Library mishap

Author – Kamron 

I’ve been dying to walk in my socks lately in public. My urge has been through the roof. So everyday I’ve been going different places, like target, Walmart, Ross, library’s. Well anyways today I went to the library and wore super loose slip on loafers with nylon thin white socks. Every area of the library I went and sat down in, my shoes were coming off hehe. After a half hour or so I got a little to comfortable and left my shoes behind to walk around the library. They were in a corner by some chairs so I had hoped people that saw them would understand that I was coming back to that seat. After walking around a bit, one of the librarians, an older women in her early 40’s semi attractive was starting to make her rounds around the library to check on people. I have no clue how many times she saw my errant loafers but she circled around the aisle I was in quite often and always made it a point to stare at my stocking feet. It really turns me on when a women sees me in my socks. She also wears slip on loafers and I’ve seen her stocking feet resting in the library to. It’s heavenly, and she probably understood why I had my shoes off. Anyways I kept browsing and she wandered off. I finally decided to go back to my shoes a few aisles back but as I got closer I realized the women was over by my loafers. I saw back in a near by aisle and all of a sudden she picks up my loafers with her two hands and practically runs to the back where only employees can go. After witnessing her take my shoes I wait for her to come back out and I ask her if she’s seen and loafers laying around. To my dismay she says she HASNT. She giggles at the sight of my bare stocking feet and says she get some staff to check the floor and see if they can find my shoes… long story short I wait for about 25 minutes just to have her come to me and say nothing’s turned up. Needless to say she took my loafers and does god only knows with them haha. 


5 responses to “Library mishap

  1. I do the same thing with my sneakers and someone always seems to steal them. I guess they like it when they see me panicking in white socks hehehe πŸ™‚


  2. nice adventure! I also love to leave my shoes behind, sneaking around in my (mostly) white sneaker socks. the imagination that my shoes might be found, while I’m gone, is exciting and frightening at the same time …


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