Flying shoe

Author – Kevin

A little while ago I went cycling on my own. I went through a wood and after some distance there was a bench. I sat down to take a little rest. My feet were just above the ground, dangling. Suddenly a big black crow landed in front of me, it shocked me at first but after a few seconds I calmed down. The crow was just standing there looking at me. Then I tried to lure him towards me and bit by bit it came closer. Within a few minutes he stood right in front of me, it seemed to me he was tame. I looked around to see if somebody else was around but I could not see anybody.  Then he started picking on my shoe, first I pulled back my foot but then I thought, let’s see what it does so I put my foot back in front of him. He then started picking the lace and pulled the first knot out and I thought, okay, what’s next. He waited a little and started picking again and to my surprise he got the second knot loose too. I laughed a little about it because the picking felt funny on my foot. The bird kept on pulling the lace and somehow he got it more loose and I could feel my shoe slowly slipping offf my heel. At some point my shoe was only dangling on my toes  and the bird started spreading his wings and I thought he’s going to fly away but he slammed the shoe off my foot. It shocked me again and before I knew he picked up my shoe and started hopping away from me with my shoe in his beak. I got up and and followed him hopping on one foot but he was a little quicker. Then he dropped my shoe and got it in his claws  and flew away, with my shoe! At that point I panicked a little because I did not expect this to happen. I could do nothing but see him disappear into the wood. I went back to the bench and sat down again. After a few minutes I heard some voices, I wanted to leave but when I got up, the voices were already there. It was two guys and they looked at me and I thought, what’s gonna happen now… Then one of them said, look he’s wearing only one shoe and they started laughing. The other one asked  me what happened and I said, I lost it. They laughed again  and I felt more and more uncomfertable. Then they said if you loose one you can loose the other one too. I panicked again and before I knew they grabbed my foot and took off my shoe. They laughed again and asked, are you feeling better? I said no can I please have it back. They said  what’s the use of wearing one shoe? You can go in socks just the same! They laughed again and turned around and took off with my shoe. I was left in socks and realized I had a long way to go home. I finally picked up my bike and cycled home again….


4 responses to “Flying shoe

  1. kinda amazed a bird managed to fly off with your shoe haha. What size was it? I assume it must’ve been small for the bird to carry it


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