Stranded at the wrong school

Author – Socked lad

A heating problem meant no school. As mum left for work she gave me a school blazer to try on for size. It had belonged to her friends son who had outgrown it, he went to a rival school so the school badge on it would need replacing. I found a tie in the pocket and put that on too, it gave me an idea, I thought it would be fun to wander around the rival school at lunchtime wearing the blazer and tie.
I got off the bus near the school gates and entered. I nervously wandered around but nobody noticed me amongst the other kids as we where all dressed the same. If anyone stopped me I’d just give a false name and leave. I then went inside, the corridors where deserted as I curiously walked around comparing the school to mine. The afternoon bell had rung, everyone entered as I left heading for the school gate. I got stopped by a teacher who demanded to know why I was leaving. I told her I had a dentist appointment but she did not believe me as I had no appointment card or permit for leaving school. She took me inside the corridor where I  gave her a false name. As I was about to leave she told me to take off my shoes, “What” I replied. I was told it was to stop me from attempting to leave school again and I will get them back in detention.
I’ve never had my shoes confiscated so I felt nervous taking them off and watching the teacher disappear with them. Stranded in socked feet in a strange school scared me but excited me too, especially not knowing where my shoes had been taken.
I could not leave without my shoes, mum couldn’t afford to replace them and I would be embarrassed to hell getting on a bus shoeless. So I wandered in my socked feet looking for somewhere to hide until detention. Then I found the library, so I  pretended I had a free period to study. As I sat at a desk near the exit a blond haired lad entered, he sat with his back to me, I watched him shoe play with his black loafers before eventually kicking them off his feet completely. He began flirting with two girls who where sat at the other side of the library, he walked over to them in his gray socked feet leaving his shoes behind. I casually walked over to his size 9 black loafers and slipped my feet into them, thankfully they fitted. I quickly left and headed along the corridor to the exit, “Where do you think your going” asked another teacher as I opened the exit door. I tried the dentist excuse again but failed and yet again watched as the teacher took the shoes from my feet.
“Where are my fucking shoes” I heard a voice shout as I returned to the library, the blond lad was searching for his footwear. I said that after I had gone to my locker shoeless I had spotted a teacher carrying our shoes, he claimed they’d been abandoned in here and we can get them back in detention. It was a pretty lame lie but he bought it as he stormed out of the library in his gray socked feet.
I remained in the library until detention, now I just needed to find where it was to be held. I followed another boy in socked feet to detention. The blond lad entered, I felt guilty, he had been to lessons in his socks and now punished with detention to get his lost shoes back.
It was a bad idea coming here after getting an unexpected day off school. Instead of playing games at home I’m stuck shoeless in detention in another school!

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