Clogs at a carnival

Author – Stephen

hi, I love to ‘play’ with my shoes, slipping them off at the cinema, bars, office, just everywhere. the risk, that they might disappear is very thrilling. but I’m very ‘foot shy’! if it really would happen, I would die of shame! I love the imagination, when I’m sitting somewhere in my socks. last week we had carnival in some areas, so I took the train to one city and booked a hotel near the center. I disguised as a fisherman with a blue/white striped shirt and wooden clogs. I did not take other shoes with me, so it would be even more thrilling, when I dared to slip off my clogs. I arrived on satureday and if it really would happen, the shops were closed on sunday. On the ride I already got funny looks, because clogs were not the best choice. we had chilly days. When I arrived at the main station the streets were crowded. I quickly got to my hotel, left my coat at my room and went off. I didn’t plan to stay outside for long. I went to the first bar near my hotel but it was to crowded and they didn’t let more people in. so I walked down some streets until I found one, were I entered. It was also very crowded. somehow I managed to get a place at the bar and ordered a beer. I was jammed. no way to move. but it also was perfect to secretly slip one of my clogs off. nobody would notice. I put my socked foot on my shoed foot and left the abandoned clog in front of my feet. I had white thin sneaker socks, so there was a little risk, someone would look down and notice my shoeless bright white foot. but nothing happened and after a while I slipped back into my clog. after some more beers I got bolder. I carefully slipped one clog off again and put my foot on it. then clog number two. now I stood on my clogs! this way they couldn’t get kicked away and I was in the crowded pub in my stocking feet! I imagined my clogs were gone. sometimes I noticed some guys looking down. did they notice my little ‘game’? before something happened, I wanted to get my clogs back on. and I had my first problem! standing on my clogs, I had pressed the leather down and couldn’t get my toes in! and I couldn’t get down, to open it with my hand. I was squeezed between all the guys. Now I got nervous and hectically tried to get my toes back into my clogs. then something happened I hadn’t thought of! people around me started to dance and push each other around! I had no chance! I was pushed away from my place … and my shoes! suddenly I found myself some feet away from the bar desk and it was immediately filled up with other guys. desperately I tried to get back, but I’m not the biggest. It was useless! people started to look at me, because I was the only one not dancing, trying to find a way to the bar. I heard “haha, he lost his shoes”! “look at him! no shoes” and laughter! it took an eternity before I was back at my place … no clogs!!! oh no! they were gone! kicked away! frantically I scanned the floor. omg! where were my shoes??? I stood in a crowded pub, in white socks! I was the laughing stock! I felt my face blushing! helpless and near panic I stood on tip toes, not knowing what to do. “hey dude, where’re your shoes?” “hehe! cute socks!” surrounded and squeezed in by dozens of carneval revellers, who enjoyed my shoeless predicament! I had no choice. I fled the scene and hopped out into the crowded streets in my white socks! I tip toed around, not knowing how to get to my hotel. I was lost … in a foreign city … no shoes … no coat … not enough money for a cab. even if I had money … I couldn’t remember the name of the hote!!!

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