Dance your shoes off – part 2

Author – Jman

Angela and Shelly came home from the dance. As one enters their apartment there are shelves filled with guys’ shoes. They took Gerald, Charles and Roberts shoes out of their bag and put them on the shelf to add to their collection and then took pictures of the shoes post on line in order to sell the shoes.

As they were placing the shoes on the shelf Shelly said, “When are these guys going to learn not to leave their shoes on the floor where everyone could trip over them?” Angela said, “Yes, we have to get those shoes off the floor to keep people safe.”

The next evening Shelly was standing outside of a bar shoeless. James came walking buy and Shelly stopped him. She said, “I need to talk to someone inside the bar but I can’t go in because they won;’t let me in without shoes on. Can I borrow yours to wear inside?” James said “Sure,” and took off his white Nikes revealing white low cut athletic socks. He gave his shoes to Shelly. She put them on and went into the bar and disappeared from James’ sight.

It was about an hour later and Shelly had not come back out with his tennis shoes. James wanted to go in to find Shelly and his shoes but he could not go in because he did not have shoes on. He realized he would have to wait for the bar to close and for Shelly to come out. Yet, when everybody left the building Shelly was no where to be found. It seems that she and his shoes had disappeared.

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