Shoeless Flight

Author – Matt

I live in a town near the north east of Scotland, and there is a smallish airport that primarily serves domestic flights.
One day i had a flight to edinburgh for business. At security there was a group of teenage boys complete in gray blazers and caps, on a school trip to Edinburgh.the guy told them to take offf all their shoes and put their bags caps and shoes to be x-rayed. Their teacher told them to let me through first. I went through, wearing my shoes, and afterwards the guys start swiping me with some sort of wand. He found some mud on my shoes – probably full of pesticides or something, – and promptly told me that i can’t fly. There wre two people by security, and i was arguing wit them, with them consulting each other, and in the meantime all the boys are waiting unshod.
Eventually they tell me i can fly without my shoes, but i will have undergo a complete bdy check. they take me to a small cubicle, where i proceed to had them my clothes one by one. quite embarrasing.

At this stage it is getting late, they call to start boarding. Unsure what to do, the security tell the boys to proceed to the plane, they will bring their bags and shoes soon. I follow shortly after all walking first on the carpeted airport floor then on the tarmac without shoes.

I’m sitting near the front, and the plane seems to be getting ready for take off, while the boys are all worried about their stuff. At the last minute an outdoor lift brings up to the plane a trolley, piled on top of newspapers and drinks are school bags and at the side are all eleven pairs of schoolshoes – mine being the only ones missing.

The flight is short, and with a msall amount of turbuence, so when we arrive the trolley is wheeled off, the boys ollow in their socks – at least this time it is into a sleeve – and outside the plane collect their belonging and shoes. It was quite a sight, other passengers from other planes stopped to watch. Eventually we followed through, now i was left with a short time beofre an important meeeting to buy a pair of shoes. With no choice i left the airport unshod, before turnig round and going to the departures lounge where i was able to buy a pair of shoes.

I met the boys later on the flight back, and we had a little laugh over our shoeless flight earlier


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