Author – Leon

I live in the South of England and recently I had to go for an interview in London. I arrived in time on the underground but as I was getting off, with other people, I tripped and almost fell off the train. I picked myself up and found that, although I hadn’t noticed it, my shoe had come off. I thought it must have fallen between the platform and the train, which by this time had left the station. I looked down at the track but couldn’t see my shoe. By this time I was feeling very uncomfortable. I went to find a member of staff and reported what had happened. He went with me to the platform and looked for himself, but no shoe. He said it must still be on the train and if so I would be able to enquire at the lost property office in a couple of days time! I explained the situation but he said there was nothing he could do. By this time it was getting near to my interview time. There were no shops in the area and , in any case, there was no time to do anything. I arrived at the office on time and explained to the PA what had happened and, obviously amused, she advised me to leave the one shoe with her and go into the interview in my socks. She said that probably no one would notice. I slipped my shoe off and she put it behind her desk. I went in and was seen, but I don’t think anyone noticed my absence of footwear. On the way out I collected the shoe but didn’t put it on. I rather liked the feeling of walking in my socks so I didn’t buy any shoes. I just carried on in my socks on the underground and on the main line train home in broad daylight. I did get the lost left shoe back a week later. I went up to get it wearing just the one right shoe. I must lose a shoe more often!! I didn’t get the job by the way.


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