Shoes of the shop lifters

Author – unluckylad

The convenience store was owned by Dillon and his twin brother Bart, aged 38 and former marines, at 6ft tall they certainly knew how to look after themselves. Sales where good especially being close to the local school. Always busy before and after school with the school kids. One major issue was theft, the school didn’t take their concerns seriously so each time the police where called the kids where just cautioned and any adults arrested where released within a few hours and back stealing again. There was no punishment to deter the thieves, if caught they just handed the stolen items back and would try again later.
One morning during the school rush they caught a 15 year old boy stealing a bottle of cola. Dillon stopped him leaving the shop and marched him to the till. Bart was determined to make him pay but the boy had no money, so demanded something of value as deposit until he could pay. “I have nothing of value” said the boy. Dillon looked the boy up and down and noticed the new school shoes on his feet. “Shoes” said Dillon. The boy looked horrified at the prospect of losing his shoes.
“I need them for school” he said
“I need people to pay for stuff” said Bart. “Now take them off”
“You can have them back when you pay for your drink, which will be double the original price. So give me your shoes or I’ll call the police and then you’ll also be late for school”. The boy took off his shoes and gave them to Dillon, he gave the boy his bottle of cola and told him he could have shoes back when he pays for his drink. The boy left the shop with all the other kids laughing at his socked feet. Bart said to his brother “I think it’s the first time anyone caught stealing has been remorseful, I do believe we might of found a deterrent to stealing”.
Half an hour later a teacher entered the shop, “We’ve had a complaint from a pupil that you’ve taken his shoes”. Bart retrieved the boys shoes and placed them on the counter and said “You mean these!” . The teacher picked up the shoes and told them you cannot steal shoes off my pupils feet. “Then your pupil should not steal from us, besides the shoes ain’t stolen, they are our property until he pays for his drink. The teacher, full of his own self importance, walked to the exit carrying the shoes and said “I’ll be giving him his shoes back”. Dillon, enraged by the teachers arrogance followed him outside, stopped him and ordered him back inside the shop. The teacher, 30, smaller than Dillon had no choice but to obey the shopkeeper and return to the shop. He was told that until the boy paid for his drink, his shoes where their property to which he’d just attempted to steal, accusing the teacher of theft. The teacher offered to pay for the stolen drink. “Too late” said Dillon, “You didn’t steal the drink but the shoes, we have to call the police, our policy”. The teacher told them there really wasn’t any need for the police and could they resolve the issue amicably. Like the boy earlier the teacher was told to pay for the stolen goods, Bart said the stolen shoes where quite new and worth about £30, “I’m not paying £30” said the teacher. Dillon replied “You’re right you’re not, you’ll be paying £60, we charge double the price for stolen goods. The teacher was outraged, “I don’t have £60”. “We’ll give you the same option as the boy earlier, give us something of value as a deposit. When you pay us you’ll get back your deposit” said Bart. The teacher had £20 in his wallet “I’ve nothing else”. Dillon told the teacher to take off his shoes. “No way!” He said. “Shoes or the police” said Bart. The teacher reluctantly took off his shoes and handed them over. Dillon could smell the leather of the warm brown brogues. “Not worth £60, give me the £20 aswell. Return with another £40 and you’ll get your shoes back. He handed over the money and asked for the boys shoes telling them he’s paid for them with his own shoes. It will cost £4 to get them as that is how much the boy owes for his drink. “But I’ve just given you all my money” said the teacher. “When the boy pays £4 and you pay us £40 you both can have your shoes back” said Dillon. Bart got out his mobile and told the teacher to hold his shoes to his chest and he took a photo explaining anyone could come in and claim the shoes and this way without doubt we’d know they’re yours. The teacher stormed out of the shop in his red socks which added more attention and embarrassment to his shoeless state.
“Why the photo?” asked Dillon to his brother. “We know they’re his shoes”. Bart explained it will be an extra deterrent to anyone else who may think about stealing from us. “From now on all stolen goods must be paid for with the price doubled, we will also take their shoes everytime. Hopefully the embarrassment of leaving in socked feet might shame them, they can collect them next day with full payment of their stolen goods. It’s a win win, double profit on stolen goods and today we got £60 for nothing from the teacher just for him to get back his own shoes”.
“That’s if he collects his shoes!” said Dillon.
“Don’t worry he’ll definitely return and pay to get them back” said Bart with a big smile.
“Perhaps we should refuse to give them back unless they return in their socked feet” joked Dillon.
To be continued.

Careful what you wish for

Author – Shoelossfan

It was the first Monday of February 2019 and it had been raining for the last two days here with no real sign of the rain appearing to let up. I was currently making myself some lunch in the pizza oven and figured it would take care of some of the pets around the house, since that’s my job for just about every morning. (woke up late) anyway I went to take care of my sister’s pet bunny since I promised I would while she was away in England, however I notice the bunny was out of hay. So sighing a bit I slipped on a coat and my new black sneakers with red laces and head out to the barn to get some hay.

Now if you guys remember my last story the barn is barely a building, it’s more a suspended roof over some pens. And when I gout around front of it I saw that between me and the hay was just completely swamped, though the area by the back steps looked shallower. So making by wat around the hillside the barn was built into I headed down the steps, it was indeed shallower and with some careful walking I was about to get across, but noticed the ground was soft as I walked over it. Once on the small island of loose hay in the center of the barn I sighed and figured I would continue on my mission. So I go to the pallet and take out a sleeve of hay before I start to make my way back.

Though when I reached the water between myself and the stairs I noticed that the path I took wasn’t there , most likely sunk under by me stepping on it. Though I did my best to follow the path I took and as I stepped up onto the step with my left sneaker clad foot I noticed that my right foot was stuck and partly underwater, so I tugged slightly and thanks to the sneakers looseness I stepped right out of my right sneaker exposing my black sock with red toes and heel to the elements. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this since I wrote about a month ago as a joke about losing my shoe in a situation like this and now it happens.

Sighing a bit as I saw that my shoe was going to be a hassle, and I had a sleeve of hay that I didn’t want to drop in the water along with there not really being anywhere dry to set it down thanks to the downpour, I just made my way back to the house quickly. with one black sneaker on my left foot and my black and red sock on my right. I don’t think anyone went back for it before nightfall and sine it’s a pair I got from Walmart that was already falling apart I doubt it will last the next few days of rain ahead. So looks like I’m stuck with two left shoes and nothing but socks to wear on my right foot.

Convention centre mishap

Author – Lucylex

This past weekend I was working at a convention center for a dance competition and there were a few other girls beside my self working. It was a 3 day job and it called for us to be on our feet for most of the day and considering everyone was wearing dress shoes you can imagine how bad everyone’s feet were hurting. This story takes place backstage and this is where all the dancers lined up before going out to the main stage. There was two was one entrance and then a separate exit. I was working the entrance and my co worker was working the exit and kind of directing traffic. I could tell her shoes were very uncomfortable and she eventually slipped out of them and into her sheer black socks. You could see her toenails peeking through her socks and she kept kinda reserved by the exit. Her shoes were off to the side and there was a lot of traffic coming and going. She even left her post in her socks and walked elsewhere to run an errand all the while leaving her precious shoes behind. I made it a point to get over to where she was and see if I could snag her shoes while she was away. Finally during some busy traffic of people coming and going I managed to kick them out the exit and pick them up and hide them near by. It took her a very long time to realize her shoes were gone but it wasn’t until she had to go out on to the dance floor to make an announcement that she looked for them. I saw her panicking looking under the table and around the exit. Patting around in her thin socks lol. She never found them and looked shocked she now had to go out infront a crowd of hundreds of People being the only one missing her shoes and showing off those cute little sheer black socks. She ended up going out there and doing her announcement. I could tell people were a little surprised to see her in her stocking feet as she was trying to look professional. It was the cutest thing. She finally came backstage and told me someone had snagged her shoes. I just stared at her stocking feet:) she never got her shoes back and I picked them up on my way out when I left the job. They are still in my car! Again, don’t leave your shoes unnatended in public unless you like going home in your socks 🙂

The shoe museum pt 3

Author – Jman

Eric, John, Caleb and Derek began their walk through the display hall in the shoe museum. The guide first pointed them to the original sneaker collection that began the museum. The four admired the sneakers and thought that they were some pretty cool shoes. The guide looked at their shoes and said, “You also have some cool shoes that are worth being put on display.”

As the four college age students continued looking at all the shoes on display, they came to some cowboy boots all in very good condition. One pair of boots was made of genuine alligator skin and was very expensive. Eric remarked about how cool those boots were. The guide replied, “I remember how the guy that was wearing them really hated to have to give them up.” Eric was kind of puzzled at this comment. “Give them up?” Eric replied. “Yes,” said the guide, “We take the shoes of everyone who comes to our museum and they are added to our display. Most people cooperate when we ask for their shoes and take them off right away but some, especially those with new or expensive shoes, tend to put up a fuss and try to get out of having to give up their shoes but in the end we still get them.”

The four lads continued looking at the shoes and came to the end of the display. The museum guide pointed out the shoes that belonged to the four boys they had teased earlier. “Three of the four cooperated and handed over their shoes when asked but the one who had the new tennis shoes did resist but eventually the shoes came off.”

Next to these four pair of shoes was an empty shelf. The guide said to the four, “You can place your shoes here.” “No problem,” said Caleb. “Okay,” said John and the two took off their shoes and placed them on the display shelf. Eric and Derek resisted the command to remove their shoes. The museum guide reminded them that when they signed the guest book they agreed to pay the admission, which was their shoes, upon leaving the building. Therefore the museum had the right and authority to take them. Eric and Derek took a deep breath in frustration, unlaced their shoes, took them off and placed them on the shelf. The four young lads then left the display area in their sock feet just as many had before them.

As they were leaving Will, Cody, Mike and Jake were standing there. As Eric, Derek, Caleb and John walked by, Will said to the four, “Nice socks.” The eight lads began to think about who they could bring to the shoe museum next time.

The shoe Museum PT 2

Author – Jman

Will, Cody, Mike and Jake along with others in their class went to visit the shoe museum. The shoe museum requires all visitors to donate their own shoes to the museum to be put on display. The shoe museum was started by a sneaker head who had a well known sneaker collection. Everyone wanted to see his sneaker collection because it was so cool. One day a few other sneaker heads went to see his collection. One of them said, “This is a real cool collection. You should charge people to see it.” “Good idea,” the sneaker head said and he charged the visitors two dollars to view his collection. The visitors did not have any money on them so one of them said jokingly, “We can give you our sneakers to add to your collection.” “Good idea,” the sneaker head said, “give me your shoes and I will put them on display along with mine.” Once they realized he was being serious, they removed their shoes and put them on the shelf. The sneaker head the decided that everyone who wanted to see his sneaker collection would have to donate their own shoes to his collection. Eventually other types of shoes were added as these were what people were wearing when they came to see the sneaker collection and so the shoe museum was born and has kept of the tradition of requiring visitors to add their own shoes to the collection on display.

The museum guide began to collect the shoes of the visitors to the museum to be put on display. Cody, Mike and Jake handed over their shoes willingly. They were really looking forward to see Will lose his shoes since he made a big deal about them and showed them off to the others. Cody and Mike had been to the shoe museum before and knew what would be happening and were sure to wear old shoes that day. Will was horrified at the fact that he would be losing these shoes he loved so much.
Will pleaded with the museum guide to let him keep his shoes but the museum guide refused. Eventually Will’s shoes came off and were put on display with all the others. The museum guide locked the case with the shoes in it and the Jake, Will, Cody, Mike and all the others left the display room in stocking feet.

As they were leaving for college age boys came into the museum and were signing the guest book. Eric was wearing tan leather shoes. John was wearing blue and gold high top tennis shoes. Caleb was wearing black skate shoes. Derek was wearing white tennis shoes. Eric looked at the sock footed students and said, “Nice socks.” Cody replied, “Nice shoes” and he and his friends left the building. Eric, John, Caleb and Derek started laughing at the shoeless lads and said, “What losers. They really need to get some shoes.” Then the four walked into the display room.

to be continued.

Tony’s shoe

Author – Grant

Not sure this story fits I have this friend well the story tells that I was just looking around on the internet to see if I could find anybody like him some of your stories are close to being like him so I thought I would write about him.

My story starts in 6th grade. It’s weird but true.

My best friends name is Tony, we have been best friends since 1st grade. He would always have one shoe with a really lose lace are no shoe lace. when I ask, he always said the lace is either broke are going to break, if he tied it. He would always sit in class and take his shoe off. Tony would all ways have to either throw paper away are sharpen his pencil and would leave his shoe under his desk. when he walked his shoe almost fell off. When we played outside his shoe would fly off, he would just keep going without it. I ask him one time why he did that? He said he hoped someone would steal it because he only had one pair.
Tony always tried to get his shoe stolen when we would horse around.
Are school was one big building with all the class divided by lines on the floor so no walls inside. We were watching a movie and the teacher said we could come sit in the floor so we could hear because of the other classes. Tony came up and sit in the floor, we watch the movie and we went back to are chairs the bell rang.
We headed to lunch as we walked out, I said you forgot your shoe. He said it was gone. I told him I would help him look for it, Tony said I already looked so we just went to lunch. Tony spent the rest of the day missing his shoe.
I got to school before Tony I seen him coming on his bike. He was wearing his left DC and a black sock on his other foot. I said you didn’t find your other shoe. He said nope. We headed to class. He came to school all week missing his shoe even one day when it rained, I ask him don’t you miss your shoe. Tony said nope not at all. He got off his bike and hopped to the school, so his sock didn’t get wet.
After about a week he came wearing new shoes but the right one didn’t have a shoe lace.
Tony went back to just always having a loose shoe with it flying off all the time and a lot of shoe play but wearing it.
Skip forward to the 8th grade. Tony got to the house we always rode are bikes to school and my house is between Tony’s house and the school. He knocked on the door and came in I wasn’t ready yet. I looked down and Tony was wearing a black high top and just a white ankle sock on his right foot. I ask him were his other shoe was. He said I couldn’t find it and ran out of time to look for it. After school we went to his house to play video games. Then we decided to go to the park and Tony put his left shoe on. I ask him if he wanted help looking for his shoe. He said no I’ll look later.
On the way to the park I ask him don’t it bother you not having your shoe. He said nope. I kind of hope I can’t find it. I said what? He said you heard me.
The next morning Tony got to the house and had his shoe I said I see you found it. He said the dog had got it. I laughed, He was sitting on his bike I walked over and bent down and took his shoe off him and tossed it on the roof of my house and said now you lost it. He just rode off.
After that it became fun to take his shoe.
Move to 9th grade now. Most of the guys have got on board with having a one shoe Tony in the group it’s became a game of who can end up with his shoe, and who can keep it the longest, it’s became so normal to see One shoe Tony the teachers don’t even say anything anymore. Today I seen Tony at wally world with his mom and no shoe. I ask him who had his shoe this time, he said Jake never gave it back Friday.

The shoe museum

Author – Jman

The bus pulled out from the bus stop. As the bus was going along the road, it stopped at a museum. The bus driver told the students that they would be stopping to see the display here. The students got off the bus and went inside.

At the front desk the museum guide met the students and was happy to see them. The students got out money thinking they had to pay the admission fee. The museum guide said that at this museum, you pay the fee when you leave after you have seen the display. However, the students were asked to sign the guestbook. “We like to keep track of who visits our museum and by signing the book you agree to pay the admission fee.” The students saw no problem with this and they all signed the guest book.

After signing the guest book they went into the main room which was like a long hall. On display were all kinds of shoes. There were old shoes, new shoes, tennis shoes, dress shoes, skate shoes, boots, heels, mary janes in all sizes and colors. Some shoes were designer shoes and seemed very expensive.

After the students had viewed all the shoes on display, the museum guide said, “I hope you enjoyed your visit to the shoe museum and seeing our collection of shoes. Do any of you have any questions.” One student asked, “Where did all of these shoes come from.” The museum guide answered, “These shoes belonged to people who had visited our museum over the years. Here at the shoe museum, we require those who visit the museum to donate their shoes to the museum to be added to our collection. This is the admission priced you agreed to pay.”

The museum guide then opened an empty display case and told the students, “Now take off your shoes and place them in the display case.”

to be continued.