Hobo steals my socks and shoes

Author – Shoelover

One rainy day I decided to take the train home. As soon as I boarded the train though I decided to take my shoes and socks off because they were soaking wet. The socks that I placed down on the seat were white fruit of the loom socks and a pair of size 9 womens black nikes. There weren’t too many people on the train but I put my sneakers and socks on the opposite seat so they could dry.  There were about 9-10 train stops until I got home, so I propped my bare feet up on the other seat in front of me.  I must have taken a nap because I was so tired from jogging around the park. I woke up because i felt someone tickle my foot and I saw who it was, the hobo then took my sneakers and socks right off of the seat in front of me! I quickly ran in my bare feet to chase him but I was too slow. Out of breath, I saw in the train window, the hobo waving my nike sneakers in one hand and my crew white socks in the other.  I was so distraught that a hobo stole them and that I had to walk home in the rain without even socks to wear.


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