Amazing coincidence 

Author – Kevin

This sounds very strange but I swear it is true.

A few years ago I was living in the northern suburbs of Sydney, about nine miles out of the city. I didn’t drive and the bus service wasn’t very good so I sometimes hitched a lift down the Pacific Highway if I was going out for the evening. As I have always had a thing about losing shoes sometimes when I got picked up I would let my left shoe fall into the gutter as I got in the car. The driver never seemed to notice. Then I would spend the evening in the city, go for a drink or go to the movies, with one shoe which gave me a thrill. Then I would hitch a lift back up to where I left my shoe and pick it up.

One night I was late going home and walking up the Highway, one shoe on, one shoe missing, when a police car pulled up. The officer asked where I had been, where I was going etc. Then told me to get in the car. Not wanting any trouble I got in and the driver took off up the road and did a u turn and headed back towards North Sydney. He turned off the Highway into a street with older houses and stopped. One officer got out and went to a house and came back a few minutes later and told me to get out and go with him. I was embarrassed because I only had the one black shoe and a light blue sock on my left foot. I  was taken to the house where a man looked me over, looked at my odd feet and spoke to the officer. “No that’s not him” he said. I was told to get back into the car. After a while the officer came back and explained. The man and his wife had returned home to find two young guys in their house. When they entered the guys made a dash for it pushing past them, but the man tackled the last one and pulled him to the floor and tried to hold on to his feet but he struggled free but left   his shoe in the mans hands. I just happened to be walking up the highway just a mile or so away wearing one shoe!! The officer apologised for delaying me and asked where I lived. I told him and they drove me home. The problem was that my left shoe was sitting up on the Highway several miles away. I went to get it the next morning. It was still there but had been almost destroyed; it must have been run over by trucks or buses. It was a write off!    

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