The movies

Author – Brandon

So today I went to the movies with my girlfriend. When we got there we got tickets for jumanji  The Next Level. We then got popcorn and went into the theater. We both at at the top of the movie theater so we could see. After a few minutes of the movie starting my girlfriend said wanna have some fun. I then asked what. She then said take off one of your shoes and put it in the walkway when everyone leaves the movie and let’s see what happens. I then said I don’t know. She then sighed and said your no fun. I then said fine let’s do it. She jumped up in excitement and started to untie my right Stan Smith. She then pulled off my right shoe and walked down the stairs to the hallway and dropped it. She then walked back without my shoe. I was wearing white socks so everyone was going to notice I was missing a shoe. As the movie went on I started to forget about my shoeless state. The movie then ended and then everyone started walking out the hallway. I heard some kid say there’s a shoe here. After everyone had left we then headed for the exit. When we got to the hallway my shoe was gone. I had no choice but to walk out with one shoe. I then checked the list and found but no shoe. So then we walked out and my girlfriend thought it was really funny. Now I have no shoe and have school tomorrow. This is a disaster.

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