Evening walk

Author – Alan

As it was a fine, warm, evening I decided to go and have a look at Brighton Marina. I hadn’t been there for a few years and it was constantly changing. As I would have quite a bit of walking to do I put on my old, comfortable, Italian loafers. They had got a bit loose over the years but still looked good. I arrived there by bus, two buses in fact; it is about eight miles from where I live. It always gets pretty busy there in the evenings because there are many restaurants, a six screen cinema and a casino. I wandered around looking at the big expensive boats and a few not so expensive ones, had a coffee and walked out on the west arm of the harbor. I thought how photogenic it was and thought about returning with my camera. I stopped to look at one very good view and put my foot up on what I thought was a fixed rail on the rails round the edge of the walkway. It wasn’t a fixed rail, it was cable, and it flexed. My foot went through as it moved and as I pulled my foot back the cable snagged my heel and my loafer came off. At first I thought it had just fallen to the stone walkway but a splash told me that it had fallen into the harbor. I felt as if my stomach had turned over at the thought of being out in a very public place without a left shoe. I stood there for a while trying to think how I would cope with this situation. Do I keep wearing the one shoe or do I walk in my socks? I was wearing light grey socks and the shoe was black, making the loss obvious; socks seemed the best bet. But then I felt almost naked without shoes, so I wore the one shoe until I got to the bus stop. Then I took it off and got on in my socks. Several of the passengers noticed but no one said anything. When I got off the bus in the city I had a ten minute walk to get the bus home, so I put the shoe on again and then took it off again when I got on the bus home. I sat holding the loafer and a guy near me said “What happened to the other one? Shoes usually come in two’s” I simply said that I lost it. I am really sorry that I’ve lost those shoes. But I did get a strange kind of guilty erotic thrill from the experience!!


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