Boat shoes

Author – Mike

I attended college in a town that was close to the sea, and I had a rich friend who would often throw parties at the yacht club. This happened at one of these parties. That day I was wearing my worn and loose Adidas Stan smiths with black no-show socks, I had been wearing those shoes for years and hardly ever took them off unless I had to.  The day was clear so I was outside, playing with my sneakers as I relaxed. This blonde guy comes up with a bunch of friends wearing a hot pair of navy blue Sperrys with white laces, I could tell that he had difficulty keeping them on his feet and his white no-show socks popped out of the loose boat shoes every time he took a step. The shoes looked pretty worn, the leather seemed old and the soles were all flat. I knew I had to have those shoes and the rest of the evening I just kept thinking of how I could get my feet into those worn boat shoes.
My chance came soon enough when the host started moving the party over to his yacht. Man, rich frat boys with their boats. The host was pretty protective of his yacht’s wooden flooring, so people had to take their shoes off and leave them at a designated area before boarding the yacht. The boat itself was pretty small, but blonde guy wanted to get on, so his friends and he stepped out of their shoes and left them on the pier before getting on the yacht. Now, with him on the boat and the worn Sperrys left unguarded, it was time for me to grab those shoes.
Looking around I saw that no one was nearby or watching the shoe area except me, so I slid off my sneakers and left them by the side, before slipping my feet into the loose shoes. I couldn’t believe my luck, they were so comfortable, just the right size and fit my feet perfectly. I went back to the clubhouse and took my new shoes off before hiding them in some bushes and going back to the deck to board the yacht. We had a couple drinks on board, played some games, bummed around, then got off when we got bored. As all of us left the yacht we went to put our shoes on and of course blonde guy’s boat shoes were nowhere to be found. He asked if anyone had seen his shoes but no one had seen me putting the boat shoes on, so he had no choice but to leave in his white socks. His socks were so nice that I was dreaming of them being in my sneakers… I offered to lend my shoes to him, saying that it was fine as I was in black socks and he accepted, saying that he really did not want to get his socks dirty. He stuck his feet into my sneakers and I got hot and cold at the same time just seeing someone else in my shoes. I reminded him to return my sneakers later and got them back just as he was leaving early. Said he had to get himself a new pair of shoes now before the shops closed and was pretty upset about losing his favorite pair of shoes. He did not manage to find where I had hidden the boat shoes and left in his white socks. The rest of the evening my sneakers had no chance of staying on my feet as I just kept thinking about the Sperrys I had hidden in the bushes.
As the sun set and more and more people started to drink, I knew it was time to leave, so I got my bag, said my goodbyes and left to retrieve my new shoes from the bushes. When the coast was clear, I took my sneakers off and put them in my bag, before stepping into the worn boat shoes. I probably should have tied them tighter before I left, the shoes kept slipping off my feet and clacking against the sidewalk as I made my way back home.

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