The great shoe robbery

Author – Mickey

The bar was crowded, full of football supporters, their team had just got through to the semi finals of the Competition. Brian sat next to two young guys who where not celebrating. “Guess it’s not your team then” he said. “No, our team got knocked out in the early stages” said one of them. Brian introduced himself, Archie and Franky where two 20 year old locals. “United always win, these supporters like to show off thinking they’re the best in their smart trainers and gold chains, where they all get their money from I don’t know” said Archie. Franky agreed as he looked down at his worn Adidas Sambas. “Guess you dislike them” said Brian. “Hate them all with a passion, United scum, couple of our mates got robbed a few months back by some of them, even took their trainers they walked for miles in their socks.” said Archie. Brian smiled and said “Good job I don’t support them, you might take revenge and steal my Nikes”. The guys laughed looking at his black footwear “Nice trainers. Revenge on them would be sweet” said Franky.
The beer flowed and Brian mentioned the stolen trainers again. Archie said “I really want to knock the smug smiles of their faces by stealing their fucking shoes”. Brian said he had a great plan and took their phone numbers and said he would contact them in a few weeks, nearer to the semi final.
Brian had got a minibus and advertised spare seats to the football ground, all seats had been sold and all Archie and Franky had to do was to meet Brian beforehand “Make sure you fit in, wear smart gear and decent trainers” he told them.
On the day Brian met the two guys, as they got inside the minibus Brian said “nice trainers” as he looked at Archies new black/grey AirMax Plus trainers. “Thanks, I borrowed a lot of money to buy them”. Brian again said “nice trainers, take them off” he was now waving a hand gun at both guys. “You can take off yours too” he said to Franky who was wearing a pair of blue Adidas Classics. Both guys took off their shoes, giving Brian a look of disgust and anger at being betrayed. “Now get out” he shouted. Both guys stepped out of the minibus onto the pavement in their white crew socks.
Brian drove off as the stranded shoeless pair shouted “Fucking United scum”.

One thought on “The great shoe robbery

  1. can’t wait for the revenge of the two guys, when they meet Brian at the bar next time! let’s tease and humiliate him by a mob of drunk football supporters, chasing him around the streets … in his stocking feet! 🙂


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