New kid

Author – Tommy

We had this new guy start school about a week ago. on his first day I got on the bus and set down beside him, I told him my name and started talking I dropped my backpack on the floor and bend down to get it and notice He was just wearing one shoe. I ask him where his other shoe was. I figured he was just playing with it and stopped when I sit down. I see guys doing it all the time. He said I always walk around at home wearing one shoe and my brother gives me a hard time He dared me to, leave all my right shoes at the old house when we moved. He stuck his feet up and said, so this is all I have, He was wearing a left Nike gray, blue and black shoe and just a white no show sock on his right foot. I thought he was just messing around and his shoe was by his backpack and I just couldnโ€™t see it. I got off the bus and went to class. He went to the office. About 20 or 30 mins later he walked in my class room turned out he had the same classes as me. He was still missing his shoe, He sat next to me and opened his backpack I could see in his backpack and there was no shoe in it. He had really come to school on his first day wearing one shoe. At lunch we were talking I ask him if he liked it. He said kind of. The bell rang, and we walked back to class. I found my self looking at his shoeless foot and feeling kind of excited. After school he ask if I wanted to come over to his house. We walked in the door and everyone acted like it was normal for him to only have one shoe I mean nobody said a word about it. We went in his room and his brother walked in and said How was your first day did you miss your shoe, Mark said nope. His brother looks at him and said Dork and walked off. I ask him donโ€™t you get trouble for not having a shoe. Mark said why itโ€™s my shoe mom could care less what I do. We played video games awhile and I headed home
It has been a week we have become like best friends Mark is still one shoed. I ask him if he missed wearing two He told me no he liked not having it because it was exciting sitting in class and walking down the halls missing his shoe.
I f Marks keeps doing this I will write more


20 responses to “New kid

  1. i would love to see you write more, also ever thing about joining him in his one shod actions, maybe just store one of your shoes in your locker during school times?


    • yeah it does i guess, besides i bet he sometimes wears nice socks. also you never know before you try, maybe just start off with taking off a shoe in class and go from there


  2. yeah good point that is a bit risky, though when i went to school and saw girls shoe playing, i started to do the same in class, and sometimes tried to leave my shoes behind.


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