One shoe at the movies

Author – Evan

Yesterday I was hanging out with one of my friends. We decided to go see Incredibles 2 together. I sat at the end of one row while he sat in an adjacent seat in the row in front of me. I kept propping my feet up on the seat in front of me on and off throughout the movie. By the time the movie was over, my friend got up and as he walked past the seat my feet were on, he grabbed my left shoe and quickly bolted out of the theater with it. I wouldve went after him immediately, but there was a good amount of people in front of me so it took awhile. I was one of the last people to leave the theater when I bumped into an usher who looked down and saw I was missing a shoe. “Lost your shoe there bud?” I just told him sorta and ran off to catch up with my friend. By the time I got outside, my friend was backing up his car and shouted out of his window, “See ya tomorrow.” He was waving my shoe at me before throwing back into his car and driving off. Had to walk back home in one shoe and my white sock.


24 responses to “One shoe at the movies

  1. well twice on a roof now that i think about it and the second time i went one shod for a while and i was lucky to get it back because those same bully girls had stolen one of my shoes and tossed it on top of this covered picnic area in the park that had no real way onto the roof. And then another time those bully girls tossed my shoes into some person’s yard (since there were house’s right up against the park.) that time i didn’t get the shoes back…


      • for one shoe i think it was a few days before i got a new pair, for losing both and at the time i was only getting one pair of shoes at any given point (heck right now i only own one) so honestly it can be up a week after being grounded for losing my shoes as a child


    • At least its nice to know that I’m not the only person who has gone up to a week wearing one shoe. Having to go to public places like that the whole time too


      • public places and school as well which wasn’t fun because the school district didn’t have a bus service for anyone closer than 5 miles away, so i was stuck walking around like that.


    • I can relate dude. I’ve walked to class in one shoe. I’ve walked to parks, movies, the mall, all while my shoe was stolen. One night I kicked my shoe into a tree. Couldnt see where it was so I had to walk/hop home wearing one shoe. It was a good 40 minute walk


      • heh bet it was an interesting walk at the very least. the one time i wanted to lose a shoe completely was before i was living in colorado springs when i was like 12 and living in canon falls MN, I had just gotten myself a pair of skate shoes and at the time i was wearing a pair of sneakers that had those elastic bands for laces and wanted to lose them. so one day i went to the rivers edge near the enter of town and started to walk around in the mud after cutting a few of the bands that were keeping my old shoes tightly on. After a while i fely my feet slip out of the sneakers as they sunk and soon enough one after another they were completed encased in mud.

        i never felt so much enjoyment in my life but i knew i had to get out the mud fast or my socks would be ruined (to late on that front.) and at the nearby pathway on a bench i had my backpack and the skate shoes inside the, and after puting them on i went home never to see my old sneakers again.


    • Haha hopefully your socks didnt get too dirty. I had similar thing happen to me once actually, except my left foot was completely stuck and sinking in the mud. My frined pulled me out, but my left shoe came off and sunk in the mud. I didnt have a spare on hand so I had to walk back in one shoe


      • my socks were completely black from the mud and after i dumped them in the laundry well…I don’t think they were saveable and i think mom just tossed them.


    • Makes sense, my left sock got fairly muddy too, so I tossed it as well. Shame since at the time they were brand new socks.

      It’s enjoyable having someone to talk to about this stuff haha


      • same here evan, if you ever want to get in contact or just talk storys feel free to contact me at ether or on skype @ andr seto (the one that has a boya with an eyepatch for the icon. i don’t use gmail because honestly i never saw it as a good way to talk and other than that i don’t do the whole social media song and dance.


      • right might have to use the old name tealc176 but theres two because of a mistake i made when i set up skype with the ipade so their are two tealc176’s. so just look for the one with the boya and say’s springville as the town name


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