only score of the game. Dylan and his team ran from one side of the field to the other celebrating. He almost forgot that his cleats were still at the back of the goal so he ran back over to collect them. As he was walking off the field with his cleats in his left hand one of the opposing team’s players came up to him. It was the same boy that had shot him the menacing glance outside the locker room. “I guess it was pointless to take these. You were the only one to score a goal and you didn’t even need them.” The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out Dylan’s missing shoelaces. He tossed them on the ground then ran off before Dylan could respond. Seeing what had happened Cody walked up behind Dylan and said, “It figures it would be Jason. My cousin goes to his school and she says he tries to play dirty and is a big cheater.” Dylan picked up his laces, walked over and placed them in Cody’s hand. Cody gave Dylan a confused look, “aren’t you going to put these back in” he asked. “I don’t know” Dylan replied. “I kind of had a lot of fun without them, and well, like Jason said. I was the only one to score a goal and I didn’t even need them.” “Show off” Cody said again. Giving his friend another shove they both ran off to continue celebrating with the team.

Shoeless soccer player PT.1

Author – Shoelessguy7

“Dylan, go put your stuff in the locker room while I track down the registrar Mrs. Hess. Meet me back here in a few minutes” Alan instructed. “Alright” Dylan replied. On the way there he saw his team mates going outside to get warmed up. His friend Cody said “I almost thought you weren’t going to make it.” “Just in time” Dylan said with a relived voice. He opened the door to the empty boy’s locker room and put his bag down on one of the benches. The opposing teams always utilize the girl’s locker room right next door during game events.
Since the locker room was empty, Dylan pulled all of his equipment out of his bag too have it ready after getting checked in. As he exited the room, he walked past 3 of the opposing team’s players. They all were a bit bigger than him and one of them shot him a menacing glance as they crossed paths. Even still Dylan was not intimidated and hurried back to the registration room. He started to get a little worried and impatient as it took nearly 10 minutes before Coach Alan returned with Mrs. Hess. She looked him over, stamped the official roster book and said, “you’re good to go.” Dylan responded with “Thank you mam”, as he was instructed to say. Coach Alan than said that the previous game finished early and their game would begin very soon. “Hurry, get your stuff on then meet us on the main field” he told Dylan. Dylan ran back to the locker and began to get dressed. He took off his team shirt and put on his jersey, slid his slides off and stuffed them in his bag. He pulled on his chin guards and reached for his cleats when froze in shock. … His cleats were on the floor where he had left them, but now with no shoelaces in them. Wha? Who could of, he thought? None of his team mates would have done this, would they? But they were all outside already anyway he figured. Wait, he realized. Those 3 opposing team’s players that he had past just outside the locker room, could one of them have done this? Dylan checked some of the bags of his team mates that were next to his hoping to find his laces or perhaps a pair of sneakers that someone wore to the field that he could borrow the laces out of. Sadly he found neither when panic started to set in. After a minute or two of standing there like a statue he remembered that he needed to hurry. There was no choice but to slip on his now very loose cleats and hope for the best. He wasn’t 3 steps toward the door when his cleats began to flop off the back of his feet. Looking down at his laceless cleats he thought, this probably isn’t gonna work, but I have to give it try. Dylan set himself up as if he was about to kick the ball. As soon as he kicked his cleat flew right off his foot and hit the locker room door. He let out a discouraged sigh then kicked his other cleat to where the first one had gone. He walked over in his green socked feet to pick up his cleats when he spied his coach’s bag on the bench by the door. He thought for a second when an idea sparked in his head. Hey, maybe I can tape up my cleats. He quickly rushed over and searched the side pockets of the bag. He almost let out a cheer when his hand came across a roll of tape, but when he pulled it out he saw that the roll was almost empty. “Ok, ok” he said. “I just have to use it sparingly.” There was just enough tape to go around each of his cleats once. That will have to due he thought, and ran out to the field with his cleats somewhat secure on his feet.

Escape house pt.5

Author – Irsocks

Alex was the last to come out into the main room in the house. He noticed that he was not the only one who had lost something. He noticed Evan standing in one Vans sneaker and one sock. He smiled realizing that Evan had came into the house that way. RJ stood shoeless in his. socks. Jon stood in one sock and one bare foot. None of them were happy to have beat each room. They didn’t feel so bad about themselves when they saw Alex walking toward them bare foot with no shoes or socks. They were ready to leave and get their lost footwear back. Now that all of them were there, they could finish this. RJ read the card, “Congratulations on defeating the rooms. You solved the clues. Now as you leave this place, to get back what you have lost, you must leave in this order. Place your keys in the locks in this order and your items will be waiting for you on the other side”. They were no longer in the mood for more riddles or clues. They wanted to collect their footwear and go home. This had been a bad idea. They wanted to deliver a beat down to whomever sent them the free invite. They were determined to get out and get their stuff. They decided that it did not matter in what order they got out; they were going to get their footwear regardless. They placed their keys in the locks and turned them. A door slid open near them and they walked out. Evan screamed, “WAIT!”, but it was too late. The door slid shut behind them. They were outside on the front porch. Their sneakers and socks were nowhere to be found. They beat on the door demanding their stuff be returned. No one responded. There were no windows they could break out to get back in the house. They had no choice but to leave shoeless and sockless. What an experience. They asked Evan why he screamed wait. He said he had an idea as to the order the card was talking about. He moved everyone in order as to what they had lost… Evan one shoe, RJ both shoes, Jon both shoes and a sock, and Alex both shoes and both socks. As they walked home, Evan was the only one with a grin on his face. He was already use to walking with only one shoe since they always took his sneaker. Now they knew how he felt. What a sight it was to see four guys walking down the street each of them missing something. There was one guy with one sneaker, another in only socks, still another in one sock and one bare foot, and one guy with two bare feet.

Escape house pt.4

Author – Irsocks

Alex’s room looked like a playroom. There was a giant ball pit with hundreds of black balls in it. There was a scanner on the wall also. The card on the table read, ‘Find the ball with the logo of the company that makes superstars. This was going to be hard seeing as all the balls looked the same until Alex noticed one ball with a big gold star in a square on it. He quickly grabbed it and placed it in front of the scanner on the wall. He heard a buzzer sound and the words try again. Alex knew it couldn’t have been that easy, but he had to try it. He jumped into the ball pit and dug through the balls one after another. It seemed like forever before he found the only ball that was white. It had the Adidas symbol on it. Duh, he said to himself because he realized he was wearing black and white Adidas superstars. Alex wore his superstars extra loose today. He was so focused on finding the ball that he didn’t realize that his sneakers had come off until he got out of the ball pit and looked down to see his white heel and toe black Adidas no show socks. There was no way he was going to leave his sneakers behind. He placed the ball on the floor and jumped back into the ball pit to find his sneakers. After having no luck finding them, he dug his way back out of the ball pit. To his horror he could see his bare feet. He could not believe he had lost both his sneakers and his socks. Alex didn’t even try to go back into the ball pit. He was ready to leave. He scanned the ball and a slot opened on the wall revealing a key. He got the key and used it to open a door and walked through it glad that he had won but mad that he had lost his sneakers and socks…