What a fool

Author – Stupid lad

It was the day after my 19th Birthday and my mates wanted to take me into town for a drink to celebrate my Birthday as it was Thursday evening. I had got from my Girlfriend a pair of Timberland boots size 10 which I had wanted for ages and because I was keen to wear them every chance I got as I could not wear them for work as I was supposed to wear black more formal shoes. We had a great night out and visited several clubs and as I was wasted I crashed at a mates house. I had to be up well early so as to be able to get home to change to go to work. The main road where the bus route ran was only a few minutes away in the car so I reckoned it was not too far to walk. It was 7am and the streets were quiet and I was enjoying the walk, though it was further than I had though. Three lads were coming towards me and they were jostling each other and joking about. The blond lad blocked my path and his mates crowded in close – “its breakfast time and you are buying” he said, trying to keep my voice steady I said I only had a few ponds and some change, “that’s Ok mate” he said in a friendly tone, “I am sure you have a phone and a wallet we can use” a second lad piped up “if there is a bank card we can go to the cash machine too that will get us breakfast”. They walked me up a road on our right where there was a petrol station with a cashpoint outside, taking my wallet they took out my bank card they slotted it in the machine and said “pin” I cant remember it I said I never use the card I sad but they were not having it, I felt something cold and hard on the back of my neck –“ lets try again pin” “please I begged don’t hurt me” the only answer I got was PIN. I reluctantly typed it in and the machine gave back my card and then the £200 cash, “thank you” they said as they pocketed the cash along with my wallet and phone and they marched me off from the well lit forecourt into darker back streets, One lad who had not spoken before said, in a really bored voice “ I want your hoodie” “I can’t man I said – ive nowt on under it” Between them they pulled my hoodie over my head. The first lad who could hardly stop laughing asked what size the Timberlands were “10 I said almost crying “ Lets see if they fit me he said kicking off his tatty trainers and standing there in his dirty white socks – come on he yelled my socks are getting wet – off came the new boots – “thanks he said a perfect fit”. One lad started pulling at my jeans belt and it was soon undone. The older blond lad said “that’s enough lads let the poor sod go hees had enough and I took my signal to un like heck from the scene. Many years ago I had learned on nights out to always stick a £10 note down my sock for emergencies and I fished it out enabling me to finally catch the bus home. The driver eyed me up as I got on but he finally let me board. The journey home was un eventful and I finally showered and changed for work, and I was about on time. Saving a few pounds by not getting a cab home – fool.

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