Party pickup X 4

Author – JonathanEver love it when people have parties but don’t allow footwear into their homes? Well I found such a place and they were having what looked like an awesome party. I didn’t know them but still a shame that I wasn’t invited.  Anyhow I saw a couple of guys wearing nice kicks to this party and having to leave them outside. It was 9 pm and maybe 7 pairs were out. Some guys and some girls but it was way too early to be sneaky. I came back around 11 pm and there were almost 20 pairs stacked nice and neat out there.  I noticed no one outside and music blaring so I approached cautiously. One only has moments to make the grab. I eyed a pair of brown Nike skate shoes to be in my size, a pair of hi-top white converse which also looked to be my size, and a pair of Osiris that definitely weren’t my size but I love Osiris and wanted them. I was finally about to leave when I noticed the shoes from one of the guys I saw earlier just sitting there looking sweet.  As I went to grab them I saw that they were Adidas hi tops in all black and they looked to be my size. As soon as I reached for that last pair I booked home as fast as I could. I can only imagine what those drunkards were saying and doing when they realized that they would have to go home without shoes. Haha. Now I get to enjoy them as much as they did. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Party pickup X 4

    • Actually yes in a way. I frequent my community gym and I don’t normally pay attention to who is in there but while I was on the bike I started to overhear a conversation near me that sounded familiar. Lol The guy was on the elliptical talking to a guy next to him also on an elliptical about how he and his buddy had their shoes taken at a party over the weekend. Closer inspection I realized that he was the Adidas guy. So on and on he went about his 2 friends that lost their converse and Osiris. How the Osiris guy didn’t really care as they were junk and he was planning on tossing them anyway but how the converse guy had had them for years and they were his favorite. I think I overheard him say that his friend got them in his junior year in high school which probably makes him early 20s. He also said another guy there at the party he didn’t know had his Nikes taken. The other guy started talking about how he doesn’t leave anything outside his door and why would anyone take stinky old shoes. That’s when the Adidas guy jumped in and said that his Adidas were not that old and that his girlfriend bought it as a gift for his birthday less than 2 months prior. She knows he likes Adidas and checked different stores but found these brand new on eBay. They got into a fight that night on how he lost $80 shoes and she made sure to mention the dam shipping too as she was screaming, he told the other guy. Adidas guy mentioned that he will be checking eBay and Craigslist for anyone selling his shoes and if he was too get a hold of them there would be pain involved. I left after that because I was just a tad nervous. You see I never thought I would see these guys ever and I was actually wearing the Nikes I had taken. It was just plain luck that they didn’t know the Nike guy nor what kind of shoes he had. So yeah that’s what happened earlier today at the gym. Crazy


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