Video project gone wrong

Author – Evan

 I was helping a friend record a video project for one of his college classes. After helping him shoot the project we hung out at some shops down the street. We sat down outside an ice cream store eating some ice cream. After he finished his ice cream, he sat up, grabbed my foot and pulled off my right shoe. Surprised I said “What are you doing? Gimme back my shoe.” My friend just responded with “You’ll get it back,” before continuing to run off with it. I sat around thinking he’d bring it back, but he never came back with it. I wound up having to walk the rest of the way home in the city wearing one shoe and a white sock, and it was about an hour and a half walk back.


Accidental arrest

Author – Unlucky Lad

Kev left school at sixteen and as soon as he could he left home. Now at nineteen he lives in a neighbouring town in a bedsit, working at a DIY store, pay isn’t good but he manages and importantly he has his independence. To save money he walks to work and frequently cuts through the local park as a short cut. 

One day whilst walking to work through the park he got stopped by a young man in his early twenties who asked what size where his shoes. Kev said they where a size 9 and asked him why? Do you fancy swapping shoes asked the man who was wearing a fairly new pair of Reebok classics, this puzzled Kev as his where an old pair of white Nikes which where well worn. The guy was quite insistent and seemed quite hurried, not to miss an opportunity and no money to buy a new pair Kev agreed. They sat on a bench and kicked off their shoes and swapped. The guy quickly put on Kevs trashed trainers, he said ‘cheers mate’ and ran off. Kev put on his newly acquired pair of trainers, they looked quite new except for the thin layer of mud around the soles, he could not believe his luck and continued his walk to work.

It was nearing the end of a long day at work. Regularly the store got shoplifters and today was no exception. He caught sight of a lad acting suspiciously in the tool section of the store and noticed him placing an expensive set of drill bits down the back of his jeans. He was slightly older but that didn’t deter Kev from stopping him if he attempted to leave without paying. He followed the suspected shoplifter to the exit doors, the lad looked back and seen Kev behind him and started to run, Kev gave chase and quickly rugby tackled the lad to the ground in the car park. After a struggle he took the lad back inside to the managers office. The manager phoned the police and they detained the lad until they arrived. A policeman arrived and arrested the lad, Kev was asked if he could go to the police station with them to make a statement and retrieve the stolen item. The manager said to just bring it back tomorrow and get off home after attending the police station. This suited Kev as the police station was on the way home meaning a shorter walk, he quickly went to the staff room, removed his overalls and put his coat on over his white T shirt and jeans and changed out of his work shoes into his newly acquired trainers. He had to get in the back of the police car with the shoplifter. The policeman couldn’t use his radio as there was a problem with police communications and computer equipment. Upon arrival at the station the gate was opened manually by another police officer. The PC got out of the car and spoke to the other officer, he then opened the car door and both Kev and the shoplifter got out. He said that he needed to go straight out again on an emergency and the other officer would take over. ‘Shoplifting at the DIY store’ he said to the other officer as he jumped back in his car and drove off.

‘Follow me’ said the new officer, Kev had never been in a police station before and was excited to see what happens inside. They went to a door that displayed ‘Custody Suite’ on a sign. Kev was told to wait outside in a holding area while the shoplifter continued through the door. Ten minutes later Kev was asked to follow the officer through the same door as the shoplifter previously. They walked to a counter, on the other side a police sergeant asked Kev if he knew why he was here, ‘Of course’ said Kev. He was asked to empty his pockets onto the counter and remove his coat and belt, it was a bit unusual thought Kev but assumed it was for security reasons. He was then told to remove his shoes so he could be searched, he kicked of his shoes and felt the cold floor through his socks, he obeyed an instruction to lean forward with hands on the counter while the officer did a pat down of his body including his socked feet. Kev said ‘It’s a bit over the top for just making a statement’ He put his shoes back on and was told he’d been arrested for shoplifting. ‘No, I work at the store and caught the other guy, I’m here to make a statement and take back the stolen goods’ said Kev ‘Ask the officer who brought us here’. He’s out on an emergency and our radios are down. We are having to manually book detainees in also as the computer system is down’ said the sergeant. ‘Ring the store and my boss will tell you who I am’ begged Kev. The sergeant tried, ‘no answer’ he said. The store was now closed. You’ll have to stay here until the arresting PC returns. ‘What’ said Kev, ‘I’ve never been arrested before’, ‘we don’t know that without a computer’ said the sergeant. He was taken to the cells, walking along the detention block corridor he could see shoes outside each cell door, he recognised the Adidas trainers the shoplifter had been wearing, further along he recognised another pair, a trashed pair of white Nikes, his Nikes he’d swapped earlier today. He was stopped outside an open cell and was told to remove his shoes, he did so, again feeling the cold floor as walked inside the cell in his socked feet and the door locked behind him. In the cell was a blue mat on the floor and a toilet. He sat on the mat and thought, what on earth has just happened, arrested and sat in a locked cell with all my belongings and shoes confiscated. He stared at his socked feet and began to find it all thrilling and exciting being detained in a police cell against his will. At least he’d be freed in the morning and perhaps he might get the day off work for his troubles. He smiled as he fell asleep.

The next morning he heard the cell door open, he’d not slept much by the excitement of being ‘locked up’. The officer told him to follow him back to the custody desk. He left the cell, his shoes where missing from outside so followed the officer in his socks to the desk noticing half the shoes that where outside cells where gone, presumably their owners had been released including the shoplifter as his shoes where gone also. But his old white Nikes where still there outside a locked cell. At the desk he anticipated an apology but it did not come. The sergeant said ‘As per police procedure all prisoners shoes are checked against any shoeprints found at any crime scene. He lifted up a clear plastic bag with evidence written on it and inside where Kevs trainers. Your shoes where found to match footprints at a dwelling where a serious incident occurred yesterday morning. You are therefore arrested on suspicion of burglary and serious assault. Take him back to the cells. The door locked behind him, he sat on the mat and stared at his shoeless feet only this time he wasn’t thrilled and excited about being locked up he was petrified.

Accedental detention – day 5

Author – Unlucky lad

Jason stared at my shoes as I walked along the bus, ‘You still wearing them scruffy shoes’ he shouted. ‘I’m hoping Martin has my shoes in his bag or I’m gonna end up in detention again’. Martin and James got on the bus, James was quiet, ‘Taking Mr Aidens trainers is theft’ said Jason ‘He gave them to me’ said James. ‘Blackmailed him more like’ replied Jason’. ‘He could have  kicked you out of school or even arrested or both’. James stayed quiet as he knew he had done wrong. I asked Martin for my shoes. ‘Oh no, I totally forgot about them, I am so sorry’ he said apologising. I demanded we swap shoes, he could risk wearing my scruffy shoes as he already had detention and I didn’t. His shoes where extremely tight on my feet as they were a size smaller.

Outside at lunchtime, James was talking to Mark about yesterday he said not to worry and be more confident. Then Mr Wilkinson appeared and Mark kicked James deliberately. Mr Wilkinson walked over, ‘you know the rules about kicking Mark’ he said telling him to follow him indoors to confiscate his shoes. ‘No’ said Mark. ‘We are not going to obey you’ and grinned at the PE teacher. ‘Oh your Adidas trainers do fit sir’ he said as Mr Wilkinson stormed off. ‘Told you not to worry’ he told James. James cheered up and asked Mark if he could meet up with him tomorrow, being Saturday, Mark said ‘why not, don’t dress like a kid and we’ll sneek you into the pub with us’. James said OK and walked off. Mark was waiting for his sixth form pals, they where going to the pub to celebrate the last of their groups 18th birthday and skip their Friday afternoon lessons. They arrived, ‘have you all got your I.D’s’ said Mark as we’ll need them being in our school uniforms’. Mark saw Mr Wilkinson looking over, ‘do you want to see my prowess over the teachers’ Mark said to the lads. He told them to kick each other. They did and watched Mr Wilkinson who looked and walked away. ‘Wow’ said Jack, the birthday boy, ‘I can’t believe Mr Wilkinson did nothing’ They turned to walk out the school gate and where immediately stopped by Mr Lancaster who’d witnessed their childish behaviour. ‘What on earth are you boys playing at, you are 18 years old and supposed to set an example to the younger boys’ he said. ‘You can all follow me’, the six pals looked at each other then everyone glared at Mark as they followed Mr Lancaster into the school entrance hall.  The hallway was quite large with wood block flooring. It was a busy area with both staff and pupils using it. Mr Lancaster ordered the boys, except Jack, to sit on the wood floor and remove their shoes which they did revealing their grey socked feet. ‘As an example to all the younger pupils you are going to sit here in the entrance hall for the remainder of the lunchtime period. They sat on the cold wood floor and crossed their legs like naughty schoolboys. The teacher told Jack to pick up all the shoes now laid on the floor next to their relevant owners. He struggled carrying five pairs of shoes as he followed Mr Lancaster to the headmasters office. Jack was told to wait in the corridor holding all the shoes whilst Mr Lancaster entered the office. Already in the office was Martin who had been spotted in the dining hall by the headmaster wearing my scruffy unpolished shoes. ‘What has happened to you this week Martin’ said the headmaster, ‘You’ve been in detention and now you are letting your standards down by wearing totally unacceptable footwear’. His eyes started welling with tears as he told the headmaster they were not his shoes and with his honesty gave a truthful explanation. The scruffy shoes where confiscated. Outside in the corridor Jack still managing to hold all the shoes watched Martin leave the office in his socks and walk down the corridor towards the detention room. He was dragged into the office by Mr Lancaster dropping half the shoes onto the floor. ‘Pick them up boy’ said the headmaster. He was told to place them all on a shelf next to my scruffy pair that Martin had just removed from his feet. It looked like a shoe shop rack, not that anyone would want to buy second hand shoes that had spent their lives on the feet of teenage boys. Inform your friends they can retrieve their shoes after detention today. Jack was about to leave but was told to remove his shoes and place them with the other pairs’. He briefly thought he wasn’t getting his shoes confiscated, he took them off and placed them on the shelf. He left the headmasters office and walked along the corridor back to the entrance hall. He sat on the cold floor and crossed his legs and told the others about the detention. ‘We should of been in the pub celebrating my birthday and not sat on the floor shoeless watching every man and his dog walk past. They all sat there staring angrily at Mark. To the younger pupils entering the building they did not see naughty schoolboys sat shoeless but young men in their socks being punished. It gave them a buzz of excitement as they laughed at these young mens discomfort and embarrassment. 

We where in our first lesson after lunch. I hadn’t noticed Martin in his socks, he had discreetly hid his feet from the rest of the class. There was a knock at the door, the headmaster entered. He talked quietly to our teacher then shouted ‘Jason, Andy, my office now’. At his office he asked me why I was wearing Martins shoes, I told him Martin had mine. He asked Jason to explain the  locking the sports hall door and running off with shoes. Jason just shrugged his shoulders. I was told to remove Martins shoes, I took them off, it was a relief as they where hurting my feet since they where a size smaller than mine. I placed them on the shelf where I could see my unpolished scruffy pair. There was a lot of shoes on the shelf, there must be a lot of boys walking around in their socks I thought. ‘You both have detention’ said the headmaster. Great that’s everyday this week I’ve been in detention I thought to myself.  Jason didn’t have his shoes confiscated because they where his and they conformed to the school dress code. We walked back to the classroom Jason laughing at my endlessness of shoelessness, entering class I then noticed Martin in his socks.

Detention time arrived, the door was locked and everyone waited outside, it seemed there was more of us in our socks than wearing shoes. Eventually Mr Lancaster arrived unapologetic he explaining his lateness and that Mr Aiden should of been doing the detention but suddenly couldn’t. Those of us without shoes placed our bags and coats in the stationary cupboard first and noticed our shoes where not there. The remaining boys including Jason and James removed their shoes and placed them in the cupboard with their coats and bags. We tried to ask Mr Lancaster where our shoes where but where silenced at every attempt. Detention is about silence, no talking, no homework to be done, the boredom it created is to force you to think and reflect on why you’re there. Being Friday and Mr Lancaster’s unscheduled detention duty worked in our favour, after only half an hour we where told we could leave. Everyone grabbed their belongings, those who had shoes put them on and disappeared, James said to Mark ‘see you tomorrow’ and left with Jason. We asked Mr Lancaster about our missing shoes, he shrugged his shoulders and said we should visit the headmasters office. We all padded in our socks along the corridor. Mr Lancaster locked the detention room door and walked in the opposite direction. We arrived outside the headmasters office and knocked, there was no reply, the door was locked. ‘Just bloody fantastic’ shouted Jack angrily, my 18th birthday and i’m stuck without shoes at school. Mark said ‘we got out of detention early and we’ll be gone soon, so it’s not all that bad’. ‘It’s all bad’ shouted Jack, ‘Your silly idea about kicking each other got our shoes confiscated and being here right now, are you delibrately trying to spoil my birthday’. We all sat on the floor and waited. I got a kick out of watching the older boys sitting there in their socked feet. Boredom was setting in, Mark started kicking Jacks foot, before long everyone was foot fighting in their socks. An hour later Mr Brown, the caretaker, appeared, ‘You shouldn’t be in here’ he said.’We’re waiting for the headmaster’ said Martin. ‘He went home ages ago’ replied Mr Brown. ‘We need our shoes from his office’, ‘I can’t allow any unauthorised removal of property’ he said. ‘But they are our shoes’ said Jack.’You’ll have to go home in your socks or you boys can help yourselves by helping me’. ‘It’s ideal that you all have no shoes’ he said. 

We followed Mr Brown to the sports hall, where we helped him to roll up and remove the floor protection matting after yesterdays exhibition, we swept the floor and Mr Brown locked up. ‘Can we have our shoes now’ asked Jack. ‘Sorry boys’ said Mr Brown ‘I don’t have a key to the headmasters office’. ‘You conned us’ said Mark. ‘No I said you can help yourselves by helping me, I can now drop you off where you need to be in my van, albeit shoeless’ said Mr Brown, ‘We,ve been trying to get to the pub since lunchtime, but the only thing thats happened since lunchtime is being without shoes’ said Brian, one of the other 18 year old sixth formers. 

They all clambered into the back of Mr Browns van. ‘Home or the pub boys?’ Mr Brown asked. ‘For the hell of it, lets go to the pub, it will be a laugh in our socks’ laughed Mark. They all got out at the Red Lion and disappeared through the pub door in their socked feet. Mr Brown stopped near Martins house and we got out. ‘Thanks for the lift Mr Brown’ I said and he drove off. We sneaked into Martins house and went to his bedroom, he got my shoes from under his bed I put them on, he put his spare shoes on and we went downstairs, I said that we’d collect our other shoes from the headmaster on Monday and try and forget this week had ever happened. I left and walked home in my own shoes.

Adidas find

Author – Jonathan

So it’s been a little while since I found myself taking a pair of sneakers. I happened to be at a thrift store and wanted to check out their holiday stuff with no intention of stealing. Most of the times the shoes are junk or at a real low price and I would buy them if I liked them and the price was low. Today I saw a sweet pair that were my size but when I saw the price I was like screw that. Over forty bucks for used kicks at a thrift store was not going to happen. I had a plastic bag in my pocket and I was eager to snatch these. When no one was looking I quickly bagged these and booked out of there. Now I’m the proud owner of these Adidas Springblades. šŸ™‚

Lab Lesson

Author – Nick

When I was in college we had chemistry lab and no slippers/sandals were allowed so sneakers were necessary. Iā€™d forgotten to bring my sneakers to the dorm so I was screwed but luckily there are places on campus with a no-shoes policy so I went over to the library in black socks and slid my feet into a pair of Adidas shoes which were half a size larger. I sat down, loosened the laces and went for class, I liked those shoes so much that I continued wearing them around.

Don’t drink

Author – DrunkedIdiot101
Hahaha this thread is hilarious but maybe venting will help me out a little…

So i went out drinking with my boys, long story short I leave my boys house in an uber, wearing my shoes i get dropped off in the wrong location at 3am totally blacked out wearing my sweet adidas trainers, come to 8 am and i regain consciousness walking down the streets, i realize no shoes, no phone, no keys. Fast forward a lot of bullshit only for me to just now relocate the same pair online, but guess what. Dumbass me had no clue that they were the Day One editions and that they are now going for just shy of $300 I have no clue how they ended up on the sale rack at undefeated when i first purchased them but those guys were fucking up. So yeah i had the come up of a lifetime just to have them stolen off my drunken stupid feet.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Just Don’t do it 

Party pickup X 4

Author – Jonathan

Ever love it when people have parties but don’t allow footwear into their homes? Well I found such a place and they were having what looked like an awesome party. I didn’t know them but still a shame that I wasn’t invited.  Anyhow I saw a couple of guys wearing nice kicks to this party and having to leave them outside. It was 9 pm and maybe 7 pairs were out. Some guys and some girls but it was way too early to be sneaky. I came back around 11 pm and there were almost 20 pairs stacked nice and neat out there.  I noticed no one outside and music blaring so I approached cautiously. One only has moments to make the grab. I eyed a pair of brown Nike skate shoes to be in my size, a pair of hi-top white converse which also looked to be my size, and a pair of Osiris that definitely weren’t my size but I love Osiris and wanted them. I was finally about to leave when I noticed the shoes from one of the guys I saw earlier just sitting there looking sweet.  As I went to grab them I saw that they were Adidas hi tops in all black and they looked to be my size. As soon as I reached for that last pair I booked home as fast as I could. I can only imagine what those drunkards were saying and doing when they realized that they would have to go home without shoes. Haha. Now I get to enjoy them as much as they did. šŸ™‚