Wearing woman’s boots

Author – lovetoshoeswap

One night I was out enjoying a few drinks at my local pub when an attractive woman came in through the door, I immediately took a liking to her and so I proceeded to talk to her and buy her a few drinks. The night came to an end and the pub started closing up so I offered to walk her home, she agreed and we headed of into the night. A short while later we get to her place and she tells me she is uninterested in sleeping with me but offers me her couch to crash on for the night for being nice to her in the pub, I reluctantly agree and proceed to make myself comfortable. As I’m doing so I noticed she had kicked off her knee high boots (I’m unsure what brand/make they were) before going to her bed, I started thinking to myself about trying them on for a laugh but thought she might be unimpressed with me for doing so. I decided to wait for a short period of time for her to fall asleep before putting on her boots. Once she was asleep I slipped my feet into her boots and they were the most comfortable boots I had ever worn so I kept them on while I drifted off to sleep. After a few hours I awoke before her and realized I still had her boots on so I thought I better sneak out incase she had caught me wearing them so I put my own shoes back on and slipped out quietly. To this day she never knew I wore her boots (one of the best things I have done in terms of shoe swapping)

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