Author – Leon

I was visiting London and had arranged to meet a friend in the evening and go to the theatre. I’d had lunch so I only wanted a snack in the evening before I met my friend. I walked down to the river and bought a sandwich and sat on the wall overlooking the river. The wall was about two feet wide. I took my loafers off and put them on the wall beside me. A family with two young boys came and sat near me and it wasn’t long before the boys got restless. They started running around and at one point got up onto the wall and were running up and down. They got more excited and adventurous and ran along past me, in the process one of them kicked my shoes. One shot off the wall and into the river, the other one balanced  on the edge for a second then it too fell into the river. I watched as they sped away in the fast flowing water. I was angry at first, but then realized that this would be a very interesting evening. It was already too late to buy new shoes; I was in the city meeting a friend and going to the theatre, then travelling home, in my light sand coloured socks!  All my dreams come true! My friend didn’t want to be seen with me at first, but got used to it. Quite a lot of people at the theare noticed, but being British, didn’t say anything. When we came out after the show it was raining, so I traveled home in soggy socks. But it was quite an erotic evening!  

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