RJs new Janoskis

Author – Jonathan

So here is another story for my fans. You see, there is a great guy and this great guy helped create this very site that we all share and love. Without his dedication to the sites upkeep we wouldn’t have stories of people losing shoes, stealing them, or creating fantasy stories. So this story is dedicated to this guy that started it all, RJ.

Once upon a time, long, long ago in a galaxy not so distant from ours,…… Oh fudge I’ll just get to the story lol. I decided to ask my good buddy, if I was able to obtain a pair of kicks for him. Which ones would he want? He wanted a pair of Nikes Janoskies sz 12. Well I promised that if I found a pair it would be his. Well it so happens that I obtained a pair for him.
There are many guys who visit my gym and sometimes they change while they are there. I noticed this one guy entering the gym while I was on the crosstrainer wearing what appeared to be a pair of Nikes Janoskies. Now I had to look up that shoe when RJ told me he liked them since I’ve never seen one before. Well this guy had a bag with him and he sat on the bench and put his Janoskies in the bag and placed a white pair of Nikes on. I was like shit this is my opportunity for some fun. There was about 4 other people in the gym and I decided to take his bag. I went into the bathroom to make a quick video segment for my friend. I left the bathroom and managed to grab a shot of this guy’s legs and Nikes in my video and I walked around towards the bench. After a few seconds, I grabbed them and booked it. In the video I made, I rushed to the opposite end of the Street before I looked in the bag. Yep I was correct, a pair of Nikes Janoskies and what luck sz. 12 these definitely have been worn a little bit. Unfortunately my phone died before I was try them on. Aggghh cheap phones.

So he asked me tonight what was his surprise. He somewhat saw them in another picture I posted but here you go. A stolen pair of Janoskies for the coolest guy on the web. Send pictures once you put them on……

Now on to my next adventure 🙂

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