Walmart stolen shoes

Author – Kamron 

This literally just happened to me tonite and it was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve experienced. I was in Walmart in the shoe section and I was trying on shoes. I left my shoes in a busy aisle and went to go browse the rest of the shoe aisles. I saw a group of Hispanic women going down the aisle I just came out of and left my shoes in. I didn’t think much of it and didn’t worry about it. I was in semi formal clothes with very thin white cable nit socks. I was patting around the floor and everyone who came by me stared at my stocking feet. Although people were trying shoes on, leaving your shoes behind isn’t always the best idea in a busy Walmart. Needless to say I finally go back to my shoes and one of them is missing… the Hispanic women are now hanging around the shoe section and just watching me. I wonder around a bit more and put on the only shoe I have left. Now I’m just wondering around the shoe section in one shoe and a filthy white sock. The Hispanic women are just staring at my one shoe state. Finally I muster up the balls and ask if they’ve seen an errant shoe and they say they’ve been sitting down the whole time and haven’t seen any shoes laying around. I wander around a bit more in my one shoe state, all the while my soles of my white socks have just blackened and the whole sock is just getting horribly discolored. The girls just stare harder as I walk back and forth. At this point I’m pretty sure they both took my loafer and are playing a prank. I ask them again if they are sure they didn’t see or take a loafer. After just giving everyone in the shoe section including the girls a sock show, I finally decide it’s time to leave and whoever snagged my loafer will have a smelly treat. I really hope it’s those girls and they were getting off just watching me frantically walk around with out my loafer. Hopefully they take big whiffs of my loafer πŸ™‚


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