Sneaky old lady

Author – Lucylex

“Sometimes I get bored and get really excited when I think about leaving my shoes somewhere and at risk for someone to snatch up. On this day I was walking home from work after getting off the bus. Still had some blocks to go. I was standing on a side street near a bus stop and decided to sit and take a break. I always wear shiny white dress socks and sometimes I don’t change them for weeks so they get really smelly and can be obnoxious when I slip my shoes off under my desk at work. Today i felt risky and my loafers were very loosely tied and I preferred it that way. I always fantasized someone stepping on the back of my shoes while walking in the inner city and my shoes flying off my feet and someone picking them up and running, leaving me in grimes white socks for everyone to stare at. Hasn’t really happened like that but it’s fun to put myself on those situations but can be very scary and embarrassing; so today I began to dangle my dress shoes.i  Let my loafers Bob and hang off the toes of my socked feet. Soon a older women came to the bus stop to wait and started to take notice of my shoe dangling and occasional sock show everytime my shoe dropped off my foot. She could prolly smell the foot odor coming off my socks every time I slipped in and out of my shoes. I was getting more and more excited and soon I wanted to spice up the situation. I really began to play with my shoes to the point of letting them drop off my feet and get a few meters infront of me.  The women kept peering over and jus giving me a look. Another man walked up at this point and was to himself for the most part and didn’t really bat an eye. I couldn’t resist any more and I had to see what would happen if I got em and left my shoes unnatended. I got up and pretended to make a call all while leaving my shoes strewn out on the sidewalks a few meters frm where I sat at the bus stop. The women watches me pat in my white socks. I really don’t peer back to often for a few mins and act like I’m on the phone. She stared at my shoes and I could tell she was getting ideas. She didn’t wanna reach for them immediately and spook me so I waited a couple more minutes and acted like I wasn’t paying attention. I was so embarrassed to be standing on the sidewalk in jus my white socks.. But it was really excited at the same time. Before I knew it the bus was coming back and I didn’t wanna leave my shoes there long enough for someone getting off to pick up haha. But when i turned around to walk back toward the bust stop the women had got up and walked off and my shoes were no to be found ! I panicked kus I wasn’t actually supposed to lose my shoes ! I got distracted and she took advantage of that. Snatched my shoes and left me in my socks. What a thieving women. If u want to see what I looked like standing in my socks after she left with my shoes, u can see the picture here:

Let me know what you would have done ! “


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