My shoes crossed the line

Author – Jman

Our school had just redone the gym floor and they wanted to keep it in good condition.  The school came up with a policy that any shoes worn on the gym floor would become property of the school and would have to be forfeited.  There was a black line that showed the boarder of the gym floor.  If your street shoes crossed that line then you would have to give them up.

One day I was standing against the gym wall and a friend was on the floor shooting baskets and I was rebounding his shots and throwing the ball back to him.  As time went on I crossed the line onto the gym floor and started shooting hops without realizing it.

Eventually the teacher came in and pointed at my shoes and motioned me to come towards him.  I thought he was just telling me to get off the floor with my street shoes.  “”Your shoes,”” he said.  I explained that I was done playing and got off the floor.  The teacher reminded me of the school policy that street shoes on the gym floor had to be forfeited.  He then said to me, “”Take off your shoes.””  I asked him to give me another chance and let me keep my shoes but once again he said “”Take off your shoes and give them to me.”

I realized that my shoes were gone.  Slowly and reluctantly I untied my right shoe and took it off.  Then I slowly and reluctantly took my left shoe off.  I picked my shoe off the ground and handed them to the teacher who then walked away with them, my eyes alternating between my shoes being carried off into the distance and my socked feet in which I would have to spend the rest of the day.

While it was a bummer to lose my shoes it was fun to be in socks for the rest of the day.  A while later I was caught again wearing street shoes on the gym floor.  This time I handed my shoes over with no resistance.  I asked where my shoes were going.  The shoes were to be recycled to make rubber grind for athletic surfaces around the school.

4 thoughts on “My shoes crossed the line

  1. A school cannot legally take and destroy your property regardless of their “policy”. They can take it until the end of the school day, or require parents to come get it from them, but they cannot keep it indefinitely or cause damage to it unless it is an illegal (as in against the law, not school policy) item. I would call the cops.


  2. In some places the school can confiscate your property for using it improperly as long as you are forewarned that such behavior will result in a confiscation. Also this policy regarding shoes on the gym floor was in the policy manual that I had to sign and by signing it I agreed to abide by it and that included forfeting any shoes that I wore on the gym floor. I’m okay with losing my shoes. I broke the rules. I got caught and I paid the price by having to by new shoes and besides the shoes were put to good use as they recycled to make athletic surfaces.


    • It happened to a lot of people. I can think of five others who lost their shoes to the school. It was a new rule and most people just did not pay attention and walked on the gym floor with their street shoes. One person lost three pairs in the first month of the term. Eventually people remembered to take off their shoes.

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